Review: Ga Auto Mall Inc

Duluth, GA

#23 Dec 2, 2009
Alex - Dont know who you were addressing but I am glad you looked at AutoCheck. I still have my car, unfortunately. I believe in the state of GA you may have 24 hours to return a car for any reason. Look into it since you were not given full disclosure.

Atlanta, GA

#24 Dec 20, 2009
I am a victim too.
They sold me a car which had a frame damage. I too was fooled on Carfax. When I checked the autocheck I was suprized.

I am really surprised that these guys are still attracting many customers and people are being fooled by the lower prices and they end up getting stuck with damaged car like me.

Do any of you know how to file a complaint against these guys ?

Please help.
pissed off

Claxton, GA

#25 Jan 5, 2010
i recently bought a car from marietta auto mall. the salesman told me that if there were any major problems with the car within 30 days they would be responsible for fixing the vehice. on the 29th day the check engine light came on and when i took the car in to be checked i found out i needed a whole new transmission. when i called marietta aut mall to inform them about what was going on with the vehicle they told me they had DECIDED NOT TO HELP ME AT ALL!!!! the totall amount of damage ended up being $3500.......which they didNt help me cover at all.....I WOULD NEVER BUY A CAR FROM THEM EVER AGAIN....STAY AWAY FROM MARIETTA AUTO MALL!!!
lied too

Waterloo, Canada

#26 Jan 17, 2010
I bought a car from them as well it is still running but I found out that it has frame damage from auto check they are fucken liars and they keep selling cars to people. I haven't had too many problems so far, but there will be that day, when they get a taste of their own medicine!
ty from SC

Greenville, SC

#27 Jan 22, 2010
Ye I experienced the same thing from them, Salesman was Dan he showed me the car fax report they had and it said no accidents. I took the car in because it was making a noise upfront. I was told by my mechanic the front end had been wrecked. The back speaker had been removed from the car. It was a lug removed from every tire, I had to go pay to get that fixed along with getting the front end fixed as well. I would suggest that you do your own car fax they are liars.

Cartersville, GA

#28 Jan 24, 2010
I would neever do business with Marietta Auto Mall because they are unprofessional. I made a $100 dollar deposit on a 2007 Toyota Yaris and I was supposed to go the following week to close the deal. When I arrived at the dealer they told me that the car was sold! They had the audacity to tell me if I could pick another one. I couldn't belive that after I made a deposit, they went ahead and sold the car. It shows that they have poor communication amongst each other. I went to Toyota in Cobb county and they were great. They told me that if I had made a deposit with them and they sold the car, I could have sued them.
Heather TN

Tyler, TX

#29 Feb 22, 2010
I wish I would have read these reviews first before driving three and half hours to purchase a vehicle. All pictures on internet looked great and when we called to speak to salesman to find out more info, such as any scratches, dents etc. was told truck was in great condition. Salesman said there were no scratches anywhere. When we arrived to look at truck in person, the truck was scratched everywhere. Had a dent in bumper and door handle all jacked up. Also found out when we got there that the truck had been in an accident. Again not mentioned by salesman. None of which were on any of the pictures nor did the salesman tell us that when we specificlly asked and he knew how far we were driving. WASTED 7 hours of driving for nothing!!!! This place SUCKS and should not be in business! Salesman did not offer anything as in drop in price or a cup of coffee for the road. Will NOT ever purchase from Marrietta Auto Mall Center!!!
Christi Nashville TN

Knoxville, TN

#30 Feb 23, 2010
APPRECIATION TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE SUBMITTED REVIEWS. I made arrangements with the sales man, DAN CARTER, to test drive a car and likely purchase it. He had told me there was nothing wrong with this accidents, no title issues, etc. Through A STROKE OF LUCK I came across this website the day before I planned on making the 4 hour drive down there. Based on guidance from these reviews, I ran the VIN through AutoCheck, and sure enough, the vehicle had been in an accident. LIARS. It seems clear they purchase accident vehicles from some auction in Florida and do some shoddy/cheap repair job to get them sell-able. I nearly dropped $10K on their lot...but after reading these reviews and doing my own research there is NO WAY I would do business with these people.

Carbon Hill, AL

#31 Mar 21, 2010
Looks like they opened a satellite office west of Birmingham in McCalla as "Alabama Auto Group". I was trying to find info about them prior to looking at a good deal on an accord and found this. Thanks!
Ms Missy

Summerville, SC

#32 Mar 23, 2010
To Everyone who posted on this site, you are God sent. I was going to drive from Columbia, SC to this lot because of the prices of course and came across the reviews page. Based on what I've read lets just say, that's one trip I won't take unless its to another replicable dealership.
Again, thanks so much for your candid and honest reveiws, they really work.

Memphis, TN

#33 Apr 9, 2010
Maybe I'm just lucky, but I bought a used Civic last fall from these guys. I had the Carfax so didn't even look at what they had. As a condition of purchase, I took the car to my mechanic and it checked out clean. The only thing that had to be fixed was an engine mount but the total repair bill came to less than $200. And the car came with brand new tires and pretty new brakes.

They were pleasant to deal with. Not too showy by any means, but seemed honest throughout my experience. Definitely not pushy at all.

Now, if these Carfax/AutoCheck report discrepancies are true, that is clearly dishonesty. I just wanted to let everyone know that Marietta Auto Mall is not ALL bad!

Atlanta, GA

#34 Apr 17, 2010
May be am lucky too then! Over the last 2 years I bought three cars from Marietta Auto Mall, and I never had a bad experience. I bought 06 Corolla, 04 Civic, and 07 Camry. I don't know about you all but I would definitely consider Marietta Auto Mall in future too.

Atlanta, GA

#35 Apr 19, 2010
I just bought 2006 Volkswagen Jetta from Marietta Auto Mall on Saturday. I drove all the way from Tennessee and I was constantly in touch with the salesman. When, I get there they took really good care of me.

After my experience I would have to agree with Dustin that Marietta Auto Mall as bad as you all are saying.

Atlanta, GA

#36 Apr 21, 2010
I was trying to Google the address of Marietta Auto Mall and one of the link lead me to this website. I read all the reviews and still decided to go there to find out; why they are selling cars so cheap?
I have to admit it was worth a risk because when I got there everyone seemed really welcoming and helpful. I got a really good deal on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder with no problems and a really good price. After reading all the comments on this website I was scared to go there but I am glad I went. I think they have improved with the time and they are not as bad as all of you are saying.

Cleveland, TN

#37 Apr 23, 2010
ok. maybe some people have had good luck with this place, but for those of you that havent, thats me. i bought a VW a year ago and have had bad luck with it ever since i got it. luckily its still under factory warranty. VW has replaced a cam shaft, all ignitions coils, A/C compressor, idler air, intake runner, and a few more i cant remember. my check engine light comes on then goes off after a day or two all the time. same thing about the car fax they had. everything looked good. no accidents, etc. i just went to a local dealership thinking about trading and when the ran an auto check, it came back unibody damage too. the dealer said i had a salvage title. trade-in value went from 13500 to 6000. WOW!!! when i called marietta auto mall about this, they said i could come and look at what they had on the lot, like i could trade my car in for something else there. are they freakin crazy! do they really think i want to do business with them again? has anyone filed a lawsuit against them for fraud? if so, what happened?

Cleveland, TN

#38 Apr 24, 2010
John A Atlanta GA wrote:
One more thing. I think the two people above may have referred to Ga Auto Mall, Inc and not Marietta Auto Mall Center.
NOPE! im not confused with another dealer. marietta auto mall center is on my bill of sale. they sold me a car that ended up having a salvage title. ive read that they have done that to alot of other people too. they are frauds/liars.

Atlanta, GA

#39 Apr 30, 2010
TNG thanks for sharing the information with us. I bought a car from them last year in August. Honestly, i did not any problems with the car yet. Me and my husband to buy another car for my husband and we are thinking of going through them again based on my previous experience. I think everyone has their own experience but mine was certainly good.

Herndon, VA

#40 Jun 25, 2010
We just recently purchased a 2007 Nissan Sentra from Marietta Auto Mall Center and had a very good experience. Prior to making the final purchase I came across this site with all the comments and was scared to death to purchase the car. However, my husband had a friend, who is a body mechanic, check out the car and I took it to a local Nissan Dealership in Marietta prior to the purchase and everything checked out fine. I ran an autocheck report which agreed with the Carfax report provided by Marietta Auto Mall Center and they both had the same information in them. I know some of you are saying the carfax you received from Marietta Auto Mall Center didn't agree when you ran autocheck, but that may not be their fault. While searching for a used car, I was also looking at a 2005 Honda Civic being sold by a private owner. When I got the VIN # from the seller and ran the autocheck report it showed Unibody frame damage on the car. I told the seller what I found and she was shocked. She had 2 Carfax reports (one from when she purchased the car and one she ran this week) which did not show the unibody damage. The carfax report only reported that there was an accident in 2007 which didn't show up on the carfax report until 2008. The carfax report said there was rear end damage in the amount of $280, but no mention of unibody damage. My suggestion to anyone interested in a car at Marietta Auto Mall Center, is to do your own homework and check out the car in detail prior to purchasing it. Also, I highly recommend using autocheck vs. carfax since there are in some cases discrepancy in between the 2 reports. Thanks Dan for being so helpful! One more note, I also checked out this dealership on BBB prior to purchasing the car as well.

Lilburn, GA

#41 Jul 15, 2010
Victim of Fraud wrote:
I purchased a used car from Marietta Auto Mall. The Car Fax report they gave me on the car did not show any accidents. When I ran a CarFax report on my own, I found the car had been in two accidents. The report I was given was altered by the Marietta Auto Mall.
Legal action is pending.
I noticed there is a "Marietta Auto Mall" and a "GA Auto Mall" both are in Marietta. What was the address of the place you got your car from? I want to make sure I am avoiding the correct place!

Atlanta, GA

#42 Sep 13, 2010
I am another victim of Marietta auto mall. I was told that there was a small accident on the car. Car fax report had the same. After buying - within a month I ended up spending nearly 1500 for complete brake system that broke down. Now I have to replace the battery and dog bone. I had taken it for full inspection with NTB. so another 350. I had to get radiator flushed after couple of months. So I am wondering if NTB and these guys are tied up in this, since they referred me to a NTB that was nearly 15 miles far away. I was looking for Camry specifically. There were 2 camry's listed on his site and he told us that there is only one left. After we purchased we saw other one in his garage. The crook cheated us. Totally unhappy with them, so would not recommend them to any one.

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