Dark Kent wrote:
<quoted text>as always, thank you for responding to MY posts.
if you did not read them,i would post them to you anyway.
it is nice to know that you value my posts in order to give a weak response.
thank you for giving a rat's ass about telling the truth about you.
i shall be awaiting another stupid response from you.
What's the matter?
Don't have the intelligence and imagination to come up with your own material?
The best you can do is just copy what I say?

Lame. That is so loserville.

You're obviously missing the point anyway. Which just proves you have no intelligence.
So I'll spell it out for you.
You claim my posts are meaningless and worthless yet you take the time to read them and even respond to them.
So, only a meaningless and worthless person would read and respond to meaningless and and worthless posts. Either that or that my aren't aren't so meaningless and worthless since you obviously place some importance on them.

As always, you fail.

Now. Use your lack of intelligence and imagination and just paste and copy the above in your response like you always do. You have my permission.

Oh, by the way. Thanks for cluing me in on the Egg Roll Station. I've gotten food from there a few times now since your recommendation of it. I'm also waiting on you to treat me to a meal there like you said you would. How about lunch today?:-)