Guns vs Criminals
S We

Mechanicville, NY

#1 Feb 11, 2013
Does any one on this forum expect any person who is disposed to criminal behavior or any mentally ill person to obey the new guns laws of the state and federal government? If the answer is no, then what good are the new gun laws except to make it more difficult if not impossible for people who don't break the laws to have guns. If the answer is yes, I would then ask why would people who don't obey the law to begin with and who have mental problems suddenly decide to obey new laws when they don't obey the old ones?
THis gun grab is done as a feel good procedure by people who don't want guns in society for what ever reason, it will not deter criminals or the mentally ill who have ideas to hurt others from getting or using guns. The government wants more and more control over our daily lives, and gun control is just an example of that trend.
Oh Yeah

New York, NY

#2 Feb 11, 2013
New York State has some new gun laws.

If you break them, you're a criminal.

It really is as simple as that.

I think the state is being rather generous in allowing the registration of targeted weapons already in the state at the time of the ban, rather than requiring that they be removed.

Be grateful for that.

IF you can ever be grateful for anything.
natural selection

New York, NY

#3 Feb 11, 2013
law abiding citizens dont kill people criminals do. taking guns away from those of us who follow the rules is giving us a death sentance. you stack the deck in the criminals hand making it difficult to protect your family property and rights. the government attempted a ban years did nothing. instead of tying the hands of good people go after th criminals. why not tougher sentnces on gun related crimes no "plea bargains" similar to the rockafellarlaws of the 70-80s. strict mandatory sentances. capitol punishment. go after the real problems instead of ceating more. everyday the government errodes away the foundations on which this great country was built. its done so that private parties and pollaticians can get rich. enough is enough. brave men and woman throughout history have fought and died so we can enjoy freedom and liberty.honor their sacrifices think for yourself
Oh Yeah

New York, NY

#4 Feb 11, 2013
NOBODY is taking away ANYTHING... except, perhaps, the NRA's death grip on our political system.

Even the constitution DIRECTLY couches our second amendment rights in REGULATION.

NOBODY thinks it's OK for any manner of kook to build a private arsenal.

EVERYBODY agrees with universal background checks. If you can't pass one, there's a reason for it.

The NRA is well beyond the pale on this one, and they're looking more crazy than ever. NOBODY doubts that they are only interested in pumping as many lethal mass murder machines into the culture as they possibly can, and will never accept that we have reached the point of maximum saturation. There's an incidence of mass murder in this country every damned day now... how much more of that do you think we need?

There are laws in this state. Refusing to obey them makes you a criminal, not a patriot. And if you can't pass a background check because you're a felon or a kook, well then, I feel a little better about that. Just a little... but every little bit helps.

Now you have two choices, you can either choose to comply with the law, or you can choose to open yourself up to being treated like a criminal.

Either way, it's up to you.
Chas Darwin

Pascoag, RI

#5 Feb 11, 2013
Ill be a criminal then go ahead and believe the hype fool. You are a lamb being led to slaughter
Oh Yeah

New York, NY

#6 Feb 11, 2013
Whatever. You're not even in New York, you're in Massachusetts. But your neighbors there are way too smart to buy your hogwash, aren't they?
S We

Albany, NY

#7 Feb 11, 2013
Oh Yeah
It is apparent you really do not know what your writing about.

No one is making an argument against background checks. If a criminal knows he has a record and is still a criminal do you think he is going to go through legal channels to buy a gun? If a mentally unbalanced person had never been identified,as one, do you think a background check would find that out?

As for your tirade against the NRA totally irrational. Why are you not protesting the doctors who kill 1000's of unborn children?
Laws that are not just should be fought, there was once a law that said Black people could not vote. Would you call a black man who tried to vote a criminal,, hey, your reasoning is if its law and you don't comply with it , you're a criminal.
You have two choices, either stand up to a government that is slowly taking constitutional rights away from you.. or become a serf and a subject instead of a citizen.
S We

Hudson, NY

#8 Feb 11, 2013
Watch this and see what you think..
Oh Yeah

New York, NY

#9 Feb 11, 2013
Unborn children???

STOP IT. It's ABORTION. It's a woman's RIGHT TO CHOOSE motherhood or not, and it's been settled law in this country for forty freaking years. ABORTION is NOT about MURDER. And YOU do not get to decide that it is. Get your facts straight on that.

It IS about murder when some lunatic religious freak show or some other kook kills, say, an abortion doctor, or some other actual, born, PERSON. I'm pretty sure that Jesus and Moses and a whole lot of other of those tribal hash heads NEVER condoned murder.

YOU live in New York. Someone, seriously, ought to clue you in that you don't live in some backwoods, christian cult infested pest hole like Kansas or Mississippi. But hey, anytime... feel real free, if you know what I mean.

Freaking NUT.

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