Fake AAA Visa Travelers Cheques going...

Wembley, Australia

#348 Jan 23, 2008
Hey, guess what... yes I also received the stupid travellerís cheques! Mr Lawrence Thomas is my guy so watch out for the name. He actually contacted me through our local online paper, the Quokka! Again, 7 fake cheques, but the funniest thing is that they have spelt travellers wrong?! hahahah crack up.
This was your typical, I will purchase your goods, oops I sent you too much money, please keep your money and send me back the remainder.
The dodgy badly written emails are clues enough. He could hardly write English even though he said he was from Canada? Then he was purchasing my goods on behalf of a client, then his emails changed font and inflection so I knew that I was speaking to someone different etc, so I donít know how dumb these people are but they need to get a better scam. It has holes all through it.
Remember, never send anything until you get the cash and never tell them any info about yourself.

Beaver Dam, WI

#349 Jan 25, 2008
I recieved an envelope with the same thing. Also saying it is a company from England. I am supposed to deduct %10 for myself and then send the rest via Western Union to two different people in El Salvadore. If this is some scam I am going to give this to the police. I was also just looking for a way to make some extra money. I hope I did not give them my phone number.

Astoria, NY

#350 Jan 25, 2008
Hello, I received 2 $500 cheques today in answer to an ad I placed on craigslist.

They indeed look very real at first, but at closer look they look totally chopped.

What should I do with them? Do you think I should bother going to the police and reporting them?


#351 Jan 29, 2008
I was send four $500 checks. This is the contact crook behind the scam.
Richard White [email protected]

Regarding your last email contact concerning you working for me as my bookkeeper in the United States by receiving payments on my customerís behalf, cashing the payment, taking 10% for yourself and remitting balance as instructed via money gram to my agent and you responded to my email with your contact details showing you were interested in working for me. I now want to inform you that my customer has made payment to you and sent the payment to your contact address in a package via UPS.
Here is the UPS tracking Number: 1Z57604F2210002026

When i recently tracked the package online at the ups website i noticed that the package had been delivered to your contact address.
Inside the package you shall find the payment as well as a letter of instructions.
The letter was written by my accountant and is to guide you on how you are to cash the payment afterwards deduct 10% from the funds for yourself as your salary and remit the balance to the name mentioned and instructed in the letter via Western Union Money Transfer.
Once you have concluded that procedure and you have sent the money to the name mentioned in the letter via money transfer, please email me the western union money transfer control number immediately (Very Important).
As soon as i receive your email with the Western Union Money Transfer Control number another payment shall be sent to you immediately.
I await your response confirming your received this email and you shall follow the instruction effectively.
Richard White


#352 Jan 29, 2008
Paul wrote:
I received 3 $500 travel cheques in a large brown ups envelope.and it also came a letter saying that i should sign my name and that i could change it at my bank. but i haven't done it. it has a holographic strip but i dont know if it a real cheque.if you know something please amil me to [email protected]
check out this website

Kambah, Australia

#353 Jan 31, 2008
I received $4000 AUD worth of VISA Travelers Cheques today. I replyed to a job ad over the internet and this is what they sent me...

lol I'm not even gonna bother with these I'm just gonna throw them in the bin. Mine were bad forgeries as the ink wasnt even raised...

Kambah, Australia

#354 Jan 31, 2008
actually lemme correct myself there it was $4000 USD (not AUD) worth of AAA visa travelers checks.

the dudes even phoned me.. twice... some strange asian guy on the other end just saying "when u get the cheque follow the instructions in the email"

thing is this scam (bad forgeries) is a stupid scam i was hoping it was a money laundering ring... thats where the real $$$ is...:)

Leesburg, FL

#355 Jan 31, 2008
I just received 6 $500 AAA travelers cheques i beleived they are fake but with the economy the way is now we should cash it and maybe somenbody will attention to it...was send by steve roberts 4142 cowboy ave albourne ,oregon 97322 with a note from pamala taylor,mr michael douglas and a webb site......what a waist of money.....
Why cant they be stoped

United States

#357 Feb 4, 2008
I too trusted this person and received 5 $500 travelers checks. Person who sent it ups to me was
DAVE JOHNSON- from London;Person who was e-mailing and asking me to do them a favor his name was STAN WILLIAMS from a london address IS THIS THE SAME GUY.?

Fate, TX

#358 Feb 7, 2008
im glad to see that im not the only one who has had this happen to me today i recieved 5 500 dollar travelers cheques and i was so freaked out hat some one was stalking mw that i called that police they took the checks and told me that if they were real that they would give them back to me but now i can clearly see that that is not going to happen. has any one ever heard anything about them finding the people that sent these stupid things???? mine looked so real that i had to take pictures if you want to see them reply back to me and i will be happy to email them to you to see if they look like the ones that you have recieved

Werribee, Australia

#359 Feb 12, 2008
Isabel wrote:
I received 8 $500 AAA Visa travelers cheques today fed ex in a white envelope. I didn't know what they were for and about 2 hours later i received a phone call on my cell phone from a Dr Henry Martin saying he emailed me information on what do with the cheques. I logged on and sure enough he had my email address to. He told me to cash them and keep 10% and western union the remaining amount to some gentlemen in china. The cheques are fake do not try to cash any of them, you will be responsible for paying it back.
hello i want to know what you recived them for i got exacly the same he has asked me to trace fer the money in to some others bank andd keep 750$$ for modling but he wont even give me a number so i can talk to him .... i think its crazy i dont nkow wether to take thme to the police or what

Werribee, Australia

#360 Feb 12, 2008
Hello ,
I have just had a confirmation from one of my client that you will receive a payment on our behalf today.It is to be delivered to you by FEDEX COURIER SERVICE and the tracking number is (799797178408). You can go to www.FEDEX.com for verification.
.If you missed the Package..Please Kindly check your Front Door,Porch or Garage.if it was dropped there.As soon as you receive the package, since my client is sending you travelers check,you would have them all signed at recipient then fill out your name before taking them to your bank and also have them all countersigned once you get to the bank fill a deposit form and deposit the travelers checks and then fill a withdrawal slip for my balance immediately after depositing.
1*** You are to sign immediately upon reciept
2*** Your Full Names
3*** Date is .... 02/11th/2008 and the last is to countersign the travelers checks before the cashier when you get to the bank.
You are to wire money the balance to the total money received after you must have deducted your $750. Please use Western Union because I have found out it is the fastest way to send and receive money. Below is the information you will need to send the money to the photographer at Western Union.
ZIP CODE---45427
You will send the MTCN (MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER) and AMOUNT sent from WESTERN UNION for transactions to me as soon as you send the money today. So it can be used can use to purchase some materials. Make sure the Western Union fee is deducted from the companies fund and also you have deducted your $750 from the money before you send the Funds.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
destany dimond
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 02:42:05 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: More details.......
To: [email protected]
What is you FULL ADDRESS so the payment can be send to you ?
destany dimond <[email protected] om> wrote:
hey im all good with this and thanks for giveing as much info as pos ...
I really appreciate your swift response and also your interest.Your profile is listed in the Models Portfolio.
I will used it for the magazine cover for my client and the website is under construction.The company is a new one and they produce beauty soap and cream so they need a good looking person to advertise there products and they're willing to use you for there magazine.There is no doubt about you earning what i said previously because they will be having your picture on there website and also after the first set of picture you send,there
products will be sent to you inorder for you to use so as there magazine so you could know more about the company..Later on you will also be invited over to the company so as to sign a contract with you.The name of the company is Natural World Wellness and they produce creams like Face, Eye & Neck Revitalizing serum,Soothing Eye Ointment,Intense Rejuvenating Face Cream,Moisturing firming hand, body lotion,Neck & Eye ANTI-AGING
firming cream,Rich Eye strengthening cream,FLASH Treatment - Skin Balance, pore tone mask,REJUVENATOR - Hydrating,Reviving Anti-aging mask,Natural Cleansing Gel,Hydrating &Indulging Passion BodyOil,Reconstructive hands, Feet Ointment,Free Radicals Anti Wrinkle cream.
So what they want to do is lunch there website and there Magazine just to advertise more about what they produce and how they work and so on.The Payment for a start and also for the Picture that will be taken by the Photographer.You will get to know more after the first set of Pictures and also you will be invited to the Lunching of there Products.So if you are okay this do get back to me with your information that the payment will be issue to as below:
To good to be true

United States

#361 Feb 17, 2008
I rec'd a 500.00 visa traveler cheque. what do I do?

Powell, OH

#362 Feb 21, 2008
I recieved 6 $500 Wells Fargo checks, unsigned, from a man named Scott several months ago. I have used TC for many years when travelling on business. Being unsigned is the first clue. I have them sitting on my desk as a reminder each time I read a scam email. Nice trophies...but useless.

Metter, GA

#363 Feb 28, 2008
To good to be true wrote:
I rec'd a 500.00 visa traveler cheque. what do I do?
Do not cash it...have your bank check it out for you first and have them sign a release of responsibility if they say it is good. Let me know how it turns out. [email protected]
God be with you.

Metter, GA

#364 Feb 28, 2008
Do not cash it...have your bank check it out. If they say it is good, get it in writing from them and a written release if the CHEQUE/CHECK is of a fraudulant nature after days pass.
[email protected]
Please let me know how this goes.
God be with you.


#365 Mar 3, 2008
Today, I have just received 5 $500 Toshiba Tourist Corporation VISA Travelers Cheques. I do not plan on cashing it. They are an obvious fake. My daughter worked at a bank and knows where security strips, water marks etc. should be and what they should look like. The security strips are backwards, there isn't any kind of watermark and the bank where it says PAYABLE AT: Doesn't even exist yet! I will be turning these over to the FBI along with the email I received about depositing it, taking 10% and Western Unioning the rest. DO NOT CASH THESE!! They are fake and YOU will have to pay while some foreign scum makes off scott free.
farajahganaa hylton

Bradenton, FL

#366 Mar 3, 2008
i allso have 5,000 worth dont know what to do
farajahganaa hylton

Bradenton, FL

#367 Mar 3, 2008
then i got 3,000 dollars in money gram money orders now what


#368 Mar 5, 2008
I replied to a post I saw on the internet that was advertising part-time jobs for extra cash on the internet. I was led to believe that it would be mostly clerical work, website running and the like, simple html stuff.
To my surprise I came home today and found the cheques, I had no idea where the hell they had come from, I thought at at first maybe it was a prize from a survey site I'm a member of, but the fact that there was no formal letter with the cheques just made me very suspicious.
I read through my emails to check and see if it was a prize and I had been notified, then I found an email from the company that offered me a job that I had gotten the job and my first duty would be to cash these cheques for them, keep 10% and send on the rest, then alarms bells started ringing.. Why would they ask me to do the job of a middle man when they can wire the money directly themselves.. and why travellers cheques?
Then I found this post and it confirmed my suspicions.
If any of you receive an email from Kingston Fabric Textiles LTD or see a job advertised by them PLEASE do not get suckered in. Like I said I applied for the job only knowing that they wanted me to do clerical and internet based work assuming it was above board and would be told more of what the job entails later if I got the job. Some other more trusting people may just go ahead and think it is a genuine duty of their 'post' and end up out of pocket.
You never get money for nothing. If these cheques come to you, you must report it.. do NOT use them!

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