Mason Ohio Police are like the KGB
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Not an idiot

Cincinnati, OH

#83 Apr 9, 2012
I lived in Lebanon Ohio most of my life, until about 3 years ago or so. I am ever so glad i left this hell whole. Lebanon, South Lebanon, Morrow, Mason... they all suck! The law enforcement are only out for themselves. And the entire county of Warren... well it is just totally a crock of horse shit. I hate that place and i am glad i left and nothing will make me regret it. The cops in this county, including all the cities in it as well, will write tickets away just to be sure to meet that monthly quota! I got a ticket once for my license plate light being out. Cost me $75 fine. WTH kinda of bullshit is that???
^^^hahhah are you serious? Got a ticket for your license plate light being out? What do you mean "WTH kinda of bullshit is that???" Last time I checked having a license plate light out was against the law! Get your facts straight.
Long Time Cop

Colorado Springs, CO

#84 Sep 1, 2012
Having been a cop for over 20 years I have seen all types. Most are truly good but some like the power. I still live near Mason and even in the law enforcement community they have a realitively poor reputation as little more than traffic cops. Since there is not much crime they get bored and tickets are easy. Late at night your almost sure to get stopped by Mason officers fishing for Alan OVI especially on Tylerville or Mason Montgomery. Sadly most of the lack of real police officers is due to a Chief who is more impressed by the fact the he has a Doctorate, and encourages his officers to get degrees than to learn how to be good cops. They are mostly good guys but could not survive long in Cinci or a town with any real crime.

Richmond, KY

#85 Mar 26, 2013
LNS wrote:
<quoted text>
So move--Mason is the best city with the best police force--bar none. Having lived here for 38 years, I have known many policemen. And none of them are terrible. I feed my dog every day, and no policeman has made any comment!
I have visited Mason a few times, and I have to agree with Kat. The city itself is a great place, but the police there are terrible. My first visit I was pulled over for going 4 MPH over the speed limit, the officer was rude and said he would have given me a break since it was my first time in the city, but he had to set an example. I avoid Mason as much as I can.

Richmond, KY

#86 Mar 26, 2013
Not an idiot wrote:
<quoted text>
^^^hahhah are you serious? Got a ticket for your license plate light being out? What do you mean "WTH kinda of bullshit is that???" Last time I checked having a license plate light out was against the law! Get your facts straight.
It is against the law, but it is still a stupid offense. If a cop cant see your plate with their headlights a little bulb isn't going to help much.

Dayton, OH

#87 Nov 20, 2013
I was pulled over for a loud exhaust. The officer had followed me for about 2 miles. I came to a redlight and my phone began vibrating on my lap. I glanced down and picked it up to move it off my leg to the passenger seat. Once the light changed, the officer pulled me over. He asked me why I glanced down at the light so I explained to him what happened. He then asked me why my phone was vibrating and I told him that it was a Facebook notification. I know this because of the blue icon displayed on the iphone. He then wrote me a citation for "Distracted Driving: Checking Facebook notifications." I am going to court tomorrow because I cannot afford a $210 ticket for something I didn't do. I cannot stand when people text and drive. So, do you think I would have a good chance getting out of this or should I just pay the stupid fine?
Officer in Columbus wrote:
<quoted text>
There is no such thing as a quota. It is actually against the law for an agency to have quota. However, it does measure a police officer's productivity whether its a warning, citation, or whatever the case may be. Also, a license plate light is an equipment violation. You broke the law. I would not have ticketed you, but to each his own. If the officer felt you needed the citation, he gave you one.

Springfield, OH

#88 Nov 30, 2013
I recently had an awful experience with the mason police. Let me preface this story with this.. I am a second year medical student. I graduated first in my class from Lakota (over 700 students). I volunteer weekly at our free community clinic. I have been on several medical mission trips to less fortunate countries. I have never been arrested, yet alone pulled over by a cop. I want to spend the rest of my life helping people for a living.
This all changed three days ago when I was apparently charged with an M1 and M4. Not only was I charged, but I was shoved to the ground by a police man (mind you, I am 5'4 and 110 lbs) purely because I asked why they were arresting my brother (who was tackled from behind by two cops while standing outside having a conversation with me). Several people witnessed the brutality. As of right now I am not 100% sure of my charges, because despite asking the police, I was never told nor did I receive any paperwork. I was arrested after an incident at a bar when a guy was knocked unconscious (I had two beers and was not intoxicated). The guy was bleeding out on the concrete, and me and another girl proceeded to stop the bleeding and get an ambulance called, at which point I was arrested. They refused to tell me why. I then had a 5000$ bail. On top of that the police told my parents that there were no cameras in their cars or at the bar we were at. After speaking with a lawyer...we found out that this a blatant lie.
I truly believe there are some good cops out there... I have experienced it, but unfortunately there are also a lot of pigs out there on power trips. If you are not a young person, of a different race, poor, or purely disadvantaged.. you may have never seen police abuse at it's finest. It's terrifying that they can completely trample all over your rights with no repercussions in place. There truly needs to be a better system for dealing with issues such as this...And it is not just mason. West chester cops are the same. It is all because in Ohio, small police stations (including Mason and west chester) are immune from law suits- basically they can do whatever they want and we can't touch them- at least at a state level. Complete crap in my opinion.
The Real Truth-T

Cincinnati, OH

#89 Jan 16, 2014
Whatever became of this? Did they prosecute you with no charges filed?(rhetorical question)

How did they make you post bail without telling you what you were charged with? They should have read that at your bail hearing when bail was set?

Without knowing what was going on at the scene, it is hard to tell. Remember, cops do not know you from a felon, career criminal or the local priest when they first come onto a scene. They need to protect themselves also. If they ask you to comply, my experience is... comply.... until everyone figures out what is going on, and who is who.

Even if you are wrongly charged, I suspect it will play out better in court if it is shown you cooperated throughout the process.

Update us, what was the outcome?

Mountain View, CA

#90 Sep 7, 2014
I have as born and raised in mason. Nothing but great people and great times. The police wouldn't tolerate outside people bringing in nonsense to our community. So whatever you're doing, they have every reason to be riding you. I had gotten pulled over early morning many times and the police were polite, chatted with me and sent me on my way. Obvious troublemaker from another town moving in and corrupting the 8th best place to live. Statistics don't lie. You dont like it move to Cincinnati. Make sure you buy a deadbolt and a pistol though. Two things you'll never need in this wonderful community.
Mason Court Is A Joke

Miamisburg, OH

#91 Sep 9, 2014
I personally know someone who was running a crime ring in Mason. Targeting amusement park patrons. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars off stolen phones, credit cards, etc. He did this for three years, victimized thousands of people. When caught he was charged with 18 felonies. Charges included grand theft, fraud, and identity theft. He could of course afford a high priced lawyer. And in the end plead guilty to one misdemeanor. He paid $8000 in fines plus court costs. Not one dime of restitution to the victims. He spent less than three hours in jail. He was placed on probation for a year, but was released from that in two months.(After paying a years probation fees.). Is this Justice? Mason court system is all about making money! He brags about it, and I'm pretty sure he is involved in the same activities even to this day. No justice, just $$$$! Mason court system is business, and like any business it strictly money motivated.

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