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#21 Apr 12, 2014
That article doesn't say if the guy that claimed he was a postal worker was black or white though. I'd make a bet on it though that he was 'of color'.

Cleveland, OH

#22 Apr 12, 2014
Well, considering it sounds like a drug deal gone bad, I couldn't even give you ten to one odds. LOL!
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#23 Apr 13, 2014
Maybe he meant to say he was a drug carrier that delivers drugs to customers. Or that he's carrying venereal diseases.

Cleveland, OH

#24 Apr 13, 2014
I don't know if this has anything to do with the gas station shooting or not, but I read on channel 19's site that they are searching a house for a murder suspect off of Fleet Avenue. They did not indicate what murder this suspect is responsible for. I do hope it's the moron that shot the attendant. Guess we'll know by tonight. So far, they haven't found anybody yet.
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#25 Apr 13, 2014
The black nurse probably had he shift just end and if that white guy would have been beaten up, she probably would have had to go back to work to aid him so, it was better for her to pull a gun. Lol!

Cleveland, OH

#26 Apr 13, 2014
If not for her, I believe he would have been dead. She stopped them at the point he was in a coma. You know how these animals are. The main culprit is being held on a $400,000 bond, so they're not messing around with these guys since it has national attention.

Went to Home Depot today. As I was leaving the house, I thought about the Marathon robbery and grabbed my gun. Bright and beautiful day, but I figured better to be safe than sorry.
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Cleveland, OH

#27 Apr 13, 2014
A Maple cop once told me that by the way I walk and the look on my face, not too many blacks would probably mess with me. I guess I have a natural 'pissed off' look to me. But most blacks that are into crime either have a gun to back them up or hang around with 2 or more other blackies. This way if they're getting their ass kicked, their thuggy friends join in. Just like the 4 that beat that white guy into a coma. Would just one of them alone attacked him? Probably not. Maybe that's where the saying came from,'It takes a village'.

Cleveland, OH

#28 Apr 14, 2014
Well, Africans are pack animals. Individually they usually don't present a problem. It's when they gather when the problems start.

As I pointed out in other blogs discussing race, Maple Heights had to end our Fourth Of July fireworks for that exact reason; you can't assemble large groups of blacks without it turning into a riot or multiple gang fights. It's in their blood from their native land.

Other communities that face the same problems because of blacks are doing the exact same thing. There is little anybody can do to control instinct.

As a person that listens to the police scanner, I can tell you that the police are dispatched in full force at the end of Maple Heights football games. Left unsupervised, the blacks will start fights and then it becomes a dangerous situation for our police officers.

It's a shame......... really.
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Cleveland, OH

#29 Apr 14, 2014
We should take an abandoned wear house and make the walls and roof all bullet proof and then let these gangs all go inside to fight their gang wars where no innocent people get hurt or killed. Let these thugletts all fight and kill each other in these wear houses.

And as for these bags of crap that rob gas stations and shoot and kill people, maybe we need someone like the Mafia or vigilantes to go after them. And then grab the relatives of the bag of shxt and ship them back to Africa where they can see what real tribal wars are like.

Cleveland, OH

#30 Apr 15, 2014
The Mafia kept the neighborhoods safe. Look at Vegas since they kicked the mob out of there. The show COPS constantly has episodes in Vegas now because there is so much trouble there.
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Cleveland, OH

#31 Apr 16, 2014
And the hit and run driver that hit that little black kid in Warrensville probably booked after he/she hit him because he/she might have seen the news story on that other driver that stopped and got out to help the kid that he hit. Probably didn't want to end up in a coma like that other driver.
Take your hoodies off

Twinsburg, OH

#32 Apr 19, 2014
This is why we want you PEOPLE to take your hats off and hoodies off when entering a bank,store,gas station,or any were else.They cant find this person that killed for $50 to $70 dollars at the gas station,that includes you white kids to.Live life like your supposed to the right way and everything will be fine.

Cleveland, OH

#33 Apr 19, 2014
The station had a policy of no service to those who wore hoods. It's what killed the last attendant before this murder.
Maple Resident

Cleveland, OH

#34 Apr 20, 2014
If you're going to ask the punk thugletts to take their hoodies off, might as well ask them not to bring a gun inside the gas station they're robbing too.

Cleveland, OH

#35 Apr 20, 2014
The funny thing (not to make light of this situation) is that after the last murder six years ago, the station put up one of those "NO GUNS ALLOWED" signs on their door. I mean, WTF were they thinking, that by putting up that sign, the criminals would actually disarm before entering the store or otherwise change their plans on robbing it?

By law, once a business puts up one of those signs, not even the owner nor employees are allowed to possess a firearm in the building. That's all you need to tell criminals, that the employees are not armed or able to defend themselves in any way.

I don't get people. I mean if I had a business that had trouble in the past, I would want potential criminals to think that everybody in the store was armed.
Maple Resident

Cleveland, OH

#36 Apr 22, 2014
I don't know.....a lot of those little thugletts are pretty dumb. For one thing, they probably can't read so the 'no guns allowed' sign would be useless there. And if they can read, and see the sign, they'd probably rethink the situarion and come back with a sling shot or a spear. Maybe a poison dart gun. PTTTOOOOO! LOL!

Cleveland, OH

#37 Apr 23, 2014
I hope you had a Happy Easter. I did and it was great. My Good Friday wasn't so good because I had to work a half-day. It got better though after I went home.

I took notice of a Trayvon emptying out his truck into a dumpster at a closed down business near my home. I called the cops and watched as everything unfolded. The police asked me to stay on the phone and give them any change in the situation.

As the culprit was leaving the scene, two Maple Heights police officers showed up. He tried to act like he didn't see them, but they blew their siren and he stopped his truck and jumped out at them. That really pzzed them off.

They pulled him out of the truck, searched him, put the cuffs on and threw him in the back seat of the police car as he was screaming at them. Some fat black broad showed up and started to talk to the police, but I didn't know WTF she was or what she was doing.

The officer approached me and asked if I called. I told him I did. He asked me to fill out a report. As I was filling out the report, I asked why they arrested him? The officer told me that he didn't have a drivers license. When asked for his license, he gave them a state ID and made up some BS story about where his license was at.

The fat broad came over to try and stop the police from towing her truck claiming she didn't know Trayvon didn't have a license. They didn't buy it. They towed the truck too. LOL!

All and all, not a bad holiday. One in jail, one less vehicle being on the road being driven by a guy without a license, and one less to worry about starting trouble in our city.
Maple Resident

Cleveland, OH

#38 Apr 24, 2014
Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. We need more 'holidays' like that if you know what I mean. lol

The Travons' seem to dump their garbage illegally a lot. A few years ago at my old house on the east side, about midnight I heard a car stop in front of my house. The next day was garbage day and I heard the noise of plastic bags and the ruffling of garbage. I look outside and here's a well dressed Trayvonette,(black woman) with a newer Cadillac, taking these huge plastic garbage bags from her trunk and throwing them on my tree lawn. I opened the door and told her to put that trash back in her trunk and get the &%$@ out of here! But she ran to the open drivers' door and sped off without even closing her trunk lid. So, I had two huge bags of her trash on my lawn. Now, what if there was something illegal in it? Dead body parts? Guns with the serial numbers filed off? Jimmy Hoffa? Strange how she could afford a newer Caddy but couldn't afford to pay to get rid of her trash.

Cleveland, OH

#39 Apr 24, 2014
The cop and I were laughing about it. I said "WTF did he decide to go on a main street, in rush hour traffic, and illegally empty his entire truck in a dumpster in broad daylight? Don' they do that in Cleveland? Why did he come here? And to top it off, he had no license in case the cops caught him. LOL!

Reminds me of those stories where somebody has 50 thousand dollars of pot in their van, and they get pulled over for having no brake lights or something else similarly stupid. I mean, if I have tens of thousands of dollars of illegal anything, hell, I'll rent a van from U-Haul for fifty bucks or so.
Newburgh NY resident

New Windsor, NY

#40 Apr 26, 2014
Looks like our city council here is going to hire Michael Ciaravino for city manager. Can anyone here share any information about him. I know he was mayor of Maple Heights for 4 years, did he choose not to run for a second term or did he run and get defeated? Is he a strong leader? Our city has the highest crime rate per capita in NYS, is he tough on crime? What did he do for Maple Heights? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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