A single income family of 5 is still fighting for justice to be served some 3 plus years after the first wrongful arrest against the husband. Both husband and wife are disabled but since the disabilities are not obvious to the human eye they have had quite a few problems with residents in their small town.
They have had countless visits from the local authorities and fire department for false calls being placed concerning them. The police department had rarely made out reports.
The family has helped countless people in the neighborhood over the years but none of this seems to matter. It had been said that they even had paid an $800 dollar water bill for someone once with no strings attached.
Numerous emails, phone calls and letters have been sent out for help to everyone from the local newspaper, tv stations and even all the local government offices but all to no avail because they are lucky to get any kind of response and still wait for some kind of help.
One of the residents, along with her 16 yr old daughter, in their smalltown had called police 6 times in a matter of 8 wks trying to get police after them for any lie they could come up with and yet this same woman can't even mow her grass to keep the town board off her back.
Another resident had tried claiming that she had been threatened by the husband the very day he had been bailed out of jail the first time. The police actually told him if he was on the gas station property again he would be arrested. Sadly, this lady was even fired from the same establishment for apparently trying to steal.
All this time the police seem to not care what has happened to this family or their kids even though one of the kids had a knife pulled on her at the small park in town.
When the wife went to the jail to bail her husband out the first time they seemed to have misplaced over half of the meds for some 90 minutes or so and then eventually issued 2 different checks for the change that was on the husband when he was arrested. His cell phone was on him when he was arrested and no longer worked afterward.
One of the main residents who has been a problem had placed a call stating that they had someone pound on their door at 1 am and disconnect their surveillance cameras even though they were hooked up on the inside of the home. The 11 yr old girl along with her two younger brothers had failed to start the surveillance tapes until the officer first arrived in town though so how any of this happened is unbelievable in the first place.
This same family has since moved out of state but the girl and her two brothers live in 2 different states and their dad and former babysitter live in yet a different state but the police were backing this family and believing every lie they told against the 18 yr residents of this small town.