Mariners, Dragons collide in district...

Mariners, Dragons collide in district finals

There are 56 comments on the The Times Herald story from Nov 3, 2008, titled Mariners, Dragons collide in district finals. In it, The Times Herald reports that:

Marine City rallied Oct. 3 to beat Clintondale, 42-38, in one of the area's best games of the football season.

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we win

Logan, UT

#1 Nov 3, 2008
weeeeee winnnnn !!!!!!!
Clintondale Sucks

Saint Clair, MI

#2 Nov 5, 2008
Clintondale really does SUCK as a football team!

When Clintondale played Marine City, the Marine City coaches tried to hype the game by saying, "Both teams have undefeated records."

But, even the newspapers weren't buying that nonsense, because the only reason Marine City and Clintondale had good "records" is because of the fact that they deliberately schedule such weak teams to play.

For example, at the time Clintondale played at Marine City, the teams that Clintondale had beaten had a combined record of only 6 wins with 19 losses.

Then, the week after Clintondale played Marine City, the Clintondale football team played a 2-7 team from Lanse Cruese...but was only able to beat Lanse Cruese by 1 point.

Clintondale really does such as a team. Marine City also does not have a good football team. Sadly, the winner of this football game will at least make it to the playoff semi-finals, because the team that will be waiting for them in the Regionals is going to be either a 6-3 team from Cros-Lex or a 6-3 team from Mt. Morris.

The only other time in history that anyone has seen a road to a state championship this easy is in 2007 when Marine City played THREE teams with a crappy 6-3 record, and played a 7-2 team in the State Finals...a 7-2 team that was actually a Class C team that was ranked in Division-5 as only the #9 team when the playoffs started.

This is the reason why Marine City's so-called "State Championship" has NOT earned the football program or the coaches any respect. Many people point out that it is very similar to the movie Rocky 5, where the young boxer named Tommy Gunn becomes the Champion, but he didn't fight against anyone good in order to win the champship--which is why he never received an respect.

Same thing with Marine City. For 23 years the Marine City coaching staff--especially Tony Scarcelli--has insisted on doing two things:

1. Deliberately scheduling the weakest teams in the state--preferably weak teams with Class A enrollment numbers in order to generate a lot of playoff points.

2. If a team on the schedule ends up better than expected, deliberately getting that team off the schedule as quickly as possible. For example, teams like Lake Orion, Warren Cousino, and Melvindale were only on the Marine City schedule for ONE game because they beat Marine City. Teams like Anchor Bay, Port Huron, and Riverview beat Marine City but were removed from the schedule the instant the contract expired after two games.

Marine City will easily beat Clintondale because Clintondale sucks. And Marine City will easily win a Regional Champsionship because they will be playing a crappy 6-3 team. Winning these games might make Marine City feel good, but it isn't earning them any respect.

In order to earn respect you need to deliberately schedule tough teams and keep those teams on the schedule for YEARS, the way that Marysville used to do when they had a 10 year winning streak against Jackson Lumen Christi...or when they would play the tough Port Huron Northern teams coached by Craig Dahlke when Northern used to play in the powerful MAC Red league.

Albany, OR

#3 Nov 5, 2008
okay, you are a complete tool for thinking that, you have absolutley know idea what you are talking about. these are two GREAT teams, possibly the best clintondale has seen in my opinion. Clintondale sure has stepped up this season, So start trying to sound smart instead of being incompetent when cleary the dragons will surfice over marine city and host the reagonal game and yet again pack a punch to their opponent.
john doe

Tucson, AZ

#4 Nov 5, 2008
wow idiot marine city barely won by some cheap calls and i think the only reason they beat lance cruise by only 1 is cuz they took them to lightly and it could of easily been by another touchdown but we were nice and kneeled the ball instead marine city is gonna get whats coming to them racist kids the next game
Clintondale Sucks

Saint Clair, MI

#5 Nov 5, 2008

Lanse Creuse is a crappy team with a 2-7 record. Clintondale was only able to beat Lanse Creuse by 1 point. Even if another touchdown would would have been possible late in the game, it wouldn't have mattered. Beating a crappy team like Lanse Creuse by only 8 points is not enough. Even the Marine City team that was only 5 points away from having a 7-2 record was able to beat Lanse Creuse by a much wider margin than that.

The FACT is that NEITHER Clintondale nor Marine City has a good team this year. Both of them have excellent "records" of 9-0 and 8-1, but that is because they deliberately play such weak teams. Playing teams like East Detroit and Lanse Creuse are worth a lot of playoff points because they have Class-A enrollment, but the fact is they SUCK! East Detroit is one of the worst programs I have ever seen; they have only won ONE game in the last THREE years!

Clintondale's players might be saying, "We have more talent than Marine City," and that might be true, but that isn't saying much because Marine City doesn't have much talent. Marine City was literally two plays away from being 7-2 this year.

But there is NO WAY that Clintondale will beat Marine City this week, because there is NO WAY that Jim Scarcelli of Clintondale will do ANYTHING to try and beat his older brother who he idolizes so much. Jim has always been a second-rate failure compared to his brother Tony, and we saw a perfect example of that when Jim's poor coaching on Defense allowed Marine City to score all those points in just 3 minutes and win on the last play of the game.
Clintondale Sucks

Saint Clair, MI

#6 Nov 5, 2008
john doe wrote:
wow idiot marine city barely won by some cheap calls and i think the only reason they beat lance cruise by only 1 is cuz they took them to lightly and it could of easily been by another touchdown but we were nice and kneeled the ball instead marine city is gonna get whats coming to them racist kids the next game
I agree with you that Clintondale should have won in the first game. But the Marine City coaches are already saying things like:

* Our defense has improved since the first game

* Our secondary has improved since the first game

* Our passing game has improved since the first game

A lot of this so-called improvement may because because Marine City played such absolutely worthless teams after they beat Clintondale. For example, the teams that Marine City played in week #8 and week #9 had a combined win/loss record of 2 wins and 16 losses.

That's a perfect example of the reasons why Marine City ended up with such a good "record" as a result of playing such a weak schedule. It's been like that ever since Tony Scarcelli got to Marine City 23 years ago. Tony Scarcelli believes in taking the shortcut and the easy path to a good record, rather than playing tough teams and setting up a long-term rivalry.

All I can say is that the people of Marine City have very little respect for Jim Scarcelli for a reason. After the comeback against Clintondale, I heard someone named Donaldson saying that Jim Scarcelli was even more pathetic than a fella by the name of Jason Scarcelli. I don't know if he is another coach who let Tony Scarcelli win, but I heard plenty of people calling Jim Scarcelli "Jim Scarsellout."

People have always said that Jim Scarcelli is the guy who could intercept a winning lottery ticket and still find a way to lose. The game against Marine City proved that. Clintondale has no chance of beating Marine City, simply because of Jim Scarcelli being a sellout who is scared of his big brother.
Jim Scarsellout

Saint Clair, MI

#7 Nov 6, 2008
The kids on the Clintondale team work real hard. I want their season to be as good as possible. It's a shame that my nephew plays on my brothers football team that we will be playing tomorrow night. Now, I am obligated to do things the I-talian way that I was educated in back home 30 years ago. I gotta do what's right with "da family" and let my brother/nephew win.
dragon player

Southgate, MI

#8 Nov 6, 2008
okay actually first of all i play on the clintondale team and we have so much talent it's unbelievable... and you have no idea what your talkin about because if you would stop trying to talk so much smack about each team you would know that we let in our second and third strng players agaist lanse creuse thats how they scored those points on us... and we did the same at marine city so that the kids who dont play can get a shot and it just happened to turn out that they couldnt stop them... but we will have our starters in the whole game and we will prevail over MC because their just a bunch of cocky racists
dragon player

Southgate, MI

#9 Nov 6, 2008
and another thing is you say that were going to lose because of our coach "scarsellout" as you so call him... i dont like the guy but he is a good coach and he wouldnt want us to lose and we have other coaches he's not the head anymore so if the others think he's goin down the wrong path the oothers will step in and over rule him
Mariner Pride

Sandusky, OH

#10 Nov 7, 2008
Dragon Player your crazy Marine City is going to run all over you, their is maybe 2 Marine City players over 200 pounds, and your team is packed with heavy weights, you defintley have the size yet Marine City smacks you panseys around just like every other school, their not the most athletic, or skilled but their tough, every Marine City football team has been tough. Marine City is one of the best football programs in Michigan and will continue to be that after they whoop Clintondale tonight, which im going to.
Weak Competition for MC

Saint Clair, MI

#11 Nov 7, 2008
Final Score: Clintondale 49 - Marine City 41

In all honestly, the game wasn't that close, because Clintondale always had at least a 14 point lead throughout most of the game.

As far as Marine City's schedule for 2008 is concerned, it is a numerical FACT that Marine City played 9 football teams. Only 3 of those teams had a winning season.

The ONLY team Marine City played with a decent record was Clintondale--a team with an 8-1 record. If you look at the eight teams Marine City played besides Clintondale, you will see that their combined win/loss record was 26 Wins with 48 Losses;that is AWFUL!

If Marine City were to play a local MAC Red team like Macomb Dakota, what would be wrong with that? Look at the way Marysville used to schedule Port Huron Northern when they played in the MAC Red and Northern's awesome coach Craig Dahlke would have great seasons with records of 8-1, 7-2, and even 9-0 winning a Regional Championship.

Marine City has NEVER developed long rivalries like that!
No Respect for MC

Saint Clair, MI

#12 Nov 7, 2008
The FACT is, Marine City will NEVER earn "respect" by deliberately scheduling such weak football teams during the regular season.

Marine City's 9 opponents had a combined record of 34 wins with 49 losses. Only 3 teams Marine City played had a winning season.

Clintondale was the only good team MC played with a good record of 8-1. Tthe combined record of the 8 teams MC played besides Clintondale is 26 wins with 48 losses. That's AWFUL!

Rather than trying to play Port Huron Northern when Northern is at an all-time low in their program's history, why doesn't Marine City try to play a local MAC Red team the way that Marysville used to. Why not form a LONG-TERM RIVALRY against a tough team like Jackson Lumen Christi the way Marysville used to...???

Why doesn't Marine City just keep teams like Warren Cousino, Melvindale, Lake Orion, or other schools that beat them on the schedule?

FACT: Marine City deserves NO RESPECT for deliberately removing tough teams from the schedule within 1 or 2 years from the time that Marine City loses to them!

The key to earning respect is to play TOUGH teams for LOOOOONG periods of time so that a rivalry is formed! Marysville is STILL considered the most respected football program in the Blue Water Area, even though their current coach SUCKS!...

The reason why Marysville is the most respected program in the Blue Water Area is because Marysville is known for playing all those tough teams for DECADES...Looooong rivalries were formed against teams like Jackson Lumen Christi, and the Port Huron High and Port Huron Northern teams.

When Marysville insisted on playing Port Huron High for all those decades, they were a great team. When Marine City played Port Huron High in the early 1990's, Port Huron High won and Marine City insisted on having Port Huron High removed from the schedule.

That type of attitude will NEVER EARN RESPECT for Marine City...And playing a semi-final game against a 6-3 team like Kingsford that was BLOWN OUT multiple times will NOT earn respect!

Marine City NEEDS to get their act together and put some teams with TOUGH PROGRAMS on the schedule, and KEEP THEM ON THE SCHEDULE for YEARS if they want respect!
DRAGON pride

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#13 Nov 7, 2008
Everyone was so adamant about how badly Marine City was going to whoop Clintondale up and down the field. I even heard one prediction say that there would be a running clock! Ha!

Clintondale ran all over Marine City kept a 14 pt lead for a majority of the game, and MC never came closer than tied if I'm not mistaken.

I have only one word for your Mariners: Overrated.
MC Losers

Saint Clair, MI

#14 Nov 8, 2008
DRAGON pride is correct!

Marine City was WAY OVERRATED!

Clintondale was the ONLY decent team Marine City played in 2007. Look at the win/loss record of the other 8 teams on Marine City's schedule...I added up the numbers myself to confirm what was said, and it is true that Marine City played 8 teams with a record of only 26 wins with 48 losses...and only 3 teams on Marine City's schedule had winning seasons, and Clintondale was one of them.

I watched Rocky 5 tonight, and Marine City's coaches and players reminded me of Tommy Gunn--the guy who builds up a record of 22-0, but NEVER fought anyone good and EARNED NO RESPECT!...He was just a PAPER CHAMPION...JUST LIKE MARINE CITY!

But, not everyone was dumb enough to believe all that nonsense. For example, the Detroit News actually picked Clintondale to beat Marine City.

And the Times Herald newspaper specifically said:

"FACT: Marine City should have lost to Clintondale."

I wish Clintondale the best from this point on. I'm very sorry that those Marine City players and coaches actually made all those comments involing racial remarks...Saying things like that is terrible, and it shows WHY the Marine City football program and the people who are a part of it receive NO RESPECT!
MC Losers

Saint Clair, MI

#15 Nov 8, 2008
Excuse me...I meant to say that Clintondale was the only decent team Marine City played in 2008...I accidentally typed 2007.

As far as 2007 goes, Marine City's playoff run was made up of playing 5 teams. Three of those teams had a 6-3 record--even the team from Kingsford that Marine City played in the semifinals!...And that Kingsford team didn't just "lose" games; they were BLOWN OUT during thier losses!

Even in the championship game, Marine City played a 7-2 team that was actually ranked as a Division 5 team all year long. Detroit Country Day was ranked only #9 in Division 5 when the playoffs started. Marine City was LUCKY to play those five teams will ELEVEN losses in 2007.

I agree with all the people who have NO RESPECT for Marine City, because they were nothing more than a PAPER CHAMPION that insists on playing WEAK TEAMS!

Marine City would NEVER have the guts to set up long-term rivalries against tough teams!...and that is what it takes to earn respect.

I remember when the legendary coach Walt Braun was the coach at Marysville. He used to play the toughest teams possible. That EARNED HIM RESPECT!
EVERY YEAR Marysville would play "Game of the Week" for Michigan when they played Jackson Lumen Christi. Marysville had a 10 year winning streak against them, and an 11 year winning streak against Marine City...that EARNED RESPECT!

And the way that Marysville played AA teams from the MAC Red showed that they wanted to play the best teams around!

Marine City's coaches remove tough teams from the schedule the instant their team loses, or even if the score is close. Marine City only wants to schedule weak teams that are a guaranteed victory.

And the only years Marine City has the guts to schedule a tough team is if Marine City knows they are going to have an above-average year. So, it ends up being a one-year contest instead of a long-term rivalry, because Marine City's coaches, players, and fans do NOT have the guts to try and establish a long-term rivalry against a MAC Red team!

FACT: Until Marine City sets up LONG TERM RIVALRIES against TOUGH TEAMS, the Marine City program will NEVER EARN RESPECT!!!
football fan

Warren, MI

#16 Nov 8, 2008
Don't speak on matters on which you are uneducated. Both programs are top-notch and compete in the conference in which they are placed, not choose. Both coaching staffs do everything they can to put their kids in position to win. And, you couldn't sound more ignorant than when you evaluate the merit of a a team's state championship based on their opponents' win/loss record.
Hey fool, it's a tournement - you play the teams the MHSAA schedules you to play.
Final note: Take an English class and learn you some grammar.
Jim Y

Saint Clair, MI

#17 Nov 8, 2008
football fan wrote:
Don't speak on matters on which you are uneducated. Both programs are top-notch and compete in the conference in which they are placed, not choose. Both coaching staffs do everything they can to put their kids in position to win. And, you couldn't sound more ignorant than when you evaluate the merit of a a team's state championship based on their opponents' win/loss record.
Hey fool, it's a tournement - you play the teams the MHSAA schedules you to play.
Final note: Take an English class and learn you some grammar.
Clintondale and Marine City both deliberately schedule weak teams to play against.

Obviously they play in the same league, known as the MAC Gold--which is the 4th rated league in the MAC conference.

All of the "league" opponents are predetermined each year. However, the "non-league" games can be schedule any way that the Athletic Director of the schools wants to schedule those games!...The problem is, Marine City's coaches Tony Scarsellout and Ron Glodouche tell the Athletic Director to make sure and schedule the weakest games possible.

Want proof???

Look at Marine City's schedule over the last 23 years--ever since Tony Scarsellout arrived. You will see that Marine City has NEVER entered into ANY FORM of LONG-TERM RIVALRY with a top-rated school.

The only forms of "rivalry" that Marine City has been involved in over the last 23 years was the period of time when Walt Braun was coach of the Marysville football team...but that wasn't a "rivalry" since it was ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE by Marysville. Marysville had an 11 game winning streak over Marine City at one point--with NONE of the games being close.

I agree with you that Marine City's coaches "put their kids in a position to win" and build a "good record." But there is a difference between "putting your kids in a position to win," and "deliberately scheduling the weakest teams possible," and making sure to "remove the unexpectedly tough teams from the schedule within 1 or 2 years."

Marine City's coaches have NO HONOR, which is why the have earned NO RESPECT!

The way that Marine City's coaches deliberately schedule such weak opponents (Fraser being the most recent) is almost as if a karate instructor has an 18 year old student with a Green Belt fighting against 10 year old kids, and then bragging about "having a good record."


And let me tell you something else...Playing a tough team once in a great while because you are forced to do so does NOT EARN RESPECT!...Marine City played a tough Melvindale team in 2007, lost the game, and got that team off the schedule in just ONE year!...It was the same thing with Lansing Sexton, Warren Fitzgerald, Warren Cousino, Lake Orion, Port Huron, Anchor Bay, and many others.

Marine City's coaches, players, and fans have NO GUTS...They would NEVER have the guts to enter into a long (10 or 15 year) rivalry with a MAC Red team the way that Marysville used to, or enter into a long 15 year rivalry against a perennial powerhouse like Jackson Lumen Christi the way that Marysville used to.

And that's why Marine City's program, coaches, players, and fans have NOT EARNED RESPECT.
DRAGON pride

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#18 Nov 8, 2008
This mantra doesn't apply to my Dragons, so the name "Clintondale Sucks" should be removed.

Before the season, Clintondale was coming off a 5-4 season without any playoff hopes. Preseason, CD was picked to lose against Fraser, Lanse Creuse, St. Clair, MC, Tower, and Sterling Heights. The program has beaten every single team this season(one team took 2 tries.) All of these are Class A schools or schools that beat the dragons the previous year. You can't use hindsight to determine the goal of the coaches. With this thought, look at the 2007 records.

MC is a state championship program who scheduled weak crossovers with previous records of 3-6, 3-6, and 0-9. Now Clintondale played almost the exact same schedule, but with far lower expectations. MC is a State champ team. Clintondale is a 5-4 team. Why would the crossover schedules be almost exact?(exchange marysville with mt clemens, who were both 0-9 at the time) The point: C-Dale scheduled teams no one thought they could beat, while MC scheduled teams everyone KNEW they would beat. This (plus the huge win Friday night) is why the Dragons deserve more respect than the Mariners.

Saint Clair, MI

#19 Nov 10, 2008
DRAGON pride is 100% correct.

Here's why I agree with DRAGON pride.

Although Marine City and Clintondale both ended up scheduling weak crossover games, the BIG DIFFERENCE is that Clintondale was only 5-4 in 2007, while Marine City had a very good record in 2007.

In fact, the crossover games Marine City played were WEAKER than the games Clintondale played!!!

For crying out loud, 2007 was one of the rare years when Marine City had a couple of decent teams on their schedule...But as usual, Marine City took only ONE year to get those teams (Lansing Sexton and Melvindale) off the schedule.

In fact, Marine City was even afraid to play Warren Fitzgerald in 2008, because of the following facts:

1. Warren Fitzgerald was a 5-4 team that came within 2 points of beating Marine City in 2007

2. Marine City knew their team wouldn't be as good in 2008

3. Marine City knew Warren Fitzgerald was going to be better in 2008

...So, rather than trying to play a decent team (from the MAC Silver) like Warren Fitzgerald, Marine City decided to play a Marysville team that was WINLESS with an 0-9 season!

I give Clintondale credit, because they played the type of schedule that they were supposed to play in 2008, because they were only 5-4 in 2007.

But Marine City is a PATHETIC PROGRAM that is known for playing weak teams on purpose, being afraid to enter into long-term rivalries with tough teams, and being an overall paper champ during years when they win anything.

Example: Marine City got lucky and beat Clintondale during the regular season (mainly because the Marine City referees cheated so badly). But in the playoffs when the refs were randomly selected, Clintondale dominated Marine City, especially in the second half.

Troy, MI

#20 Nov 12, 2008
Are you serious? Anyone that knows anything about high school football in this area has nothing but respect for Mariner football. Along with Marysville, it has been an absolutely dominant program and is know as such throughout the State.

The reason there are no "rivalries" (which I actually dispute) is that the Mariners play in the MAC...a conference that BY DESIGN has eliminated rivalries. Marine City used to have rivalries in the SCAL, Marysville, St. Clair, and Algonac. And I dispute the lack of rivalries since Marine City STILL plays Marysville AND St. Clair every year.

Saying MC picks teams with bad records is ABSURD! They play in the MAC Gold...the best conference AVAILABLE to them. They CANNOT move up to the Red or White or Blue. Those leagues are reserved for schools with 1000-2000 students. The fact that MC (and Clintondale...and Marysville) schedule schools from those divisions is a testament to their desire to play solid competition. You laugh at scheduling Sterling Heights and Fraser...yet these schools are more than twice MCs size. You laugh at Port Huron being scheduled in the past, yet would be impressed if MC scheduled them now.

If MC is scheduling losing teams...why not just move to the Silver. MC would disassemble every Silver team without so much as a fight. So why not do that?

And Clintondale a little class. You had a great team this year and should make a great run. You should be congratulated for that. But your school has been outcored by MC something like 189-51 coming into this show a little respect. You beat a good team by 8 points on the final drive and this is the same team that won your league and beat you earlier in the settle down.

I'd love to see MC schedule Dakota. I'd love to see MC take on Warren Mott. But would Clintondale then be willing to schedule Romeo and Cousino? And if MC gets criticized for playing rivalry games against lesser competition like Marysville and St. Clair...does Clintondale not deserve the same scrutiny for continuing to schedule Mt. Clemens and Lakeshore?

And finally, are you KIDDING me that MC had an easy run to the championship last year? Perrenial powerhouses like Flint Powers and Kingsford? An undefeated Alma team? Then they beat one of the best teams in the State that was heavily favored in the champioships?

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