One day you or someone you know will need a witness to come forth. You will find no one wants to. I am begging the witnesses, one being a person in a black SUV, to contact me. This is a accident that involved a maroon Caravan mini-van with the words "Del City Bus" on the doors and "School Bus" on the back. Other vehicle involved was a white Jeep Wrangler. The accident occurred at 7:24 am at the intersection of Breakneck and Cedar Roads, Mullica Hill, in front of Clearview High School and CVS store on 1/29/10.

I need the witnesses to come forth strictly to have the unjustly insurance surcharge removed from me, which can not be done without the witnesses writing or calling my insurance company with a statement of what they seen happen. The other vehicle darted out as I was going through the intersection and slammed into my school van. There are no courts involved. Please reply. Thank you!