Marietta ousts sex offenders

Marietta ousts sex offenders

There are 10 comments on the LancasterOnline story from Aug 6, 2008, titled Marietta ousts sex offenders. In it, LancasterOnline reports that:

Marietta Zoning Hearing Board Wednesday denied resident Tom Armstrong's appeal to continue housing three convicted sex offenders in his East Market Street home.

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Texas mom

Georgetown, TX

#1 Aug 14, 2008
I applaud Mr. Armstrong's efforts. Hopefully more intelligent and rational people can rally to his side and help these unfortunate people get their life back on track. Children face a lot more danger from a family friend or relative than from a stranger convicted of a sex related crime. I do believe that people should be punished for what they have done, but punishment should not extend to the point where an individual has no place to live or even an ability to work. The way the laws are written, there is no way to differentiate between a true predator and a person who made a critical error in judgment. All sex offenders are NOT the same.
Interestingly enough, we don't warn neighborhoods about residents convicted of selling drugs to children and adults, or assaults, thefts of personal possessions, or other felonious behaviors. Is that less of a threat to our children? Thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for a sane voice in this troubled time.

Minneapolis, MN

#2 Aug 14, 2008
Thank you "Texas mom" for a wonderfful response: I am a former Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) turned Christian. For the last two+ years I have opened my home to paroled sex offenders and feel blessed to be part of their rehab & journey towards better health.

Texas Mom seems to understand what most do not: these are people with a diverse list of problems. Not all sex offenders violently rape young girls, nor do they all stand in the shadows in their overcoats waiting to flash a passerby.

I screened my renters carefully and ruled out the (stereotypical) violent rapist or predatory pedophile (my state classifies them as Level Three offenders). I found some wonderful, gentle, caring young men who are sincerely committed to personal growth and just need a quiet, safe place to live.

I quietly informed my neighbors with children and they cooperated - fortunately. The police are the biggest problem. Their crappy attitudes are a real barricade for these men. Fortunately, the parole officers in my state are very helpful.

I am not a crusader so I have not encountered the wrath of stupid community members, but I offer this to all you who are "up in arms" over these "monsters:"
Which enemy is the greater threat? The one you see or the one you don't?

Society's backlash against these people will eventually be quieted, but in the meantime, look within the walls of your fortress for the real threat...

Virginia Beach, VA

#3 Aug 15, 2008
Boo hoo - the perverts have no place to live. This guy Armstrongs is nuts and I applaud the good people of PA for wanting him and his perverts OUT of the neighborhood. Texas Mom - children are often abused by a close friend or family member but they are more likely to BE KILLED during a sex crime by a repeated, paroled or released SEX OFFENDER. These creeps don't need to be protected by the law - the innocent however, DO! All I can say is: Megan Kanka, Dylan Groene, Jessie Lundsford, the tragic list goes on. DrDoolittle you are naive and have NO RIGHT to be so cavalier with the safety of the public. These sex criminals are never rehabilitated and they always re-offend, usually killing their young, innocent victims. They all belong in a permanent lockup or at the distal end of a pentothal syringe. I find it revolting that you actually sympathize with this vermin. Do you even HAVE kids? I suppose you would embrace the BTK killer with open arms, since he's found Jesus Christ (AFTER he tortured and Killed all those people who 'trusted' him.) You bleeding hearts make me want to vomit. Just stay away from me and my kids and be aware that the tables are now turned in America: it's open season on sexual predators - they're now the hunted ones!

Avondale, AZ

#4 Aug 15, 2008
Thank goodness for people like this man willing to help out. Unfortunately too many people like the person from Norfolk are horribly ill-informed about the subject of people who get caught up in the "sex offender frenzy." I feel sorry for you, remember: Judge not. And thank you to the people who actually do know the facts and are willing to put themselves out there to do the right thing. God bless.

Virginia Beach, VA

#5 Aug 15, 2008
I'm thrilled that this nutcase lost his bid in Marietta to harbor the miscreants and that the decent people won the day. By the way dfromz, texasmom and drdoolittle - please list your addresses for the sake of these sex offenders who 'have to live somewhere' so they can promptly move in with YOU!! All I have to say in answer to your bizarre sympathies for the sex criminals is this:

Jessica Lundsford, Dylan Groene, Megan Kanka and countless children's souls taken brutally ALL by 'released sex offenders'- rest in peace. Know that we will NOT forget your tortured death at the hands of these animals AND we will not rest until they and all others like them (despicable dirtbags who don't BELONG in civilized society) are all erased from the earth. I'd side with kids any day - especially now that I can see for myself how many misguided pervert-sympathizers are really out there.
Jack Stone

Orlando, FL

#6 Aug 15, 2008
Children do face a lot more danger from a family friend or relative than from a stranger convicted of a sex related crime. The reality is that hyperboliz's children face greater danger from hyperboliz than from the vast majority of sex offenders worldwide.

According to DOJ, "Within 3 years of release, 2.5% of released rapists were rearrested for another rape, and 1.2% of those who had served time for homicide were arrested for a new homicide."

But, according to CCPCA, "About 95% of victims know their perpetrators."

Recidivism rates for sex offenders are lower than for the general criminal population.

So let's put together lists of all those other felonies. Let's round up those who have served their time and are now trying to move on with their lives. Let's require them to register for life and have the police knock on their doors throughout the year to confirm their address. Let's make the rules under which these "free" men and women must live as punitive as possible and call it "protecting society".

Virginia Beach, VA

#7 Aug 15, 2008
Jack Stone and company - your last paragraph illustrates your utter foolishness and naivete (although I do like he idea of keeping crooks and other criminals on constant notice). I cannot help but think that you and the rest of the sex offender lovers out there who wish to coddle and protect these despicable miscreants must have firsthand experience in the vile acts they've been jailed for! MY children, by the way, are fine. They're very well adjusted bright kids but they DO know that dirtbag sex offenders are everywhere (we look at their pictures on the websites and note their addresses) Yeah - those are ONLY the ones we know about but I have taught them that although most people are good at heart, evil is everywhere. Additionally, they take comfort in the knowledge that their parents will do everything necessary to protect them. I hope you take note of the operative word being EVERYTHING NECESSARY. Everyone I know both in my profession (medicine) and in my social network thinks exactly as I do. Recall Dennis Miller's sage advice on how to keep track of sex offenders? THE CEMETERY. Yes, we are rabid and frenzied when it comes to the safety of our precious children. That is what loving parents do - they protect their children at any cost. I also find your pitiful devotion to statistics beyond naive and erroneous to boot. Those repeat sex offenders who are most likely TO KILL THEIR VICTIMS are, 99 percent of the time - complete strangers who abduct, rape, torture and then kill their victims usually having stalked and hunted them down like animals. Well, we're doing the hunting now, pal. We, the rabid and frenzied masses of parents who place our childen's well being before anything else are declaring open season on the revolting vermin known as 'sex offenders'. Be advised.

Bear, DE

#8 Aug 17, 2008
Well, Hyperboliz, if your posts here illustrate your level of compassion, I'd hate to see you at my hospital. You might run background checks on every patient before rendering care.

As one trained in medicine, you should fully understand the statistics thatsupport what's been said here. After all, medicine relies heavily on the very same type of statistical analysis. It's obvious that you don't accept statistical data which conflicts with your personal opinion. I pray you're not involved in cancer research or something similar.

What Mr. Armstrong did is worthy of praise. He's no fool; he probably knows more on the subject of sex offenders that you could hope to learn in your lifetime. He has appellate avenues open to him, I suspect he'll pursue them. Bravo.

And don't shoot the messenger. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a former sex offender. Insulting those who disagree with you is a sign of emotional immaturity. Ask your psychiatrist.

Virginia Beach, VA

#9 Aug 20, 2008
This blog is full of sex offender sympathizers which I find beyond comprehension. Despite their comments which are unique on this blog that insist on nurturing the sex offenders and consistently misquote statistics on recidivism, the tide will never turn in favor of sex offenders. They will always be pariahs to the general public and will always cause the bile to rise in the collective throats of the law abiding, decent family with children. They will be shunned forever and bible-banging zealots notwithstanding - they'll only be accepted by their mothers, wives and like-minded perverts who share they're sick prediliction. There are more of us than there are of you and with the decreasing resources in this country, no politician in his/her right mind will dare (mis)pend a dime on this faction of deviants.
Marietta Resident

Mount Holly, NJ

#10 Aug 21, 2008
To all you folks that think Mr. Armstrong is doing something good for all the right reasons, you should become more familiar with the history of this issue. If Mr. Armstrong is so concerned with the welfare of others, why did he just move these people into his home without informing the residents of this town of his intentions? The answer is obviuos, he knew there would be a negitive response to his plans. And if Mr. Armstrong didn't understand the potential for public outcry, why did he he move his family out of his house to allow these people in?

I've known Mr. Armstrong for several years as I am lifelong resident of this town. It is my opinion knowing Mr. Armstrong as I do he did not bring these people into his home for his love of his fellow man or because he wants to aid in the re-building of these peoples lives. If you want to know the real reason for Mr. Armstrong's intentions do some research and find out what the state of Pa. pay the people that provide convicted sex offenders housing.

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