Mansfield residents can expect to hear from telemarketers calling for donations to a fundraising yearbook for the Tri County Saints Youth Hockey League. It's a real league, but these people sound like ripoff artists, big-time (or small-time ^^). Two friends of mine in Mansfield, and myself, all received such calls Saturday morning, the 13th. The telemarketers said that if you give a certain amount of $, you get a 'gold' listing in the yearbook, if you give another amount you get a 'silver' listing, and so on. They ask you to - I'm not kidding - tape the check to your front door! They said they drive around and pick it up three days a week! My two friends asked some questions re: the listings, just for fun. For one friend who asked, the gold listing was $75, the silver $50, and a 'bronze' was $35. My other friend who asked re: this was told the gold was $50, the silver $35, and the bronze $25! I myself asked some questions about how much went to the league, and how much went to the telemarketers. The answer was really unclear, and it sounded like the guy was lying. He mentioned some web site and the president of the league's name, but said they couldn't mail me any infromation. But he said I could mail THEM...a check... if I changed my mind! It just sounded really scammy and sketchy. One friend said her telemarketer mentioned the $$$ was going towards equipment and uniforms. The other friend said a "learn to skate" program was mentioned. They seemed to keep saying "the kids" alot, or "Mansfield kids". Watch out for these people. If you want to help the league out, contact the league directly!