The Enduring Mystery Of Beverly Jarosz

The Enduring Mystery Of Beverly Jarosz

There are 1148 comments on the Free Times story from Jan 18, 2008, titled The Enduring Mystery Of Beverly Jarosz. In it, Free Times reports that:

“Monday, December 28, Bev and I got up about 8:30, 9 o'clock. We had breakfast and then washed dishes from the night before.”

Looking back, it seemed that Beverly Jarosz had sensed that Death wanted her. A vague sense of impending danger first stirred in the summer of 1964, around the time the 16 year old received an anonymous present ... via Free Times

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Henry Oleksiak


#102 Jun 10, 2009
I remember the time quite well. I allways knew Garfield Hts had its share of stupid people but I could never figure out the PARANOIA. I lived near thornton and the attitude of my family as well as that of several of my neighbors was that we would welcome some "mad killer" to invade our homes so we could BLOW HIM AWAY. Im sorry so many of you were to scared to get undressed and had to bathe in your underware. What is really amazing is that allthough this crime could not be solved by the Cleveland Police, the Sheriffs dept and the F.B.I, you idiots actually think your going to solve it. Keep beating your heads against the wall, I find it amusing. Marilyn, Dawn Scott et al, you have my pity
Henry Oleksiak


#103 Jun 10, 2009
Marilyn Skadra wrote:
to henry: WHAT MAKES YOU SO SMART? SOMEONE LIVING IN CLEVELAND IS STUPID. Go shove a kielbas up your ass. And, again, SUCK IT.
Lets see, "Someone living in Cleveland is stupid". We know that one stupid Clevelander moved to Pheonix. Your comments show what a class act you are. On the off chance the killer is still alive im sure he will never kill again knowing you are going to find him. No one has the investigatory skill of a geriatric polish woman.


#104 Jun 19, 2009
we will all know who killed Beverly when the coward makes his deathbed confession.

Saginaw, MI

#105 Jul 2, 2009
Speaking of deathbed confessions. I thought I had read many years ago that they indeed had a confession found in a wall of an elderly man who had passed away. Does anyone remember reading about this?
I was 13 when the murder happened and just like many of you it was my first murder to close to home and changed me forever.

Since: Dec 08

Decatur, GA

#106 Jul 24, 2009
Cleveland \Cuyahoga authorities used DNA to solve a 23 year old rape case in GA. Perhaps the DNA collected from the crime scene will finally identify Beverly’s killer. I suppose the condition and quantity of the DNA collected at the crime scene, as well as any samples taken from those interrogated, would be a primary factor in the identification process.

Tucker, GA

#107 Aug 20, 2009
Another story in the PD about law enforcement using new technologies on old evidence to tie someone’s DNA to a 30 year old murder case. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually justice is served. Perhaps the time is getting closer when these new advancements and technologies will be used on the DNA recovered from Beverly’s crime scene to finally give us her killer. I thought it would be someone from the community bringing the evidence to arrest and convict Beverly’s killer rather than these forensic advancements.
Dawn Scott

United States

#108 Aug 21, 2009
I hope that they can come up with some evidence quickly that can finally put this case to rest. I know that everyone is waiting for an answer. Was the story in the PD just recently and was it about a Cleveland murder?

Atlanta, GA

#109 Aug 21, 2009
The story was in the PD web version a few days ago. Geauga County is looking at this guy AGAIN for the unsolved murder of a teenager about 15 years ago, I believe, who was in his care at the time.
another cleve hts person


#110 Aug 21, 2009
i sae a blurb about another unsolved case on aol and beverly jarosz popped into my mind.
i was another 10 yr. old both scared and fascinated by this horrific murder.
in hindsight after all these years...back then i dont think anyone could imagine the killer to be a these were much more innocent times. after all, all of us here never forgot her name because this didnt happen like it does nowadays.
but its clear to me now that it definitely was someone beverly knew. it was a classic rage killing.
and.....while skimming thru everyone's post...i think ive got the perfect person to solve this once and for all.
mark furhman. look what he did for martha moxley.
i bet more than a few folks would be pretty nervous if he showed up in cleveland.
i would be very interested in helping get this case solved.
can you imagine how hard it must still be for beverly's family ? while the murderer has lived his or her life no doubt with help from his family.
wrong, very wrong.....
yep, what cleveland needs is a total outside to come in and solve this case.


#111 Aug 22, 2009
Mark Fuhrman is not the man for the job. The Martha Moxley case was solved by two detectives long before Fuhrman came on the scene. The only reason he was given credit was because he garnered publicity that they could not. And the reason it took so long was because the Greenwich police were afraid to take on the Skakel family, didn't want to anger the very prominent head of the family.
another cleve hts person


#112 Aug 22, 2009
those arent the facts of the marth amoxley case, calepernia.

the police suspected the wrong skakel brother all along.
dominic dunne along with mark furhman deserve the credit for bringing the right skakel brother to trial.
what happened was that mr. skakel hired a private detective to interview the 2 brothers along with gathering other facts many years after the murder when the tv movie garnered some public interest.
someone gave that confidential file to dominic dunne.
fuhrman tied up the loose ends and between that and the new info...they brought it to trial.

i think an outside like fuhrman would be perfect since cleveland and its suburbs have a lousy track record at solving these type of cases.
2 murders in shaker heights not too long ago come to mind as perfect examples.
inferior police work, money and privilege.

i believe this case can be solved and SHOULD be solved.

Knoxville, TN

#113 Aug 22, 2009
I am a 61 year old granma who has not lived in Cleveland since 1972, but every time I come home for a visit I think about what happened during that Christmas vacation in 1964. Beverly would have been my age and her house was very much like that of my best friend(still my best friend). We had a sleepover at her house in Euclid during that '64 break and slept upstairs in a room she shared with her younger sister,just like Beverly and her sister shared. Both my friend and I often wondered about this case and if it was ever solved. We both feel a connection to Beverly and sad for the life she missed.


#114 Aug 23, 2009
another cleve hts person,

I have read several books about the case and yes, they did question the wrong brother in the beginning but mounting evidence led them to the right one.
Even tho we disagree on Mark Fuhrman, I wholeheartedly agree that someone from outside the area should look into this case. It is time for a fresh look at the evidence and the DNA.
I was just 8 years old when this happened and it scared me to death. If nothing else, at least her family and friends would finally know the truth.

Tucker, GA

#115 Aug 26, 2009
I guess Dominic Dunne won’t be getting involved in solving Beverly’s murder. I agree, it would be interesting to see what Furman would come up with if he were to engage. Maybe he would talk his former associates Lange and Vannatter to accompany him. As an ex-detective Furman would probably be thought of as a colleague and be given total access to all the evidence. One thing, I would think Furman’s integrity would become an issue and whatever he turns up would be subject to credibility issues due to his checkered past. And I don’t know if you can find someone outside our community who would dedicate themselves to solving this murder whatever the costs. John Paliyan said in an interview that he was worried about being framed and suggested a cover-up. It needs to be someone that has a passion to see Beverly’s killer brought to justice. I thought there would be someone local who has this passion and would not be interfered with or compromised. Maybe a team comprised of retired Cleveland and GH detectives who have the time, the talent, and most importantly, the need, to solve this murder. But it has been almost 45 years.
Dawn Scott

United States

#116 Aug 28, 2009
good comment Mr.Donut. I agree that it does have to be someone who has the passion to have this crime brought to resolution. Too bad the private citizens can't become actively involved with seeing some of the evidence. Maybe if it would become public knowledge someone would recognize something that would lead to the killer's identity. Doesn't some of that evidence become open to the public after so many years? Well they did find that kidnapped girl after 18 years hidden in the backyard. So I guess stranger things have happened.


#117 Aug 29, 2009
Furman would be perfect to take a look. All this crap about what he did was blown out of proportion* We all did the same at some point in time he was just a scapegoat for the so-called team.People will never forget or put this to rest till the creep is caught.

Dallas, TX

#118 Aug 29, 2009
Do any of you Clevelanders know of someone named William Rehard? He kidnapped 7 year old Donna Adkins and once caught by police, he claimed to have murdered Beverly. They supposedly had the goods on this creep, but he committed suicide before they could get his confession on paper.I read this on happened to? What do you all think?
Dawn Scott

United States

#119 Aug 30, 2009
I do remember the Donna Adkins kidnapping. That was another horrible crime but I believe that Donna was found alive. She was left blind if I remember correctly. He could have just been confessing to a crime to maybe buy more time before going to jail. I don't remember hearing his name before but anything is worth a look at this time. However I still think that it is someone who was unknowingly jilted by Beverly and who could still be in the area.
Brian Fishter

Sandy, TX

#120 Aug 31, 2009
A friend of mine and I were discussing Bev's murder tonight on the phone - we both grew up in Garfield Hts, but incredibly he had never heard of the murder. I however, remember exactly what I was doing when my Mom, Dad and I turned on the news.
Over the years I have had a theory or two on the murder, having lived there from Age 7 until I moved from home after college at age 22 (1980). There are a lot of theories here that I have read - some intriguing, some a little to espionage like. I believe the killer is from two suspect areas that I believe detectives have overlooked, as they are obvious candidates and sometimes the obvious escapes us:
1) Thorton sits between two tavern locations on Turney Rd. in Garfield - both were there in 1964 under different names. I suspect that the killer frequented one of those locations and had spotted Bev at some point (possibly a year earlier) maybe walking home or in the yard while heading to or from one of the taverns (on foot or by car) and became obsessed with her - finally perhaps gaining the guts to carry out his deed after a few "pops" for lunch. How many questions were ever asked by police in those taverns?...
2) The square knot on the murder rope - did anyone ever look for a Boy Scout background among the men/boys? Many men/women can tie a square knot (fisherman, military personnel, homemakers) but tying an effective one is one of the predominant efficiences of a Boy Scout as you pass through the ranks. You investigate for that background, you narrow the field quickly. A good knot would be required to carry out a violent death strangle.
Anyway, just my view on things. I am pleased that there is interest in helping solve this. Amazing as if this was even 1984, let alone 1994 or 2004 or 2009, our DNA capabilities would have found the person.

Mantua, OH

#121 Sep 14, 2009
I was 9 years old when this tragic murder happened. This was the first time that I ever heard of such brutality. Although I never knew Beverly or her family, I have thought about her many times over the years and wondered if they ever found the person(s) responsible. My heart goes out to her family for all the pain they have gone through over the years and never knowing what happened.

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