Williston, SC

#136 Dec 21, 2007
Darrin wrote:
I've owned game chickens for the biggest part of my life. I work every day and no i am not a drug pusher like everyone associates cock fighting with. Our foure-fathers fought chickens for hundreds of years. I mean George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others like that. Hell even Benjamin Franklin wanted to make it the National bird of our country. If you know anything about game chickens, thats what they are born to do. If you have 100 roosters and turn them all loose at one time, they will be one survivor if any. They will fight to the death regardless of whether they have gaffs or knives on them. People think that you have to train them to fight. WRONG
Thats why you see them separated in peoples yards, if they can get to each other they will kill each other. Now the gambling part YES it is bad. But what is just as bad is when the Government Officals come in just like in Texas and confiscate them. They can't keep them separated and from fighting each other, so they gas them and put them to sleep. What's the difference? Death is Death. Gamecocks only have a brain the size of B-B. They really don't feel that much of pain. I also think that there is nothing no prettier than a nice full feathered gamecock. So you people that thinks it's so bad, Sorry but thats just what they are and what they do to survive.
Actually Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the Turkey the national bird...not the chicken.

London, KY

#138 Dec 22, 2007
well we fight chickens every weekend the law dont care one of the constables is my security guard you people need to shut your mouths most of you people talkin is wife beaters i bet

Camberley, UK

#140 Dec 23, 2007
What makes you assume that? Just because you fight animals to the death and then beat up your own species afterwards doesn't mean we don't have better, compassionate and more productive things to do with our lives.

And no we don't need to shut our mouths because we arn't talking we're typing and this is an open forum! duh!

Somerset, KY

#141 Dec 25, 2007
ppl that have game chickens take care of them just like they are their kids...strict diets, exercise, fresh air, etc...whether they have heels or no heels, they are going to kill each other...the gambling part is bad, it only causes arguments and illegal income... but what im saying is, it may not be the right thing to do, but it is definitely not cruelty to animals..
now what

Fulton, NY

#142 Dec 26, 2007
Chicken fighting shows your ignorance and how pathetic you really are. A bunch of grown men with nothing better to do than torture animals and make money on it by gambling. Hey, I got an idea!!! Get a job and get off the draw and then you wouldn't have time to abuse animals.

Fulton, NY

#144 Dec 30, 2007
we don't torture them you retard, you are the ignorant one, maybe you should read the posts...these chickens have better lives than most ppl in clay co..they are treated like gold, if you want to get technical, chickens aren't animals, they are FOWL...that's the reason the law was changed, dogs are animals, chickens are called fowl...you make dogs fight, gamefowl are gonna do what they do no matter what happens, like it or not....at least the ppl that fight them take care of them.....not everybody that fights game fowl is on the draw either, roy jones jr is one of the most successful athletes in the world and he owns hundreds of gamefowl, and they are in just as good of shape as he is, and they have a better home than most of the sorry ass fuckers in clay co....and game fowl is a job, its a 24 hours a day 365 days a year job...thats how well these fowl are treated...before you start running your mouth, maybe you should know what you are talking about first, you really do need a check...

Williston, SC

#145 Dec 30, 2007
Cockfighting is a blood-sport...keyword blood. Those of you who participate in this sport should find better and more productive things to do with your time. Say what you want, but cockfighting is cruel. How would you feel if someone locked you in a ring and forced you to fight someone to near death...or in some cases death. Oh wait, that happened...in ancient Rome fighters were made to fight to the death for the entertainment of the spectators. Pretty sad and arcaic in my opinion.
now what

Calvert City, KY

#146 Dec 30, 2007
If game fowl is a job retard, do you turn your winnings from gambling in to the IRS? Before you go running your mouth you big hilljack, maybe you should know what you are talking about. Are you treating those chickens like gold when you strap razors to them and put them in a pit to fight? I think not. Makes no difference if its a fowl, dog, cat or human. Making money on something fighting to the death is wrong and it is torture. Get on that boat and float you loser!!

Baguio City, Philippines

#148 Jan 20, 2008
Yeh! Yeh! It's okey for Hillary to support abortion rights but it's a damn sin to fight a rooster! Hell, what kind of people are you Yankees? Chicken is chicken wherever you get them-McDonald's, Kentucky, or Kenny Rogers. At least the fightingcock has a fair chance to a noble death...

Stanford, KY

#149 Jan 21, 2008
Chanticleer wrote:
Yeh! Yeh! It's okey for Hillary to support abortion rights but it's a damn sin to fight a rooster! Hell, what kind of people are you Yankees? Chicken is chicken wherever you get them-McDonald's, Kentucky, or Kenny Rogers. At least the fightingcock has a fair chance to a noble death...
a noble death????? You are a goof ball. And abortion is murder!!!

Madisonville, KY

#150 Jan 29, 2008
u people need to let da gays alone.

Doniphan, MO

#154 Feb 1, 2008
Heather wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh sure it is only a couple of people who get offended - more like a couple of million! You can abuse PETA and animal charities all you want but at the end of the day most of them are only being caring people, just like any children's charities or homeless charities. And at the end of the day all Cocking-fighting comes down to is money and people's sick entertainment!
Is it the murdering of 97% of the dogs in their care last year that proves that they are caring? Is it the murdering of EVERY game rooster that has been in their care that makes them caring? Is it the burning of animal research facilities and assaults of research scientists that proves that they are caring? Maybe it is Ingrid Newkirk's admitted bestiality practices that proves that they are caring? Perhaps you are referring to their senior vice president's use of insulin, a drug that was tested on animals,that makes you believe that they are caring. Are you aware that PETA, ALF, and other animal rights organizations are considered to be domestic terrorist organizations by the FBI? Maybe you are referring to PETA's practice of answering ads for free puppies and immediately gassing them after putting no effort whatsoever to finding them a home that makes you believe that they are caring. I am not sure which of these things you are referring to as the deeds of a caring person, so please enlighten me.

It all boils down to donations. People like you want that "warm fuzzy feeling" that you get from doing a good deed, so they donate to anyone who claims to be working for a good cause without doing any research. Meanwhile the Humane Society of the United States is swindling millions of dollars from FEMA, promising to use it for rescue of pets that were victims of Hurricane Katrina, then finding themselves in Federal Court because they only rescued a handful of animals with those millions. Meanwhile they collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for a special fund to care for Michael Vick's dogs. The dogs were all killed by lethal injection within 3 days after the HSUS took possession of the dogs. I hardly believe that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed those dogs for 3 days (if they were even fed at all), and then pay for single injection. PETA, meanwhile is collecting millions of dollars for the protection of animals, and instead using that money to contribute to the legal funds of people who are charged with domestic terrorism. I think you are mistaken about which group's cause "only comes down to money".

Before you bother disputing anything that I have said, do some research. Stop being a sheep waiting for the shepherd to tell you what to do next and think for yourself, and you will find that PETA is every animal's worst enemy.

United States

#157 Feb 2, 2008
Great post rstrman! By the way, if you have never owned game fowl, you have no right to make arguments against them. That would be like a person who has never had children, tell you how to raise yours...JMO
just a clay co girl

Ashburn, VA

#158 Feb 2, 2008
i have been around chickens my whole life and i dont see anything at all wrong with fighting them if you dont like it then dont pay any attention to it mind your own and dont worryabout what everyone else is doing with their time!!
i love rooster fighting and i will die loving it!!!

Austin, TX

#160 Feb 10, 2008
rstrman you certainly speak the truth. I should have made my name rstrman because I agree with you so much. The best part is that you left the opinions out of it all and instead did nothing more than give the verifiable facts! Great Job!

United States

#161 Feb 11, 2008
i never really supported it ,but i've been to chicken farms.seems to me the fighting roosters lead a much better life
being fed and groomed from his trainer. go to a chicken farm if you want to see cruelty,20-25 chickens in a 3ft. by 3ft cage. they live in filthy horrible unsanitary conditions go some time and look at the chickens eyes they have them strung out on some sort of drug. I suspect speed.
and peta people seriously you can't control the world because you have this hangup about animals.of course all peta people have to be vegetarians,don't they ? otherwise there arguments are kind of thin.(anorexic) think its time they start complaining about lobsters. then they could inadvertanly ruin some of the fishermens lives. and of course those guys that keep a dog out in the weather so they can hunt twice a year,they're sportsmen they 're not cruel they're animal lovers. idiots

Taylors, SC

#163 Feb 27, 2008
hello everyone, chicken fighting ,good subject
I love chickens

Macon, GA

#164 Feb 27, 2008
Maybe chickens do have a small brain, but so do alot of humans I know. I have pet chickens and they are NOT stupid. They come when I call them, they want to be petted just like any other animal, they are great pets for kids. You can teach them tricks just like you can dogs. They are not creatures without feelings. Its cruel to let roosters fight just for entertainment. I would get pretty hostile if someone bothered one of my chickens. And just for the record, not all cocks that are removed from their owners for fighting are put to sleep, so are adopted by kind hearted people who hate cock fighting just as much as I do.

Somerset, KY

#165 Feb 27, 2008
you dum mfers rooster fighting is something you will never get rid of you might fk with us but you will wish you hadn't
bulldog lunsford

Lexington, KY

#166 Feb 28, 2008
bulldog lunsford is going to get crawdad to let everybody fight chickens anytime they want and he is running for magistrate in district 6 and he fights chickens and when he wins you will see that he will take care of all you people that wants chicken fighting stopped so just vote for him and you might even get to fight chickens at the fiscal court meetings.

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