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Akron, OH

#1 Nov 6, 2008
I am interviewing for a life skills position at Abraxas and was wondering what the pay rate is for a job like this. I've been reading some of the comments on here about how unruly the place is and it's giving me some second thoughts. Any info would be appreciated.

Clearfield, PA

#2 Nov 7, 2008
To: Mike
If you do hire there, I have a large farm just two miles north of Marienville. I rent sleeping rooms to employees that start Abraxas or the prison. Only $100 per week. check my website if you are intrested, email me

Van Meter, IA

#3 Nov 13, 2008
dont plan on staying at abraxas very long especially if you are looking at driving more than 20min or moving jsut to work there. you probably wont like it there. not trying to scare you, but the compnay doesn't care about the employees wellfare and the place is rediculous. honestly it is not safe. yeah most of the time things seem ok there but when it goes bad it really goes bad and there is nothing to protect you from getting hurt when the kids decide to start a bench clearing brawl. ask around about the place and see what ppl have to say about it. just my 2 cents from working there. best of luck to you if you do go there.

Van Meter, IA

#4 Nov 13, 2008
oh the pay rate is probably around $10.50-11.00

All the overtime you want since they cant keep any staff!!!

Akron, OH

#5 Nov 16, 2008
Hey thanks for the info guys I appreciate it.

Butler, PA

#6 Nov 19, 2008
Terry wrote:
To: Mike
If you do hire there, I have a large farm just two miles north of Marienville. I rent sleeping rooms to employees that start Abraxas or the prison. Only $100 per week. check my website if you are intrested, email me
Are you selling off land ? I saw an ad recently. It looked alot like yours. I've been going to M'ville since the early 70's
a-1 alumni

Sidney, OH

#7 Nov 28, 2008
yeah you probably don't want to work there. no one cares about the kids anymore because most of them are little sociopaths that should be in prison. there was a time when they would get kids that could be worth something. now it is whatever fills a bed. half the time when you do get a good report it is a lie. either the kid is lying or DPW is lying. the definition of successful completor is doesn't reoffend with in 6 months. So if they get killed they are a successful discharge. the placement world is messed up.

Altoona, PA

#8 Dec 4, 2008
I can't believe the comments made by a-1 alumni that no one cares about the children. I worked for three years with deliquents like the ones at abraxis and you can make a diffrence. I never was disrespected and they do no how to respect staff if the staff respects the youth. I hope that there are still people that work there that can care.

Brookville, PA

#9 Dec 10, 2008
A-1 alumni I beleive is not refering to the staff that work at abraxas, it is the juvenile justice system (mostly philly, harrisburgh, & pgh) and especially private companies such as cornell he is refering to. I agree with what he said. It all boils down to money. Cornell doesnt care what the kids problem is as long as the big counties are sending their kids there. Really 3/4 of them should not be there, b/c they are extremely violent people. Thats what todays inner city youth are growing up to be.

The staff there do care and do their best dealing with societies worst and yes 1/4 of them are decent kids and grow and move on in life and become successful.

Since: Nov 08

Sidney, OH

#10 Dec 25, 2008
Thank you nik. Girls mom that's great you worked with deliquents for three years. Worked sounds like you did it and no longer do it. I think there are some really smart disadvantaged youth that go through any facility however if the system we rely so much on sends them back to their old neighborhood then they are going to do it again. Doesn't anyone understand addictive thinking anymore. Another thing is it is called placement smart. Girlsmom if you had something they wanted ofcourse you were going to get respect. I had to send to many staff to the hospital after they got beat up to feel those kids respected anything. Maybe there are facilities out there that work but this one isn't it

Bradford, PA

#11 Jul 24, 2009
I live in Bradford pa and have heard horrible things about the place and this forum is no different. I know that Abraxas is a juvenile delinquent center that deals with inner city children who have committed a crime and or have some sort of addiction to a drug substance.

I'm applying for the education/prevention counselor position. I'm thinking this position compared to the life skills position will require me to have less exposure to the abraxas population.

You have said that it is dangerous and that there is nothing to protect you when they do a bench clearing brawl. Has anyone been seriously hurt. do they teach restraining/self preservation skills?

Are there staff that are responsible for maintaining control of the children?

I guess the major thing I'm concerned about is I don't want to walk into the job naive thinking that I can make a difference and help some sick kids (or in this case criminal kids although I think mental illness and criminal offenses are interconnected).

I'm planning on moving to Kane to work at Abraxas and the drive over 20 minutes to get their does not bother me I live in the country and just about everything is 20 minutes away.
StillFREE 2009

Marcus Hook, PA

#12 Aug 17, 2009
A-1 Alumni? I agree with you for the most of what your saying. I'm a past student at A-1 and yea there is some violence there but its between the kids not the staff. I did 9 months in A-1 and I got released Feb. 15 2007 and I hated it but to be totally honest with you I learned a lot. If I wasn't sent there at age 17 Im now 21 I would have been in jail. I wouldn't consider myself a so called success but I'm a high school grad and am working on joining the coast guard. So if your worried about the violence just make sure your able to break up a fight! Also from my experience the best advise i can give you is these so called mislead youth can smell fear so leave your problems and fear at the door because they will use that weakness against you to the fullest.
StillFREE 2009

Marcus Hook, PA

#13 Aug 17, 2009
Im not from FOLSOM I'm from the city of CHESTER.

West Farmington, OH

#14 Apr 5, 2010
I am interviewing for a position at abraxas (marienville) too. I just graduated from Penn State and Im from the Elk County region so I plan on living at home and making the 40 minute commute to work everyday. Im homing to get a counseling/treatment supervisor position. does anyone know that pay rate. Ive heard some rumors that they cant keep employees to save their lives and it kind of sucks working there. Has anyone else heard this?

Verona, PA

#15 Nov 17, 2010
place is the worst!!!! honestly i work there now, there is no control at all! the cts get little to no punishment for there actions Ive been there 5 months and been in 2 riots and about 50 restraints, the clients are one problem another is the consistency of the staff. really i could go on all day!

some person that works at acaf

Brookville, PA

#16 Nov 22, 2010
I went through 2 weeks of intensive orientation training to be an education and prevention counselor at abraxis 1 at least, that's what I thought. I didn't apply for prison guard in an open prison that was being run by the inmates, which is what it is. Nothing in orientation training can prepare you for the real conditions that exists in the dorms. At abraxis, the clients are in control, not the staff! It is not safe there period! They won't tell you about the riots in their orientation because they just want bodies to fill the vacant positions. My advice is, if you value your own health and safety, don't go there for employment.

Oh yeah, if you're truly seeking rehabilitation for a child, don't send them to abraxis either. It's not safe there period!
The Narrarator

Philipsburg, PA

#17 Dec 19, 2010
I also currently work at Abraxas I. It really is a joke anymore. There was a time that a client would be on IS/ILE for weeks for assaulting staff. Now they sit on a hard chair for one day and don't follow expectations and come off and brag to their other gang banger buddies. I've also been in several restraints and been hurt. There is no concern for staff's safety. One of our program managers is being prescribed amphetamines by our psychologist,who mind you is a self proclaimed ex-heroin addict. There is a Treatment supervisor that was recently promoted that not too long ago was accused of sleeping with the clients(her friend that was in on it is now serving time for it!). Our newest program "IORP" seems to be becoming a ticking time bomb. Almost every day there is a restraint or two, and appears to be becoming worse every day. We had a client discharge from our program recently that was shot in the head by police one week after discharging from the program... Everybody at work that I've talked to about this seems to agree that he was not ready to leave. This is what happens when we rush these clients through the program. The whole mentality at Abraxas I is simple. Pass the buck. You mess up blame it on anybody but yourself. There is no more integrity there. Some thing needs to happen and to happen fast or we will all be looking for jobs.

Downingtown, PA

#18 Feb 6, 2011
My 18 year old daughter may be remanded to the adolescent drug and alchol program. Is it as bad as the other Abraxasas facilities?
Abraxas 1 Alumni

Ridley Park, PA

#19 Feb 6, 2011
I am an Abraxas Alumni Graduate. That place saved my life. I am also in touch with a large group of us from when we were there and I would say we are all success stories, and we are alive!!! yes some are in jail(where they belong) others have died but a lot of us are alive because Abraxas cared!!!
alumni 1981

United States

#20 Feb 16, 2011
That is a shame I completed Abraxas 1 back in 1981 and the program saved my life. I went to re entry in Pittsburgh and then moved back home to Philadelphia

I was just surfing around the net to try and find info on what became of the place and it seems 100% nothing like what I went thru.

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