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New York, NY

#42 Sep 13, 2012
Concerned Parent wrote:
Policy was changed today!!! Call your school to find out the new Policy Guidelines. It wasn't all that we hoped for , but its a good start, and yes all you who opposed can start your crying now :)
Oh honey - you have got to be the biggest crybaby regarding this whole incident. Why with your "speech" at the meeting and your Facebook campaigns. Come on - you were the one crying the most. I believe what has occurred is called a compromise. Hopefully all of your inappropriate school and administration "bashing" wasn't done in front of all of your children. Certainly not a great example to set.
Be nice

New York, NY

#43 Sep 13, 2012
Just Curious wrote:
Why do we not have school bus stops? It is ridiculous that the buses stop outside every ones door and have to wait for the parents to come out and get the children off the bus....then have a chat with the driver, while all the other vehicles have to wait. Often the buses go from stop red flashing lights to yellow flashing for 2 houses then stop again.
Where is it law that we have to provide door to door service??
Bus routes with assigned stops every say 1/4 mile, would reduce the time and cost of the service, and probably the number of buses. It would also provide an opportunity for the children to get some exercise
There are snow banks instead of sidewalks outside of the village.
THINK Before You Speak

New York, NY

#44 Sep 13, 2012
Mr. Walbridge has been dedicated to this community all of his life. He was an outstanding teacher, has assisted numerous school districts and been a mentor to many. He is not perfect and said something that came out differently than intended. I'm sure that has NEVER happened to any of you. If you think for one second that he or any administration or Board Member do not are about children and their safety then you are NOT thinking clearly. Think before you speak!
THINK Before You Speak

New York, NY

#45 Sep 13, 2012
OCD wrote:
<quoted text> let's be fair . There were a lot of people at the board meeting . When he made his comment there were a lot of people talking and making noise . I will try to quote him as accurately as possible . He said " despite all we do , the reality is that kids get hit everyday " . The comment was made as a young lady spoke of her concerns of her child's safety . She stated " you can't put a cost on a child's safety " . That is when Wayne made his comment that I whole heartedly believe meant , no matter how much money you spend ,accidents and bad things are going to happen to kids . Anybody who really knows Wayne knows where his heart is when it comes to children's safety and education . That's what I heard despite his choice of words .
Well said and accurate!
butt out

New York, NY

#46 Sep 13, 2012
when they tell you it cost money it does in the long run, but some should ask how much is reimbursed by the state to the district for the cost of the bus garage,drivers saleries, cost of buses, etc. 80 percent roughly more or less which im sure goes into general fund so cost of bussing isnt really that much ,unless it takes away how there allowed to spend the money they get back people need to start asking questions about where the money is goingdont always belive what they put in print as most business they tend to play with the figures
Truth B Told

New York, NY

#47 Sep 13, 2012
Concerned Parent wrote:
Malone, NY
There is a significant number of taxpayers in this town who are sick and tired of raising your kids.....you had them....you look after them! Maybe you avoided getting an education, you should not deny your children!
One Question, who payed for your bus rides and schooling "TAXPAYERS" both with children and without, it is more then pathetic that you would shun your responsibility to this community. It is all of our responsibility to assure a safe and healthy environment for all children. Sadly pathetic self centered opinions like yours is what got us here in the first place, To use a quote, I would rather live in a "were all in this together society" then an "every man for himself society, how about this.....shouldn't we invest in our future....by investing in our children. Luckily opinions like yours "narrow minded and selfish" don't represent the whole. That's all for now :)
Concerned Parent- how far do your kids have to walk? Truth be told, not too far. Figure out your business problem and make your kids YOUR priority. It's not the schools problem to make sure your daycare thrives and you don't have to leave your house..

New York, NY

#48 Sep 13, 2012
Truth B Told, I always found my own way to school and so did my children. I own two properties in Malone and have put two children through the system and they never caught the bus either, except possibly when they were in K and pre K.

So yes, I am sick and tired of paying through the nose for obese, unappreciative, bone idle, illiterate slobs.....and I am only talking about the parents at this moment!

New York, NY

#49 Sep 13, 2012
Sorry Truth B Told, My response was meant for Concerned Parent..........but you got to wonder what the parent is Concerned about.....me thinks it is themselves and not their children.
concern parent

New York, NY

#50 Nov 24, 2012
I think Mr. walbridge, does a great job . It is a hard deside canceling school and he does not just do it .There are another people that help him thats how much some of you know. Also, with the bus and walking . He had kids that had to walk to school sometime too. Some people need to be a dam parent and find a way to take your kid if they cant ride a bus. Take responible or dont have a kids.
Not From This Side

New York, NY

#51 Nov 25, 2012
butt out wrote:
when they tell you it cost money it does in the long run, but some should ask how much is reimbursed by the state to the district for the cost of the bus garage,drivers saleries, cost of buses, etc. 80 percent roughly more or less which im sure goes into general fund so cost of bussing isnt really that much ,unless it takes away how there allowed to spend the money they get back people need to start asking questions about where the money is goingdont always belive what they put in print as most business they tend to play with the figures
The real expense in busing is the cost of personal. Just like most businesses the biggest expense is payroll and benefits.

The school district does not get extra money from the state when they purchase buses. The state pays their part. The district pays their part and there are no extra dollars going back and forth.

New York, NY

#52 Nov 25, 2012
It's WAYNE WALBRIDGE. What on earth does ANYONE expect???

You want professional leadership in the district? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

Start by paying attention to the school board elections. Elect professionals and people who are competent to THOSE positions. NOT just your lifelong friend or relative who isn't really qualified, but who thinks they want the job and can do it. If the person is incompetent, and uneducated, what business on earth does that person have being anywhere near the running of a school district?? That would go a very long way.

It's the same old story. People in Malone think competence in a given, and good leaders fall out of the sky. It is not and they do not.

New York, NY

#56 Nov 26, 2012
Malonian the real one wrote:
He is an anonymous coward who was created as a result of many generations of inbreeding.
and what are you? is "malonian the real one" your real name? be brave and tell us or cowardly and don't

New York, NY

#58 Nov 27, 2012
And, obviously, Little Falls Troll is one of those who believes that education itself is without merit, so we might as well elect cretins to the school board, and hire an imbecile as district administrator. After all... it's only education, what difference could THAT possibly make?

This is the perspective of an uneducated loud mouth with severe inadequacy issues. Clearly. And the most unfortunate part of that is that Little Falls Troll is one of many uneducated dirt bags who think they know something, and who inject themselves into the local leadership, not because they have anything to offer, but because they come from very large inbred families, and, due to sheer numbers around here, they CAN.

So, yeah, let's just continue to go down this merry road. But don't even bother to ask, "What's wrong with Malone? What can we do to fix it?".

Malone Central Schools were once among the best in the state. Now they are among the worst. What happened? WAYNE WALBRIDGE. The man is an abysmal failure, and he needs to be replaced at the earliest opportunity. If we had people on the school board who knew anything at all, we'd be talking about buying Walbridge out of his contract and hiring someone competent.

I'm not alone here. The tendency among those like me, who see this mess for what it is, is simply to send their kids elsewhere for their education. There is no point whatsoever in bucking this local mass of the great unwashed. We can absolutely have whatever we want, regardless of whatever else is happening around us. So yeah, complain, and contort, and keep on electing the familiar idiots. See if I care. Me and mine are able to function in the world, as surely as they are not. So, education doesn't matter? Suit yourselves.

Just don't say nobody told you so.

New York, NY

#60 Nov 27, 2012
Malonian-the real on wrote:
More idiotic blather from Yup/wut/Huh who continually runs his mouth anonymously but would never say anything directly to anyone's face. If this stupid idiot was any kind of a man he would make his remarks directly to Wayne Walbridge's face.
Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!
aren't you hiding behind a keyboard? what kind of man or woman does that make you. oh yeah, a stupid idiot. i won't hold my breath waiting for you to lose your anonymity

New York, NY

#62 Nov 27, 2012
a lesson for you unreal malonian-read your posts again-they're what's called slinging mud. you really don't realize how stupid you look for not realizing you're an anonymous jerk who slings mud at other anonymous people for slinging mud

New York, NY

#63 Nov 27, 2012
don't kid yourself, you sling mud at everyone-you're just too stupid to know it

now, are you threatening me?
concerned tax payer

New York, NY

#65 Dec 16, 2012
It will be interesting to see how everyone will react when Wayne leaves and a new supt. takes over.
Flip Simonsen

Yorkville, NY

#67 Dec 17, 2012
You know, some of the comments here are just unfair. A lot of you forget that a few months ago, when Flanders was on fire, totally engulfed in flames, Wayne tore himself away from the firefighters that were holding him back, ran into the school and saved the snack vending machine. That took a lot of guts. Don't you remember when a gun wielding thug was robbing HSBC bank and Wayne ran into a phone booth, put on his uniform, disarmed the thug and returned the cash to the bank. What short memories we have here in Malone. Do you forget when Wayne jumped into the Salmon River to save a drowning horse who had wandered into the raging waters.

Wayne has done a tremendous amount of things for our community for which he never receives thanks, but petty criticism. Do we forget that, not too long ago, Wayne, along with the Navy Seals, stole into Pakistan and shot and killed Osama bin Laden. How about the time he cornered John Wilkes Booth in the farm as Booth tried to evade justice. No thanks for Wayne there??

C'mon Malone. Soon just like the Wheeler house has to contend with all of the tourists coming to Malone to see the Wheeler home, soon people will be standing in line to see the house where Wayne lived.
truth be told

New York, NY

#68 Dec 19, 2012
Laugher wrote:
Wayne picked the next supt. Just like he did the last one. And during Wayne's tenure and that of his chosen ones, the MCSD has moved to the lowest ranked school in the County. If you look at the ranking of the MCSD in NYS it looks even worse, though worst in the County makes us look pretty stupid!
So we actually have a pretty good idea of where this is all headed, don't we? Because we aren't changing anything. Just keep on doing the same thing, just a tiny bit worse with each change.
Anybody else think it's time for a real change?
Well we are the county seat so everyone and there mother with all of there baggage along with all of the students who have been kicked out of other districts and live at the adirondeck lodge all attend Malone. That being said malone is not the lowest in the county look it up under the ny state regents.
But hey keep putting down the educators who work every day to help support our young community members become better advocates for themselve along with being educated to receive a diploma to move on to a good college education, because as you might not know you will need a two year degree pretty soon just to work at mcds.

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