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Detroit, MI

#21 Dec 13, 2010
Santa pics are $12.00. Different petting zoo, better since ot has all kinds of animals, it's $3. There is a train that is $3, pony rides are $5, marshmallows are $1. It's great! My family loves it!

Fayetteville, GA

#22 Dec 24, 2010
Dont listen to these pathetic excuses for people. Sitting in Santas lap is not something to charge for. You people should be ashamed of yourselves or get a job for the money grubbing bastards that take the photos explaing to the children why santa wont let them tell hom what they want. douchebags, the lot of you. either they dont have children or are piss poor parents.
a good mother

United States

#23 Dec 24, 2010
I agree. The kids should be allowed to sit on the lap. If there's going to be a charge, charge an admission to get in, but don't charge to just sit in his lap. That's wrong, cruel & mean to do to a child. And she's not cheap, it is the principal of the matter. I'm glad I've been informed of this behavior. I'd rather pay $40 bucks to go to a place that has some class.
I asked

United States

#24 Dec 28, 2010
I would tend to agree, however, I asked them and was informed that they were not Paid to be there like Mall Santa's and such. The money they earn is from the pictures alone. If all children were allowed to sit on his lap and parents allowed to take pictures, they would not make enough to cover their costs each night. But then, I haven't been to the mall to see Santa, are the pics really $40? That's kind of high to me. I still like the show and went there myself several times with different friends and family members. I think you get more for your money there that at the other light shows that charge up to $65 per car. There's always a catch somewhere and nothing is free - just looking for the best bargain! LOL
I asked

United States

#25 Dec 28, 2010
Oh, I forgot to add that she told me that they did try that once, not sure when or for how long - didn't go into that much detail, but she said the line was so long for Santa that the people in line wanting to buy pictures from her left due to the wait. Sounds like too many people wanting stuff for free and not enough willing to pay for pics - anyway, I can see both sides, but I would not work out there in the cold for free either.

United States

#26 Dec 28, 2010
"Lastly, I take offense to being called a money grubbing scruge."


What a shame Ms. Williams is not familiar with Dickens and his novella, "A Christmas Carol," the story of Mr. Scrooge and the life-changing apparitions who visited him. I recommend it.


Atlanta, GA

#27 Dec 28, 2010
if having a Santa is so inconvenient you have to charge for pics and the kids can't have a traditional Santa visit, then it needs to be done away with. It's that simple. Life U. needs to take the critizism and use it to improve, rather than justify what has offended some people. After all, we are the paying public and if we stop coming, then end of display. period.

Atlanta, GA

#28 Dec 28, 2010
i have never been to the lights at life U. is it a drive through and see the lights, walk through, or how does it work?
Did you see the line

Toledo, OH

#29 Dec 29, 2010
I laugh at zmatthews comments, obviously you have never been there on the weekends. We waited in line for an hour! Apparently there are tons of people that go and very few that are "offended" that they didn't get something for nothing. What do you people do for a living that you expect all this free stuff?

United States

#30 Apr 25, 2011
Robyn Williams wrote:
Thank you Sue. I also feel it is a great way to entertain your family for a low cost. For $5 you can fill up a car with kids and drive through. Santa Picture are not expensive and pony rides are available on Friday, Sat and Sunday nights for $5.00. There was also a little train that arrived this past weekend (trying it out) and he charges $3 per ride. Hot Chocolate and roasted marshmallows are in the $1 range. Unfortunately some people can't be pleased.......
Robyn & Sue, it is apparent you cannot read. No one ever said there should not be a cost, in fact, why not try a little reading comprehension, "It is one thing to charge admission, that is expected but to refuse a child Santa for the love of money? How pathetic can you be?" No one wanted to go through for free. They did in fact think now that you demand payment the quality has declined and in my experience, even at the pharmacy the Santa will let a kid sit on their lap & pay only if they want pictures. It really is pathetic.

Burtonsville, MD

#31 Sep 9, 2011
Robyn Williams wrote:
Thanks "Merry Christmas" I am glad you had a great time at the lights. Actually, the $5.00 we charged you was for seeing the lights. We can't set up the pay station on the main road, so we collect it on campus. The $5 goes to the cost of putting the light show together - which starts in August, changing out the bulbs through to the end of January on the take down. We try to keep the costs as low as possible and still provide a good show. Again, thanks for coming by and I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope you visit us again next year!
Hi, I just want to say, I will be visiting family nearby for Thanksgiving this year 2011, and hope to come and see your lights. I have been to many light shows in Maryland and Pennsylvania and ALL have cost money (even the ones hosted by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission who are paid by my tax money charge per car). I have paid up to $20 for some like Ocean City and Altoona, PA -- Sounds to me $5 is a bargain. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your unpaid, volunteer labor -- thank you in advance for working to light my holiday spirit.
LFU Student

Marietta, GA

#32 Oct 22, 2011
As a Life University student, I can attest to the fact that Life University is NOT making money off Santa nor the lights that are displayed during the holidays. The $5 that you spend goes towards the electricity bill and the work that goes into the show. It is nonprofit. Jennifer needs to get off it. As previously stated, there is a sign that states the prices. That is no one's fault but your own if you do not read it. Lights of Life is a beautiful display that allows families to see lights for an unbeatable price. Some people will always have something to complain about no matter how great the price is.
I love Lights of Life and have nothing negative to say about it. It takes a lot of people and a lot of work to get everything set up and that seems to be overlooked while people pick apart miniscule things that they don't like. News flash, nothing out there is free. Don't take an inch and stretch it a mile just because it is affordable to get in.

a grateful holiday lover
disabled single mom of 1

Smyrna, GA

#33 Nov 26, 2011
I agree, I am a disabled single mom of 1 child and we have a rough time with money and every year of her life we would go see the lights when they were free almost every night of the season,(because my child wasn't able to get christmas presents because of money) so that was her happiness, then when donations were requested I would try and scrape together whatever change I could to give them, then I saved enough money the years that they started charging and we went like 3x. The good part was, she got to sit with santa and feel carefree for a few seconds she was with santa. Then the year that it was mandatory to buy a pic to sit in his lap we didn't know and she was sooooo excited and we got ready and went. It was crowded and that was all we had talked about all year. We planned and prayed for that night to hurry up and come. It was one thing she still got to do like the other kids. The only REAL part of her childhood that resembled a childhood. We have LIVED in our car at times, but that night we went and she was sooooo excited we waited in line, she was next, we were winking at each other and waving, I saw "the lights" in my childs eyes, the only time of year I ever saw them. Then they asked her where her thing was, she said she didn't have one that she didn't want a picture she just wanted to talk to santa. They told her not without buying a picture, I tried to quietly explain as not to embarass her (or me) but they were loud and rude and kicked her off the "stage" that santa sits on. She was reaching out for him and crying and I tried to explain and they said no and wouldn't let her. So to lights of life, I say this, you ARE NOTHING but money grubbing scrooges who do NOT care about the "REAL PEOPLE" OR the REAL MEANING of Christmas!! We will NEVER go back and I will tell anyone who will listen not to go. You guys are an embarassment to REAL christians who KNOW what the REAL meaning is. It is NOT about SANTA or lights, it is about jesus, love, caring, sharing, Yall are nothing but a sacralige!!! Thank you for embarrasing me and ruining Christmas for many children who that is ALL they have in the world. Thank you very much. Enjoy because with the economy being the way it is sadly more people will be like us more and more and yall will end up being nothing but money grubbers without a job because real people like us will have to find somewhere else to go where people really care. TO ANYONE THINKING OF GOING, DO NOT GO. LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE. THE MONEY TO GET IN IS OK, I UNDERSTAND, BUT THESE PEOPLE CARRY IT TOO FAR. IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT DONE BY REAL CHRISTIANS WHO CARE. GOD WILL SHOW YOU A DIFFERENT WAY, YOUR CHILDREN WILL JUST BE HURT AND DISAPOINTED IF YOU GO HERE. CHRISTMAS WAS RUINED FOR MY CHILD BY THEM. I HAD TO EXPLAIN TO MY CHILD THAT SANTA DID NOT HATE HER BECAUSE SHE WAS POOR, THAT THE MAN IN THE SUIT ON THE STAGE WAS NOT THE REAL SANTA AND HE WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT. SHE USED TO HAVE HOPE, BUT LIFE COLLEGE SANTA KILLED THAT FOR MY CHILD. SHE THINKS SANTA HATES HER JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD JUST BECAUSE WE ARE POOR. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH LIFE COLLEGE, YOU WILL NEVER SEE US AGAIN!!!! DO NOT SUPPORT THESE MONEY GRUBBERS WHO WILL NOT EVEN TALK TO YOU ABOUT THIS IN "PRIVATE" THEY LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW YOUR BUSINESS, DON'T EVEN LET YOU SHOW ANY KIND OF PROOF OF FINANCIAL STANDING, THEY DONT CARE. IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY YOUR CHILDREN DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE A PIECE OF Christmas like the other kids, we are nothing but garbage who don't matter.
Jeez people

United States

#34 Nov 29, 2011
Disabled Single Mom - Jeez, READ the sign! It says, PICTURES ONLY! Well, it did the night we were out there anyway (I am assuming they use the same sign each night) Would you stand out there for free? As the previous post said the lights are NON PROFIT! these people who put up the lights are hardly money grubbers at a FIVE dollar entry fee! I am driving on that campus all the time. I saw them putting that stuff up in September for goodness sake. Get over yourself and stop expecting everything to be free! You complainers on here are something else. Go to Lake Lanier it is $65 a car and maybe you can talk them into sitting on Santa's lap with no pic. You were a bit dramatic with that damaging post. I just don't see how they can be bad people, doing all that beautiful work and only charging $5 to offset SOME of the cost. I applaud Life University for still putting this up in this economy. What do you do for others?

Douglasville, GA

#35 Nov 29, 2011
I've been going for years I'm thirteen and I still live it in fact the only reason I'm on this website is because I wanted to know when it opened so my mom would take me
News Flash

Tishomingo, MS

#36 Dec 2, 2011
NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE! To the woman called "disabled mom" that was a pretty bad post for a beautiful light show. Why would you tell others not to go see the lights due to your experience with SANTA!!!!!! Why spoil something beautiful for others because you expect everything for free and have a poor pitiful me attitude? Your post makes me want to go every night just to prove you wrong!
Wow is all I can say

United States

#37 Dec 15, 2011
To Disabled mom, you embarrassed yourself by writing that post. I just finished checking the prices. Lake Lanier charges 65 per car and Stone Mountain charges about 20 per adult and 8-15 for children. I am a single mother of th ree and was out of work for three years. I think 5 dollars is an excellent price for the joy they provide. My kids would probably want to sit in Santa's lap but I have taught them to understand that everything comes with a price.Maybe you should do the same so they are prepared for the REAL world and not the fantasy you live in, unless you always do things for free.
Tara haney

Lawrenceville, GA

#38 Dec 27, 2011
We have been to most of the light shows in Georgia and we thought they were great. What a deal for $5!
L Marlowe Life employee

Marietta, GA

#39 Dec 19, 2013
I've been on campus just about twenty years and have worked the lights many years. It's alot of work to put them up, take them down and please hundreds and hundreds of people. I'm so proud to be a part of it and to know the joy it gives to all.

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