How much bias do Marine City Football...

How much bias do Marine City Football coaches show

Created by Fony Scar Cell on Sep 17, 2008

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9th grade sons are on Varsity

Donations buy start positions

Players are allowed to steal

I don't play cuz of the bias

It's all politics at MC

Even teachers hate the bias

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Tuxedo Man

Grand Rapids, MI

#642 Jan 22, 2012
Long Time Mariner wrote:
First I would like to thank all the other Marine City players (Not named Scarcelli) Thanks for a great season. I want to thank you because in all the interviews with your head coach he never thanked you for working your butts off to make the Coaches kid look good and win awards. The offensive line opened holes all year for the backs, and yes there were more backs than Scarcelli. If Salsbury would have gotten some of the calls that the coaches kid did, he could have lead the team in rushing, but that would never happen as long as coach’s kid was on the team. If Daddy wasn’t the coach he would only be a slightly above average player. He didn’t deserve player of the year last year and if it wasn’t for the rest of the team he wouldn’t get it this year. In all your coach never thanked you in the public media. He and his son are the only reason Marine City football exists. If you do not believe me read and watch the interviews with Scarcelli and his Kid. They did it all. I bet little Scar never thanked any of his team mates for the work they did to make him look good. Better players like Abrams and Salsbury were just used to make little Scar look good. I feel that the coach and his kid did not deserve a state championship, but the rest of the team did. I would like to know how much Daddy spent on lawyers to keep getting his kid out of trouble. He forced Abrams to clear his kid from all car hopping charges, or he would sit the bench all season. His kid was caught smashing mail boxes on Springborn rd. and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was behind the vandalism of the Marysville football field. I am happy to say Scarcelli Boys (because neither one is a real man) THANKS FOR LEAVING. And take Glodich with you. You are the only losers on the Marine City team.
Do you think we don't know this guy named Long Time Mariner from New Mexico isn't Jamel Abrams!

It figures that it says Mexico instead of New Mexico. Jamel Abrams belongs down there in Mexico more than he does in the United States. How dare Abrams say all this stuff about Anthony Scarcelli after the Lil' Scar won that Times Herald award back to back years!

Everyone in Marine City knows Jamel Abrams couldn't hold the jock of Anthony Scarcelli or his dad. Abrams and all his friends wish they were Anthony Scarcelli getting all that attention from the Times Herald and other media. That's why they rip on Lil' Scar for not sharing the glory with his teammates.

But deep down all you has beens that will be stuck in Marine City forever watching high school games know that none of that glory should be shared with anyone. Three carries for over 200 yards means the guy wearing the tuxedo at the end of the year deserved the glory and nobody else.
Long Time Mariner


#644 Feb 2, 2012
Hey Tuxedo Boy
Answer me this. How is this still coming from Mexico/ New Mexico if Abrams is back in Michigan? You do not have any Idea who this is. You are as clueless as a Scarcelli. If daddy wasn’t the coach jr would only be a good player. Face it those awards are bought and paid for by his daddy. You mention 3carries 200 yards not that hard against a crappy team. That little bastard was not the best player in the area 2 years in a row. This last year yes thanks to daddy. Face it big scar is a piece of crap and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You would realize that if your lifelong dream wasn't to hold scarcelli jock straps.

Belleville, MI

#645 Feb 2, 2012
Last I checked, Tony is no longer the coach and Anthony will be graduating this year. Isn't this the end result that you were all looking for? So why don't all of you washed up athletes or dads of kids that just wern't good enough go and complain about something else. It's over!
I agree

East China, MI

#646 Feb 2, 2012
Its over. Just like Jamel Abrams football career. I also saw Jamel Abrams mugshot online. Looks like he got arrested again in New Mexico. Well the apple does not fall far from the tree eh Long Time?
family friend

United States

#647 May 9, 2012
for all you abrams fans......just wanted to let you know abrams is on his way to new york to play some football this fall.i wish him well..thank goodness all this nonsense didnt bring him down. it only made him more determined. hes a good hard working kid and comes from a strong and great family.:}
Machine Gunn

Grand Rapids, MI

#648 May 11, 2012
The coaches kids, Scarcelli and Glodich, were the two best athletes in the history of Marine City football.

Look who lead them to the state finals last year. It was the coaches kids. Those other players on the team didn't do crap. Glodich was the only player to even score.

Brendan Kay gets way more credit than what he deserves for that 2007 team. It was coach Tony Scarcelli, oach Ron Glodich, and coach Kyle Zimmerman who won it for the team.

Proof is the way the program never even had a Co Defensensive Coordinator until Zim got there. It was always one Defensive Coordinator with some dummies as assistants working for free because they were useless and their time had no value.

But the coaches knew Zimmerman was valuable to the point they better give him a different title. That's why they called him CoDefenseive Coordinator.

Jamel Abrams and all his followers and all those christians out there who are hypocrites make me sick the way they rip on the coaches kids. So what if the kids get drunk, high, and laid. When you score in the endzone you deserve to score with the women. And if you are a coaches kid you deserve to be on the team as a freshman or sophomore.
MC alum

Romulus, MI

#649 Sep 9, 2012
Some of the dumbest people in st clair county have commented on this post. There's a pretty viable reason for marine city not leaving their division and it has to do with an uncontrollable thing called population and student attendance. The more kids in high school = the better chance for having good athletes.

Ann Arbor, MI

#650 Sep 10, 2012
It's going to be a lean couple of years for this program. The next group of good athletes right now are the 9 to 12 year olds

Saint Clair, MI

#651 May 8, 2014
First of all none of you arrogant fathers and mothers know what you are talking about... We do what we have to do to win. and if that means pulling up a freshman to get the job done because some lazy seniors are not pulling through and lifting and training everyday it is their own fault. If anything you arrogant people are the bias. Just because your sons were not good enough to play you have to post a polling bashing a football team that has been to the state finals three times and has won twice... you guys are jokes.

Saint Clair, MI

#652 Jun 28, 2014
MC Mom wrote:
I am a Marine City graduate and I think Tony Scarcelli runs a good football program. I can say however that they need to get rid of Gary Griffin as coach for the 9th grade program. He downgrades the kids, is not a people person at all. My son now out of school played one year of football with Gary Griffin and never went back to it cause he thought the other coaches would be like him. For the future of the 9th graders who want to play football I hope Gary Griffin does not coach anymore. He is an awful coach and not a good role model for the kids.
Thankfully my son stuck it out and not only was one the first string in J.V while couched by Fregetto. He is now on the varsity team and plays to his full potential. Griffin is a sorry person and a horrible role model for kids of all ages. The best day my son had in his 4 years of football is when JV played St Clair in 2013 and Griffin stood on the side lines and watched my son play the entire game (both ways) and he had no say so. Don't let Griffin get you down, thrive to be better. He is who he is!!!!

Macomb, MI

#653 May 6, 2016
Coach wrote:
Old Mariner,

The information you have about Scarcelli's "bloodlines" is incorrect. The term "blowing out the knee" is what Tony Scarcelli uses as an excuse for becoming a nobody at Illinois. The same thing can be said about Jim -- he never came close to playing in the NFL.

The only reasons the Scarcelli brothers made it to Division 1 like that was because they both played on a team from Warren Woods high school that won the state championship. If you wanted to play at a high college level in the 70's, your best chance of being scouted was to be on a championship team. In today's environment with the Internet, the Scarcelli's never would be recruited to play the positions they played at, because they were to "lanky" with their build. Remember, back then offensive linemen were 240 or 250 pounds, but now they are 70 - 100 pounds heavier.

For example, Jim Scarcelli was a 6'4" skinny guy who played Defensive End for Michigan. Jim had more of a Divison 1 basketball player build than a football player build. A guy with that type of basketball player build would never be able to play Defensive End at a place like Michigan today. Today you need to be both fast and BIG, 270 - 290 pounds most of the time at the Division 1 level.

I realize that Scarcelli's kid, Anthony, doesn't play Defensive End; instead he runs the football. But, he is still far too slow and not shifty enough to play at the Division 1 level. And let's be honest, his tiny mother's side of the family has polluted the kids genetics.

And let's not forget that aside from returning two kicks for touchdowns against Sterling Heights, Anthony Scarcelli has done very little to impress anyone. And in all honesty, returning a kick against a weak Sterling Heights team wasn't impressive when you consider one of Scarcelli's teammates also returned a kick for a touchdown. The fact is, those three kicks returned for touchdowns had a LOT more to do with Sterling Heights having no clue how to stop the Starburst kickoff return than it did any one (or two) athlete(s).

Coach Scarcelli now tries to make an excuse for his son by saying "Teams don't kick to us anymore," but that is not true, as anyone who has watched Marine City knows.
COMMENT- All these negative cut downs against Scarcellis, how many of you that are posting this crap actually got recruited and played for a Big 10 team? Those who cant, hate those who have.

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