Owings Mills, MD

#2 Apr 22, 2010
what makes you think that she is cheating on jeremy? she loves him so much. just because somebody has not been with jeremy because of him being in iraq the past couple months does not mean that she is cheating on him. ashley would not do that!!!
ha ha ha

United States

#3 Apr 23, 2010
becaue shes been with someone thats not jeremy. and that person bragged to me bout it.

Owings Mills, MD

#4 Apr 23, 2010
for incase you have not noticed, jeremy has been in iraq for awhile now. just because somebody says they have slept with somebody, does not mean that they have. ashley is loyal to jeremy, and would not be with anybody else. unless you have prof, other than somebody bragging to you, than you should just shut your mouth until you do have something.

Englewood, OH

#5 Apr 25, 2010
which ashley are we talkin about?

Baltimore, MD

#6 Apr 27, 2010
(hodge) nesbitt

Mason, OH

#7 Apr 27, 2010
total BS...she loves jeremy

Thermal, CA

#8 Apr 28, 2010
You people really need to grow up and shut up. Go get a freakin' life instead of worrying about everyone elses. Oh, that's right, you must not have a life if you have to come on here and put someone down. Ashely is a family member of mine and I know for a fact that she is NOT cheating on Jeremy. So why don't you get your shit straight before coming on here and starting crap. Jeremy is in Iraq right now fighting for your country and you are disrespecting him and his family. You should be ashamed of your self. So if you know what's good for you, you would shut the fuck up.

Columbus, OH

#9 Dec 10, 2010
Yes jeremy is awesome. but his wifes a hoe..believe me i would know. she didnt have very many nights alone while he was overseas! an thats a fact!

Columbus, OH

#10 Dec 10, 2010
ill second that. the bitch is very decieving. shes not worried about much but sitting on her ass an building that bank account!

United States

#11 Dec 14, 2010
as a friend of both jeremy an ashley...i feel bad for jeremy.its a known fact that ashley was messing around with more than one guy while jeremy was gone. its sad but he should know. i cant tell him because it would cause friction. i love ash...but not the way she has been to poor jeremy.

Flushing, NY

#13 Dec 16, 2010
For all of you low lifes on here with nothing better to do than start crap about soemthing you know nothing about, get a life and maybe a job. Then you will have less time to come up with your make believe stories to cause trouble for someone. As a mattter of fact, Ashley did not cheat on Jeremy while he was deployed! As a matter of fact the majority of the time she spent with me and my children, at my house. And for all the so called friends, such as intheknow, you absolutely know nothing about the situation or about being a true friend because if you did you wouldn't be on a gossis site talking about something you know nothing about and adding fuel to the fire that should not even exist! As a friend you would recognize that even if it were true, which its not, a real friend wouldn't talk about her behind her back. You would have the heart and balls to say it to her face! Not on some site with an anonymous name! Jealousy! That's what it is!
Family too

Morehead, KY

#14 Dec 16, 2010
I was with her every single day while Jeremy was away. So I'm pretty sure she was never messing around with anyone. Why don't you get your story straight. You weren't there with her everyday. I was. You didn't have to put up with the stress of not knowing if your husband was coming back safe. She did. You obviously don't know her very well. And as far as just sitting at home and "building that bank account" that's bull crap. She has a young daughter that she's raising and she's pregnant (with Jeremy's baby I might add). They don't even live in Adams County anymore. Unlike most of you idiots, she got out of the shitty town and her and Jeremy are trying to make a better life for their daughter. So instead of hiding behind your computer and behind a screen name, grow some balls and tell her to her face, assholes.

Fletcher, OH

#15 Dec 16, 2010
You people REALLY need to get a life. We aren't rich by any means, but we do just fine. I stay home to take care of my daughter because daycare is too expensive and I'd rather raise my daughter than someone else! My husband is in school to become a pilot. I'm also enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and can attend winter quarter if I want, but it was my husbands decision for me to stay home and spend my time with my family. Time that I didn't get for an entire YEAR. As for you who said I rarely spent a night're right! My best friend and my sister spent the night with me ALL THE TIME. I spent all my time at my mom's house with my sister or at my aunt's house. I hate being alone. Always have. As for cheating on my husband? NEVER. If you know so much about me, then why don't you come out and say who you really are? I'd really love to know. By the way, if you know so much about me, you would know that I'm also 8 weeks pregnant and living in Batavia, Oh! No longer Manchester! We are a very happy, healthy family and we are NOT getting a divorce. It's never even crossed out minds. Jeremy treats me and my daughter like queens and unlike you, I actually have RESPECT for myself, my friends and my family! Talk about "shame on you Ashley", shame on YOU. Someone needs to get their facts straight before coming on here and running their skanky, trashy mouth. At least I know I'm doing the right thing. I'm taking up for myself. I know the facts. I don't have to go around spreading lies about someone just for the fun of it and to make someone look bad. You're making yourself look like an idiot. Just remember, one of these days, I will find out who you are. Another thing, my husband is still in the Army so if I were you, I'd watch what you say. I can very easily get the JAG involved and have them find your IP addresses because you are degrading a US military personel and their family. Do you know that's illegal? Look it up. How disrespectful of you to say such things about my family. My husband fought for your country. For right to come on here and put us down. That's right US. When you get married, you become ONE. I actually respect my wedding vows.

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