Mad wrote:
I've seen the forms about this Troy Albery living on Key Street in Maringouin, Thay where right about him. He is a want to be KKK trying to push his weight around. Where ther is no weight. How is it that in Maringouin, of all plaeces he is trying this I can't beleave this. His mouth has gone to far this time, i do beleave. Not only are there people after him in Opelousas. He is also wanted by people in other areas around Eunice, Port barre, Leonville. Some of them he owes money to for drugs, he ran out on them. Don't have anything to do with him or you will get burnt. He is bad news. WARNING He is also a rat.
You saw the posts cuz you started them you idiot... You prove what an idiot you are every time you type.