Friend Missing
wouldnt you like to know

Pekin, IL

#106 Nov 4, 2009
RIP Dustin...hopefully the jealous punks that killed you will get what they deserve...freakin sissies.

as for the football, if you dont want to see it im sure you could contact and get em dealt with. Theres a button at the top that says Contact Us.
third eye

Chicago, IL

#107 Nov 12, 2009
If i were the last person to see a murder victim... I either did it or in the least knows who did or why! BOTTOM LINE.
To the other concerned,
the hard part for the friends and family of the deceased, is to accept motive if it is damaging to the character of the person. Both Ritchie and Dustin were obviously doing, or had done, something that really pissed off somebody. the friends of both need to speak out truthfully! 100%
Who had motive and why will can solve these cases!!!!!!!!!!
No More News

Savannah, GA

#108 Nov 13, 2009
third eye wrote:
If i were the last person to see a murder victim... I either did it or in the least knows who did or why! BOTTOM LINE.
To the other concerned,
the hard part for the friends and family of the deceased, is to accept motive if it is damaging to the character of the person. Both Ritchie and Dustin were obviously doing, or had done, something that really pissed off somebody. the friends of both need to speak out truthfully! 100%
Who had motive and why will can solve these cases!!!!!!!!!!
They didnt have to have done anything to piss anyone off. All they had to do was have a little money and these freaks had motive. Maybe it was more like Richie and Dustin had money and these pricks didnt. Or maybe Dustin caught them with a Meth lab on his property and wasnt to happy about it. The 3 thought to be involved will do anything for money as long as it involves breaking the law.

Craigsville, VA

#109 Nov 13, 2009
A little money is no motive. The risk outways the outcome. These guys are violent and selfish f- heads no doubt but it doesn't make any sense to kill for a " couple bucks" the deceased somehow deserverd what they got in the eyes of the murderers. If robbery was the motive their crimal history would of shown it and.... The deceased would of... Well, ROBBED!

Peoria, IL

#110 Jul 31, 2010
I figured since this is a dead thread pretty much I would help with current information. This thread seems to still be going strong. Rumors or not, It is more than Mason County is giving everyone!

Peoria, IL

#111 Jul 31, 2010
Remember to take the previous thread with a "grain of salt". Remember, I know NONE of the parties involved, except Dustin. I know he was a great family man, that loved everyone. I would like to see justice done, and I am just trying to keep everyone informed with current information, regardless of if it is true or not. Once again, REMEMBER! You are reading FORUMS, the information contained my be true, or not true, but it is better than the silence from the MCPD.

Peoria, IL

#112 Sep 20, 2010
Any updates on this case?


#113 Sep 20, 2010
I would be interested in hearing any info. as well. Can't find anything online.

Dania, FL

#114 Sep 21, 2010
Dave wrote:
My friend Dustin Englebrecht has been missing for three days and the police have no turned it into a homicide investigation now that they have found blood spatter on his barn, and stage. The person whom last him is nowhere to be found and said persons clothes were found in Dustins washer.
Any information as to his wearabouts is needed. His loving family and friends await his return and/or justice.
I only found this blog today. But I think that gentlemen, Dustin Englebrecht, was found murdered on his property in a small Town called Canton in rural Illinois. The state of Illinois would have more info. Sorry for your loss.

Peoria, IL

#115 Jan 9, 2011
Randy Deskin was arrested and charged with 3 counts of 1st degree murder, one day before he was to be paroled.
gone but never forgotten

Mckinney, TX

#116 Sep 30, 2011
I find it disgusting that they aquitted randy of dustins murder . I hope u rot it hell you sick bastard. God will give u what you deserve.i pray for dustins family and friends that they will be okay but i know ut never will. Im so sorry. We need justice for dustin and his family and friends

Pekin, IL

#117 Jan 1, 2012
i miss Dustin. What happened to him will never be forgotten. Questions will never be answered. Iloved him like my own. He was a great father. He was a good friend to those who knew him. He was so funny and he had a smile that could light up a room.He wasn't perfect but none of us are. I tell Zeke his dad is his guardian angel. This makes him smile. The start of another year with you gone. Time has not made the pain any less. I know he is at peace. I wish we were.Be there for us when it is our time Dustin. We can't wait to see you on the other side. Always we think of and remember you.

Since: May 07

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#118 Jul 2, 2012
Do not give up if you want justice....I have been waiting 3 plus yrs and alot has happened since then but I am still pushing forward for the truth and will until I get justice for me and my family......

Peoria, IL

#119 Jul 3, 2012
Where is Deskin these days..still in the Pekin area ?

United States

#120 Jul 3, 2012
Green valley been known to hang out at fitz inn
rat in a rat hole

United States

#121 Jul 6, 2012
Angry wrote:
Green valley been known to hang out at fitz inn
He's just a rat hanging out in a rat hole. It's only a matter of time before he ends up getting locked up again.
why didnt ne1 ask FRANK

Beardstown, IL

#122 May 7, 2013
Frank wrote:
I heard tonight that he was murdered and they found the two guys.
Ive followed this entire board and the first thing to pop into my head was HOW did frank "hear" that dustin had been murdered 2 days after he disappeared and 7 days before they even found his body? WHO did u hear that from? Now i know im no forensic scientist nor am i a detective/cop/investigator.... However Im not brain dead either. Seems a bit odd that before his body was even discovered and it was confirmed that he had indeed been murdered....
What other information do you have frank? Maybe if people like you would tell the police what shit they heard we would have an amswer as to what really happened, but instead here we are years later with 2 dead young men and no clue as to who truly did what. For all anyone knows randy and another could have killed dustin and then when police got randy and he was found NOT guilty the "other" could have gotten nervous that randy would snitch so he killed randy...
I mean think about it randy waz found not guilty n yet that didnt matter to the public everyone stuck to their original judgement of him. Maybe randy got tired or scared of the publics opinion and was going to finally confess... maybe then he was murdered. Maybe not. But its a point i had to make. I am by no means defending randy but im not definatively convinced of his guilt either. I know how small towns feed on the he said/she said crap, and i know that in small towns if the popular people or the ones who have been there the longest dont like you, you basically dont have a chance at anything let alone proving your innocence...
Small towns really do get away with whatever they want.
Seems to me that Randy was well known for having issues with drugs and ran wih the wrong crowd but in all honesty i dont think it would have mattered if he tried to clean himself up and start over, simply because no one would have given him the time of day.
As i said im not by any means defending anyone, just lroving a point that just because randy is dead, it doesnt mean justice was served. Justice is not served until we have evidential PROOF of who did it. Who did the finger prints on the bat belong to? Whos blood was found? Wheres the dna? Why was randy DENIED the right to have a dna analyst test the evidence collected?......
Even though two men are dead, we are no closer to knowing who committed the murder or why.... RIP DUSTIN AND RANDY, your lifes live on forever in many hearts across the country. I hope one day answers to what truly happened in the end will be brought to light.

Gurnee, IL

#123 May 7, 2013
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Pekin, IL

#124 May 12, 2013
Lonny, I am the grandmother of Dustin's son. I love and miss Dustin every single day of my life. I tend his grave with my grandson and my family to make sure it looks as good as it can. Take your ad to another thread please since it has no place in this one. Be respectful to those of us who have to live with the most horrifically bungled murder trial in Illinois history. Randy did it. The police and investigators and ridiculous rumors about everything under the sun ruined any chance of justice Dustin could ever have. No DNA or hair analysis was ever done. We don't know why because we were never privy to what was going on in the investigation. I have copies of what that freak Randy wrote and I know he did it. It unfortunately wasn't enough to convict a killer. The only comfort we have is Dustin is safe in the kingdom of Heaven and the one who did it couldn't live with the fact he killed the only person who ever gave him a chance. Take your thread elsewhere Lonny.

Gurnee, IL

#125 May 12, 2013
hurting whether you like it or not life moves on.
Not every member in your family wants to keep living your BS.
If you and family are part of a criminal life style that is not my problem. Get over yourself.
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