Unethical Repair Shop - Beware!

My truck was damaged as a result of work done at PJs Automotive, and they do not have the integrity
to admit their mistake and make amends.

I took my truck in for some exhaust work in Sept., 2012. When driving home, the wheel came off of my truck, damaging the rotor, wheel bearings, and fender. Closer inspection showed the lug nuts were not reinstalled after they had worked on my vehicle! After I was towed back to PJs Automotive, They admitted this is what happened, and I was informed this was not the first time this had happened. There was no thurough inspection for damage, they just tried getting me out the door as fast as possible.

Later, when I tried requesting thier insurance info, so that I could file a claim, they denied any responsibility, and have refused to provide any information. Now I m out over $1,000 in repair costs due to a $180 exhaust fix.

I realize its an embarassing situation for PJs, but when they had the opportunity to be men and take responsibility, they didnt.