John Trutanichovich wrote:
Wow what a work ethic. I commend grandpa. There is one part of the article the Daily breeze left out...I am wondering if this part is on the up and up?
"He pours himself a cup of coffee from his thermos and reads the paper as the sun comes up - waiting for his grandson's 10-man landscaping crew to arrive."
I would sure feel a lot better if I knew this ten man crew were legal Americans. Do you all think these men in the landscaping crew are illegal aliens.....I would say if they aren't it would be an aberration.
Do you think low skilled Americans would do this type of work if the pay was decent? You know even a day laborer gets $100 per day cash....
Just wondering...
If more follow his example, our cities would be a better place to live in. No more indolents who sponge off the wealth of other's efforts.