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The Truth: David Bennett and Waste Not Technologies (WNT) -- First In A Series

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The Truth

West Lafayette, IN

#1 Jan 14, 2010
Beginning today, this site will regularly provide updates of researched information concerning Golden Green Solutions’ CEO David Bennett and its phony subsidiary – Waste Not Technologies – and other affiliates. All information contained therein can be independent confirmed and verified by any truth-seeking individual, including lazy reporters and city and economic development officials in Manchester, Ky; Bessemer, Ala; Abilene and Herington, Kan; Van Buren County, Mich; and Okmulgee, Okla., who have failed to conduct an independent due diligence or financial audit of Mr. Bennett and his companies.
Notwithstanding the fact that many small rural communities are desperate for manufacturing jobs and economic development projects, these officials have obviously failed in their obligation to protect their communities from such con artist, Ponzi schemers and fraudulent and evil people who have no regard for the truth. In fact, Mr. Bennett and those associate with this scheme are on par with crimes committed by Bernie Madoff and alleged crimes by Sir Allen Stanford of Stanford Financial. In fact, a recent report stated that more than 150 different Ponzi Schemes and other such financial scams across the U.S. have robbed Americans of nearly $1 trillion.
Fraudulent scams like WNT and other schemes created by Bennett and his associates are especially insidious and evil because they target entire communities, mostly in rural areas with largely uneducated workers. However, they often go unreported or prosecuted because most city officials are too embarrassed and don’t want to lose their jobs. Smalltown reporters are often just not savvy enough to report on such crimes, or don’t have the financial background or time to investigate.
However, even a simple-minded person can easily surmise at first glance or on face value -- that something is not right when a person with no known business background or success, no experience in the complex waste-to-energy field, no known access to capital, or no references regarding his experience, tells seven different mayors in six states that he can build seven recycling projects totaling well over $1 billion – all at the same time.
This is only one of several so-called “green energy” scams that are now sweeping the country, mainly because of federal dollars earmarked for such projects. In future series, this site will also bring to light other companies that are now involved in ongoing schemes, including Dynamotive and Phoenix Renewable Energy.

This first series will take a look at the bio of David Bennett, contained at this non-working Web site. The cached link has been preserved at the following link for your perusal: cache:Dn93SqA2ktAJ:www.gghllc. com/Bios_DRBennett.html+david+ r.+bennett+bio+waste+not+techn ology&cd=4&hl=en&c t=clnk&gl=us

Each note will be contained under the Topix subject entitled, WNT: The Truth. Each series’ note will be posted chronologically and contain both the lie that David Bennett has publicly stated in his bio, and the real truth --- which can easily be researched and verified by any individual, reporter, or public official with computer access and the ability to read public documents.

The first series note begins below.
David Bennett bio

West Lafayette, IN

#3 Jan 14, 2010
LIE No. 2: Mr. Bennett's bio says he founded Bennett Enterprises in Waycross, Georgia in 1992. He said he was CEO and sold the company to Stair Parts, Inc. in 1994.

The TRUTH: There are no records at the Florida or Georgia State Departments for David R. Bennett as founder or officer of Bennett Enterprises. However, four different companies under the name "Bennett Enterprises" have been registered in Georgia, but none with David R. Bennett as registering agent or company officer. To date, all of those businesses have been dissolved or their licenses revoked, and none have filed financial statements, been in operation more than 12 months, and/or were active between 1992 and 994, the years Mr. Bennett's bio say his company was in operation.
Furthermore, additionally there is no record of a Stairs Parts Inc. registered (ever) with the State of Georgia. Of the more than 100 corporate filings in Mr. Bennett's name in Georgia, Florida, Nevada and other states, one can surmise that Mr. Bennett has in past dealings using both different names and different versions of his current moniker, and he may be now operating under an assumed identity. Additionally, he has used both family members and close associates in his shell companies as registering agents.
David Bennett bio

West Lafayette, IN

#4 Jan 14, 2010
LIE No. 3: From 1994 until 1998, Mr. Bennett said he was owner and founder of Quality Millworks in Albany and Waycross, Ga. He also lied that his list of customers included Ford Motor Company (Southern Ford Dealership Association), Wal-Mart (Southern Wal-Mart of 5 states), Georgia Lotto School Building program, and the Southern Hospital and medical millworks customers. Mr. Bennett further embellished that he grew the company to an $28 million annual gross and in 1998, sold the company to Roth Construction.

THE TRUTH: Four companies with the Quality Millworks named are filed with the State of Florida. All of these companies were founded more than a decade before 1994, the year Mr. Bennett said he founded his company. Additionally, all of these companies are now inactive.
Additionally, no record of Mr. Bennett's mammoth tale that he sold the company (with annual sales of $28 million) in 1998 to Roth Construction can be found in Georgia state corporate filings, or the archives of newspapers or business journals in Albany or Waygross, Ga., the cities were this supposed deal occurred.
Further emails and calls made to both the Georgia Lottery and Roth Construction of Florida indicate that neither party has ever heard of/or done business with Mr. Bennett. Quality Millworks or any associated business entity. Further, a Florida government official said that funds raised from the state lottery have never been use in building projects. Additionally, Freedom of Information records indicate that Mr. Bennett, Quality Millworks or any other associated company has ever done business with the State of Georgia, or ever submitted a request for proposed bid.
The Real Truth

West Lafayette, IN

#11 Jan 15, 2010
LIE No. 4: After developing a few patent pending products, including a plastic based laminate countertop, in 2001, Mr. Bennett moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He began working and studying the Municipal Solid Waste market, to find ways to manufacture from waste streams. He began Waste Not Technologies, researching ways to begin recycling and re-manufacturing 100% of the MSW waste streams.
Along with studying the MSW streams, Mr. Bennett invested in PWB Millworks in 2003. PWB Millworks was located in Atlanta and Alma, GA. After building a $33 million sales portfolio, in 2005, Mr. Bennett sold his shares to the managing members.

The TRUTH -- There are no patent, trademarks or patent pending products filed with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) with Mr. Bennett as owner, investor, or assignee. Further, none of the registered shell companies with Mr. Bennett as owner or founder has [read] has any patents, trademarks or patent pending products have submitted applications to the USTPO-.
Further, no university, trade association or research clearinghouse in the United States has partnered, supported, or has any record of research on waste-to-energy technology submitted for verification by Mr. Bennett and/or any WNT subsidiaries or associates.
Finally, there is no record in Florida or Georgia between 2003 and 2005, the years that Mr. Bennett told the whale of a lie that he invested in and built to $33 million in sales. However, a Marietta, Ga. man, not associated with Bennett, incorporate PWB Millworks in JUne 2005. Seven months, that shell company became inactive and was revoked by the state of Georgia.
The Real Truth

West Lafayette, IN

#12 Jan 15, 2010
LIE NO. 5 -- In 2006, Mr. Bennett said he started Blue Ribbon Millworks along with other partners. After acquiring sales of $58 million, Mr. Bennett lied that he bought his partners’ shares of the company late in 2006. Also, in 2006, Mr. Bennett began laying down his market plan for Waste Not Technologies, completing his research and development for WNT. He began presenting WNT to prospective partners and funding groups. Also, Mr. Bennett purchased industrial property and manufacturing facility in the Shoals Industrial Park, 63,000 S.F. on 6.7 acres for use as WNT Shoals.

The TRUTH -- The company (Blue Ribbon Millworks) that Mr. Bennett said he acquired with sales of $58 million in 2006 was revoked by the State of Florida in Sept. 2007. Mr. Bennett did not acquire this company, but simply paid a $10 filing fee to the Florida State Department in Nov. 2006 to create a defunct LLC (partnership) with no employees, assets or revenue. The LLC is now inactive because Bennett failed to file an annual report, which used by Florida and most states to confirm if a company is actively involved in business enterprise, to confirm officers and a current address, or to find out if a company simply exists as a shell. The company had no sales, no office of business and conducted no business enterprise.
In regards to purchasing industry property and manufacturing facility at the Bull Shoals (Alabama) Industrial Park, officials there say they have never done any business with David Bennett, WNT, Waste Not Technologies, and any associated entities.
The Shoals Industrial Park Web site has no information or listings of Mr. Bennett’s so-called “WNT Shoals.”
The Real Truth

West Lafayette, IN

#13 Jan 15, 2010
LIE No. 6 --- Mr. Bennett lied that he began studying the solid waste and biomass industry to develop ideas and patents for manufacturing from waste. He lied again that he founded a biomass project in Cimarron, NM, GreenTech Mills, LLC, to manufacture moldings and fuel cubes from a timber and slash removal program formed with the Cimarron Watershed Alliance. He further lied that the moldings will be sold to niche market, while the fuel cubes will be sold for blending with coal as an energy source or as cellulose for the ethanol market. Also, He embellished that he founded GreenTech Energy, LLC, a surface mining company that acquires coal in the 10,000 to 13,000 BTU range with ready access to rail, then ships the coal to a blending facility where it will be blended with a biomass based fuel to create a “green coal” fuel product.

THE TRUTH: All of the associated companies mentioned above as been founded by Mr. Bennett are simply shell companies with no assets, no revenue and no paid employees. The corporate filings of these empty shells, many of which are inactive and/or have been dissolved or revoked by by Georgia, Florida and Nevada, can easily be research at those states’ respective State Departments or Departments of Commerce.
The biggest lie by Mr. Bennett is his tall tale about his surface mining company that has developed a “green coal” fuel product.
Today, there is no commercially available technology to make “green coal,” or even clean coal are reality. A recent Washington Post story has said with respect to clean coal technology,“Clean Coal – Don’t Try to Shovel That.” The writer said:“Personally, I would like to shovel the idea of “clean coal” into the ridiculous ideas bin where it belongs.”

Madisonville, KY

#17 Jan 15, 2010
I think calling Tim Couch and every other politician that showed up at that ground breaking is a wonderful idea. I think they should all know what big scam artists our mayor has been doing business with. I'm sure the one the one from the governors office will be thrilled to find out what a big scam wasted his time that day.

CLAY COUNTY PROUD. Makes me just warm inside when I think about all that pride floating around while they were making a deal with the devil.

London, KY

#18 Jan 15, 2010
this is exactley why we have nothing in clay co. everytime something starts to happen all people have to do is get on here and criticize every move made. How much money has came into the county since they started moving dirt and it is just now getting started. give MAYOR LEWIS a break you can see what she has done for manchester and she has at least got some money flowing in the community. Check ELZAS payroll for Clay CO. people for just one week after he is in full swing and just look at what a impact this will have on our community. Hats off to the LADY for all she has done and she is only getting started. If you dont like MAYOR LEWIS and respect her for what she has done move your ass somewhere else. We need more of her calibur in other offices in the county and we would really see a huge impact. She has done this with NO help from the county judge whatsoever. The one and only quarell i have with MAYOR LEWIS is she should run for representave or senator then this LADY could and would do something great for our county. Go MAYOR LEWIS you have more supporters than you can imagine. THANK YOU MAYOR

Madisonville, KY

#19 Jan 15, 2010
I should move out of town because I don't like the mayor's decisions. She's elected into that office. She is the one that's temporary in that office, I own my property. I'm not going anywhere. You must have lost your mind, telling people to move out of town if they don't like the mayor. I'm really laughing at you now.
Mostly Reads

Harrison, AR

#20 Jan 15, 2010
If this is all made up GARBAGE why don't the Mayor tell the people of Manchester? All these threads is making her look guilty, whether she is or not.

Moline, IL

#167 Mar 18, 2010
I dealt with this guy a few years ago, and the lying scam artist cost me $200k. He's completely full of shit, pretends to have substantial resources, etc when he has nothing.
Big Loser Canton Georgia

Canton, GA

#168 Apr 11, 2010
David Bennett is a con artist and I am just now coming out of Bankruptcy thanks to this guy. He is a complete waste of time and a huge liar

London, KY

#169 Jan 17, 2012
Where is David??
chuck is mad

Mount Vernon, KY

#170 May 1, 2012
The current city council needs to explain why our money was wasted. Just read this stuff. Why did they fall for it? Dumb ?
eldorado man

Gray, GA

#171 Jul 22, 2013
hes currently in Nashville georgia. scamming people from a church his father stole from a friend of like to see him get his and his fake ass preacher father
eldorado man

Douglas, GA

#172 Aug 27, 2013
George wrote:
Where is David??
Tom Quinn - Ex CSXT RR

Fernandina Beach, FL

#173 Jun 8, 2014
I was in Waste Sales & Marketing with CSXT Railroad back in the early 2000's and Mr Bennett called me several times about having a meeting in his Birmingham offices to discuss moving some of our current waste streams by rail into his new 'Green Processing Facility' known as 'Waste Not Technologies' that was located in Muscle Shoals, AL. I presented this opportunity to my Sales Director and he gave me the green light to pursue this opportunity. After the initial meeting, I was very impressed at his theories of creating usable products from waste streams, so I invited some of my current Waste customers to come to Birmingham and also hear his presentation. Long story short, I retired from CSXT Railroad in Feb, 2008 and was offered a position with WNT/Bennett Industries as a 4% shareholder, but had several other offers from Waste and Scrap Metal companies and decided to begin a new career with one of them instead..Thankfully, I did, and I have been with this second career for almost 7 years now. And, as I read about the carnage that Bennett has induced on so many unsuspecting communities with his fraudulent schemes (of which I was fooled too) I do hope that he spends some time in prison for his crimes. Tom Quinn/Logistics/Fritz Enterprises/Trenton, MI
Mike Hobbs

Trinidad, CO

#174 Jul 31, 2014
While remaining in contact with one of Bennett's former employers, I was simply awe-struck when that former employee imparted to me that Bennett is now "preaching" to some church in Georgia! Lawd, Lawd...what the man can get away with is amazing. Was good he departed New Mexico in the dark of night or some of us were planning a formal "fitting" for his neck tie in preparation for using his carcass to decorate a big ole oak tree down by the river. Too bad he is able to hurt so many working people and yet nothing is ever done to him. Perhaps he will return to the west one day....there are many of us who would enjoy some quality time with him.

Flat Lick, KY

#175 Aug 29, 2014
heard or wymt that david was in trouble now. I wonder if he will have to reimburse the city for some of the expenses.

Flat Lick, KY

#176 Aug 29, 2014
What's going on now?

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