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Cake Man

Conover, NC

#1 Nov 25, 2009
My wife paid for a homemade cake made by Michael Duncan of "How Sweet It Is" in Newton, which is located inside of Sabastian Ready's Boutique. Be forewarned that the cake that we picked up was a 10" made by SAMS CLUB cake. These shysters thought they could pull something over on someone by sticking some tacky looking red fondant on it and calling it homemade. I guess they forgot to make the cake we ordered or lost the ticket on it. The cake had been frozen. The container for the cake was SAMS CLUB as well, they only bothered to tear the sticker off which read $12.95, and then charge us double that. If I wanted a SAMS cake, I would have went to SAMS. Anyway, after trying to confront these people, we had a phone hung up on us, then later was told by Sabastian Ready that Michael was no longer making cakes, but he had personally saw him "make" that cake and that we were wrong. After much conversation, he agreed to refund our money and send a check that week. Well, that was two weeks ago and no check. Thus my warning to anyone that would read this. Avoid these two men and their respective businesses. The BBB will be contacted.
Wedding Disaster

Candler, NC

#2 Nov 29, 2009
Never use Sabastians Boutique for a wedding. Sabastian ruined my wedding dress when he went to alter it. People that have looked at the dress to fix it are amazed at what he did to my beautiful dress. I had him do four bridesmaids dresses for me, none of which fit. We had to pin and sew these dresses the morning of my wedding, since he hadn't finished his "work" until the night before my wedding. As for my flower girl dress that is "created" they were a disaster! One did not fit even after 2 fittings and one was torn!!! All this mess made me 45 minutes late for my wedding! Did Sabastian do the right thing and refund a penny...NOPE! He is a coward and useless! Yes, my photographer took pics of everything that I have described as they were taken back by such shotty work for a so call pro! Never use this shop for anything! Sabastian will make up stories about you, spread them around town, but has NO proof to back anything up. I on the other hand all the proof I need against him. I'll join Cake Man and put another complaint against him with the BBB.
Complete Disaster

Daytona Beach, FL

#3 Dec 21, 2009
I as well was taken by both How Sweet It Is and Sabastians. Not only were all 8 of my tuxes a complete disaster (after 2 fittings) all of my groom's men, ring bearer & groom received them with pins still intact. But I was also taken for $250 from Michael Duncan on my cake--which let me note to all fell during the reception. It was supposed to be all fondant & instead was whipped icing with fondant circles. I called Michael back in tears, and he was oh so upset about the incident & promised to refund all the money. 3 weeks later I had nothing in hand. I called and he would not return my calls. I even went as far as to go by the store, oh imagine no one being able to find him. I then turned him over to the BBB where he lied & said he never promised anything. Then exclaimed I was a broke bride looking for a free ride. I promise I am not & my father was the one out the $$$ & his actions should tell you something about his lousy business. Add to that Sabastian told me the pins along with the tux's not fitting was a mistake, he couldn't give my guys money back because he didn't have it, but he would make the guys some nice sportswear pieces if they would all come in and get fitted? To my exclamation "you should have their sizes". I was contacted by the BBB were they told me they were unable to settle the dispute and I would have to take them to court,(due to what I was telling them, along with many witnesses was completely different then what Michael and Sabastian were saying) imagine that, and who has time for court? I at that point vowed & decided that word of mouth would be much better, and both of these lousy businesses getting what they deserve & not being able to ruin another wedding or bride and groom's big day would much more satisfy the situation. They can keep the money but please be forewarned not to use these unprofessional so called business owners & allow them to ruin your big day.
Cake Man

Conover, NC

#4 Dec 22, 2009
I'm sorry this happened to you. Both men are complete turds and I am on the word of mouth "tour" so to speak. Hopefully soon, their shop will be empty and closed.

Garner, NC

#5 Dec 22, 2009
I saw Sebastian get mad in a meeting. He was screaming, really high pitched, and ran out of the room. He is a drama queen.....I mean king. Whatever. I would recommend staying away from him. There is always trouble following him around, but it's always someone elses fault.
Cake Man Redux

Blowing Rock, NC

#6 Dec 28, 2009
Lets bring this back up.
Wedding planner

Maiden, NC

#7 Jan 12, 2010
You People r Nuts. I have used Sabastians boutique many times and everyone of my weddings that he has been used, everything has came out perfect. You really need to take the time to plan and do what he tells you to do and you will not have misshaps like this happen.

TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. Its always another truth and im sure that if he really did all this His store would not be staying booked up a year in advance.

Maiden, NC

#8 Jan 13, 2010
After being advised this post was public. I researched and read this post and will respond to it. You really need to talk to you wife because i have a copy of the order form with me and all the notes that were made on it each time someone talked to your wife. The cake was suppose to be made and ready for pickup on a specified date and was suppose to be a 10" round white cake with red flames on it. The cake was made and was ready for pickup and set in the cooler for two days and when it wasnt picked up, Your wife was called and she said she needed to postpone the date of the party to the next week. Since there was no phone call to pospone the date the cake was being made she was told that the cake would be frozen to give to her at the later date or her deposit would be given back. When the cake was picked up. No problem with the cake and you guys actually took the cake and ate it at the party.
Here is the issue. Two employees witnessed mike making the cake and decorating the cake as on the paperwork that was gone over with your wife by Sherry. When you accuse someone of passing off false merchandise, that is very serious and you better have evidence to back that up in court or you will end up in court for making a public statement that is slanderous to a business. Yes the boxes and cake carriers and all paper supplies are purchased in bulk from sams. Not the cakes. Mike is no longer in business because he took a job as a area supervisor for a food and beverage company and has nothing to do with this cake. Usually when someone complains its always a money issue and is usually the fault of the client. IE...if you leave a cake out inthe hot sun for two hours it will melt. If you freeze a cake for a week its probably going to taste like its been frozen. Your wife was given the proper information to call about this cake and if she doesnt still have that info. Call Sabastians and they will refer you to the proper place.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#9 Jan 15, 2010
I will provide a timeline of events and then address the above post.
Wed, Nov 4, order was placed with M Duncan's assistant for an 8in round, coconut flavored cake with red, orange, & yellow flames, no other icing decorations, small wording on top.
Tuesday, Nov 10, called to see if cake could be picked up on 11/13 instead of 11/16. I was informed the cake had been made since Sat, Nov 7th and that they had no phone contact for me. I agreed to have the cake frozen and would pick up Thurs, Nov 12, then thaw.
Thursday came and I picked up the cake and paid for it. After I got home and had a chance to look at the cake I was disappointed. It was a 10in round cake with bright red icing scallops around the top edge and around the base. It had poorly cut pieces of red fondant in between the icing scallops and lettering across the top that appeared to be a kindergarten scrawl, not lettering by a professional baker. At this point I just thought it was a poorly decorated cake by someone I would never use again. It was what it was and I had no choice but to use it. I did not have time to get another cake. The next day when we cut the cake and I tasted it, I suspected it was a Sam's cake. Sam's cake is fine if that is what you want, but it is not what I wanted. My point is that a professional baker cannot pass something like this off as homemade and get away with it. The cake was vanilla, mine was supposed to be coconut.
The icing was unmistakingly Sam's. It was that very sweet, glazy buttercream. I spoke to Sam's the next day and the lady told me they were the only bakery to make 10in round cakes. Walmart and other grocery stores bakeries did not make that size. I called How Sweet It Is and again spoke to the same lady. She denied my cake came from Sam's. I told her I wanted my money back. Sebastain called me back and agreed to give me a full refund which never happened.
Hence my word of mouth and written campaign to spread the word about my experience with How Sweet It Is. If you have my order I would love to see it. If it exists at all, it is probably no more than a post-it note with some poorly written directions. Had you had a complete order you would have known my cake was to be 8in not 10in, coconut not vanilla, decorated with no icing scallops, the correct date, and perhaps a phone number for contacting me.
As for the cake being frozen, I have never complained about the taste, only the way it was decorated and that it appeared and tasted like a Sam's cake, right down to the adhesive left behind from the price sticker. I understand you buy supplies in bulk. Bulk supplies come in boxes, not pre-stickered like the sold cakes.
As for the court threat, it is only slander if it is untrue. I have pictures and still have some of the cake frozen just in case. I have said nothing untrue. I have only been lied to about getting a refund, but I will address that later.
Per you in the above post "Mike is no longer in business because he took a job as a area supervisor for a food and beverage company and has nothing to do with this cake", you words, not mine. By your own admission, the professional baker I paid for DID NOT make my cake. I would like to know who did, I suspect Sam's.
I should say I was never able to have a conversation with Michael Duncan, only his assistant and that my original dealings were never with Sebastain. He involved himself when he volunteered to give me a refund beacuse this farce of a bakery was run out of his business.
As for the refund, a whoping $24.90, please keep it. Your public admission that Michael knew nothing of my cake and my satisfaction writing this post far exceeded that amount. Have a blissful day :)
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#10 Jan 15, 2010
Here is an image of the cake. Does this look like a professionally made cake? Is this garbage worth $24.90? Cut and paste link if you have to.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#11 Jan 15, 2010
I would like to make something clear just one more time. In the above post you state "two employees watched Mike decorate the cake just as your wife ordered" then two sentences later you admit Mike had nothing to do with the cake. I LOVE IT!!!! I only clarify this one more time in a shorter post in case someone got tired of reading the long one. Those couple of sentences sum up everything.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#12 Jan 15, 2010

Morganton, NC

#13 Jan 27, 2010
I saw Sebastian on TLC's toddlers in tiara's. He is very unprofessional sounding.

Shelby, NC

#14 Jan 31, 2010
Dude- i work @ sam's. We make 8" cakes all of the time. you also can get them @ any grocery store. Everybody who does professional cakes uses that icing.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#15 Feb 1, 2010
cakegal, you are correct, you do make 8 inch cakes all the time. We ordered an 8in but the cake we got was a 10in. Sam's is the only place you can get a 10 in round. Professional bakers do use buttercream icing, but it is a buttercream they have made themselves and is not glazy like the Sam's icing. This is all irrelevant since I specified fondant, which I did not get.

Belton, SC

#16 Feb 2, 2010
That cake is horrible! I wouldn't pay 10 bucks for it. It looks like it was decorated by a kid. Sam's pays ppl for that work??

Conover, NC

#17 Feb 2, 2010
cakegal wrote:
Dude- i work @ sam's. We make 8" cakes all of the time. you also can get them @ any grocery store. Everybody who does professional cakes uses that icing.
Did you make this ugly cake? No one wants to claim it.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#18 Feb 27, 2010
As wedding season draws near, remember these complaints/comments before you decide on vendors.

Spartanburg, SC

#19 Mar 28, 2010
Omg.. you just don't get it do you. They never said that Mike didn't know about or that he did not make your cake... The comment was made about Mike no longer making cakes at Sebastian's Boutique because he took a new job... The way I read it states that he did make your cake before he ever changed jobs.... This is coming from someone who doesn't know either party I am just shopping around for someone to do my wedding and cake...and have communicated with Sebastian several times and he seems very professional.
Cake Man

Blowing Rock, NC

#20 Apr 2, 2010
Actually kit kat, I DO get it. I appreciate your interpretation but the verbatim sentence from post 8 is "Mike is no longer in business because he took a job as a area supervisor for a food and beverage company and has nothing to do with this cake". What part of "and has nothing to do with this cake" is open for interpretation? My entire point has always been someone other than Michael made my cake. This sentence confirms my suspicion. There is a link to my cake in post 12. If you think this caliber of work is suitable for your wedding cake, then your idea of a professional is vastly different from mine. Best of luck with your wedding, but I would pay attention to the problems had by the majority of people who responded to my initial cake complaint. I never mentioned wedding problems, but obviously others felt the need to add their experiences.

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