Religious Cults run amuck

London, KY

#21 Oct 29, 2013
the barrett family are satanic. "witches" everything they say, preach or do is a lie.

London, KY

#22 Oct 29, 2013
I think that a lot of these christian 'churches' are only a pretence. whether you believe it or not the Illuminati DOES in fact exist. they have infiltrated every society on the face of the earth. they're in Manchester KY just like they're in every other town and city across the globe. not all but some of these churches are aligned with the illuminati and you really don't know who you're serving. it's troubling times. they work through politics, religion, and every other form of social gatherings. they're placed there to brainwash the masses to bend to their will. They lead people to believe that they are worshipping the holy god, when in fact, a lot of them are worshipping Lucifer "satan" call me crazy, but if everyone would just "wake up" they would see all this evidence that supports this.

London, KY

#23 Oct 29, 2013
the truth really is stranger than fiction.
pass the copperhead

Barbourville, KY

#24 Oct 29, 2013
sha la my a la hala my a me oh my oh

Brodhead, KY

#25 Oct 29, 2013
Do any churches in clay co talk in tongues
pass the copperhead

Barbourville, KY

#26 Oct 29, 2013
only the crazy ones, sim sim sa la bim , just head up any holler an listen.

Manchester, KY

#27 Oct 29, 2013
In the book of james it tells you what and how you ask for a healing. It does not have to be a preacher minister or whoever to do that. In fact you can anoint your on self and ask father to heal you if it be his will. You must be obedient and do as father tells you, you anoint with the oil of our people and its not the oil but your obedient that will get a healing if and only if it is father will. I hope that tells you people the ones you see slapping, shoving or what ever else they pretend to do is just a farce put on to make out like they are so holy they don't have to do as father says.

United States

#28 Oct 29, 2013
abc wrote:
Do any churches in clay co talk in tongues
Yes! Many individuals in several congregations speak in tongues.

Manchester, KY

#29 Oct 30, 2013
The speaking in tongues as they call it is nothing more than a tradition handed down by so called preachers. It like the handling of snakes, drinking poison or handling fire is just man mis understanding what God word is saying. I know most of you have heard of the Pentecostal tongue spoken by the disciples, it was not unknown in fact when they spoke it was in languages of all peoples so know one was left out to understand what was said. All it means in the word when it says speaking in tongue is speaking a language you was not born with, that is why you must have an interrupter with you when you speak to people who are not familiar with the English language. It is so sad preachers just run with what they have heard and never study for themselves what God word says. Let me ask you this have you all read where it says you must hate your mother father, brother or sister before you can follow Christ, does that sound like God wants you to hate your family when his commandment says honor or love thy mother and father. Think about that before you start saying everything man interrupts from the bible is the truth. Read and learn people read and learn that is what father wants from all of us.

Hazard, KY

#30 Oct 30, 2013
Please enlighten us on some of these so called "cult churches" give a few names.
Give em a break

Naperville, IL

#31 Oct 30, 2013
You know they are churches that are anointed by the power of God. And they are not a so called "cult" church. Some churches are truly God House. I have seen the pastor and others lay hands on but not "smack" the person and they go out in the spirit. People get the Holy Ghost and talk in tongues. I think it is a shame that some people will get on here and try to ruin the churches. So why not if you don't believe in God just keep your mouth shut.

Manchester, KY

#32 Oct 30, 2013
I know for a fact God can heal, when he does it not because of some preacher or others. It is the faith the one receiving the healing has that father can heal. You know you can anoint your self with the oil of our people and ask god if it be his will to heal you. You can anoint your home and ask father to heal it that is to get rid of anything evil in it or to keep evil from entering your home in someone else. Why is it people try to make it seem preachers or the congregation is doing the healing, only father can heal. As for speaking in tongues, let me ask you do you all ever look up that word in the Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic to see what the manuscripts definition to tongues is. Look I hope you all know the bible has been translated from the original manuscripts which were Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, and in doing so they are words used in English translation that was either on purpose or due to the translator unable to fix words that meant what the original manuscripts said. Take easter for example, in the manuscripts easter is not in it. The manuscripts calls it passel which is Passover our highest Sabbath. If you really interested look up easter in a dictionary and then tell me that is a religious word. I am not demeaning anyone just trying to make you people open your eyes and find out Gods word is not difficult to understand if you just put aside all the traditions and hand me down beliefs that preachers have used to teach their flocks. Do any of you people know who the Kenites are, find out who they are then you know why such things as easter, and so many other false teaching are happening. Let me ask this one thing I hope you will answer what happened in the garden of eden?

Barbourville, KY

#33 Oct 30, 2013
i looked in mark 16 chapter of 4 different bible versions, all said serpent, none said poison serpent. none said you should act a fool neither.

Manchester, KY

#34 Oct 30, 2013
Am not sure who you posting your response to there shout but I never said poison serpent, I did say they think they can drink poison and handle snakes , use fire and so forth to prove they believers. All it means when its say about serpent, that is a name for satan, poison is what satans word will do if you listen to him, it does not mean go out there pick up a snake. A snake is just one of fathers creations and it will bite you if you ignorant enough to fool with it. Why do man make fathers word so unbelievable with pure nonsense, if they would just study and use some common sense they would know satans name is serpent, he is poison and you will burn with hell fire if you follow him.

Mount Vernon, KY

#35 Oct 30, 2013
Just wondering COALMINER, What is your true religion? Do you go to church Anywhere? If so, Where?

Manchester, KY

#36 Oct 30, 2013
Just a Christian am a non denominational believer, just someone who got fed up with seeing and hearing man passing down all these traditions so I got my bible a strongs concordance and went by what an old bible teacher said, study for yourself, ask for help from father and use my common sense. I had heard many years ago eve ate an apple so as some who love to eat apples that never sounded right to me. So I started listening to a old teacher who not once ask for money, not once said he knew everything and not once claimed to belong to and church. I started reading found out like that verse saying you must hate your father, mother, brother or sister in order to follow Christ. That did not sound right so I check out that word hate, got a surprise when in Hebrew and greek it meant you must love your family less than Christ not hate them. Same way with easter, dictionary says it a pagan holiday and yet it got stuck in scriptures, so I check out the manuscripts easter no where in them but passel or Passover was. Just like you hear them say rapture, not know where in the word of god, found out it started with a young sick woman named Margret Macdonald who was ill . they were some priest there heard her saying something about being taken out so they took that and started the rapture theory. Even though Margret Macdonald said it seem to feel evil and wicked when she was telling it. That is why I study for myself, watch a old bible teacher that not ashamed to say I make mistakes am just a human so check out what I say. Hope that answers your question curious, no church, preacher or congregation can get you into heaven, bible was written for all people not just those who call themselves preachers. If you got a good bible teaching preacher and church, count your blessing, they very few of them.

Barbourville, KY

#37 Oct 30, 2013
And hell is not place, it is a thing. A grave
Jump Jive

Flat Lick, KY

#38 Oct 30, 2013
shout wrote:
And hell is not place, it is a thing. A grave
now just how do you figure that?

London, KY

#39 Oct 30, 2013
apple wrote:
barrett family the same way they care less about save a soul its all about dollar bill
that is how they have all that they have. The only one that works is old perv homer,,,I'm sure he don't make enough money to dress them all (and lord knows there is a lot of them) in there nice suites and expensive dresses, not to mention the homes, land and tour bus,,,they are a joke!!! I could tell some stories...and really none of my business i just hate when people think that they have everyone fooled and do all they do in the name of Jesus ...

Barbourville, KY

#40 Oct 30, 2013
Jump Jive wrote:
<quoted text>
now just how do you figure that? achings/otherbibleteachings/he llandgrave.asp

there are several more refrences .. just google greek for hell or grave

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