Messianic Jews say they are persecute...

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

There are 72039 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 21, 2008, titled Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel. In it, Newsday reports that:

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family.

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Mumbai, India

#33962 Apr 20, 2012
Frijoles wrote:
Hi Joel

Hi Papa.

Lots of love and Best Regards,

Your son.

Mumbai, India

#33963 Apr 20, 2012
Space-time is not a continuum....

Mumbai, India

#33964 Apr 20, 2012

In Einstein's theory of relativity, time and space are wedded together in a 4-dimensional space-time continuum.

It is no longer possible to describe an object as occupying a particular point in space at a particular point in time.

A relativistic description of an object will show its spatial and temporal existence in its entirety, merged from beginning to end, wherever it is happening. For instance, a human being would be depicted as the entire progression from embryo to corpse. Such constructs are labeled "space-time worms."

And physics does not permit the space-time worm to say, "Now I am an adult and I used to be a child."

There is no passage of time or of a steady flow of events enacted in space - the whole sequence exists as one unit.

If we are space-time worms, we are just configurations of matter, not personalities with consciousness.

Defining human beings in that way invalidates our individual perception of past, present, and future and thus leads to the conclusion that such perceptions are unreal.

In a letter to Michael Besso, Einstein wrote:

"You have to accept the idea that subjective time with its emphasis on the now has no objective meaning."

When Besso died, Einstein, ironically, tried to console his widow by writing:

"Michael has preceded me a little in leaving this strange world. This is not important. For us who are convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent."

This is in effect a denial of consciousness, which entails the reality of the present experienced moment.

We experience our present form as real, whereas our infant form exists only in memory.

As conscious beings we can definitely experience that we do occupy a particular bodily form at a particular point in time.

Despite the fact that relativity theory converts a series of events into a single unified spatio-temporal entity, we actually experience in sequence different points in time.

What all this means is that every theory of universal origins built around relativity theory fails to explain our conscious experience of time, thus making these theories, as they stand, incomplete and unacceptable.

Mumbai, India

#33965 Apr 20, 2012
Is time an independent entity or force that can be isolated and studied objectively in a purely physical way?

Mumbai, India

#33966 Apr 20, 2012
Is time determinative of events or does the flow of events in space give rise to the notion of time in the consciousness?

Mumbai, India

#33967 Apr 20, 2012
How do we distinguish mental space from physical space?

Mumbai, India

#33968 Apr 20, 2012

Matter is not independent of physical space and in the absence of matter physical space cannot come into existence.

Furthermore, we can clearly perceive that what we call physical space is different from the field that we perceive as mental space with their attributes being radically different.

1) Can there be a unified mind-matter space field that unites the spaces of mind and matter into one force field?

2) What would be the attributes of such a unified mind-matter force field?

3) Would mind or matter or something else serve as the basis of such a unified mind-matter force field?

So, we see the imperative need to redefine our present notions of the term called space to include its mind equivalent and to unify it with the physical equivalent of space to obtain a unified mind-matter space field.

Mumbai, India

#33970 Apr 20, 2012
Entropy is a property of matter, not of mind.

Mumbai, India

#33971 Apr 20, 2012

So, in order to resolve the discrepancies that arise from considering physical space and mind space as two independent and disparate entities without an underlying basis, we can, in terms of unified theory, define unified space as the self-extension of consciousness-force that accounts for both mind space and physical space with the former emerging from a state of involution in the latter. While the rhythms in this unified space field that give rise to events generated is time.

Mumbai, India

#33972 Apr 20, 2012

If time is the rhythm generated in unified space, then the question arises what is the rhythm inherent in consciousness force prior to its self-extension?

We can't have a different set of rhythms for consciousness-force and a different set of rhythms for the unified space which is self-extension of consciousness-force?

Are the rhythms of mind space different from the rhythms of physical space or is it one rhythm manifesting on different scales of unified space which is a combination of mind space and physical space?

Is space really differentiated into mind space and physical space or is it one space manifesting as mind space and physical space?

Obviously, the rhythms that're determinative of the flow of events and of mutation of subtle and gross structure itself inhere in the consciousness-force that set themselves up as a gradation in the self-extension of consciousness-force.

Similarly, space is a unified field that is inherent in the consciousness force itself but which takes on different poises as mind space and physical space in the self-extension.

So, finally space and time can be united in consciousness force and are in fact aspects of the unified consciousness-force field.

Unification is the universal theme and the reality.

Mumbai, India

#33973 Apr 20, 2012

Finally, is space or time paramount?

Of these two entities, which is of the greater essence?

Space or time?

If time is simply the rhythms of consciousness-force projected into the self-extension which is unified space (mind space and physical space) then obviously one cannot be separated from the other or can they?

Is unified space itself a rhythm of consciousness-force?

Or is there a gradation or a scale of rhythms in the consciousness-force that manifests as space and time in the self-extension that give rise to different perceptions of space and of time as distinct entities?

Could it be that time is a rhythm that exceeds the scale of intensity and scope of the rhythm called space?

Physical space is self-extension of matter.

So, is matter an aspect of consciousness-force?

Do the vibrations of time determine the histories of matter extended as space?

Since, matter comprises a set of events, it's obvious that events determine matter and its subsequent self-extension as space.

Without the occurrence of an event in matter, would matter even exist since everything about matter is a serious of events right from its point of origin to its sustenance over a period of time to its final dissolution into the primal state?

Matter itself is an event and the flow of events in matter is time.

So, we see that everything boils down to the event which is the dynamic form of the consciousness-force.

Thus, we can say that unified space (physical space and mind space) and time trace their existence and origin to consciousness-force.

In conclusion, it can be said that the various rhythms of consciousness-force give rise to unified space in which inhere a specific set of rhythms called time with time being the "shaper" of events and thus of matter.

Once we enter the realm of origins, the subject becomes very subtle since we have to account for conscious perception (mind) and the primal fields called matter and time and weld them into a single force field...

Mumbai, India

#33976 Apr 20, 2012

Speed of light has slowed down over time and even now it shows fluctuations under special conditions. So, c is not an absolute standard in the physical universe. Speed of mind is faster than the speed of light. Speed of mind is instantaneous - think of an event and you can conceive it instantly in mind space. The mind of a powerful yogi has an actualizing power and is spread out all over different orders of space and time.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#33978 Apr 20, 2012
M114 wrote:
Why is this a problem. The Ottoman Empire was being dismantled as a result of their loss in WW1.

None of the Arab kingdoms that resulted from the breakup were given the right of self-determinism. Even now there is opposition for the Arabs in these lands to choose their own gov't. Another question would be who is influencing what is going on in areas like Syria and Egypt today. Whoever is funded the best will probably succeed.
Let me ask you a question. Why shouldn't the Jews be allowed to have their land back? Why should they not have a right to self-determination in the land of their ancestors?

That is age old technique of “Divide and rule” which Europeans and USA and Imperialists have perfected over the centuries.

It was by using this technique that they were able to take control of some of the biggest and most powerful nations of the world.

They used the same techniques against Ottoman Empire in WW-1 and promised these Arab nations for full freedom, once the war was over.

They rebelled against the Central rule and what they got was so many independent states and each fighting with each other and a “Tiny Little Place reserved for Jews” to act as Bully and control the whole area.

If Jews have “any claim” on any land, let them come forward and prove it.

In my views Jews never belonged to Palestine and they were never natives of that land.

They took it from other people and “declared” that it is their land and for 2000 years they were absconding from the land.

So whatever claim they had, has lapsed and they should look for some other “vacant and desolate spot” on this earth to stake their claim as their “National Land”!!

Mumbai, India

#33979 Apr 21, 2012

1) Entropy is a property of matter, not of mind.

2) Mind is not influenced by the thermodynamic arrow.

3) Mind retains it high degree of organization and heightened plasticity if the transmitting instrument, which is the brain, is free of organic malformations.

4) During an OBE, the disembodied mind functions with greater efficiency and manifests a higher degree of plasticity.

5) Mind is an aspect of consciousness.

6) Mind is not subject to the arrow of time that always moves from past to present to future.

7) Mind is multi-dimensional.

Mumbai, India

#33981 Apr 21, 2012

Why is it that whenever I hear devotional music like a few well-selected bhajans, psychic poetry or mantras, I usually go into an indrawn state that's accompanied by all the symptoms of waking trance?

There's such a soothing, enlarged, luminous and powerful feeling attached to the experiences and if prolonged it can lead to ascension of the awakened psychic into the higher planes of consciousness. The entire Higher Force begins vibrating at a higher rate and gets activated.

On the other hand, whenever I read news about politicians, listen to pop music or peruse scientific or mathematical literature, there's an instant lower of consciousness and all the signs of contraction in consciousness and a dry and narrow feeling that're accompanied by a tightening of the nerves and heart center and brain are experienced. In such a deadening situation, the Higher Force recedes and shrinks.

Mumbai, India

#33982 Apr 21, 2012

1) It is always attractive. Why?

2) It is the weakest among the 4 fundamental physical forces but works out the strongest on the universal scale since it's always attractive.

3) It is a weak, long range force that rolls from the electronic device of atoms thereby connecting them through attraction. Is gravity of electromagnetic origin in the essence?

4) Newtonian gravity does not fully describe the effects of gravity when the gravitational field is very strong, or when objects move at very high speed in the field. This is where Einstein's general theory of relativity rules.The effects of gravity can be described by the curvature of space and time, usually just called 'space-time' curvature.

5) In GR, the curvature of the physical space-time fabric that is brought about by material objects manifests as gravity. So, anything that moves forward in time will find its path pointing down slightly. This takes the form of downward acceleration. This acceleration is supposedly responsible for the motion of the planets and everyday experience of gravity.

6) Quantum gravity - The compatibility between GR and QM depends on the discovery of the elusive graviton.

Mumbai, India

#33983 Apr 21, 2012

"jaidev jaidev jai mangal murti ho shrimangal murti darshanmaatre mann kaamana purti jaidev jaidev..."

The above line from the devotional hymn, Jai Dev Jai Dev Jai Mangalmurti, in Sankritized-Marathi, addressed to Shri Ganesha is of a psychic nature that has been beautifully rendered by India's nightingale Lata Mangeshkar. It's available on you-tube. The Ganesha symbol is seen on the higher mind and vital plane and signifies the higher knowledge.

Great psychic substance!

Even now while humming the tune and typing out this post, my eyes are being drawn inwards, breathing becoming deep and powerful, Higher Force getting activated in me, hairs erect on body, a great peace descending in me and a light that's becoming visible in the third eye center between the brows...

Mumbai, India

#33984 Apr 21, 2012

“Kasminu Bhagvo Vigyate Sarvmindh Vigyatam Bhavati,”

(“What is THAT by knowing which everything else is known?”)

The Upanishads.

Mumbai, India

#33985 Apr 21, 2012

The first sign of the opening up of the higher consciousness in the truth-seeker is attended by light of various hues that's seen during meditation in and around the head region and the hearing of the pealing of a certain type of bells that're found in Indian temples.

Other lights and sounds soon make an appearance to the inner vision as the yoga progresses.

Each light as well as each sound perceived in indrawn states personifies a certain state of consciousness that on maturation leads to the ascent of the indrawn consciousness into the higher planes.

The ancient sages who invented the various drums, pipes and stringed instruments that're used in temple worship and in Indian classical music and art forms till this day had a through knowledge of the science of sounds as related to the sound-vibrations of the various planes of cosmic consciousness. Even the blowing of a conch shell corresponds to one of sounds heard on the subtle physical plane.

These sounds on being heard have such a calming effect on the being and create concomitant ripples in the force fields and if one is a yogi one instantly begins to enter an indrawn state with eyes drawn upwards and hair erect and light manifesting in the body that can be seen by onlookers and as a result the consciousness of the yogi then begins to vibrate at the frequency of the corresponding inner sound that is perceived internally with light and which later lead to fine transcendental experiences on the subtler planes.....

Mumbai, India

#33987 Apr 21, 2012

A substance is only known by its qualities.

Take away the qualities, what remains of the substance?

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