Bradley V Defries is a felon with warrants in Wisconsin and Colorado. He abandon us in 2001 and has been running from us (his 2 daughters)since. He doesn't want to pay his child support and he did some unconscienable things to try to ruin our mom and family financially. He just disappeared and the only time we heard from him was when he was arrested for assault in Wisconsin. He's been living in Homestead and associated with Robert Blickle. He tried to get his Captain's License but the Coast Guard will not issue one to a felon with over $150,000 in child support arrears. If you have any information, please send a letter to M. or S. Defries BOX2781 Winter Park, CO 80482. We want to find our Dad, not for a casual visit or update but to make him see how difficult he's made things for us, not our mom. Don't fall for this guy. He's a thief, a violent offender, a shirker, and a really good liar. Stay clear.