I'm a bit confused. I met someone on this site, we have been dating for three months. We go many places together at his invitation. We have spent six nights together, including a weekend away. When we are around his friends or in public on a date, I'm his "ladyfriend" and he is attentive. When it is time to go to bed, he suddenly changes into Mr. Hands Off. He says he isn't gay. I see him looking at other women, and he says he dates other women. Sometimes he says he isn't attracted to me OR we need to be friends first... But he will still hug and kiss me, rub my leg, look at my cleavage. He does have a close male friend, and this weekend, after yet another sexual rejection, he asked me if I wanted to have a three-some with his repulsive friend. I said no of course. He keeps talking about us having a future together, insists he isn't playing me. A week ago, I got up and drove 60 miles home after a sexual rejection, then he called and asked for another chance, and we went away together this past weekend. I think he just wanted to show his friends he was with a woman. Now he is inviting me to go out of state for a week. We get along very well, have lots in common. I know he enjoys my company, and I have been a generous, easy-going companion and hostess. If he would just honestly say he is gay or bi, I can live with that, I told him that. So...am I just a beard, or is he trying to take it slow? A few weeks ago when we discussed the next step of intimacy, I told him he needed to have an HIV test, he has never had one. I also told him we would always use condoms until there was a commitment. I have been tested for everything several times and believe there are many people out there with STDs who don't know it.
So, do you think he is just afraid to get tested and doesn't want to use condoms?
Gay and straight, please respond and give me the straight answer. I'm ready to ditch him for good, like all his women do. He says his caution is due to being hurt many times.