i know these topics sites are usually trash sites but i need help in locating somebody. i live in kenton ohio and know people who go to these storage auctions. a few months ago i attended a yard sale and just now got around to going through some box items. as i got to the bottom of the last box i found two photo albums. the names listed in the photo albums are listed as jessica lindsay and lester cains. one album has lots of family photos along with a GED certificate in jessica lindsay's name. the other album is a baby book with photos of a baby named latasha. if these were my photos and i lost them i would like to have them back so if anyone knows her or could have her get ahold of me so we can make arrangements for her to get these albums back. family members listed in the book are aunt Becky, aunt Della, and Mamma Kat. I have kept them for 3 months and dont want to get rid of them now. have her contact me through kentons topix forum.