District 18 schedules kindergarten si...

District 18 schedules kindergarten sign-up

There are 65 comments on the www.nwherald.com story from Mar 5, 2008, titled District 18 schedules kindergarten sign-up. In it, www.nwherald.com reports that:

MARENGO – Riley School District 18 will have kindergarten registration from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday at Riley School, 9406 Riley Road. The child’s original birth certificate, or an official copy from the county that the child was born in, must be brought to the registration. Riley School will be conducting a Kindergarten Kamp from 9 to 10:30 a.m. May 1, 8 and 15. These sessions will consist of a mini-view of kindergarten and the exciting changes that will be occurring in the fall. Forms for the camp are available at registration or upon request. The deadline for the sign-up will be April 14.

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Dr Rood What ya hiding

Marengo, IL

#1 Mar 6, 2008
What were you doing on school computers that you are so willing to pay lawyers to hide?
All your actions on a school computer is public information!
What could be so BAD that you will go through all this to hide it from the public?
What could be in your user history on the public supplied computer, that you want to hide so baddly?
Well, sir, we cant wait to find out!
The judges need to abide by the law and treat this man like they would any other government employee that was using a computer.
Its our right as tax payers to see his actions!
I sure hope it wasnt something SICK!
No medical URLS or websites would smear the school,, it must be something pretty bad!
Fair to All

Schaumburg, IL

#2 Mar 9, 2008
Internet records are Internet records, and subject to the same misinterpretations, being qouted out of context, etc., the same as other media records. Employee records, can be researched and verified, salary ranges established, and school policies regarding certain issues can be compared. Some of this information could be very damaging not only to the researcher, but to the employee(s) involved, especially if unverified, or quoted out of context. The Freedom of Information Act should be limited to specific items and/or topics, not grant a license for irresponsible witch hunts. The person and his employer, requesting the information, under the Freedom of Information Act, should be held financially responsible for all damages incurred by innocent parties. Also, no one can positively identify the actual person using and operating a computer, only the computer, and its location. Be SPECIFIC, do not smear by innuendo. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Fair to your mother

United States

#3 Mar 9, 2008
Thanks for the advice. You sound like a kindergarten teacher, but I doubt you're even qualified to do that!---Do you even know what the hell you're talking about? Get a life and quit telling everybody to be nice or the "polite police" will get you! Public officials are not entitled to privacy with public property.---- So are you saying the above person whose name is "Dr. Rood What are you hiding" AND his employer should be responsible if Rood can't get a job if something something horrible is found??? Good thing you only work the X-ray machine, I wouldn't want a moron like you actually in a courtroom!
Fair to All

Schaumburg, IL

#4 Mar 10, 2008
Information is available on how to build an atomic bomb, however, it should not be released to every person in the world, because of the dire consequences involved. Much of that basic information was developed in public funded programs. The Freedom of Information Act should be utilized to confirm specific details, not be a license to condemn by innuendo. Those that cause harm, should be made to pay, what ever it takes, to "make whole" the harmed persons.
Nobody needs an X-ray machine to see through you.
Dr Rood What ya hiding

Marengo, IL

#5 Mar 12, 2008
If you know anything about a computer network,

he would have to sign into that computer before he can use it, so he is responsible for the URL's and websites that were visited while he is signed into it.

I am sure we all have an idea what he was doing at work at Riley School on a school owned computer, or why else would he be spending lots and lots of money on lawyers trying to HIDE his actions?

Very guilty of something he doesn't want the public to know,,,why is he fighting so hard to make sure the PUBLIC doesnt know what he was doing while the students were hard at work in their classrooms?

SCAREY! You SHOULD want to know too!

I'd love to be on a jury for someone like that to make sure he gets whats coming to him!
Just like ANY other employee that was doing *something* he wasnt supposed to be doing at work.

If it was a teacher, he would fire them instantly.

Why does he get to resign and get benefits still??? TAX PAID BEBEFITS I may add.


You want some old guy that is supposed to be running your childs school doing what he was doing on the computers while he should be doing his job???

Think about it!

Its also a VOTING YEAR,,

This will show if OUR JUDGES can follow the LAWS FOR EVERYONE...and make sure he doesn't get any preferred treatment,,,, man to man.

PAY Attention to what the judges do before you vote for them!
Dr Rood What ya hiding

Marengo, IL

#6 Mar 12, 2008
If you don't want to know what he was going on government time while supposed to be running your childs school, then you are not a very concerned and protective parent!

You need to know whats going on at your childs school behind closed doors people!

People shouldnt get to just RESIGN with BENEFITS

paid by your tax dollars!

He should have been fired like a teacher would have been!

I hope the newspaper doesnt give up investigating this old guy.

No one spends thousands of dollars trying to hide their internet use at work for no reason!

Give up Rood! It's a Gov. owned computer,,

you have no rights to hide what you were doing at work.

Face what ya did and DEAL WITH IT!

Don't be some coward... you play you pay,,

Isnt that what you teach your kids???

Fair to All

Schaumburg, IL

#7 Mar 12, 2008
This is exactly what happens when the press releases information that is nothing but speculation - it starts forming peoples opinions without having any real evidence. Regardless of whether Dr. Rood is guilty or not guilty of any infractions or violations of the law, he, like everyone else in this country, deserves a fair trial. Preindightment or pretrial information presented to the population, destroys the concept of finding impartial investigators and/or jury members.
Suppose the media accused you of beating a baby to death - a terrible deed, and you were faced with a trial, 6 months after the deed, and the vultures on the internet, glorying in your misfortune, speculated on all the things you did to that child, before you beat it to death. Do you think that you could find impartial investigators and/or jurors? The media should be limited to reporting convictions and sentences.
Dr Rood What ya hiding

Marengo, IL

#8 Mar 13, 2008
You need to read the constitution.

Or maybe you just don't believe in it?

If I beat a baby to death, I would expect the public to rake me over the coals and then some!

You must not have a student at this school or you would want to know the facts as soon as possible,
so that something can be done about it.

His seemingly guilty reactions to this are embarassing to the school. This whole thing is an embarassment!

Thankfully the PRESS can let us all know what is going on and has the resources to follow this through to the end legally.

North West Herold, thank you!

I believe in my rights to know what goes on at my childs school by public employees..

I believe in my right to freedom of speech.

And yours..

Put yourself in the shoes of the parents of the students he was in charge of.

If you don't want to see his internet history,
then don't look. I for one want to know what he was doing. Period. It's our right as tax payers.

North West Herold,, whats up with this story?

Were still waiting to see how the judges handle this!

Should be interesting!
Fair to All

United States

#9 Mar 13, 2008
1. If, you really are from Bartlet, IL., exactly what is your interest in this matter? You do not vote here. You do not pay taxes here. You do not have any children in this school district. It appears ALL of your information comes from a newspaper - NOT an unimpeachable source.
2. Freedom of speech, does NOT allow you to cry "FIRE", when there is no fire, in an occupied theater, nor does it permit indightment by innuendo, or, by insinuation.
3. Your "rights", as a taxpayer, are mostly given to elected officials, to scrutinize allegations of wrongdoing, hear the evidence, decide the amount of guilt, if any,and, if appropriate, punish the the offending person.
4. The system of law, in this country, was established, for many reasons, one of which was to prevent mob rule by the uninformed.
5. You still did not address the question, regarding a false accusation to your own person??
6. Diarreha of the brain, if,you have one, does NOT make you GOD, or infallible in your baseless judgements.
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#10 Mar 14, 2008
Oo Fair to all,

Thats pretty bossy. You really shouldn't tell people if it's their business or not.

Obviously if they are spending time in this section of the news, it's probably something they care about or their business.

You have no idea if I have family, or children at Riley school. Or if I pay taxes in the community.

The courts will do their job SOON and then you can take your shoe out of your mouth.

Let the truth be told !!!(Waits impatiently)

North West Herold,, what is going on with this?
Fair to All

Schaumburg, IL

#11 Mar 14, 2008
1. Herald is spelled with an "a", not an "o".
2. I think I learned this in grade school, too bad you never progressed beyond throwing the sand out of the sand box in kindergarten.
3. Bartlet is NOT located in District 18.
4. Why do you refuse to answer the question about a false accusation against you?
5. Perhaps the Herald knows more about libel law than you do?
6. Why be a "carpet bagger", visiting other communities for the sole purpose of taking advantage of someone elses misfortune?
7. Why are you posting pathways to this discussion? Do get some kind of thrill out of proving your ignorance?
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#12 Mar 17, 2008
LOL geez lady, post your thoughts on this topic, not harass other posters.

Maybe yu should take anger managnent classes.

Really lol

I do believe today is the day the judge decides!

Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#13 Mar 17, 2008
oops YOU= yu,, oh no, I spelled something wrong again! Don't blow up again lol
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#14 Mar 17, 2008
North West Herald, Which reporter is working this Dr. Rood - Refusing public to see his Internet history while at school case?

Do we know yet, which judge is seeing his case?

Since: Mar 08

Genoa City, WI

#15 Mar 17, 2008
Fair to All wrote:
3. Bartlet is NOT located in District 18.6. Why be a "carpet bagger", visiting other communities for the sole purpose of taking advantage of someone elses misfortune?
Fair to All: To be Fair, Hinsdale is not in District 18 either.

If you haven't noticed yet, Topix tries to automagically determine a poster's geographic location based on their IP address, which of course is not always accurate. Besides, there may very well be D-18 residents who care about this issue and happen to work in other areas such as Bartlett or Hinsdale, or Glendale Heights.
Fair to All

United States

#16 Mar 17, 2008
The point is, no person should be condemned, based on half truths, innuendo, or gossip.

Second, the use of the internet to incite poor judgement based on half truths, innuendo, or gossip, is not fair to the accused, or, our system of law.

Third, regardless of who is accussed of what, they deserve to be considered innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

Fourth, people should be positively contributing to the good of the world, NOT be polluting the world with unfounded and baseless opinions.
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#17 Mar 18, 2008
Brad? Or anyone else following this..

Did you see anything in the paper yesterday about Dr. Rood's restraining order, or how it went?
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#18 Mar 18, 2008
North West Herald 3-19-08
WOODSTOCK – A list of Web sites visited on school computers by the former superintendent of Riley School District 18 was turned over Monday to a judge, who will take about two weeks to determine whether Northwest Herald reporters are entitled to it.

The newspaper sought the information last month via a Freedom of Information Act request, which the school board first denied.

A reporter then filed an appeal. As the school board considered it, ex-schools chief Ronald Rood filed court papers asking a judge to block the information getting to the newspaper.

On March 5, a judge granted Rood a temporary restraining order blocking the request. With that order still in effect Monday, a school district attorney gave Judge Michael Caldwell a 3-inch-thick stack of records.

Caldwell will review the information in private before deciding whether to give it to the newspaper.

Northwest Herald reporters requested the information after receiving credible tips that it could be newsworthy in the wake of Rood’s resignation.

When he resigned about 90 days ago, Rood cited medical reasons for his departure.

Rood’s attorney, Steven E. Glink, said the information should be exempt from Freedom of Information Act laws because it would jeopardize Rood’s medical privacy.

Glink gave Judge Caldwell a letter from a psychiatrist who treated Rood.

“I think that is an important part of the case,” Glink said of the letter.

Rood also is fighting the request on the grounds that freedom of information laws no longer apply to him, since the request was made after he resigned from the district.

“Because Mr. Rood is no longer the superintendent, there is no legitimate interest for the newspaper ... or the public to have the information,” Glink said.

Steven McArdle, an attorney for the Northwest Herald, said the information should be disclosed.

“I don’t think it takes rocket science to see why the request was made and what the information is that is being sought,” McArdle said.

Web logs could be deceptive, Glink said, because Internet users could visit inappropriate sites unwittingly through Web search engines.

A ruling is expected April 3.

Join the commenters on the forum
for North West Herald on this topic too!

Judge Caldwell, please uphold the law to the fullest!

We have a right to see 7 years worth of those logs
and what Dr. Rood was doing at school
in his office, while at work!

Since: Mar 08

United States

#19 Mar 18, 2008
Nothing yet.
Dr Rood What Ya Hiding

Marengo, IL

#20 Mar 18, 2008
His lawyer should brush up on how web logs are created before he makes himself sound more ignorant.
Those logs are HIS alone and no one elses!
They can not be altered or blamed on others!

You have YOUR OWN sign on name and password.

The web logs show exactly who was logged in,
where they went, what they did, what they typed!

7 years worth. I would like to know as far back as possible if there was anything questionable at all!

Judge Caldwell, do the right thing.

We have the right to view those logs and know what this guy was doing at SCHOOL behind his desk.

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