The York Daily Record - 'This is not ...

The York Daily Record - 'This is not a happy ending'

There are 28 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Feb 29, 2004, titled The York Daily Record - 'This is not a happy ending'. In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

Nichole Brannon believes time is working against her. She didn't have enough time to get to know Bailey, one of her twins, an infant who died in January 2006.

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#1 Dec 23, 2007
I have been a young mother of 4kids and you HAVE to watch them EVERY minute. I had no fires or injuries to my kids...But then i never even let mine outside that i wasnt such thing as riding a bike around the block.
used to live in the city

Scranton, PA

#2 Dec 23, 2007
Prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones, especially children. PLEASE everyone get smoke detectors and keep them working!!

Things happen, especially with kids, and you can watch them all you want and there is nothing you can do to prevent them from being hurt sometimes.

Harrisburg, PA

#3 Dec 23, 2007
Fire and smoke wouldnt stop me from getting to my son ,at the least we would die together i wouldnt just let them burn

Lancaster, PA

#4 Dec 23, 2007
Tragedy it is! But I noticed no mention of a husband or
a father.
Who pays for all the children? Do you work? What type of
occupation? Do they have the same daddy?
Point is, what I have read, YOU sound very irresponsible.

Lancaster, PA

#5 Dec 23, 2007
I agree with Nikki and Mike all the way.


Philadelphia, PA

#6 Dec 23, 2007
I can't imagine any parent not trying to carry as many of their children at one time as they could. You only took the time to pick up ONE of your babies. Then you went back to get them and they wouldn't come to you. You say you should have told them to run through the fire, WHY DIDN'T YOU? A healthy 57 year old woman that won't follow you out of a burning building and help carry a baby doesn't sound right. When are you going to learn about birth control measures? You are not mature enough to prevent getting pregnant, adult enough to care for your children, and certainly cannot protect any age from harm. You do not deserve a poor me article in the paper, you deserve to have someone show you how to grow up and take responsibility. Heaven help the remaining children you have, they are going to need it.
name witheld

Baltimore, MD

#7 Dec 23, 2007
While I agree that Ms. Brannon sounds irresponsible to a degree, it is still a tradegy for any parent to lose their child to death. You cannot blame this woman for feeling scared, depressed, and uncertain about the future. I cannot imagine what I would do in the situation that she was presented with. No one can really say what they would do unless they were in the exact same situation. Its terribly sad and maybe she could have tried to save the others and died in the process...but then the surviving children would be motherless. This woman can't win. I hope for her sake and for her children's that she gets her life in perspective and pays more attention.
I'm saddened that people on here are so cruel towards someone who has lost their children to tradegy. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. She didn't kill her own children on purpose and she may not have by accident.

Lancaster, PA

#8 Dec 23, 2007
Dear name witheld, you are such a sucker for a

sob story aren't you dearie?

If you can't read holes big enough to drive a

pickup through then I don't know what to tell


No dhe doesn't deserve a poor me article, i agree

on that 100%.

Careful there "name witheld", your bleeding heart

might mess up your keyboard and we wouldn't want

that now would we!

Philadelphia, PA

#9 Dec 23, 2007
I am glad to see that I am not the only person who was angered by this story. Why were matches within reach of a 5 and 2 year old? Why were these children left unsupervised? It upsets me that they had to lose their lives in such a tragic way due to the stupidity of their mother. I heard no metion of her having a job in this sob story, so she should have all the time in the world to watch her children and make sure they are safe. I pray for the safety of the children that she still has.

East Berlin, PA

#10 Dec 23, 2007
As a mother of a little girl, I know I'd have given my LIFE to make sure at least my children were out safe! Accidents can be prevented, that's why it's called an accident. If someone wasn't so busy making more kids, it might have noticed what the other children had been doing with MATCHES. So, as January approaches I'd be cowering too! I feel sorry that the rest of your family had to suffer. Bless your innocent children because their going to need it.
another mom

New Cumberland, PA

#11 Dec 23, 2007
Why such vicious comments toward the mom?

There was a series of 'poor me' stories about the RL woman who's 6yr old was killed crossing the street in (the town) of RL and everyone seemed to pity that mother.

I agree Brannon was irresponsible for having matches within reach of the kids. The RL mother was also irresponsible for letting a 6yr old roam through town by himself. But no one seems to want to say that.

Would everyone be attacking this mom (Brannon) if she lived in the suburbs with the husband and the white picket fence?

Does being poor mean you deserve to have your children die?
have a heart

Scranton, PA

#12 Dec 23, 2007
I have children and I do the best that I can to ensure their safety, but I am not perfect and neither is anyone else. I have never been in a situation (thank GOD) like this where I had to choose which of my children i would be rescuing from a fire and I'm pretty certain that none of you heartless judgemental self-righteous people have either, so I don't feel that it's fair for ANY of you to say what you WOULD have done, YOU haven't been in the situation. WHO CARES what her occupation is, WHO CARES if she has a husband, WHO CARES if there is more than one father. None of these factors make a person good or bad. I am a single mother, I have a professional career, I have never been married, and my kids have different fathers. My kids are safe, happy, and well taken care of. Stop judging, this woman lost her children. People make mistakes, including all of yourselves. The hatred I'm reading here makes me sick.

East Berlin, PA

#13 Dec 23, 2007
Her children wouldn't be dead had she used better judgement and common sense. It's called being responsible. You need to be responsible for your actions because children aren't trial and error. I didn't read about the other woman you're talking about but she sounds like an idiot too if she left her 6 year old cross the street alone. I never let my child out of my sight. You just can't take that risk now a days. She's either in school or at a daycare while I'm working.
A child is a blessing and should be treated as one.

East Berlin, PA

#14 Dec 23, 2007
have a heart....

These children were alone on a 2nd floor with matches AND no adult supervision. Why not just give them a loaded gun???

I do have a aches for the poor children who had to lose their lives to NEGLIGENCE!
Just me

York, PA

#15 Dec 23, 2007
you people are unbelievable!!

Lancaster, PA

#16 Dec 24, 2007
I never mentioned the word poor dearie, YOU did!

I'm talking responsibility and accountability

here. Nichole Brannon has none.

It never ceases to amaze me how one can write

what one means and mean what one writes, and a

couple of babies such as "another mom" and "have

a heart" just pick out what they THINK probably

might apply to them and then want to argue!

It is a tragedy as I said early on, the rest is

about an irresponsible mother and yes there is

such a thing as that.

Trish you are "right on" on this one!

My kids are all on their own, and ALIVE because I

never assumed they'd be okay as toddlers.

I can say I wouldn't let someone with the child

rearing attitude of "have a heart" or "another

mom" watch my children and I sure as hell wouldn't

let NICHOLE BRANNON near them.

Children Services ought to be investigating this



#17 Dec 24, 2007
This accident was a tradegy and no child deserves to die because of irresponsibility. I dont think the opinions are mean spirited just sadness for the children.I do feel very sorry for Nicole and the fact that she will have to live with what happened every day of her life. I do think she loved her children and wasnt a bad mom, just irresponsible and probably overwhelmed. I think the act of raising a child is taken far too lightly by some adults. I weighed every decision I made as to how it would effect my kids. You have to watch kids EVERY second or they will be kids. You have to be responsible and minimize the chances of accidents. That is called being an adult and making good and wise choices.

Lancaster, PA

#18 Dec 24, 2007're wise beyond your years!

Maybe that is what I'm TRYING to say here.

Lancaster, PA

#19 Dec 24, 2007
Nikki, I just read again what you wrote, still

wise beyond your years, but....I do NOT feel sorry

for Nichole Brannon, she doen't deserve it. It is

the kids left I feel sorry for, the dead children

are in a better place now.
another mom

New Cumberland, PA

#20 Dec 24, 2007

Since you accuse of me of 'picking out' what might apply, let me try to regurgitate what I am hearing you say and you tell me if I'm right.

The situation is a tragedy, but you only feel sorry for the children who died, not their mother because she was irresponsible and left matches within reach of her children.

Do I have that right?

Now, can I tell you what I think?

I feel sorry for the kids who suffered and died (and the grandmother too, although I don't really understand that part)

I think the mother is irresponsible, I examine everything I do/purchase/etc... with the though "is this safe for the kids?"

I don't think it's wise to babies with multiple fathers without marrying them.

But, I still think it must be heartbreaking and awful to live with the memory of the fire that killed your children.

I wish people were more responsible too, but the fact is they aren't and that doesn't mean they derserve to suffer. We all fall short, none of us are perfect.

PS -- I really had to laugh when you said "you wouldn't want another mom watching your kids" If you knew me in real life you would know I am the mom at the playground that is always there hovering around the kids. I am the mom that strange kids always come up and talk to and their mom/parent is nowhere in sight. I'm the one these poor little kids are always trying to get the attention of because I'm the only adult in sight. You really wouldn't believe some of the things I seen and heard from kids I don't even know.

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