Mankato, Minn. / Conjoined twins' dad...

Mankato, Minn. / Conjoined twins' dad back in jail

There are 79 comments on the The Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press story from Mar 12, 2007, titled Mankato, Minn. / Conjoined twins' dad back in jail. In it, The Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that:

A Mankato man was sentenced Monday to spend the next few months in jail on a probation violation just days after he was charged with abusing one of his formerly conjoined twin sons.

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Anonymous Please

Saint Peter, MN

#1 Apr 6, 2007
There is a similar case going on in Blue Earth County, but the mother, Brittany Rae Hood, aged 18, DOB 12/10/1988, of Lake Crystal, MN - has not served any jail time at all, abuse began with the 2 broken legs of her then 6 month old son, he is now 19 months old, in March of 2006. Her parental rights have been terminated, and only now, May 17th, 2007 is she scheduled for jury selection date. Please follow up on this story and the charges it only because she is a woman that she has served no jail time? She was interviewed by local law enforcement and failed a lie detector test....
Lake Crystal Resident

Schofield, WI

#2 Jul 6, 2008
Brittany Hood should be in prison and they should throw the key away for good. What sick human being could hurt such an innocent child. If I was Hood, I would be packing up my belongings and getting as far away from people as I possibly could. You are sick women and possessed.
brittany hood

Madison, WI

#3 Aug 21, 2008
who ever posted that comment must be a immature human bein huh. if i was to do that do u think i would have any friends do u really think my family would evr talk to me again do YOU THINK i would be gettin married to some one who GREW UP WITH ME THAT KNOWS ME VERY VERY WELL. the blue earth county court house is messed up those people have nothin better to do then bring people down they didnt even frickin try n help me if it wasnt for carrie marsh(attorney) id be more screwed then i was. do u have any idea what i went threw bein that young and in front of judges n facing prison for somethin i didnt do? do u know how i feel knowin that i didnt do that and i wont get to see my son for yrs. ppl talkin bad about me. that dont even know me? how would u feel? n i didnt fail that lie detector test they FUCKED WITH IT n never gave me a second try. so lady or man i would sy fuck off fuck urself u have no life u dont knwo what ur talkin about if i did NETHING ID BE IN JAILLLLLLLLLLLL! ur so fuckin bored with ur life its pathetic get a fuckin life! n quit the drama n grow up and use that stupid fat head ur unfortunate parents gave u and realize if some one did that they would b locked up...F-U-C-K OFF!:)

Mankato, MN

#4 Aug 25, 2008
in regards to Brittany Hood, she did in fact break her own childs legs out of anger. The Blue Earth County does not "Fuck with" and change lie detector results. Being as young as you are does not mean that it is ok either to break anything on a baby. If in fact you were not ready to become a mother you should have terminated your rights right away. But then you have another child, and you keep it untill you find which man you slept with fathered it and because you didnt like the father you then termanated your rights. I think they should re-open this file and take a close look at the sanity of Brittany Hood and maybe lock her up in a psycatric hospital for a very long time and even sentence her to life in prison.
Whole town of Mankato

Rochester, MN

#5 Aug 26, 2008
I really want to know if it is possible to open this case back up because it should get looked into and investigated further. I heard recent news that she had another child and gave it away as well. Pretty relevent to the first case. As a mother, this Brittany Hood is not safe in this town or near any child or human being. Mental Institution sounds about right.
Just a concerned person

Saint Paul, MN

#6 Aug 26, 2008
I feel that Brittany Hood should be put in a hospital or a place where they can help her think clearly. We can't blame this stuff on her. Obviously she has severe mmental problems. She had another baby with i believe the same dad as the first wile she was dating some other guy telling him it was his. It took 7 months after the baby was born for that guy to get a dna test and guess what.
This girl is not sane and lets treat her as such!
Friend of the Family

Rochester, MN

#7 Aug 26, 2008
My older sister grew up as best friends with Brittany Hoods half sister. And my sister's friend confimed the entire story about Brittany breaking her kids legs, being a total troublemaker and that she would never forgive her. And the post about the 2nd child she had. Not only did she lie to her current boyfriend about him being the father (when he wasn't), she also gave this 2nd child up. Definitely some good material to corroborate her child abuse and neglect story. She obviously isn't fit to be a mother. And I am SO sure that they fucked with the lie detector test. Funny how everyone who fails one of them says that. If they are so prone to failed results, why are they used so often.
Mankato Resident

Mankato, MN

#8 Aug 26, 2008
So why didnt brittany hood go to jail? I almost feel like the judge must have had some sort of disfunctanal mental break down... Brittany Hood should get her uteras ripped out of her and destroyed... Human beings like her should never be reproduce!!!
Friend of the Family

Rochester, MN

#9 Aug 27, 2008
I'm not real sure why she didnt go to jail, but apparantly in the last 6 days she must have gotten a second lie detector test cuz she told me that she got another one and passed.. but i thought this case was closed, so why did she get another one? I think she is just full of lies and bullshit and she doesn't realize that EVERYONE knows it but her. You would think that someone who has such a fucked up past, true or not, would try their hardest to get their shit together, stop stealing ppls clothes and quit caring about no one but herself!

Mankato, MN

#10 Aug 27, 2008
Wow... I've meet this girl once maybe and no idea of any of this. I think it's a very interesting case that I will for sure follow from here on out. It does seem that Brittany more then likely does have some very serious mental issues she is dealing with, but on the other had, do people need to slander her, spread more gossip, and say such hurtful things? Is this behavior not only bringing you down to the same level as Brittany and putting you in the same mental category? Yes, what she ALLEGEDLY did is very wrong on MANY levels, but we do live in a society where we are innocent until proven guilty. We also happen to live in a society that believes in rehabilitation and that such mental issues can be helped. Should we not hope that Brittany gets the best treatment there is, so in the case that she does get to see either of her children, or any child again for that matter, that this does not happen again? Not to say that I believe she should be given that right, but we also need to face the fact that we live in a state that very strongly supports reunifaction of the family. Look at the case in Mankato that occurred oh... 12 years ago... where the girl came to school saying she could not go home or her mother would kill her. Her social worker DROVE her home that day only to be tortured and killed by her mother, cut into pieces, rolled in a rug, put in a duffel bag and hauled into the trunk of a car.
I have a feeling that a lot that is being said about this girl is slanderous and gossip, and lies, I was afterall lead here by a facebook group entitled I hate Brittany Hood. This sort of immature behavior should have been left in middle school people. I do however also have a feeling that there is much truth behind what is being said, so why the need to hurt the girls feelings? Is she not going through enough? A person capable of doing such things is obviously suffering much mental anguish already, and your hurtful words and actions, will only make even worse things happen. And this facebook group, I would be careful people, your names and pictures are posted there for her to see. If she could hurt her own child, don't you think she's capable of hurting you as well?
Tired of it all

Big Lake, MN

#11 Aug 27, 2008
Shocked in Cleveland-
While I strongly agree with your statement of keeping this nonsense in middle school, you are one of the very few lucky people to have not been manipulated by Brittany. I myself, like others, believed that she deserved the benefit of the doubt and befriended her. Not long after we learn the hard way that even with our efforts and in being nothing but good friends our names our slandered and run through the dirt by Brittany. Before I heard the truth behind the child abuse I defended her and even continued to spend time with her. I was nothing but a good friend, and I dont know what snapped in her head but the things she said about me are in-excusable! I do not believe in slandering ones name, talking gossip or anything to belittle a person. However I do strongly believe in getting mentally disabled individuals help and it is VERY clear that she needs it. But she doesnt let anyone get close enough to help her. Is she a lost cause? Some may say yes...and I dont really see a lot of people arguing No. I have a very hard time understanding why she would do these things to people, and especially harm her own child! In my opinion she hates herself so much that she doesnt think she deserves to have friends or trust, honesty, love, so on so forth. She has been given many opportunities to have this. I pray about it all the time. I hope God can help her, it has become abundantly clear that no one human can do such thing.
I'm glad you still think there is hope for her, because hope is really all that is left. The facebook group is...well is quite sad I agree. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that so many people are in such dislike of her. But it is my understanding that each and every one of the members has a specific reason for disliking her. I have harbored much dislike for her myself, but have since matured and prefer to stay out of the ongoing "slander". I know that saying hurtful things towards her will only cause more issues and pain. I also do believe that what she has put out in the world will come back to her 3 fold, and I dont think she will be able to handle that. I wish I had something good to say about Brittany, but the fact of the matter is that she repeatedly digs herself further into the ground. Who knows, if there was some glimmer of hope that she might understand the hurt she has put upon people and truly felt remorse for it the groups and gossip might stop. I feel that she is a very immature person and needs some very strong professional help in sorting out her life. Last but not least in response to your question of if she is going through enough...I ask myself this question all the time. Sadly I believe that she is getting what she deserves and again I pray that she will see the wrongs of her ways before she is forever remembered for the evil she has put in the world.

Mankato, MN

#12 Aug 28, 2008
Although I have not been hurt or drug through the mud by Brittany... It has happened to me by many other people. At no time would I have wish bad things or more then the person deserves to happen to those who have done wrong by me. Several of the people leaving comments here, are doing exactly that, and it's no better then the things she has done. Take for example post number 8, Mankato resident saying that she deserves to have her uterus ripped from her body and she should not reproduce. This person clearly needs to realize that a woman's uterus sole purpose is not reproduction, no woman deserves this no matter what they have done to anyone. And fact of the matter is, everyone has the right to have children. It would be a sad world to have the right taken away from anyone. Just because a parents mistakes have been so bad, does not mean the child will bring the same evil to the world. We should all be glad that these children are being put in a safe place and will hopefully receive a good upbringing. And yes, lets get Brittany the help that she NEEDS. People keep saying "throw in the mental institution." I fear to think what your ideas of the "mental institution" these days are, because you're not saying this out of hope, you're saying this as if it is a bad thing.
Coming from a person with her own set of mental issues, and a very well rounded education and back ground with mental illness, Brittany does need a friend. That friend needs to be smart enough to not talk, but listen, and only listen. Brittany's children also deserve for the terrible things being said about their mother, to stop. Think of how difficult in will be for them is ten years when kids are old enough to hear about their mother's past and start giving them a hard time for it. Kid's will be kid's, but their mothers actions are not their fault, and should not be held accountable. The only way to assure that, is for the slander and gossip to end.
Help to a mentally ill person is not simply throwing them in an institution and forgetting them. It's holding them responsible for their actions, figuring out what caused those actions, monitoring of their mental state, kindness, forgiveness, and a long life of medication.
There are so many things I have to say on this topic... so don't be surprised if you're hearing from me again. Thank you.
Tired of it all

Big Lake, MN

#13 Aug 28, 2008
While you make a good point that all women should be able to have children, it is not necessarily a right, but a PRIVILEGE. A privilege which I believe she has lost. There are so many women out there that can not have their own children, as I understand it Brittany's second child was placed with a family that could not reproduce. Her children are not the ones under attack, and while I agree that when they grow up it may be hard for them to hear about their mother. But let me ask this, how do you think her son will feel when he hears how she broke his legs and her defense is "because she was young and couldnt handle the stress". Now while I think that if you believe you are mature enough to have sex, you should be mature enough to deal with the consequences; even if that means having a child. But this is why they have created adoption in the first place. No one was forcing her to keep the baby, especially not the father. You say that she needs someone to listen to her...I did. I even cried with her about some very personal things she had told me. No one should have to go through those things. Her and I had been through a lot of the same issues and I understood how she was hurting. This is exactly why I have a hard time understanding why she did the things she did to me. Even after she was so abruptly rude to me I tried to ask her why...of course I received no response.
It is true that all of the anger bashing and slandering words need to stop. I have even voiced my opinion of it being wrong saying that it wont help anything. It is going to be hard for quite a few people effected by Brittany to forgive and forget, and I think its because a lot of them dont understand why she is being so "evil". I do not think that she needs to be thrown into a mental institute and forgotten. But she does need some very serious medical attention. If that does mean having to spend some time in a hospital then maybe yes that is what she needs, but not indefinitely. I do think that it is not only a matter of mental anguish on her part, but also of a maturity level that has yet to be established.
dont buy it

Madison, WI

#14 Sep 7, 2008
I met brittany when she was a sophmore in highschool, and she doesn't have any more mental issues than any other girl her age... She is just greedy and a bad human being
no excuse

New Ulm, MN

#15 Oct 1, 2008
pretty sure brittany is the most twisted, sick, mentally fucked up individual ive ever heard about in my life. she did in fact break Caiden's legs..shes a psycho. and no one is to be fooled by her lies. cuz thats all she knows. she says one lie to cover another lie. Caiden is in good hands now thank god. and for someone to say that Caiden's father was especially not holding her back from giving him up for adoption is wrong to say. He tried to see Caiden and take him places, but Brittany would never allow that. After Brittany losing her parental rights, he chose to give Caiden up for adoption because he felt it was the best thing for CAIDEN. he knew wasnt ready to be a father financially, physically, or emotionally. he knew that caiden would be taken care of and given the best he deserves. now for the second one, i dont know if Audrey is in the best of hands. from what ive heard that little girl has been adopted by a family friend of Parkers. which means that Brittany is still able to contact this innoccent little girl. not safe at all. any parent who can break their own childs legs or harm them in any way, has NO right being a parent and bringing yet more children into this world. this girl is sick. and ive had a few personal encounters with her over the phone to know this. DONT BE FOOLED BY HER!
mankato resident

Menomonie, WI

#16 Oct 3, 2008
Mankato Resident wrote:
So why didnt brittany hood go to jail? I almost feel like the judge must have had some sort of disfunctanal mental break down... Brittany Hood should get her uteras ripped out of her and destroyed... Human beings like her should never be reproduce!!!
not only did she break his legs but she gave him a black eye and put bruises all over his body. took him to her beer and drug parties never drove with him in a car seat just laid him on the floor of her car. she should never be aloud to have children and the second baby was taken from her right in the hospital after she gave birth thank god! adn what kind of man stands next to a person and wants to marry them knowing what they can do to a baby one that is only a couple months old. and he's from the same town and grew up with her that is scarey. I pray they don't have kids.
rico_420athotmai l

Minneapolis, MN

#17 Oct 3, 2008
You know, I don't care what you call her, either way shes a horable mother. How can anyone even in there twisted mind, get mad at there 6 month old beautiful little boy, grab him by his ankles and slam him down on what ever it was that caused both of his legs to break above the knees. On top of that, going to the doctors a week or two later and tell the doctor that hes been crying for no apparent reason... There is absolutly no excuse for that? And i'm not afraid to say who I am, I am the proad uncle of that cute little boy. I just thank God that she will never be able to have contact with him ever again. I know that shes a compulsive liar, everyone who knows her knows that and I will never EVER forgive her for what shes done. I just feel bad that eventually hes gonna know what she did, and I pray to God that he never wants to find her when he grows up. Feel free to email me.
That one person

United States

#18 Oct 5, 2008
She needs to be spayed and locked up is all I can say.

Madison Lake, MN

#19 Oct 29, 2008
I can not believe that people are still able to say such horrible things. Okay, so maybe Brittany did this horrible things. But clearly there was not enough evidence to prove so or else she WOULD be in jail. There is no way to change the past. There is a way to change the future though, and that way is not to return evil actions with more evil actions. The things that people are saying to Brittany, about Brittany, ect, will only upset her more and cause more emotional turmoil making it more likely that she will repeat the accused crimes. Why not wish for help for Brittany? Not only for Brittany's sack, but for her children's sake? It is proven that children who have been removed from abusive homes typically search for their mother or father once they have turned 18 have the right to do so. Despite the things that she may or may not have done, she is still their mother, and they will always know that despite peoples attempts to erase it. Not only that, but if these children hear the people around them saying terrible things about their mother, they are likely to despise those who have uttered those words. Not only are you saying bad things about Brittany, you're staying bad things about the the children that came from her body. I know this is not your intentions what so ever, but this is how a child, especially a child of abuses mind works. These children are a part of her, therefore they will feel as though they have to potential to be her. Rather then continue this negative view towards the situation, why not take a positive proactive approach for a change?
And again I would like to say that it sickens me to say people make comments such as she should have her uterus ripped from her body or she should be spayed. Please, before making such comments, do some research about the female body and what other functions these parts serve to a woman.
I stand by my view that criminals, no matter how bad are people too, and while they most certainly deserve some rights to be taken away, punishment, and consequences, they also and always will deserve the right and the opportunity to being taught new ways of dealing with anger, resentment, and anything else that causes them to do the things they do.
Please, everyone reconsider being so harsh, take a lesson from history and realize that evil will not be fixed and changed with more evil.
"Kill them with your compassion."
no excuse

New Ulm, MN

#20 Feb 10, 2009
jeez and the latest that ive heard on her is that shes pregnant again, and has a warrant for terroristic threats/harrassment in blue earth county. i swear she'll never change..and my views on her will NEVER change.

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