How much bias do Marine City Football...

How much bias do Marine City Football coaches show

Created by Fony Scar Cell on Sep 17, 2008

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9th grade sons are on Varsity

Donations buy start positions

Players are allowed to steal

I don't play cuz of the bias

It's all politics at MC

Even teachers hate the bias

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Fony Scar Cell

Saint Clair, MI

#1 Sep 17, 2008
Recently I learned that Tony Scarcelli's son is on the Varsity football team. The problem with this is that his son is only a 9th grader.

Obviously there is a BIG level of BIAS and FAVORITISM that is taking place!

Last season Marine City moved a player up to Varsity for the first time in school history. This drew national attention from Division-1 scouts to that player, strictly because he was "The first player in the history of Marine City High School to play on Varsity as a Freshman."

Unfortunately, the scouts found out very quickly that this Marine City football player has a level of speed that they considered disappointing. The scouts were expecting a big guy with amazing speed--similar to Tyrone Wheatley or Kevin Grady. That is not what they found at Marine City High School.

Most people now believe that the primary reason why Marine City Football Coach Tony Scarcelli allowed a 9th grade player to be on the Varsity football team as a Freshman in 2007 was so he could do the same with his own son in 2008.

Scarcelli knew that if he would have allowed his own son to be "The first player in Marine City High School history" to play on the Varsity team as a freshman, it would have generated a lot of publicity and everyone would have immediately recognized the bias and favoritism.

Now, Scarcelli has a smile on his face and says “Well, my kid wasn’t the ‘first’ to be on Varsity as a 9th grader, so I’m not biased.” YEAH RIGHT!!!

Up to this point most people have not even known that Football Coach Scarcelli's son was on the 2008 Varsity team as a Freshman. Scarcelli's son being on Varsity as a freshman didn't generate as much hype, because he was not the "first" player to be on Varsity as a Freshman.

But now that people know, people in Marine City are VERY UPSET because of the OBVIOUS BIAS and OBVIOUS FAVORITISM!

In the past, people knew that Marine City was a high school that involved lots of politics, favoritism, and bias. If you were the son or daughter of a coach or teacher, it significantly increased your chances of playing on the JV team as a Freshman, and playing on the Varsity team as a Sophomore.

In fact, when Tony Scarcelli and Ron Glodich told everyone that they were going to have children, everybody immediately said things like, "Even if the kid is born with genetic flaws, he will play on Varsity as a Sophomore."

But, NOBODY...and I mean NOBODY, EVER thought that one of the coaches kids would play on Varsity as a Freshman!


Please write about how disgusted you are with Tony Scarcelli and the level of Bias and Favoritism and Politics that he has brought to the Marine City football program!

Bottom Line: All Scarcelli is trying to do is draw hype toward his kid so that his kid can get some form of scholarship to play in college. That way Coach Scarcelli won't have to "foot" the bill.

Other kids work just as hard if not harder than the coaches kids. But we never saw them play on Varsity as Freshman until Scarcelli had a kid in the 8th grade that he decided he wanted to play on Varsity all four years of high school.





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Saint Clair, MI

#2 Sep 17, 2008
are you for real?

i can't believe marine citys coaches would do such a thing

Saint Clair, MI

#3 Sep 17, 2008
Yes, this is 100% accurate information.

People who have analyzed Scarcelli's 9th grade son have said things like "He needs to fill out, but his dad and uncle played in the Big Ten."


It DOES NOT MATTER what his "dad" or "uncle" did in the PAST!!!


The "potential" of a player is NOT something that should allow him to be on Varsity as a freshman!





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Saint Clair, MI

#4 Sep 17, 2008
Yeah, you can't estimate the potential of a freshman high school player. His growth could stop at any time. Guesstimating potential in high school is a lot more difficult than estimating potential in college. Doesn't take a genius to realize that coach Scarcelli's guesstimate of his son is incredibly biased with lots of favoritism.
Clarence B

Saint Clair, MI

#5 Sep 17, 2008
I heard people say that the Marine City football coaches don't mind that Scarcelli's kid is on the Varsity football team, because it means that when their kids are freshman, they will be on the Varsity team too.
Mariner Fan

Saint Clair, MI

#6 Sep 17, 2008
Guys, calm down. There may be a lot of favoritism and bias at Marine City high schol, but isn't it like that at all schools and work environments.

Saint Clair, MI

#7 Sep 17, 2008
To: Mariner Fan

Yes, there is a lot of favoritism and bias in most places. But, when you are caught, you end up getting fired from your job. Just ask Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit. Kwame showed the same type of bias and favoritism to his friends that Scarcelli is showing towards his son on the football field. The Mayor was fired from his job, and I think that is what should happen to Scarcelli.

Everyone deserved to compete fairly for the jobs being offered from the city of Detroit. In that same way, everyond deserves to compete fairly for the positions on the football team. That isn't happening at Marine City High School. Scarcelli's kid got a starting position on the team the instant he was born. That's not right, and that's not fair!





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Saint Clair, MI

#8 Sep 17, 2008
dude you gotta be shitin me! i cant believe that dude moved his kid up to the varsity ranks and leff tha others behind. what a shithead. does dat dude think dis is some sorta neighborhood where his kid dont even need ta work to get play time.

brotha those otha kids work just az hard. move dem up to.





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Saint Clair, MI

#9 Sep 17, 2008
Guys, you don't know half of what Tony Scarcelli is all about as a coach.

In the 1990's I played for Scarcelli when he coached the Track team.

There were a group of rebel kids who would literally steal items from other schools at Track meets. Items such as Shot Puts and Discuss throwing equipment would be stolen all the time by these players.

Tony Scarcelli knew that this was going on, but he did nothing to stop it. In fact, one time the players were on the bus and showed Scarcelli all the stuff that they had stolen. Instead of kicking the thieves off the team, Scarcelli looked at the kids and said "Just don't get caught."

"Just don't get caught" is the message that Coach Tony Scarcelli sends to kids who steal equipment from other schools!

FIRE Tony Scarcelli for the good of the kids at Marine City and other schools!





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Saint Clair, MI

#10 Sep 17, 2008
The East China School District will never fire Tony Scarcelli if he is the guy saving them money on Shot Puts and other stolen stuff.

Here's a tip butthead, if you steal something and get away with it, you are doing a good job. The East China School District probably appreciates the fact that Scarcelli saved them the money.

Don't count on East China or Marine City High School penalizing Scarcelli for letting the kids steal all that stuff, because they don't have the guts to go after him. Hell, they know that he would let their kids play on Varsity as freshman or sophomores if they just let him steal stuff!

Heck, they probably pocketed the money from the stolen stuff. On the accounting books the next year they may have said that something new was purchased. Instead they could just kept the money and used the stolen stuff.
Joe Smith

Saint Clair, MI

#11 Sep 17, 2008
Matt's got a point. Nobody knows better than I do how lazy the staff of East China and Marine City are. The probably wouldn't get off their butts to do anything to Osama Bin Laden, unless they knew there was a reward.

Saint Clair, MI

#12 Sep 17, 2008
Hey, how many people know about those stolen items that Scarcelli allowed the kids to steal?

Saint Clair, MI

#13 Sep 17, 2008
I can think of over ten players on the Marine City team who knew the items were being stolen by the older kids on the Marine City team.

If the East China school district wanted to go after Scarcelli for allowing that to happen, they could easily gather the players who played on the 1993 and 1994 teams, especially the 1994 team.

I don't care how much time has passed, Marine City high school and East China school district should fire Scarcelli for allowing theft like that to happen!

Saint Clair, MI

#14 Sep 17, 2008
wow it sounds like this coach Scarcelli really is as biased as anybody can get. Moving your own kid up to varsity when hes only in the 9th grade...pathetic!

Saint Clair, MI

#15 Sep 17, 2008
People, Scar doesn't care if you like him or not. He is happy to let you think he is your best friend, because then you will be more likely to make "donations" to the football team and buy shirts that he has had produced. But the fact is, once you are no longer of value to him, he loses interest fast.

I can think of people who decided to stop playing football in the past because they weren't getting the play time they wanted. It was surprising to see that all the football coaches except niceguy Scar would start hating you. I thought to myself, "Scar is a nice guy." But then, I saw the people tell Scar that they weren't playing on the Track team either because they had gotten a job. It turns out Scar also started being mean and ignoring players, once he realized the kid wasn't going to be on the Track team either.

If you don't like it that Scar's kid is on the Varsity as a freshman, he won't care. He is the coach who gets to call the shots. If you don't like it tough luck. And you better get used to it, because I'm sure Glodich's kid and the other coaches kids will also be on Varsity as freshman.

Favoritism like that is natural...although, it never happened before in the history of Marine City, but still...with Scar it's natural.

Saint Clair, MI

#16 Sep 17, 2008
Just because the coach decided to move his undeserving son up to the varsity team as a freshman doesn't mean it is the end of the world for your hard-working kid on the team.

Well, unless your kid plays the same position as Scarcelli's kid.

Then, it doesn't matter if your kid is Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Emmit Smith, and Joe Montana all rolled into one. Your kid is NOT GONNA PLAY ahead of Scarcelli's kid if he is in the same class at Marine City!

Saint Clair, MI

#17 Sep 17, 2008
Yoga-man Scarcelli apparently just believes it is spiritual destiny for his kid to play on the varsity team as a freshman.

Yeah, it's obvious that Scar let another kid play on Varsity as a freshman the year before just so it would "seeeeeem" like Scar wasn't showing favoritism and bias towards his own kid.......but, everyone can see right through that.

C'mon Scar, we aren't dumb just because we live in Marine City! You are as political as they get. How much do I have to pay you in order to get my kid on Varsity as a freshman?

Saint Clair, MI

#18 Sep 17, 2008

Please list some form of Price of Admission for your services.

Please list prices for your following services:

* How much does it cost to have my son moved up to Varsity as a Freshman on the Marine City football team?

* How much does it cost to have my son moved up to Varsity as a Sophomore on the Marine City football team?

* If I am the owner of a local business in Marine City, and I make donations to the football team, how much Play-Time will it buy my son?

* How much do New Shot Puts cost?

* How much do Stolen Shot Puts cost?

* How much does it cost for you to gather a group of players to steal football equipment?

* If your players steal equipment from my school, how much will it cost me to buy the equipment back from you, Tony?

* The "donations" of $300 or more don't have to be recorded on the Accounting books, so I'm sure we can work something out, as long as it buys my son undeserved play time that he didn't work for, and cheats a hard working Marine City student who didn't have parents wealthy enough to make donations out of Play-Time.





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Saint Clair, MI

#19 Sep 17, 2008
Scar deserves all this stuff!

Scar unethically and immorally moved his 9th grade kid up to the Varsity team. That's bad enough right there.

Scar allowed kids to steal shot puts. That's as bad as it gets.

It gets worse when you stop and think that Scarcelli has actually blackmailed players on his team just to steal stuff from them. Scarcelli has even permanently borrowed (stole) videogames from players in the past.





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Saint Clair, MI

#20 Sep 17, 2008
East China school District.


He allowed kids to steal equipment from other schools!

It does NOT matter when that happened. Go after him. Call the witnesses forward. and FIRE HIM!





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