Pennsylvania Lawmaker Welcomes Sex Of...

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Welcomes Sex Offenders

There are 8 comments on the WLBZ story from Aug 18, 2008, titled Pennsylvania Lawmaker Welcomes Sex Offenders. In it, WLBZ reports that:

Neighbors of a former tough-on-crime Pennsylvania lawmaker are outraged because he has taken in three sex offenders who couldn't find a place to live.

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#1 Aug 22, 2008
Society doesn't realize how the passing of these Draconian laws hinders the efforts of all offenders (not just sex offenders) to successfully reintegrate into society. They don't realize that they are creating a climate which actually contributes to re-offending. This is an emotionally charged subject, but we have to realize that not all people fit into the same mold, which is exactly what these residency laws are doing. Education of out children, and creation of rehabilitation programs would be a much more effective route to take, than to spend money and resources on laws that create more problems than they solve.

Virginia Beach, VA

#2 Aug 22, 2008
Tell this to the father of Dylan Groene, Jessica Lundsford, Dru Sjodin, Adam Walsh, and Megan Kanka, and the list goes on and on ad infinitum. Your pathetic reasoning won't be tolerated any more. Sex offenders should never walk the streets again. They need to be rounded up, corralled and isolated as long as they live. If they've every harmed a child sexually, THEY SHOULD BE EXECUTED. Society has no more patience for these mutants. Why should our tax dollars pay for their 'counseling'? Finances are in short supply in this country and BAD DNA can't be fixed. Sorry pal,- I'm putting my energies into seeing that VICTIMS get the sympathy, tax dollars, rehab and counseling THEY NEED thanks to the dirtbags who destroyed their lives and psyche. Read about the Devil in Idaho, Duncan III who murdered the Groene family : another 'paroled' sex offender. The days of tolerance and 'protection of sex offender 'rights' are OVER!!" You may judge me as incendiary, mean, etc. etc. and I accept this badge with pride. I'm not alone - there are legions of us - parents all, and we are SICK of sex offenders and their acolytes. Draconian? Maybe. Justified? Absolutely and LONG OVERDUE. Inasmuch as the bleating references to biblical 'forgiveness'? Please.... If sex offenders had any guts at all, they'd just say a quick prayer for their hideous sins, and then kill themselves thereby saving everyone a lot of time and money. But they're all whining, poor-me, sniveling cowards who' rather try to rape/kill a child than take the blame for their despicable crimes. They can never 'pay their debt' to the child they harmed. That child is ruined forever. Their defenders on this blog only makes us more politically active than we'd ever have believed. Their boo-hooing has created a letter-writing commando not only in me, but in member of my profession who are now lobbying fiercely to ensure 'sex offenders' get the punishment they so richly deserve. We are all very busy professionals, but will do whatever it takes for us to get to Capitol Hill to ensure that 'sex-offenders' everywhere are set apart from the rest of us in every way possible. And if that means that they all wind up in the cemetery - then so be it. We'd rather them be dead and buried than to lose ONE MORE VICTIM to their deranged perversions.

United States

#3 Aug 23, 2008
So where do you draw the line? Do you execute every criminal? Drug dealers ruin lives too...shoot all of them? Alcoholics kill entire families while driving home from the bar...hang them? Mothers drown their children...burn them at the stake? Children are neglected, physically and mentally abused...should the parent's lives be terminated? Buddy, I'm sure you have skeletons in your closet that, by your definition, should put you in the grave by some one's definition. It's the uneducated masses like you (your grammar and punctuation is atrocious) that create more problems than solutions. Try and wrap your narrow little mind around that. I acknowledge that there are some offenders that fit your mold, but not all. I just imagine there will be a day that you hope someone will forgive you for something, and hope for a second chance. Maybe then, you will have some inkling of what these men and women are hoping for...a chance to change their lives into something productive, and a chance to possibly do something that may benefit society. I pity you, that you aren't a Christian, and can't comprehend God's forgiveness...forgiveness that He wants us to give to one another. One day YOU will be judged by your creator...I just hope He will give you the benefits that you refuse to give to your fellow humans.

Virginia Beach, VA

#4 Aug 23, 2008
BAC I don't know whose blog you're reading but my grammar and punctuation are exceptional. In addition, I am a nationally board certiifed, MSN, FNP-C with a Masters in Public Health and run a successful medical practice (pediatrics). I have seen things you can't (in YOUR MINISULE BRAIN) even imagine inasmuch as what hideous acts have been perpetrated on little children by 'sex offenders'. I think you are scared, and rightly so - that the tide has turned vehemently against sex offenders (you are likely one yourself, given your intense need to make them sound like they are somehow the wronged party here). And like so many other weaklings you hide behind 'religion' and 'forgiveness'. Your naivete is quite pitiful - but I suspect it is YOU with the skeletons. I don't have any, as a matter of fact. I'm respected in my community by my colleagues and peers and the bulk of us all share the sentiments I have posted about sex offenders. Don't pity me, BAC. Pity the victims of the wretched cretins you are protecting with your misguided allegiances. Christianity has nothing to do with it. But if it did - there is always 'an eye for an eye'. And I draw the line at hurting an innocent deliberately. Alcoholics who kill when drunk, drug dealers, and the other criminals you have mentioned also need to be removed from society. That is why there are LAWS AGAINST THIS BEHAVIOR. Or didn't you go to school that day?

Virginia Beach, VA

#5 Aug 23, 2008
allow me to correct my misspelling: I intended to say (In YOUR MINISCULE BRAIN), for the misguided fellow in South Dakota.

United States

#6 Aug 25, 2008
Hyper, I want to start by offering you an apology. I made this a personal attack against you, and I was wrong. In truth, I'm sure we actually agree on more issues than we disagree on. I also want to say that you make a great number of incorrect assumptions. You assume I am assume I am a sex assume I have skeletons in my closet...and finally, you assume I see offenders as the victims. I believe in our justice system, and also believe that there are many predators that never deserve to see the light of day. My concern, is the lumping of all sex offenders into one mold. While ANY sex offense should be abhorred, there are different in any crime. I too, am a licensed medical professional, and have seen far too much for my liking. I admire and respect all the work you have put into your profession, and the obvious care you have for your patients. I have also been involved in law-enforcement, and herein lies my problem with the housing restriction laws that have cropped up on the books of many states in the last few years. These laws truly do little to keep our children and neighborhoods safe. In fact, in all states in which they have been enacted, sex-offender registry compliance has diminished by 30% or more. Budgets have been stretched to the breaking point trying to locate and prosecute the rogue offenders, who have not registered a place of residence...because they cannot find a place to live. Few of these offenders fit the class of offender that these residency laws were designed for. When a 19 year old has consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend, he can be prosecuted, and placed on the registry. This is not in the same class as the pervert who stalks playgrounds. The great majority of offenders are known to the victim and family...many times, they ARE family. I'm sure you are aware of these statistics. I believe that laws regulating aggressive tracking and supervision of these well as the education of our children and neighborhoods...are more effective ways to spend our tax dollars. I also believe in enhanced sentencing laws in offenses regarding children...mandatory treatment, and civil commitment for offenders who are deemed to be likely to re-offend. I'm not in complete disagreement with you in your emotional views on sex offenders...especially when children are involved. I am sorry I gave that impression. Yes, I am a well as a sex abuse survivor...and strive to believe that all people are capable of change. I don't believe DNA is a factor. In short, I respect your opinion...I just believe that there are many laws on the books that siphon money away from where it's needed, and actually do more to harm the society they were written to protect. This is not only my personal observations, but one shared by many in the law enforcement community...statistics back this up. As a Christian, I pray for God to bless you, your work, and your family. I ask your forgiveness for my personal attack on you. It was wrong. I pray for this World, and for wisdom for it's enact truly effective laws to keep our children and families safe.

Virginia Beach, VA

#7 Aug 26, 2008
BAC - apology accepted. The 'list' must be made sane. An 18 year old boy who makes out with a 15 year old is NOT equivalent to the hideous murderers I've mentioned earlier. This is obvious. Additionally, I must repeat that despite statistics about kids' abusers being known to them -the children who have been killed by repeat sex offenders mentioned above were strangers to those kids. Those repeat sex offenders STALKED and MURDERED and RAPED in cold blood. I support and will always support the death penalty for anyone who kills a child/innocent or rapes and thereby destroys a young person for life. The boy who pees on the lawn while drunk is NOT the SAME thing. Only a simpleton cannot see the difference. I am confused though by your remarks. Are you a medical professional or a law enforcement person? I'm glad I don't live in Marietta, PA and I don't think this Armstrong's motives are pure at all. Again, your apology was appreciated.

United States

#8 Aug 27, 2008
Hyper- Thank you for your acceptance of my apology. I appreciate your understanding. I have worked in both fields, and am currently on hiatus from medicine. I am a nationally certified EMT-P, PA-C. I'm sure you will agree that the medical profession can take a toll after awhile. I have also worked as a dispatcher/jailer, and civil deputy. While I am not working in either field at this time, I have friends and family who also work in both fields, and maintain close ties. I want to see people succeed in noble causes, and this includes someone who truly wants to lead a positive life. As I told you, I am a sexual abuse survivor, and find that forgiveness has played a major part in my personal healing process. I have forgiven, but have never forgotten. My abuser (a family member), after successfully completing treatment in prison, went to great lengths to turn his life be a productive member of society. Would I trust him to be alone with my daughters? But, when one is sincere in their efforts to change their lives for the good of society, I have to respect that. I viewed Armstrong's actions as an effort to support three men who have made a concerted effort to do this. I would guess that Armstrong must have carefully researched each man's record, as well as their individual progress in rehabilitation. I would certainly hope so. I hope it isn't a noble effort that's wasted. I do understand your feelings, and truly respect them. I admire your social consciousness...too many people nowadays have none.

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