The City Council Meeting

The City Council Meeting

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Since: Aug 12

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#1 Aug 22, 2012
I had the privilege of attending both council meetings on the 3% tax the Mayor wants to implement. Manchester definitely has a problem. The Mayor has a distorted view as to what his role should be in public service. I still don't know if the tax will pass; the next meeting will tell us if it happens. I have seen politicians in my lifetime act as if they oppose something for a good show then when the time came to count on their vote they voted for it.
What is important that some of the investors who invested in the city of Manchester were there and made their opposition known. I still don't think "some" of the politicians get it yet.

So what should be the next step? I am not sure if it's worth my time and effort knowing that many of you have been complacent in the process because you got frustrated in the past. I can't say I blame you. Oh, I should tell you I do pay city taxes only because with deep regret I got sucked in and invested there not that it was anybody in particular fault but government does seem to get in the way in trying to make a living. Donít worry though my investment won't make me or break me but the problem I have at least for now is this is home.

So you are wondering why I am writing this post:
Well, yesterday I was in Frankfort, Kentucky at a tea party rally and if you don't know what that was about, thatís okay but if you have time, look it up but that's not why I am writing either.

I am writing because the head of the tea party for the State of Kentucky heard I was going and wanted to meet me, it doesnít matter how he heard of me. What I want to know and it really might not matter if nobody in Manchester is interested but how many people are willing to really want to make a difference? How many people in Manchester want to get involved in taking back our towns, cities basically all of Kentucky? If you want to continue doing nothing, you do have that option. What I want to know should Manchester be the cradle of what we want to do for the entire South East section of Kentucky? I am still up in the air of whether or not I want to throw my hat in (about the organization being in Manchester). You have to remember that on the first reading of the bill which later turned out to be null and void because of a technicality in the proceedings I was the only one there with a friend I invited. Itís just funny to me that I couldnít write a better script that in the middle of one of the most corrupt places in Kentucky a beacon a light just might rise, it makes it tempting to me. Tell me what you think, no hard feelings if all of it is negative; too be honest those who are not complying in serving the people correctly should worry. The question for me is, are the people of Manchester ready? Or should it go else where?

London, KY

#2 Aug 22, 2012
Citizens should and ust unite to defeat this "food tax". Working families and small businesses can ill afford more financial burdens.

We could sure use a TEA PARTY in Manchester!! We can do better!!

Campbellsville, KY

#3 Aug 22, 2012
i'm sure your a great person and wanna help these people and i cant blame you for wanting to help but i'm gonna be honest with you you will be wasteing your time with this town people dont care if the county falls apart as long as they got beer or a pill they are happy with things and they want do nothing about it i'm gonna be honest there's alot more towns that would give you a more welcome hand but it's up to you if you wanna try with these people in manchester go ahead but i gave you my thoughts on this people have tryd to help before it just got right back down again!
oh no

London, KY

#4 Aug 22, 2012
I will be a part of the tea party whens the first meeting and were.
just wondering

London, KY

#5 Aug 22, 2012
You said you paid taxes in Manchester do you live in Manchester or clay co?
Just me


#6 Aug 22, 2012
Stan wrote:
Citizens should and ust unite to defeat this "food tax". Working families and small businesses can ill afford more financial burdens.
We could sure use a TEA PARTY in Manchester!! We can do better!!
I dont live in the city . george saylor and the city council is a joke first class they way they act like a bounch of idoits
The Church Lady

Barbourville, KY

#7 Aug 23, 2012
I believe this is the gentleman that attended the city counsil meeting to oppose the 3% tourist tax. If so, he owns commercial property in Manchester.
just wondering wrote:
You said you paid taxes in Manchester do you live in Manchester or clay co?

Versailles, KY

#8 Aug 23, 2012
We are struggling to save the limited jobs and small businesses that we have in our community and the council is seriously considering a "food tax". Geesh, give me a break!!

They DO NOT have a written plan of action to offer the voters to demonstrate how they would utilize such "food tax" funds.

I urge voters to oppose such ideas and vote out every incumbent on the ballot. Vote for the new names, new candidates, and provide them an opportunity to lead and hold them accountable for their efforts, ideas, and votes on issues that affect our community.

Accountability is the cure for this disease we have suffered for far too long called corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and incompetence.

If voters allow them to pass a "food tax" then the next item on their agenda will be a city-wide occupational tax on the workers in city limits.

We need a TEA PARTY in Manchester, Clay County! VOTE them out! November can help us to continue along the pathway to change, one election at a time, getting rid of one incompetent incumbent at a time.

Board of Education and City Council seats are up for election! We can do better!!

Dyer, TN

#9 Aug 23, 2012
I tried a few years back to help these people but they didn"t want me. I had some ideas but was rejected. I am interested so may be we can get togeather.
my 2 cents

Kittanning, PA

#10 Aug 23, 2012
If you attended the meeting, you would have seen that the mayor is pushing the tax, and most of the counsil are against it.

Since: Aug 12

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#11 Aug 23, 2012
Yes, I pay city taxes, I pay for the city water and garbage, I pay for and use utilities from KU and if I'm not mistaken there should be some tax going to the city, I believe there is a franchise tax that the city extracts also. I had that building for at least 7 years if not more paying those same taxes. I had great hopes for using it with a liquor license but as all saw it's political game, but this could even work out much better, for as I said a beacon of light in the middle of Manchester appeals to me. I love the script.

I know most didn't care about the licenses who got them and who didn't so don't worry from what I notice nobody is getting involved and don't care what your city officials are doing either but maybe this will at least change for the better. The people have gotten complacent, they are frustrated and as I said before I can't blame you. When the first reading was bought up that was later null and void because there was no sponsor the venue was a simple dialogue without getting too formal. The city changed it on the second meeting by walking up to the podium with a microphone on. I know that game, I know it well. Intimidation factor is a good strategy but it won't work with me but I know there was a few that decided to stay seated even though I know they were there to object the tax.

The Mayor did demonstrate to me when I was with a friend on the first reading that he didn't care if the businesses made it or not but the good thing he also demonstrated the same attitude on the second "first" reading where there were more people to witness it. I found that attitude disturbing. He isn't acting like a someone who wants to serve but more like somebody who wants to dictate. When I made the statement that "You are all public servants!" Mr. Madden the lawyer in counsel found it amusing. That's why I will write it again, Manchester is in trouble if you don't get involved. We need more people in the loop. We need to get active, this may well me your last chance.

Here's the good news: I got the E-Mail to verify that the Tea Party is very interested in this area. It's called the weakest link to get things going and changing what needs to be changed. I don't agree with some who want to vote all of them out. You have to be there in the meetings to see where those that I see you can work with. You shouldn't ball them all yet and wanting to throw all of them out is premature. I saw some good in there, I saw one who seems like a reasonable man. I saw another who prayed a lovely prayer in seeking wisdom but I will tell you right now, if he votes for the tax I am certain his Creator wasn't listening to him even though I thought the prayer to me was humbling and genuine but only a God would know what is in the hearts of men.

To answer those from London, as the story goes in Frankfort, I went there not as early as some and I reached out to shake a hand of somebody I know who is a field rep for a major politician in KY. with another field rep of yet another major politician who I didn't know. When we shook hands he told me, your name has been mention 17 times right before you came, I asked, "what about?" before he could answer another voice said, there is your sign, he came. When I turned he was already talking to a major player in the tea party in London who has laid low but is now ready for a fight. Are we ready? Do we just sit and let these people dictate or do we let them know who they work for? YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT! They are suppose to represent you. Come to the next meeting and watch, I found it disturbing in some of them but I also saw hope in others. Come out, see it for yourself what I am talking about, please don't take my word for it. Get active. I don't want to play the John the Baptist of one calling in the wilderness, I want you to get involved.

London, KY

#12 Aug 23, 2012
heck yeah ,its time for tea

Lexington, KY

#13 Aug 23, 2012
Mr.214: I appreciate your commentary and have optimism that the good fine people will stand up, vote out those incumbents who continue to lack the vision, intelligence, or have concern for the taxpayer.

As the colonists revolted and dumped tea into the Boston harbor we too must deliver the message to the incumbents that they must act now to address the serious issues that impact ou community or they will be voted out.

For far too long the clique has had their way with local jobs being filled thru nepotistic practices and corrupt practices that have shamed our community.

We can do better!!

Since: Aug 12

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#14 Aug 23, 2012
It's all a matter of pulling the leash and tell them to heel. This has gotten out of control, they think we are just going back to what they want is good for you so eat the poison as before in buying a $900,000 piece of property they can't sell. A 9 hole golf course that has proven to be a failure or would have if the city didn't buy it, for full price of 150K I believe. A water park for a quarter of a million dollars that when I went to see it I laughed so hard my side hurt with a few garden sprinklers sticking our of the ground. Yet in their words they want us to trust them again. NO WAY! Get your families out for a day at the city counsel meeting people, the joke is on us if you let them do this to you.

Brodhead, KY

#15 Aug 23, 2012
I think the mayor is a joke. The past mayor was a joke also. All George wants to do is raise the taxes. I go and pay the water bill and there are always 3 or 4 girls just sitting there doing nothing. He needs to get rid of some of the employees in the office. I sure hope he doesn't get elected the next term. I wish the tea party would come to this town and take over. We need to vote everybody out and put the new ones in.

Since: Aug 12

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#16 Aug 23, 2012
My E-Mail address is >[email protected]<

I am just waiting for the lady in London who will be working with me. She just needs to finish up a few things relating to the tea party and she should be done by Saturday. We then will talk and from there we will make a decision to have the State director of the Tea Party come down from Louisville, KY. I will keep you posted here or by E-mail or both. Start talking among yourselves if this is what you really want.

By the way I saw no one from Manchester in Frankfort KY the day I went yet part of the fight is to stop abortions with our taxes. One of the biggest crimes against humanity in my opinion yet where are those that say they are concerned for life? You sit on your butts and it will get a lot worse. There are issues that I believe we can all agree on and paying for abortions is one of those things I want nothing to do with. I don't want blood in my hands over that. Oh, it's coming if you don't make a Stand now!

Manchester, KY

#17 Aug 23, 2012
the mayor of manchester seems like he is mad at someone or something and out to get pay back
just wondering

Somerset, KY

#18 Aug 23, 2012
If everyone is so upset with city council why didn't more people run all I hear is how you don't like the way they are running city instead of getting on topix and running mouth you should be running for city council. When mayors race come up run for mayor instead of your mouth. Its easy to sit behind computer and complain.

London, KY

#19 Aug 24, 2012
Not sure if its true but heared reason for the new tax is to pay the salary of the new city employee mayors sister.

Since: Aug 12

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#20 Aug 24, 2012
Just wondering; We will be working on every aspect of resolving these problems. You have to remember it was those in office that got us in the debt we are in now. They want us to trust them yet again. These problems can be resolved when the Mayor realizes he can't take care of his family and friends at the expense of all of us who were not involved before. What is the point of talking about running for anything if people are so frustrated they won't make any of the meetings? Even if you had the idea person in office are you just going to trust him also like the Mayor is trying to convince you to trust them again? You and I have to continue involved to make sure he is in there to keep the promises he made before he got elected. You have to keep his feet to the fire. Just get involved, make the next meeting. I will do all I can to be there, introduce yourselves to me or just e-mail me and tell me we can count on you to be involved. I have ideas to make this work but I already know I won't be able to do it alone, I will fail if you fail to get involved. I am not sure where we will end up yet, London is in the running but as I said it makes a better script with it in Manchester because of their past corruption. IF we can make a difference in Manchester we can do it anywhere in the country. I know one thing for sure, I will not favor Manchester if the tax is passed. I don't believe in rewarding a government that is oppressive.
just wondering wrote:
If everyone is so upset with city council why didn't more people run all I hear is how you don't like the way they are running city instead of getting on topix and running mouth you should be running for city council. When mayors race come up run for mayor instead of your mouth. Its easy to sit behind computer and complain.

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