Review: Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue

Review: Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue

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West Bloomfield, MI

#3 Nov 14, 2008
I was just wondering - what was the name of the dog you adopted?


#5 Nov 15, 2008
I am the lucky owner of a dog I adopted from Brookes Legacy and find what Mary said so upsetting. I looked for a long time for just the right dog for my family and couldn't find her.Until someone told me about Brookes Legacy. I found the perfect dog for my family. We made the 3 hour drive to get her and it was well worth it. Everyone was very professional and caring for not only the dog but towards myself and my kids too! At our first vet visit we were told "Buffy" was a completely well cared for dog.When we are ready for another we will DEFINATELY go back to Brookes Legacy!!

Altamonte Springs, FL

#6 Nov 16, 2008
I agree with both Terry and Sara. Brookes Legacy is a GREAT animal rescue group!!!
There is NO MARY

Jacksonville, FL

#7 Nov 17, 2008
Mary wrote:
I adopted a dog from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue and they lied to me about her age. They said she was 2 and when I took her to the vet she said she was closer to 8 years old. I have heard from other people the same thing. My dog was also covered in fleas and tics and was infested with worms. I would never recommend this rescue!!!!!!!!!! When I called the owner several times I never got a response only an answering machine.
This an evil vindictive woman named Janice


#9 Nov 22, 2008
I'm with you Roxanne!!
Karen Naples FL

Cape Coral, FL

#22 Dec 18, 2008
I was so saddened to read all this negativity. I have adopted two animals from Brookes Legacy and they were in excellent health and condition.
Since then, I have become a volunteer and have personally been in contact with most of the available pets and they are all in good condition and well taken care of. I also have received pet food and medicines for all the fosters I have had.
Unfortunately, pet rescue is not inexpensive or pretty in many cases. We are pulling animals from very dire situations (next step gas chamber) in most cases. Recently, we had three dogs that needed heartworm treatment at $600+ each. The vets will not treat this unless they are paid upfront. That is not to mention the regular routine spay/neuter, shots, worming, etc. Then, if an animal gets sick, this becomes an additional expense. Sometimes an animal dies and we are left with very high medical bills. I have personally been involved in the fundraising and have also made bank deposits to the Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue Account. No one is getting rich, believe me.
Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization and must follow government guidelines and file tax returns. We also have to pay taxes on donations over a specified amount set forth by the tax codes. Just because we are nonprofit does not mean we don't pay taxes like everyone else. We also have to pay an accountant to keep up with this and make sure we are following the law accordingly.
I'm sorry there is a difference of opinion here and I guess we can all agree to disagree. I think that personal attacks are unwarranted and take away from the opinion and point being set forth. At this time of year especially let's all try to move forward positively and for those who no longer wish to be involved, that is certainly your choice, but let's try to respect each other.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Peace in the New Year.

West Bloomfield, MI

#23 Dec 18, 2008
Well said Karen...I agree !!!
Animal Lover

Fort Myers, FL

#26 Jan 12, 2009
I hope you people who are criticizing this rescue so harshly are aware that it is highly unlikely, if she were to shut down, that another rescue would pop up and take it's place. I know these animals are not mistreated, abused or exploited. Many of them would have been destroyed if not for this rescue. Can you just consider what could happen for just one minute here.
What kind of people are you? Do you even have the animals interest at heart? I hate to say it but if you did, you would not be talking this way. I assure you, you are mistaken if you think for one minute that she is not doing her best for all concerned here.
I Just hope you are aware of the potential consequences of your your accusations and how it can only harm the innocent animals if things things should go array. I pray that Brooke is not aware that this is happening down here, God rest her soul.
"A friend of animals,from Mr. Johnson's science class"

Aberdeen, MD

#27 Jan 14, 2009
I recently (January 2) adopted a dog from Brookes Legacy. I found everyone I dealt with courteous and professional. Prior to our adoption I sent several emails, asking many detailed questions, and they were all answered immediately. The actual adoption was handled perfectly at a Petco in Naples, and it was clear that all of the Petco employees were very fond of the Brookes Legacy group.

Most importantly, everything we were told about the dog was exactly correct. And when we took the dog to our local vet she was almost stunned at the excellent condition the dog was in and the completeness of her medical records, which were given to us at the time of adoption.

In summary, our newly adopted dog is everything we could have hoped for, and the same goes for our Brookes Legacy experience.(And we traveled from Maryland to Florida for this adoption)

I read`this entire set of comments BEFORE deciding to adopt our dog. Of course I cannot dispute any claims by others here, but I do not have one complaint about Brookes Legacy or the wonderful work they do.

Dade City, FL

#28 Jan 19, 2009
I know I'm really late getting here but I have to say that I adopted a dog from Brooke's Legacy and was thrilled with the experience. I was given a great deal of time to meet and play with Tyson before deciding whether or not we really were a good match. He was in great shape and was exactly as described - only not as "shy" as expected.(He hopped right into my lap!) I've emailed Brooke's Legacy several times since then, giving them updates on "Gus" and have always received nice replies. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Cape Coral, FL

#29 Jan 25, 2009
I am a volunteer for Brooke's Legacy. I walk dogs, foster, transport, work adoption events and more. Rescue is very difficult, heartwrenching at times and yet so rewarding when a dog goes to its new family. We get dogs from death row, many of them ugly, sick and injured, and rehab them to be ready for their new home. The cute healthy ones are the exception, not the rule. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we strive to do our best, with the goal in sight of a good home for every dog. Those that criticize have obviously not spent any time in the 'trenches of dog rescue' with us. I see the vet bills and know how high the costs are to rehab these dogs. No one profits from this rescue, including the founder. The ones that do profit are the hundreds of dogs that have been given a second chance at a great home and their owners who love them. I am writing this because I am there and see firsthand how Brooke's Legacy operates and how hard the founder and volunteers work.

Estero, FL

#31 Feb 5, 2009
To: Look at this

What shelter are you talking about? This is a Brookes Legacy Animal resue review. Wow you really sound mad but I'm not sure at who.
Rescue Mom

Port Huron, MI

#32 Feb 11, 2009
I adoped a dog from Brookes Legacy. The experience was a good one. Sadley, I had to return the dog..NOT because there was something wrong with the dog we adopted, but MY dog was not willing to share her home with another fur friend.She is a rescue dog and had just lost her brother.Not wanting to have another fur friend is a new behavior for her. Was that Brookes Legacy problem...NO. I am heart broken and have not been able to introduce another pet into our home.This behavior is her "baggage" and had NOTHING to do with Brookes Legacy.
A potential adopter should not deal with a rescue group if they are looking for a perfect pet. These pets are adult pets with "baggage". There are no guarentees when dealing with rescues. I have had 4 rescue dogs and have had wonderful experiences. If you feel you can do a better job....why not start a rescue of your own?There are so many animals that need rescue. I have yet to see a rescue group that is rich.
Just my opinion.
Cheryl Jones

Naples, FL

#33 Feb 18, 2009
Well. I am overwhelmed with this site. I, innocent enough, went looking for information on this rescue AFTER adopting Joey less than a week ago. The reason I went looking was because I was so impressed with the temperment of this puppy. I wanted to tell you my story and that of my neighbor who is in the process of adopting Joey's sister Zoey. I lost my Yellow Lab (Buddy) in November from heart failure. He was my truest love for 12 years and the only dog I have ever owned because after being attacked by a dog when I was a child, I am mildly afraid of dogs (mostly pit bulls). I thought I could never replace Buddy and have been heartbroken since his death. I decided to look online for different breeds of dogs and accidentially came across Joey's picture on Petfinder. I saw his face and recognized him as "my child" and was in a tizzy until I had him in my arms. He bandaged my wounds and I can finally look at Buddy's picture without falling apart. Joey is a blessing that Brooke's Legacy brought to me. The shelter is about bringing an animal and an owner together who deserve each other and in my case Brookes Legacy has done this. My neighbor has a similar story with Zoey. He lost his best friend in January. She was 15 years old. He never thought he would replace her but heard from my neighbor that we had just rescued a German shep/ lab mix named Joey. He was stunned because he was already talking to Brookes Legacy about Zoey. We live near the Edison Home in Fort Myers. What is the coincidence that we could adopt these two animals from so far away. Now these two puppys can stay in each other's lives and two owners can have their hearts healed. Please keep this in mind when you blast each other. Maybe there are internal problems, but the end result is successful. Happy dogs, happy owners. I will (and already have) recommend saving these animals with Brooke's Legacy. Furthermore, I have an 18 year old daughter and to do something positive in her memory after such a devasting tragedy is amazing. Keep up the good work!
Bryan Jones

Darien, CT

#34 Feb 18, 2009
I'm not sure what I can add of value to what my wife already posted, as she is quite eloquent and expressed our personal experience perfectly. However I have a couple of my own observations about what the rest of you are "flinging against the wall" in here.

First, if you really care about what's happening at Brooke's Legacy, then hiding behind "Anonymous" posts is most assuredly NOT going to accomplish anything. If someone is violating the law in how they operate their 501(c)3, bring charges! However please note - "non profit" has never meant "no one gets paid". Nor does "non profit" equate to "tax exempt". Tax exemptions must be applied for and approved on case-by-case basis and are NOT granted to all NPO's. Further "non profit" definitely doesn't mean "beyond reproach" nor "open to the vilification of the public".

Second, even if they do truly believe "We need more foo foo dogs cause that's what people want," I'm not entirely sure I can fault them for that! Seriously now, let's consider exactly what Brooke's Legacy is trying to do. They simply cannot possibly single handedly save and retain every animal that is slated for euthanasia throughout South Florida. They are making a "best effort" to rehabilitate as many as reasonably possible and place them in good homes. If "cute" == "successfully saved", then frankly that's not a bad criteria. If Brooke's Legacy pulled out every single hard-case un-adoptable animal, they would be stuck with them and ultimately be unable to sustain their operations. Who else is here volunteering to take their place? Anyone who is interested should start up their own rescue operation - it certainly can't HURT to have more! I applaud those ex-employees who might have gone on to do their own "good work" (By the way... who's investigating their practices? How do you know THEY are all beyond reproach? That's a slippery slope.).

Finally, I can't begin to comment on the internal strife that might exist within the organization - I have no idea what happens within it. Perhaps things could be changed for the better, I don't know. However people who work in animal rescue are predisposed to high levels of emotion - after all, you've got to care pretty deeply about the fate of these animals to get involved in the first place. Are the foster homes receiving their fair share of the donations? I really couldn't say. However, guess what? It's the foster home's individual responsibility to negotiate this with Brooke's Legacy. You and I sitting at our kitchen tables trying to strong arm Brooke's Legacy into giving X or Y percentage of the "take" to the foster homes is ridiculous. Last I checked, individuals are free to enter into whatever business contract they desire, and consequently bear the responsibility of managing that relationship. Don't like it? Get out.

If anyone at Brooke's Legacy reads this - THANK YOU for your service and for saving the animals you've been able to save. If you've got internal problems, or your conscience is troubled by the things you've done, then I encourage you to take care of them. But for my part, you've done a good job.

Wow... that ended up much longer than I intended.

Teaneck, NJ

#35 Feb 25, 2009
I adopted a wonderful dog from this organization in 2006. They told me her name, which she answered to as soon as I called her. They said she was about five years old, which the Vet I took her to confirmed. So from what I can see, everything I was told turned out to be factual.
I don't know anything about what is going on here between these people, but I do know they connected me with a wonderful dog who is still as great as the day I brought her home.

Estero, FL

#36 Feb 26, 2009
To Cheryle & Bryan
I am a foster home for the rescue and just wanted to say Thank you for the kind words. Most of all Thank you for adopting. Just for the record "anonymous" is ONE ex-volunteer. After leaving Brookes Legacy she went to another rescue. That rescue asked her to leave. "Anonymous" has personnel isues.(you can tell by the anger in her letters) One bad apple is not going to spoil the whole bunch. Thanks again for opening your hearts to a rescue dog.

Kissimmee, FL

#37 Mar 2, 2009
I am so surprised to see some of the posts here. I adopted my Sera (originally Tisha) a year ago in December. My sister and I drove from Orlando after I saw her bio online. There wasn't even a picture of her. When I saw her, I fell in love and took her home. She is the correct age, now about four years old. She did not have one flea or tick on her, just a bad haircut. I do understand that, she is a Shih Tzu and had many mats which volunteers can only cut out. She is healthy, happy and now my only dog since the death of my Tibetan Terrier last November. I want to thank Brooke's Legacy for all they did to bring Sera and me together. She has her Canine Good Citizen and is on her way to being a certified, registered Therapy Dog. Maybe, when she learns to "sit, stay" we might try Obedience.

Cape Coral, FL

#38 Mar 11, 2009
LOOK AT THIS??? what does any of this have to do with Brooke's Legacy. You sound angry and vindictive. Hope one of those aggressive dogs bites you in the rear.
Pet Adopter

Zumbrota, MN

#39 Mar 22, 2009
You all are extremely immature for doing this. On the rescue's side and on the other's.
Pets are being rescued, fluffy, fat, furry, skinny, old, young, and whatever els. People should be happy that at least somebody is stepping up.
I do think the adoption fee is rather high, but other puppy farms can charge up to 3x for a purebred that can end up having tons of problems.
Why is there so much drama in this?

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