Sabastian's Boutique How Sweet It Is...

Conover, NC

#21 Apr 5, 2010
kitkat wrote:
This is coming from someone who doesn't know either party I am just shopping around for someone to do my wedding and cake...and have communicated with Sebastian several times and he seems very professional.
Well do you know Sabastian or not? You said you didn't know him, then you say you have communicated with him several times about your wedding and cake. From what I have seen in the posted image of the cake that these poor people got, if you get your cake at Sabastians, you deserve whatever you receive.
Complete Disaster

Daytona Beach, FL

#22 May 6, 2010
I have to comment to all of this. Honestly I think the people who wish to defend "the only person left in business" Sabastian, should go and use him. I hope he is as professional with your wedding as he was with mine & then you can be disgusted about it. Let me make a suggestion to all of you cake lovers DORINDA ORDERS. She has made several cakes with me since my wedding cake disaster, and they are yummy. I actually got to see what a cake made with all fondant looks like. I got a cake that was larger than my wedding cake and for 1/3 of the price. She even made my husband and I our anniversary cake, since our original ended upside down in the floor. She is very professional, and doesn't do that for a complete living; therefore she's not trying to rip people off by killing you on price. You can find her on face book, would be my best way of getting in touch with her as far as a cake. As for Michael, what comes around goes around and from my understanding he is getting what he deserves. Oh and he didn't leave on his own, Sabastian fired him. It was a lover’s quarrel but nonetheless he didn't get the other job for months afterwards. I must admit I loved Sabastian and Michael too at first. Once I gave them my complete trust, they broke my heart by messing up all of my tuxes, and my wedding cake.

As for doing what Sabastian told us? Hello what part of 2 fittings did you not understand???? What part of, all of the pins were still intact did you not understand??? How can you honestly justify that? Sabastian blamed Sherry his seamstress and another girl for the mistake of his shop! Oh by the way Cake Man, bless you, you cannot fix stupid and all of the post of people trying to make the wrong's right prove that. I truly hate the BBB is not more involved, and cannot do anything more to businesses that don't produce product up to par. I learned a valuable lesson in all of this, I will not try someone new and I will go with what I know.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#23 May 7, 2010
Dear Complete Disaster, many thanks for your enlightening post. Again, our apologies for all that went wrong with your wedding at the hands of these two men.
As I have said before, I was never able to speak directly to Michael and he never responded to my emails. This fact, coupled with the "quality" of my cake made me believe Michael never touched my cake. This made me wonder who cashed my check. I obtained a copy of the cancelled check, front and back from my bank. I have it just in case I would ever need it, lets say to prove or disprove that the handwriting on the back actually belonged to Michael, the person the check was written to. Just something to think about.

Newton, NC

#24 May 13, 2010
Sabastians Boutique does excellent work. I love working with him and I will go back. His work is simply amazing and if you have a problem he will fix it. I don't know why you people have such a problem with him he fixed my prom dress which was black and pink and did amazing work. I look forward to working with him in the coming years because I am simply amazed with his work.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#25 May 25, 2010
Someone wrote:
Sabastians Boutique does excellent work. I love working with him and I will go back. His work is simply amazing and if you have a problem he will fix it. I don't know why you people have such a problem with him he fixed my prom dress which was black and pink and did amazing work. I look forward to working with him in the coming years because I am simply amazed with his work.
Sabastian.... er..uh.. "Someone": You don't know why we have a problem with him? Can you not read or comprehend English? Did you click on the link to the cake? What did he do to your black and pink prom dress? Do I even really want to know? The man does shoddy work on cakes.

United States

#26 Jan 2, 2011
Wedding Disaster wrote:
Never use Sabastians Boutique for a wedding. Sabastian ruined my wedding dress when he went to alter it. People that have looked at the dress to fix it are amazed at what he did to my beautiful dress. I had him do four bridesmaids dresses for me, none of which fit. We had to pin and sew these dresses the morning of my wedding, since he hadn't finished his "work" until the night before my wedding. As for my flower girl dress that is "created" they were a disaster! One did not fit even after 2 fittings and one was torn!!! All this mess made me 45 minutes late for my wedding! Did Sabastian do the right thing and refund a penny...NOPE! He is a coward and useless! Yes, my photographer took pics of everything that I have described as they were taken back by such shotty work for a so call pro! Never use this shop for anything! Sabastian will make up stories about you, spread them around town, but has NO proof to back anything up. I on the other hand all the proof I need against him. I'll join Cake Man and put another complaint against him with the BBB.
Did you ever report this to the BBB??? Of course you didnt. This young lady purchased a maggie sattaro gown and all that was done to it was a hem put in the front of the alterations made. was a straight hem.. She later on tried to sell the dress to get a car title out of pawn "per her own father" and was offered $100.00 for the dress..Of couse she was mad since she paid $500 for the gown. She then took a pair of scisors and cut the botm out of the dress and claimed we did it...LOL would you take home a dress that had the btm cut out of it with no hem.. I think not. The issue started after the tux's were not returned and I had the sherrif office call to let them know we were putting felony theft charges against them because we couldnt get our property back.. When the tuxedo was finally returned by her father it had some kind of animal pee on it and was destroyed... What kinda people do that... Your Bridesmaid dress were ordered for certain people...they were measured and we ordered there size...did those people stand in yoru wedding...umm no. called me frantic two days before the wedding and had to change her bridesmaids because they would not be in your i had to fit a size m into a 2xl gown...yeah it was bad but i did it for you at no extra cost..Whos fault was that...who designed your flower girl dresses? You did.....i did everything i could to make those dresses look better...FREE OF CHARGE>>> Did your girls come in and try the dresses on before you picked them up... NO which is never a good idea...always try it on before you leave the store and you will not have those problems...

Btm line...I should be shot for trying to help you as much as i did but i do care about my clients.. Thats why my business has grown the way it has. We r on our third upgrade on our building and Ive given 10 new people jobs.. You dont do that by screwing people over. You do that by building a good rep for yourself.

If you say you had all these crazy issues right before your wedding and it messed the entire day up for you...whos fault is that. WOuld you ever take a pile of dresses out of a store with all the issues you say you had..NOway...including the most important dress, your wedding gown.

You can say all you want to say but heather and I know what happened here and i can tell you her version is very different then mine. Ive been to the BBB once with a client and i won the dispute and have never beem reported by any other.. You may call them to check that.


United States

#27 Jan 2, 2011
Cake Man Redux wrote:
Lets bring this back up.
What meeting did you witness me going all drama queen and High pitched on. Heck that is me on a regular bases but i seriouslt doubt i do that in my store...I have a office for that.. Again what meeting was this>>>>

Cake man...What exactly r you trying to do here....seeme like your in a quest for some odd reason...
Sorry for his clients

Denver, NC

#28 Jun 19, 2011
Redman wrote:
<quoted text>
Well do you know Sabastian or not? You said you didn't know him, then you say you have communicated with him several times about your wedding and cake. From what I have seen in the posted image of the cake that these poor people got, if you get your cake at Sabastians, you deserve whatever you receive.
Quite possibly one of the worst so called designers ever.

Greenville, SC

#29 Apr 21, 2012
I should have listen when my gut told me not to use those two. I had went in January to have them make my moms dress and my flower girl they have had since january and had yet to start on my flowergirls dress what they had done was just the top piece which looked like a slip as for my mothers dress they mutilated it it looked like Edward scissor hands had got a hold on it DO NOT EVER use Sebastian's there theory is to not do the dress till right at the wedding date so you will be stuck with it. The only nice thing I can say is he did give us our money back.
Happy customer

Vale, NC

#30 Aug 4, 2012
I've been working with Sebastian to do my 6 bridesmaids dresses, flowergirl dress, and tuxes for my upcoming wedding. I haven't had any trouble that can't be fixed thus far. When the seamstress s
tarted work on my dresses she did call to clarify the measurements because she was a little confused on whose measurements belonged to who because of the jumbled paperwork (which Sebastian even admitted to in the store). We were able to easily figure out whose measurements belonged to who so she could begin making the dresses.

I just went in to have my final fitting on my flower girl and one of my bridesmaids. The flower girl dress looked beautiful and was exactly what I wanted. It fit her great, the only thing that wasn't complete was the straps. They were sewed in the front but just pinned in the back, which to my understanding was so they could tell where the straps needed to be sewed to fit her correctly. The bridesmaid dress looked beautiful and was also exactly what I wanted but it was way too big for my bridesmaid. It literally fell off of her and hit the floor when she put it on. We were told that the dresses were made "a little big" so any alterations could e made if needed, but the dress was made huge. However, it isn't anything that can't be fixed. They pinned it where it needed to be and are altering it right away in time for the wedding next Saturday.

I'm sorry that everyone else has had problems with Sebastian but all the problems I've had were small and were very easy to fix with just a little communication. Thus far I am a very happy customer.

Holly Springs, NC

#31 Aug 15, 2012
Wont be returning
#32 Aug 16, 2012
I was told multiple time frames that the bridesmaid dresses would be done and they weren't completed until about a week before my wedding. Two measurements were taken in December 2011, two in January (as well as the flower girl measurements), one in March, and one in early June (along with updated measurements of one of the girls measured in January because she was pregnant). I was originally told the dresses would be made at the end of June so fittings could be done in July. I called at the beginning of July to find the shop was closed for the 4th of July. When I called them after the holidays I was told the dresses wouldn't be made until the middle of July because my maid of honor was pregnant (why couldn't they make the others and do hers later, seeing as her dress color was completely different than the rests anyways?). I was never called by the shop to let me know that the dresses had been made and I had to call at the end of July to find out they were ready but the flower girl dress hadn't even been started yet! When the girls tried the dresses on 5 out of 6 didn't fit at all. The girls literally let go of the dresses and they fell to the ground. One of the dresses, even after alterations, was so big that an extra pleat had to be added and the bridesmaid had to wear 2 bras and it was still big on her. The dresses were strapless and the girls were constantly pulling up their dresses all day at the wedding and I had to constantly remind the girls to do a bra check before pictures because the dresses slipped, showing the back of their bras. Sebastian claimed he wasn't used to making dresses for small girls and that he wasn't used to working with that type of material even though he was the one who helped me pick out the material. The one bridesmaid dress that did fit still had to have 3 inches of fabric taken in under the arm and we were promised a hook and eye in the back but never received it. I also asked by phone if my maid of honor dress could have a sash, since she was pregnant and it might be more comfortable on her than a zipper. Mike said he would make a note and it shouldn't be a problem. We received the dress with a zipper and no sash. The flower girl dress was suppose to have a sash, which it did but it wasn't sewed on. It was just a piece of fabric we tied on and we couldn't use it for the wedding because it kept sliding off (because of silk on silk) even when we tied it as tight as possible.
The tuxes were a mess with fitting as well. The groom and two groomsmen were measured by Sebastian while the others were measured somewhere else and we had their measurements called in. The ones who were measured elsewhere had tuxes that fit, while the ones measured in shop didn't fit. One groomsmen had to use his own shirt because the one given to him was so big. The groom and one groomsmen had to swap jackets because they didn't fit properly and one groomsmen's pants were so long that he wore them at his belly button but the pants still bunched at the bottom and collected mud on the wedding day. A pair of shoes for the best man weren't ordered so they had to do a rush order and a bridesmaid had to go an hour and a half out of the way to pick them up for us. We were also never given a day to return the tuxes when we picked them up and in previous conversation with Mike was told the Friday after the Saturday wedding would be fine because of my husband's work schedule. On Wednesday the shop called one of my groomsman 10 times wanting to know about the tuxes and when my husband finally got in touch with him, on lunch break at work, we were told they were due back the day before and that she knew she had told him and that Mike wouldn't tell us Friday was ok. She also said we would be charged $60 for an overdue fee, which we weren't charged though because we never signed any kind of contract or paperwork.
Wont return cont
#33 Aug 16, 2012
Posted twice by mistake, sorry guys!
I would also like to comment on how rude the women were to me and my husband. I never had a problem from Sebastian or Mike but the women were always snappy and rude. I called once to see if the flower girl dress was done (since it wasn't complete when the bridesmaids dresses were. The woman, in a very hateful voice, replied "We told you they were done and needed to be tried on!". Calmly I replied "No, the bridesmaids dresses are done. I'm asking about the flower girl dress". She spoke to someone in the background and then said "There's only one!" and I answered "Yes, I know. Is it done?". She abruptly answered yes and hung up on me. I had also called multiple times to see if my dresses had been started only to be told "No, they won't be started for another month. I'm not even going to look because I know". The woman also argued with my husband that she KNEW she had told him when the tuxes were due back and that Mike wouldn't have told him Friday was ok. She was also not apologetic that the tuxes didn't fit since the groomsmen didn't try them on. However, they didn't even arrive in the shop until Thursday when the wedding was Saturday and we had a rehearsal dinner on Friday!
Also, I was told by Mike that it would be fine to have my pregnant bridesmaid and out of town (by 400 miles) bridesmaid to be measured on Thursday. Once at the shop with other bridesmaids trying on their dresses the woman helping me seemed very upset that I couldn't have them in before Thursday because the dressmaker wasn't there on Thursdays and Fridays. The dressmaker also made a comment on a Tuesday that she would be altering my dresses all day the next day with Sebastian replying to her "maybe" and then asking when the wedding was. When I said that Saturday he seemed annoyed and was like "Well I guess you will be then". When my girls went in on Thursday for fitting I asked if the dresses could be finished that day by 12:30 (it was 10am and we were the only customers in the store) because we had a doctors appt. at 1:30. She told me yes, they could be because the altering was very simple and quick. When I called at 12:15 she still needed another hour to an hour and a half so my husband had to pick them up that evening when he got the tuxes, resulting in my girls not being able to try them on in the shop after alterations.

Since: Aug 12

Swannanoa, NC

#34 Sep 18, 2012
That cake looks like a child made it, one learing how to bake??? WOW I guess lesson learned look at your purchase before leaving with it hmmm.

Greenville, SC

#35 Sep 18, 2012
This turkey (Sabastian) has been reported numerous time to the BBB. Anybody who goes there for "anything" needs their head examined!
sister of the bride

Wilton, CT

#36 Jan 28, 2013
Well you are about to be reported back to the BBB!!! This time we will win!!!
Fake Cakes and Bad Fits

Smithfield, NC

#37 Feb 2, 2013
I am not one to speak badly of someone, but I will say this much. The bridesmaid dresses he made for my friend's wedding looked like bed sheets and fit like potato sacks. I also question if his cakes are individualized and made in house or if he doesn't get them from super markets, as the reception cake he produced was VERY reminiscent of a specific cake you can have made (from the order book) at Lowes Foods. If this was my wedding I would have sued, quite frankly, but those more invested, have decided it isn't worth it, and rightfully so I suppose.

Conover, NC

#38 Nov 8, 2013
Well, this fool Sabastian is out of business in Conover, NC. Heard he went to South Carolina. Guess he had to find a new group to of customers to fleece.

Winter Garden, FL

#39 Nov 9, 2013
He can't be trusted. I also have a business in Conover and my understanding is that he left being 5 months behind on rent payments. He took antique furniture, pictures and other items that his landlord graciously allowed him to use in his business. He also stole some of her personal items stored on the property. Haven't seen the property, but have heard he cut up walls, put holes in the hardwood floors, caused major damage inside. A police report was filed under his name Arnold Reading but no one knows how to find him.

Boone, NC

#40 Jan 5, 2014
Finally Sebastian is out of NC!!! He is a horrible piece of crap that lies and causes the most special events in people's lives to be total train wrecks!! Good've had a horrible name around here for awhile it is about time you left town.

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