What do you think about Calneva Broad...

What do you think about Calneva Broadband In PMC?

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Way Too Long

Frazier Park, CA

#1 Aug 22, 2011
I am a customer of Calneva Broadband not by choice.
I am not happy at all with the service or the way the head technician treats the customers.
I have consistently reported outages in my area for years and there are no signs of our service getting better but it does seem to be getting worse.
We do not normally have service at night and we are lucky if it comes back online by 8am the next day.
Some days, we don't have service at all.
We have been called liars from the head technician while the main office of Calneva confirms our outages.
We're not sure which upsets us most. The head technician or the outages itself.
If we had another choice of service in PMC, we wouldn't hesitate to use it but as of now, this is the only broadband service available in our area.

We hope to hear from others on how they feel about Calneva in the PMC area.
PMC Resident

Frazier Park, CA

#2 Aug 22, 2011
It's an epic fail as far as CalNeva goes. Promises that go unfulfilled. An employee that gets on the Pine Mountain Forum late at night claiming service is excellent. Just look at the posting time stamps of when people can get online. Same employee making slanderous accusations. It's a real circus up here.

The owner of CalNever is like the old time Organ Grinder. Cranking out the same old tune. And that little monkey of his. Claiming he's climbing poles and switching this, switching that. While the same problems have persisted for years!

Private Enterprise?

Pirate Enterprise!

The FCC and Attorney General of the State of California need to investigate

I was a CalNeva Customer.
I live in PMC.

And I am pissed at Gerard P, the "Head Tech, GM" or as he likes to call himself, the "CG", for his handling of the situation and the accusations he has flung. Just like that monkey flings shit.
PMC Mountain Man

Macksburg, IA

#3 Aug 31, 2011
Calneva has been a problem for a very long time. Often when you call they either don't show, or tell you nothing can be done when they show up. So it's a royal waste of time.
The Pine Mountain forum has many posting here on the topic www.carlreese.com/forum

Bakersfield, CA

#4 Aug 31, 2011
Only two people on www.carlreese.com/forum were willing to do more than piss and moan and they stoped posting because of the bull shit they had to take from all the whiners. Nobody on that forum will do anything but bitch and attack each other. If you want to do something about it go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FrazierMountain...
Pine Mountain Resident

Frazier Park, CA

#5 Feb 17, 2012
I agree with the frustrations mentioned above. I've been with CalNeva for 5 years. I have been lied to several times. I was told it was me, my equipment must be bad. I'm told, after having outages throughout the day all business week long, that I have been up 95% of the time. So we'll cut 5% off your bill for this month. Are you serious? They have a second counter that literally will keep track of how much time you are up. But being up isn't really being up. Meaning you can have a signal that says you're on but the strength is so week you can't do anything. I was told by that same raspy smoking voice chick that it's only me, when then I would find from a different office that no, 25 others in my area are having the same problem for the past couple days and we're working on it.

Bottom line, this company has no integrity. They lie to you over and over. It's always the same story. It's horrible service.

The raspy chick said, "It's a wire sir, when a piece of wire breaks, we have to check miles and miles of wire to find the problem".

I had to fight so hard and spend over an hour arguing with management to get a one month credit. This is after for a month I didn't have service a majority of the business day time. They insisted I had service 95% of the time. For all the money lost when I was down, they bitched all the way about a $49.95 credit.

They are crazy.

If I had another option I would take it. We need a competitor.

If they aren't going to handle their responsibility as a public service company, they need to hand it over to a company that will.

I'm sick of this.

Anyone find a more efficient and effective option, please post it.

Winnemucca, NV

#6 Oct 28, 2012
Part of the problem. Is that they have over sold their product and can't supply you the customer with what you pay for I contacted the better business bureau and filled a complaint.
Carlos LDera

Bakersfield, CA

#7 Dec 23, 2012
The Better Business Bureau has no jurisdiction; the County of Kern does but has refused to take action on behalf of the consumer despite the legal requirement to do so. That is because the people of Frazier Mountain are too apathetic to do anything but complain.
I got rid of Rapid Cable, the company's original name, years ago but filed a lawsuit against CalNeva as a kind of community action project. It was a freebee for the complainers, but the cliquish mentality of Frazier Mountain obviated any meaningful resolution.
The primary "news" medium, the Mountain Enterprise tabloid blog, protected CalNeva by failing to provide accurate reporting; instead it printed bold faced lies about the whole proceeding. This, of course, was to keep advertising dollars at the expense of its readership.
Meanwhile, the people who have complained about Rapid Cable/CalNeva for years will take no action. Not only did they decline to provide information for the lawsuit, but they didn't even take their complaints to Kern County to an appreciable degree. The complainers could at least demand that the Mountain Enterprise tabloid blog publish the truth about the situation; and in all probability could get enough support to actually remedy the situation; but won't even do that much. Instead, they still choose to complain but take no action except to stand on Mil Portrero with signs in a pathetic imitation of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement (actually, they don't even do that anymore). Most of the whiners suck up to the Mountain Enterprise tabloid blog and some of them suck up to CalNeva.
Nothing will ever be accomplished for the betterment of Frazier Mountain as long as the cliquish mentality of Frazier Mountain remains as it is. I personally have put my money where my mouth is for this community on more than one occasion and won't do it again.
If you want more information, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FrazierMountain... and search for CalNeva or Rapid Cable. A couple of direct links are http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FrazierMountain... and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FrazierMountain... .
If you live in Pine Mountain Club, you might also want to search for Finn Myggen and learn about the plans to charge interest for using a credit card to pay association dues and for additional "bookkeeping fees". Myggen claims it ain't so…even when I posted minutes of his committee.
There are many other examples of discrepancies that could be corrected if residents would get out of the herd mentality and actually take positive action.

North Hollywood, CA

#8 Dec 29, 2012
maybe if the lead tech quit screwing michele every time he shows up things would get done.

and we thought gerard was a happily married man.

can't deny it gerard, dylan told us.
PMC Resident

Frazier Park, CA

#9 Nov 20, 2013
Pretty good service when it's working properly, the key phase being "when it's working properly." When service is down you may as well shout into the sky for all the good it will do. I've called customer support dozens of times in 3+ years of using CalNever ... I could count on one had the number of times a technician has shown up as promised.

If you have other options for internet service, use them. If CalNever is your only choice, good luck and godspeed.
Happily married

Frazier Park, CA

#10 Apr 6, 2014
iknowmore wrote:
maybe if the lead tech quit screwing michele every time he shows up things would get done.
and we thought gerard was a happily married man.
can't deny it gerard, dylan told us.
Amen! He still denies this!! Happily married man? Lmfao. Resoectfully, his EX wife!
Happily married

Frazier Park, CA

#11 Apr 16, 2014
iknowmore wrote:
maybe if the lead tech quit screwing michele every time he shows up things would get done.
and we thought gerard was a happily married man.
can't deny it gerard, dylan told us.
All my suspicions are confirmed. Thank you!! Signed, his EX wife
ray is my hero

Los Alamitos, CA

#12 Apr 27, 2014
cal neva couldn't find their ars my service has sucked for 5 years.... i only keep it so i can complain once a month
ray is my hero

Los Alamitos, CA

#13 Apr 27, 2014
really gerald I'm so telling on you... I'm calling on monday and telling them ,,, i can't get my service cause your getting laid........
ray is my hero

Los Alamitos, CA

#14 Apr 27, 2014
hey i got his cell and home number anybody need it so you can call at 4 am and tell him you can watch your cooking show
Paul Wynne

Yucca Valley, CA

#15 Sep 9, 2014
CalNeva = the worst company I have ever dealt with

Mountain View, CA

#16 Jan 11, 2015
Hi, I am also a client of calneva internet at PMC. I moved to the mountain December of 2014 and had their internet service;back then it was constantly going down and left this company.... Signed up with Wildblue/Exceed it is stable but they cap you at 10Mb and if you use it your service slows down worst than dial up, again not satisfied with it's service.
Someone here in PMC told me that Calneva was a lot better than before and that should concedering going back....well I did. January 3rd, the calneva installer came to do the hook-up and told me that the company in collaboration with Att&t made needed upgrades for a better and more stable service.....well I not sure what they did but my internet has been down every single day since the installation. I say we the clients of Calneva should get them where it hurts in an effort to force them to fix the problem, and how are we going to accomplish it? Simply do not pay the monthly fees...if we all do it....we will freeze their operation and thus demand what we deserve.

Ventura, CA

#17 Jan 28, 2015
Gerard Palmisano the so-called manager of Calneva is truly amazing!!! I don't know how he puts the hours in to run a cable system and Frazier Mountain when he's here in Ventura all the time?!!!

Long Beach, CA

#18 Sep 9, 2015
cal never work just after installation it stop working. I call teck support and they will contact us in 24 hour

Stevenson Ranch, CA

#19 Apr 7, 2016
If I could give this company minus stars I would. Terrible service down to the customer service. Overages ever month what a joke! Made arrangements to close out my service due to moving they never came by to pick up equipment when they were scheduled to and now they are charging me for their incompetence.

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