Hopefully I can get some help and positive feedback!(yes, I have posted this on a couple forums, sorry but I need help... even from towns/cities an hour away!).... I started a music charity (in Hackettstown) a few months ago called Institute of Sound. I donate musical instruments and lessons to those who are in need. I have given to individuals in Washington, NJ and even all the way to a high school in Staten Island. My facebook page went from 30 likes in march to 1500+ now. I have non profit sponsorship and everyday this charity is growing. I still have to work a night shift job to support myself and pay for supplies for IoS, but it is a labor of love and I know eventually I will be able to give all my time to this cause.(In fact I am currently looking for corporate sponsorship).

Please check the two links out below. If you have any unused 2nd hand instruments such as string, keyboard, or band instruments... please donate them to my cause. I will find them a home, even broken ones I will use for parts. Or if anyone wishes to donate anything else that might help (other music gear... or simply a couple dollars, my donation link is on my Facebook page, on various posts I often include the link... and honestly it is more common for instrument donation than for money. I understand as IoS is a new charity, but that doesn't mean it is any less important then other multi-million dollar groups. In fact, what separates my cause from the mass commercial ones, is that you can literally follow any dollar or instrument that is given, that is part of why I have the fb page. I daily put my heart and soul into this folks. I need the help kind people who know and believe not everyone is cynical and selfish. Those who understand and love music please send me a msg). Feel free to peruse all the posts on the fb link .... I need your help to spread music and to build my Institute of Sound!:)


http://www.mypaperonline.com/print-editions/h... (pages 8 and 9 are about me and IoS)

Thank You and you can msg my FB page or instituteofsound@yahoo.com