royal wrote:
I've heard him tell someone you aren't together too, he is just using you ive seen him do alot of chicks that way sit and think about it. He owes ALOT of people money that he never pays back including drug dealers so don't be shocked if he doesnt get the sh*t kicked ot of him or even end up dead you cant do drug dealers that way that is how they take care of their family. He has been messing with chicks with boyfriends and husbands too and if one I heard was true that girls man will beat the holy f$%@ out of him this guy has pull he is little but he is tough we will see though that guy is crazy about that woman man ive seen him fight someone over her. And i dont want to seem like a jerk but from what ive sseen you aren't his usual type he has went out woth some pretty gals just giving friendly advice wake up and smell the bull$hit girl!
chip off of the old block.