Three charges dismissed in beating case

Three charges dismissed in beating case

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Stacey W

United States

#1 May 19, 2007
New Hampshire Union Leader Staff
19 hours, 4 minutes ago

MANCHESTER A judge dismissed three of four charges against a local man, accused of being the lookout in the beating and torture of a Merrimack woman during a West Side home invasion earlier this month.

Manchester District Court Judge Norman Champagne ruled there was no probable cause to charge Bryan Alwardt, 31, of 31-32 Dionne Drive, on criminal liability to burglary, criminal restraint or robbery. He found probable cause on the fourth charge -- criminal liability to second-degree assault.

That case was forwarded to Hillsborough County Superior Court for possible indictment by a grand jury. Alwardt's bail, originally set at $75,000 cash/surety, also was reduced to $10,000 cash/surety.

Alwardt still could be charged with the other offenses if prosecutors present those cases to a grand jury that then issues indictments.

Sgt. Thomas Gallagher, who testified at Thursday's probable cause hearing, said the victim in later interviews indicated Alwardt also participated in the brutal attack.

The judge did not issue a written order outlining why he dismissed those charges, but a public defender Soudabeh Tahmassebipour said Alwardt did not know the other three people and there was nothing to connect him to them.

City prosecutor Gregory Muller, however, told the judge Alwardt acted as a lookout in what he called a "vile and heinous" attack on King and warned the others police were there and to quiet down.

►Woman found bound and beaten in bathroom

The cases of Stephanie Nutter, 22, of Pepperell, Mass.; Robert Boudreau, 29, of 210 Courtland St., Apt. 10, Nashua; and Andrea Dunlop, 19, of Lowell, Mass., were also sent to Superior Court after they waived their probable cause hearings. They all asked for a lower bail, but the judge chose not to reduce the amounts.

Sgt. Thomas Gallagher testified at Thursday's hearing that 19-year-old Kelly King of Merrimack suffered one of the worst beatings he had ever seen in his 21 years on the police force.

He said the three intruders wanted retribution because they believed King took part in a Nashua home invasion. But, he said, she was beaten as part of an interrogation.

He and another officer entered Alwardt's apartment the night of May 8 after police received a call of a fight and a gun shot.

Gallagher forced his way into the bathroom after hearing a woman scream for help. They found King, severely beaten, bloodied and bruised, inside along with Nutter, Dunlop and Boudreau. King's legs were tightly bound with a nylon material, tape and an electrical cord.

Gallagher said King had been repeatedly punched, kicked and elbowed in the face and about her body. She was also beaten with a police baton, like those carried by law enforcement in Massachusetts. Dunlop allegedly flogged her with an extension cord.

She was also slashed on the legs by a sword, had a sock stuffed down her throat, strangled with a "ligature" -- an electrical cord-- and then manually choked, allegedly by Boudreau.

Cathy Guay, King's mother who attended Thursday's hearing, said her daughter is out of the hospital and recuperating in a safe environment.

"I believe there should be no bail especially since we found out he (Alwardt) has a four-year-old daughter. How would he like that to happen to his daughter?" she asked.


Nashua, NH

#2 May 18, 2008
Boudreau's address is wrong. Nutter's probably is too. There is no apt. 10, and no 210 Courtland st. Its 10 Courtland st. Thats it.. just # 10 Courtland. Try to get your facts straight!

Rehoboth, MA

#3 May 28, 2008
I still cant belive this is ture, i saw bob about a week befor this and everything was fine. i dated bob a few years back and never would i have thought he would do something like this.

Palm Harbor, FL

#4 May 28, 2008
i cant believe this shit! bob was always so mellow and drama free....and andrea n stephanie were always so quiet! what the hell happened??


#5 Oct 15, 2008
I am sorry that this happened , but for kelly to sit there and lie and make people feel bad for her. I saw her in court , she was all oh poor me . looking at them like hahha I got you know,and for kelly's mom. please learn hopw to be a mom !!! You think your daughter is so perfect.. What the hell are you smokin. Don't judge other people when you should be watching your own kid and making sure she stays clean.
I was at Andrea's last court date. Just Judge her when your daughter did the sam ething a few weeks back. Your daughter went to robert's house for drugs and money.. Don't be calling these kids losers , because your daughter is in the same boat. it's pretty sad.

East Hampton, CT

#6 Nov 18, 2008
She deserved it! This story is filled with so many LIES!

Monmouth, ME

#7 Dec 25, 2008
The reason that kelly got jumped like that is because her boyfriend at the time (no names) was offered by miss. king to set up these dudes to get robbed for some coke and money.
As soon as her man and his squad had found out exactly how good of a stick it was they decided to go stick these cats up.
well Karma is most defanitly a bitch, and shit came down on kelly on the long run, when the retaliation of what she had done came back and bit her in the proverbial ass.
****they should have finished the fuccin job****
this is kellyking bitches

Manchester, NH

#8 Mar 6, 2009
so everyone thinks i should have died... well guess what im still here and always will be! you think you know me but you dont. you all are nothing but internet wanna b gansta who know were i live. so if you want to come get some then come to my crib.... if i had them robbed they would have had to be bigger drug dealers then they thought they were. your so tough to talk shit on the internet but come to my house please... you are to much of a pussy and wanna keep talking shit on the internet. you cant touch me and neither could they! so if you want some come get. if not deal with it cuz they will get it in jail and out truest me bitchs!!!!!! have a great day:)

Litchfield, NH

#9 Mar 6, 2009
You people are freaking low lifes who deserve exactly what happened to my sister to happen to you. You guys are one to call the kettle black. F*ck all of you. Pieces of sh*t. Don't you people have anything better to do then sit here all day and talk sh*t about my sister. How is this, I hope all of you die! Maybe all of you should get your facts straight and see what is right in front of your faces. My sister is beautiful and I'm glad that she went through this attack because it made her a better and stronger person for it. So again, f*ck all of you! I hope Rob, Stephanie, Andrea and Bryan all sit in prison for the next couple of years and have to live with what they did to her. You guys have no f*cking right to sit here and talk sh*t. You were not part of what happened or the events leading up to it or after it. Keep her name out of your f*cking mouths.
Have a great day!

Nashua, NH

#10 Mar 6, 2009
ok you cool kids. you wanna talk about an event that was proven to have happened and the people were convicted. No matter how nice, calm or sweet they may have seemed to you...they were found guilty by the court...were any of you there? ohh ya didnt think so. if you did not see what happened then who are you to have anything to say about the situation? i am assuming that no one posting on this site is 8 years old, so lets act our ages shall we? as kelly has said above...if you had something to say she would MUCH rather hear it to her face then being a little pansy a** and posting cruel, asinine comments on a website. People make mistakes...i am positive that none of you are perfect little saints so how about instead of pointing the finger and wishing death on another person you take a look in the f*cking mirror for once at your own pathetic lives.
As for Kelly i am truly sorry that you had to go through that whole mess and i stand behind you a hundred percent no matter what. i think you are an amazing person and f*ck what any of these low lifes think.
Love you!

Manchester, NH

#11 Mar 7, 2009
Just so you all f*cking know how pathetic you truely are- my friend Jess and I googled this sh*t and at my fucking house and let my BEST FRIEND, Ms. King know all this.
You have no idea some of the atrocities that Ms. King endured because of this. And I bet my f*cking life, none of you would've been able to take on the emotional and BRUTALLY physical pain this girl has, and still be able to come out ontop.
You guys have no idea what respect is. These people were CONVICTED IN A COURT OF LAW. You know,'SHOWN GUILTY BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT.' Hung by THEIR OWN JURY. This DID happen. AND as a MATTER of fact, Ms. King STILL even after EVERYTHING, left HALF of what really happened to her out of it, those would've been MORE charges, and they would be sitting in jail for MUCH longer than they are going to. The fact of the matter is that the case was allready as bad as it could've been without Ms. King lying about anything- and that's been proven as I said. They made their own beds. Time to lie in it, B*TCHES.
As for the rest of you. Let's act our ages and not our shoe sizes, and mind your own f*cking business. If you all are so TOUGH over the internet, how come all of US, left our REAL NAMES, and you b*tches used acronyms. It's pretty pathetic that all you pu**ys could look like such d*cks. For real, grow a pair, and realize how much you all suck @ life for posting sh*t on the INTERNET. Like it's been said before,'talking sh*t on the internet is like playing in the special olympics- even if you win, you're still f*cking retarded.' Point proven.

Hanover, NH

#12 Mar 7, 2009
Thanks so much Chelsea and Jocelyn. You guys have been proven to be great friends of both my sister and I. Chelsea, you made a good point on how these people can not even use their real names while we all are. I love your last sentence... it is very true these people are retards. My sis is gorgeous and I really don't think anyone else could go through what she went through and still come out on top. Thank you for supporting her.

Union, NJ

#14 Aug 5, 2009
I Don't beileve this bullcrap. I'm going thru a home invasion right now. I was at a party I was invited 2 a door gets kicked in I'm trying to break up a fight and I get charged cause the so called vicims don't like me...... someone email me back I need advice . [email protected]
Know your facts

Manchester, NH

#15 Oct 6, 2010
Before anything else I need to say that no one should ever have to go through such an attack like Kelly went through no matter how stupid you are for being involved in drugs, although with saying that, one must realize that when being involved in drugs since before you were a teenager that it comes along with risks and danger. If you need to have a juvenile probation officer while your in high school because your involved in drugs and drama, where do you think that's going to get you in your future???
That's pretty said when your own sister Krystal says shes glad that the attack happened to her sister because it made Kelly a stronger and better person! What? Kelly wasn't a strong and good person before the attack?? Oh ya that's right, she delt with drugs. Point made.
Moving on...lets get one thing straight. Only 3 people were involved in the beating. Yes 3. Having known Bryan Alwardt for over 10 years, had he known the extent of the beating that was happening he would have called police. He hates drama, hence why he was outside smoking a cigarette minding his own business.
Being accused of being "a part" of the beating is actually being A PART of the beating, meaning hands on people! Therefore Bryan was NOT A PART of the beating. Kelly has 7 DIFFERENT made up stories over the past 4 years of what happened and what Bryan did. Even a psychologist says that when you've been involved in drugs so long like Kelly has that they tend to lie. NO SHIT, you think?! Besides, If I had gotten beaten up and my eyes were swollen shut I wouldn't know who was doing what, right Kelly?
Oh and instigating people to come to your "crib" to come face to face with you,... I would've thought you learned your lesson already but you sound like the person who brings shit onto yourself. Everybody gets whats coming to them and haven't had enough. It's called Karma...Just keep that in mind when you falsely accuse someone of doing something they never did.

Essex Junction, VT

#16 Dec 13, 2010
Kelly King deserved it. They should have cut all her hair off and finished the job- woulda done the world a favor

Manchester, NH

#17 Dec 16, 2011
DO NOT threaten my cousin again, or if I found out you do, then GROW SOME BALLS AND COME SPEAK WITH HER OR MYSELF ABOUT IT.
Hide behind your keyboard some more, pussies. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin 't skkuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee eed.

Hudson, NH

#18 Apr 8, 2012
You people are disgusting to say this. While i recently met kelly she in no way deserves what happened! They were all there when a COP forced his way in and found them. NO ONE deserves that. We are all human and do things in life that may be regrettable. Those people deserve to rot in prison. If they did it once they will do it again. How would you people feel if that was your mother, sister, daughter, or even friend who was beaten savagely? And to say they should have finished the job? Really? What gives you the right do decided whose life is worth living. I am glad that Kelly is recovered physically even though I'm sure she will suffer emotionally forever. I hope they rot in jail because I wouldn't want them living in my neighborhood that's for sure! Don't let them get to you kelly... These people are idiotic!

Nashua, NH

#19 Sep 10, 2012
Well Being one of Bobs buddies, I will say this she did something to provoke the attack, and lied on the stand. His co defendants even said he was not involved yet she needed to make sure she didn't get her payback by other friends of bobs.(I know for a fact Bob never had to rape ANYONE, he can get it from others and Kelly I may not know you but I know your not that special ;)) I will not threaten you Kelly because I do not need to lower myself to the level of some chick that hides behind others, then cries why me when she gets hers. I fought for this country, and I will say and do what I please on the internet. If I ran into you I would not do anything to you (I mean we all already know your a thief a snitch not to mention a low life addict) Good luck in life, We are planning a big coming home party for Bob, he served his time no matter how unjust.
Now his friends, the ones that have NO DOUBT you did something to get what you got <~~ I am not saying it is right,Will be there to support a really good guy. I would have handled retribution on the right side of the law. Unfortunately I was not there to advise on this matter.:D Kayla you recently met her, which means you do not fully know her, and you have not met and hung out with the defendants, so you cannot judge different time different place.

Kelly I read your above comment as well, for someone that was terrorized your awfully willing to put yourself in harms way again by threatening others!<~~ Another way to work on the right side of the law. I wouldn't recommend people come to my home, provoking another attack, a good lawyer would find that and use it against you on the stand, thus making you less of a convincing victim and more of the instigator of the problem, maybe even view you as a party to the crime. Talking trash to people over the internet because they are talking trash over the internet proves nothing, but leaves a trail of proof. I already page shot this, you know in case we need this for any future court proceedings. This is a good show of character, and a great show of what dropping out of school does for your IQ. OK I am done. Thank you ladies(ha) for the smiles! Good luck in your future endeavors, I wish you all the best!

Nashua, NH

#20 Sep 10, 2012
Oh and I share your sisters name, It's Crystal. So before you all say OH WON'T EVEN POST HER NAME.:) Do you think posting my first name is going to help you out? Nah didn't think so :). Take it easy ladies(ha I did it again)

Warner, NH

#22 Oct 27, 2015
SMH wrote:
I still cant belive this is ture, i saw bob about a week befor this and everything was fine. i dated bob a few years back and never would i have thought he would do something like this.
I can believe it he isn't as innocent as everyone thinks. He is a manipulating Liar

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