Mom: Cops shot son in the back

Mom: Cops shot son in the back

There are 63 comments on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story from Aug 7, 2008, titled Mom: Cops shot son in the back. In it, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that:

The last moments of Raphael Christian's life were spent running from Marietta police.

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Glen Rose, TX

#43 Jul 27, 2010
All I'm saying is that god forbid you get into a bad enough situation that makes you fear for your life you owe it to yourself and your family to properly defend yourself. A .22 isn't it. And I'm not originally from the south and grew up squirrel hunting in Pennsylvania.
Willie Granville wrote:
Ali: the gun is legal and it works that is all that counts. Yes it is my squrriel gun and my protection, hell I didn't know yall knew anything about squrriel hunting in Georgia. I may not bring someone down (my protection) but I have 14 shots left I will get their attention. I don't need a elephant gun to kill a cotton tail rabbit.
Willie Granville

United States

#44 Jul 27, 2010
I take that lie back, I have known several people took down by 22's. One was a brother-in-law a cop in south Texas shot with one by a Mexican back in the 70's.

Glen Rose, TX

#45 Jul 27, 2010
Your right, it can happen. But if I was in that type of situation(which I have been) I sould like to have a better weapon with me. At the bear minimum a 9mm but I carry a .40 cal every day. I just don't think that I would take my chances with a .22 unless there were no other options. You said in an earlier post that you do not need an elephant gun to kill a rabbit and you are correct but you might want sonething larger than a .22 to stop a 200 pound man who is trying to kill you. Just my thoughts though.
Willie Granville wrote:
I take that lie back, I have known several people took down by 22's. One was a brother-in-law a cop in south Texas shot with one by a Mexican back in the 70's.

Glen Rose, TX

#46 Jul 27, 2010
One more thing Willie, your main objective is to stop that person from being able to hurt you as fast as possible. And, when you end up going to court whether it be Civil or Criminal, you would have a much easier time convincing the judge or jury that you had to stop this person from hurting you and you shot him once or twice as opposed to 14 or 15 times. How do you think the jury would react when they see the autopsy pics and the guy has 14 holes in him. Not good, brother - Not good.
Willie Granville

United States

#47 Jul 28, 2010
ALI: the 9 mm or 40 cal. you speak of a conceal permit is required. If you travel like I do for work that permit is no good in many states. If stopped by the cops you, your car, your guns are going to jail. So far it is legal to carry a rifle or shot gun in your car. I think (not sure) but it wouldn't take all 15 shots to stop a person with a 22. Now you speak of the jury, do you think they would beleive you were going squrriel hunting with a 9mm. or a 40 cal? How many people do you know how to skin a squrriel or coon these days? I can and know how to cook both, I am just a country boy who have been in many big cities and made it.
Willie Granville

United States

#48 Jul 28, 2010
ALI: Oh yea the 200 lbs. man that you spoke of a Nylon 66 22 cal. will make him SHOUT LIKE AUNT ESTER on SANFORD & SON. I love my 44, 357, 38, but when traveling you cann't carry them it isn't legal from state to state without a permit and that cost money. My ordeal with the Jackasses in Dalton Ga. the two cops didn't know where the magazine was. In the stock right. They wanted to know where the serial number was, hell I knew did I tell them? No. I try my best to not use my shot gun, when you use it it is no ACCIDENT,you aren't trying to miss.

Glen Rose, TX

#49 Jul 28, 2010
Willie; Apparently we simply have a difference of opinion in regards to calibers. I would check more closely on the legality of the rifle vs. the pistol in different states. I believe you are incorrect and would hate to see you get into trouble when in fact you are trying to protect yourself. Most (not all) states consider your vehicle to be an extension of your home. Meaning that citizens who can legally own a firearm (non-felons) can have a firearm inside of their vehicle and place of business for the purpose of protection without needing a concealed carry permit. Now if you wanted to walk around the street with a firearm, and had it "hidden" under your shirt or in your pocket, then a concealed carry permit is required. Either way the choice is yours. Fun debate and your using examples of Jethro Bodean, Aunt Ester, and Sanford and Son certainly made me laugh. I have not seen any of those shows for a long time.
Willie Granville

United States

#50 Jul 29, 2010
ALI: I watch the shows every day. Yes you need a permit to carry a hand gun. It will tell you what states it is good for. It is a money making scam for the states. I am telling you if you get stopped in places like Texas with a hand gun and no permit YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. Back in the 70's a black guy was stopped in East Texas (I knew him) had a hand gun. He was carried to jail (no permit) then the guy told them he was THE CHIEF OF POLICE IN PAMPA TX. They ask why didn't you tell us before, he said you didn't ask. This ordeal shooting this kid in the back I just don't like.

Glen Rose, TX

#51 Jul 29, 2010
I don't have any idea about Texas but in Georgia you do not need a permit to have a firearm in your car.
As for the shooting: yea its a bad situation in all aspects. Neither "side" is going to convince the other on their opinion. It's always a trajedy when someone young dies, I just hope people make better decisions with their lives.
Willie Granville

United States

#52 Jul 29, 2010
A cop named Nasmith in Gladewater Tx. shot a guy with his deer rifle while on duty, said the guy tried to run him over. Then later on a news reporter this guy pulled a shot gun on him. That is what got him fired. I know many cops are scared, if you are that scared get another job. Another guy in the same area was pulled over by a cop he lite his cigrette and the cop shot him in the belly. Georgia you aren't alone when it comes to killings and shootings many times they are just uncalled for in many cases.
Willie Granville

United States

#53 Jul 30, 2010
Ali: you said in Georgia you do not need a permit to have a firearm in your car. True: but a handgun is a different story. A ex-boss of mine in Tx. had bought a handgun to restore. It was rusty, firing pin broke a cop pulled him over for something found it and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon. The fine was only $50. He got a lawyer, payed him over $5,000 still lost the case, his gun and had to pay $50. I have talked to many young men & women in my travels across the U.S. I tell them protect yourself, but do it legal. I think I spelled cigarette wrong above right, well I don't smoke so forgive me. May have spelled it wrong again.

Glen Rose, TX

#54 Jul 30, 2010
Sorry Willie but as far as Georgia law is concerned there is no fifferent between a handgun and a rifle. A gun is a gun. And you keep quoting different examples from Texas and that is not revelant to Georgia.

And yes you are correct in that there has been shootings that are uncalled for. But, until one walks in the shoes of an officer it is difficult and unfair to judge them.
Willie Granville

United States

#55 Aug 1, 2010
I done some research on Georgia laws. Never found it to be legal or not to shoot a suspect in the back. I did find out it is ok to carry a fire arm in your car, but once you remove it (not on your property) you need a permit/license. Now I see what this cop Ware wanted me to do in Dalton. ALI I don't judge cops I just tell it like it is. If you are right you are right if wrong you are wrong.

Texarkana, TX

#56 Aug 1, 2010
I could not agree more. However, I jst don't think it is fair for anyone to judge what anyone else has done just by reading stuff on their computer or from the media. Reading the first several posts on this topic shows just how biased, dishonest and ignorant some people can be. Like I said before it is always a trajedy when someone dies, especially a young person. And I commend you for doing some research on you own. More people need to do that. All too often someone reads something on one of these sites and immediately thinks it is written in stone. Good Job Willie.

Brooks, GA

#57 Nov 19, 2010
Shannon, shut up. People like aren't part of the problem, you are the problem.
Shannon wrote:
Excuse the both of you...
I saw everything out of my bedroom window...
and you 2 are both wrong...
they used excessive force...
he was running from the police and his hand was no where near the trigger...he wasn't even holding the handle...
i went to school with him...
and he was a good guy...
he walked out of homeroom sooo excited...
we had jst got our report cards...
he was walking and telling all his friends around him... "You see this guys!! I'm doing good... I'm gunna make something of my life...I still have a chance to make it..."...
Now you tell me....
is that a bad kid...
and as for them shooting him... If they really felt like thier lives were in danger...
they could have either shot the arm that had the gun in it..or his leg...don't aim for his back...
he is a foot shorter then them...
so..UNLESS you were there when it happened..
or personally know Ray...
Don't put your two cents in...
Watchful Eye

Douglasville, GA

#58 Nov 24, 2010
We must call on any suspicious vehicle, person, etc. We have to stay on top or we will become another Fulton/Dekalb county. Oh just for the hell of it...all Douglas County citizens need to visit the crime map. All the crimes are happening around the downtown area.....right up under the nose of the DCSO....and down on Fairburn Rd. In the Meadows.......there are like 7 sex offenders living in the same sub-division....figure that one out......this county has gone to hell.

Just go here:http://www.crimereports.c om/

Type in your address and you can see what is going on around you....

Or go to:http://www.radioreference.c om/apps/audio/?ctid=430

and click on " Launch the County Web Player"...and you can hear what's going on around you.
all of this

London, UK

#59 Nov 25, 2010
sounds so bad

Rome, GA

#60 Apr 22, 2011
John In North Carolina wrote:
<quoted text>
Let's see. You say he DID have a weapon. He was RUNNING from law enforcement officers. You think they should have shot him in the "arm". Good grief. Here are some facts using your facts. One he was armed and running from law enforcement. In that situation he is a clear and immediate threat to everyone in the area around him. It would have only taken a few seconds for him to raise the gun and fire the weapon. So in view of those facts shooting him was totally justified IMHO as long as the shot could have been made without placing the public in any more danger than this person had already placed them in. As far as shoot him in the arm, leg, etc. give me a break. When a law enforcement officer makes the decision to use their weapon they shoot to "stop the aggression". In this case an armed person running wildly through the neighborhood. This is not a video game where you can hit reset if you miss his arm or leg.
Yes, he was armed...with a BB gun that he had bought at a flea market the weekend before. I know this because I spoke with his heartbroken mother the afternoon after it happened. I, too, saw this from my apartment window, and the cops shot him with no reason. He went down, went into convulsions, and laid there for a good 2 minutes before they even checked on him or radioed for emergency services. The BB gun was illegal, as it did not have the orange tip which is required for any type of BB/Airsoft/Paint gun in the state of GA. His mom had told him to leave it at home. Boys will be boys. He did not deserve to be shot.
tired of crap

Bremen, GA

#61 Jul 3, 2011
black male with a gun in hand running from cops and failing to obey their comands...shot and killed...he got what he deserved and the family needs to shut the he{{ up because they raised that hood rat to run from cops and think hes tough with a fake gun

Locust Grove, GA

#62 Dec 29, 2011
Why were cops chasing him to start with ?..WHY did he even have a gun ? COPS get KILLED every being shot in the face and such...when they pull someone over..etc...They have families too and many die while trying to keep us safe...from the bad guys...such as earlier this Athens...They dont have time to guess if a gun is real or not.....How are they supposed to know the difference these days?...get blasted first?..For all the cops knew this was a crazy gang related nut with a gun who was fixing to shoot people in the neighborhood he was running in...and him saying it was fake...How can a cop take the change and believe what he is hearing when the suspect is hes guilty of something..JUST SAYING...SO MANY QUESTIONS go unanswered....

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