If you order from hong's delight, which I personally love, make sure that you know who the delivery driver is. Jack is cool. John Duthorn is not. He eats out of your food while delivering it to you. He uses his hands too... I have seen him do it.
I request a different driver if I order from there, as do many others I know of
Some other things to be weary about. John murdered his brother's dog, all because he didn't like it (he's got 2 new ones, and I worry for them in the long run). He has attempted to rape a friend of mine's girlfriend, just last year, and would have succeeded had my friend not showed up and fought him off. He is a theif, as well. Be careful calling him out, as he has some unregistered guns, and as you can infer from his known crimes, he is most assuredly unstable. He has been known to kill animals on many occasions, just because. He once beat an opposum to death with a shovel, and he's fired guns at his neighbors' dogs from his window because they were barking.
And if any of you buy your pot from him, maybe try weighing it out sometime. He is notorious for selling 0.8 grams and 3g 1/8's.
Beware folks. I know I don't want this psychopath putting his fat, greasy fingers in my orange chicken, nor do I want him killing my pets.
He is a sicko, and should be locked up. Plain and simple.