man middle school cheerleaders

man middle school cheerleaders

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Paintsville, KY

#1 Feb 16, 2010
I think it is sad that they are only worried about theirselves..... they never hardly go to games and cheer on their team.... it's all about them.... I though the whole npurpose of cheerleaders was to cheer on their football and basketball teams. They are going to perform at the high school game tonight instead of cheering for the girls and boys tournament games tonight!!!!!! However the middle school game got cancelled, but they weren't going to cheer anyway!!!!!! I think you girls need to start cheering at games!!!!!!
MMS fan

Chapmanville, WV

#2 Feb 16, 2010
Well it will be nice to finally see some good cheerleaders out on the floor at a Billies game.Good luck tonight MMS cheerleaders show the Billies cheerleaders what hard work and dedication looks like!
MHS fan

Logan, WV

#3 Feb 17, 2010
the girls are trying...if they had a better coach that would help them more and people in the stands to quit making fun of them....they don't give them a chance...some of those girls on varsity are great cheerleaders...they could do anything when they came from the middle school but i hear their coach thinks tumbling ain't cheerleading...but they are trying from what i can give them a chance....ain't least they are beautiful...well a few of them.
Concerned Parent

Prestonsburg, KY

#4 Feb 17, 2010
Well i would like to congradulate the MHS cheerleaders they are at the games cheering. Also they are a bunch of good girls who get no respect from others in the area. Yes they are coming along with there short dances during the games keep up the good work girls always look forward and not behind you. They have to be good girls to walk by people at games especially last night always down grading them and they hold there heads up high. People who only have ngative things to say need to look at themselves and make the change in them not the cheerleaders that are out there trying. If I would say I am a so called cheerleading coach then I wouldn't be out talking about other teams cheerleaders and worry about my own squad.
here you go

United States

#5 Feb 17, 2010
uhm, for one the girl would be good if they had a better coach and the middle school coach im shure doesnt talking about the high schhol cheerleaders. The cheerleader parents need to stand behind there daughters and go to the board about thiss.The middle school girls have competion this weekend comming and thats why they did there dance routien in front of a croud,they high school should havve did there's. Dont complain. they had plenty of time when the middle school girl got off the floor. But i dont blame them they needed to get stated earlier for states and hire a coreagrofer(how ever you spell it). The middle school girls each payed $165.00 to get someone to make up there dance. put more heart in to things people and the middle school girls would be showing the high school up right now, they have some great cheerleaders at the high school but they have all for got what a cheerleader looks like because of Cidy. They need practice! Middle school girls have practice every tuesday in between boys and girls practice .
the high school excuse for not haveing practice is they cant get the gym, no excuse, if the chherleading coach would waqnt to practice and make the girls better she would go tell mrs.manning they need practice in between the girls and the boys practice in shure she would make it happen.! Cidy is only there for the money and i think everyone knows that.

Logan, WV

#6 Feb 17, 2010
i think its hard when you only have 10 girls, i mean look how many middle school has, if the billies cheerleaders had more then 10 cheerleaders i think they could do more than what they to but NEW FLASH 10 cheerleaders yea id say its hard, and at the game lastnight they did dances and had the crowd going so i tihnk they are trying so you should back off. they can not help that some of the gril quit for who knows what reasons but yes i can tell that they are trying and i also know that when those girls where in middle school they were really good, and then since they never done anything till this year they are doing good, but thats just me i mean you dont do somthing for 2 3 4 year then go out there and try. i just think if the crowd would cheer for them like they did for anyother sport than maybe they would try harder !
true story

Logan, WV

#7 Feb 17, 2010
alright well maybe if they had more support behind people itd make things a little easier. just saying.. 10 girls x 2 parents= 20 parents, you think that going to the board or whatever with 20 people is gonna solve this problem? absolutely not, we are from MAN ! its just really sickening to see the lack of support in the stands for the girls.. theyre either talked about or made fun of. they do "CROWD" cheers, and the crowd will not follow. so who is to blame? you cant blame them for not trying, because obviously thats what they're doing-- "pumping up the crowd" if theres noone to follow along because theyre too busy talking or making fun of them then you honestly can not put that on their shoulders for not trying. you have ten cheerleaders.. not their fault for everyone else quitting. by what i hear, time isnt split fairly through out girls basketball/boys basketball/cheerleading. it just goes to the basketball teams. so to anyone who thinks not practicing is an "excuse" youre wrong. i just think its funny how the majority of people don't know what they go through. heres an idea, how bout WE SUPPORT THE GIRLS-- instead of blasting them constantly. and i hear none of the 8th graders will be trying out next year. this is getting out of hand, if you'd like to make a difference and see the squad with a good come back then give it a try and go out for the team next year. im pretty sure there are girls on that squad thatd appreciate your help. everyone just give them a chance and take what they go through into consideration. however, the middle school cheerleaders performed well lastnight at halftime. and i'd like to wish them goodluck for their competition on saturday.

Gilbert, WV

#8 Feb 17, 2010
ok first no im not a mms cheerleader i know how everyone thinks if you take up for the person someone is talkin crap about its the person there talkin about..why put the mms cheerleaders down for wanting to be the best? yeahh they are better than the high school but the high school could be better with a different coach, but them girls could try to be better on their own, the coach doesnt make you do better you make yourself do better right? all of those girls at the high school were middle school cheerleaders at once (well most anyways) they have everything the middle school has they just dont want to use it..
i would never put any of the high school girls down, because I know they have what it takes to be better ! and yes i have heard that some of the 8th graders will be tryin out next year i dont know if its true but i know of a few that want and are thinking about it. those girls all know what it takes to be winners they just gotta stop putting theirselves down and go for it !
high school senior

Verner, WV

#9 Feb 17, 2010
i went to the game and i enjoyed wacthing the girls! i thought they were better than our girls... i think when they are in high school cindy is going to have a great squad if they would work together..
Kim Keffer

Logan, WV

#10 Feb 17, 2010
Ok, this has got to stop!! I know for a fact that no adults has put those girls down or made fun of them. I know that I have not,nor has the coach for the middle school. Fingers need to stop pointing and stop blaming everyone and everything(practice time,interest,girls quitting,only 10 girls,coaches,etc...) We need to stop bickering about this and fix the problem. I am very blunt and if asked I will tell you what the true hard facts are. There are many reasons why the HS cheerleading program is not what it could be. Many factors go into this--I know. The middle school girls are good, but if I remember correctly, standing with these same girls from the HS at Madison civic center while they took 2nd place respectively and with pride. These are a great group of girls---all of them---from 6th grade to 12th. The only thing as parents--who really care what their daughters look like---can do is come together for the better of our daughters and make changes to correct these problems and start with a winning attitude,because that is what it takes to win! I would not care to voice some of my opinions in a calm manner and try to resolve this for the girls, that is what this is all about. We could win a state A championship if corrections are made and parents come together. I know they are winners,you just have to bring it out of them. I love all of you girls-even the ones that I never coached, I see your ability and I believe that you could be winners again! Good Luck to my Maddie and the rest of the middle school girls that I have been with since they were 5. I know you can win it all!!!! If I offend anyone, sorry!
MHS Cheerleader

Logan, WV

#11 Feb 19, 2010
okay for one, the middle school performed at our game for their benefit. no one elses, the only reason they performed was because they have a big competition tomorrow, not so they could entertain our fans. yes, they may have.. but to you "MMS fan" you dont know what you are talking about. because for one we have had some pretty long practices, practicing our butts off, doing dances, and floor cheers and then you have the nerve to say that we dont have talent. and secondly, when we were in middle school we were soooo good, but the high school coaching isn't as experienced. we went to prenty of competitions and worked ourselves to death constantly, so the only question i want to know is, why didnt you put your name on here if you want to be so big and bad and talk shit about the high school cheerleaders ? hm, probably because your a big fat slob who hides behind your screen all day with nothing better to do but put down people who try and better themselves. and i wonder why you would even want to do that? maybe because you were never as good as us and your daughter probably has never made a cheerleading team, EVERRR ! maybe thats why your such a bitch and dont have the nerve to put your name, but i guess thats all.. you've already taking up enough of my good time on your worthless self ;) thanks for being so concerned about us, but you have no idea what goes on at our practice. maybe you should come to one sometime, bye sweetheart :)

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