Body on beach identified as Alief ISD...

Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher

There are 540 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Feb 24, 2006, titled Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

A woman found dead near the Flagship Hotel Thursday has been identified as Natasha Solidum, 30, of Houston, according to Galveston police.

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Which Is It

Angleton, TX

#191 Jul 4, 2007
Sam the super cop wrote:
According to Matt Wingo the victims were shot with a 22 cal.
Matt was wondering where I got this information lol.
So now we have victims in Brazoria County and victims in the killing field shot with the same caliber weapon.
Is that correct Matt?
Thank you very much for revealing that information.
I read all of this in the above url kandy posted for chat.
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09-08-04, 04:28 PM (EST)

54. "RE: Follow up"
In response to message #53

According to an article in Houston Chronical most of the young girls killed between 1971 and 1974 were shot in the head with a 22 cal weapon.
I bet a cheesburger the ballistics will match.
So once again we have multiple serial killers but one who has killed at least 15 young girls and folks he has not been caught.
Now why do you suppose the killer would cut off Allison's and Laura Head? Not to mention a Jane Doe found in a trash dumster in Galveston in 1986 who head had also been cut off.
Let's see.
Allison in the seventies.
Jane Doe in the eighties.
Laura in the nineties.
I think this scum bag takes body parts as (trophies) souvenirs to have sex with at a later date.
I went to a sex crimes school in the mid eighties and they showed pictures of a man who had been arrested. The officer who searched the man found in his coat pocket a penis in one pocket and part of a virgina in the other pocket. The penis and virgina had been put in chemicals to preserve them. As this scum bag walked around town and folks this is a true story he would fondle the penis and virgina in his pockets. This gave him some type of sexual thrill and I'm sure it thrilled the officer when he stuck his hand in the coat pocket and pulled out the penis/virgina!
So I have come to the concluesion that is why the girls were mutilated a long with experimenting with the victims body out of sexual curriosity.
Is this same the killer I think may be responsible for killing at least 15 young victims. I don't know but it's the same area and same time frame except for Laura. If Laura is one of his victims he was still active in 1997.
Which Is It

Angleton, TX

#192 Jul 4, 2007
Sam the super cop wrote:
Very good reporter.
So now we have people being arrested for the murder of Alison Craven, Colette Wilson and Gloria Gonzales.
It was obvious to me Wilson and Gonzales were connected.
Now we it know it wasn't Sam the super cop lol.
As you know Matt Wingo and Dr. Cecil Wingo came on this site and accused me of being a sexually sadistic serial killer.
That's why they call me Super cop.
You can undertsnad REPORTER why I may have been a little upset.
I blame this mis-information on the media reporter.
Why did they not know about these arrest?
I assess my cases through media reports and local contacts.
So we have 3 killers.
Self who claims he was not guilty and that a confession was beat out of him.
Suffin who claims a confession was a result of judicial coercion.
Now Lantham who was killed by the police.
These cases should be closed reporter. I would like to see the case file that can be obtained under the freedoms of information act since the cases are closed.
I want to see what kind of evidence they had on these men.
I want to see if their confessions match the crime scene evidence.
Sam Supercop
The next victim was almost a year later and I'm not sure if the I-45 killer struck again or if this could be Reece. On 4/3/97 12 year old Laura Smither was abducted and her decapitated mutilated body was found 3 weeks later in a detention pond 15 miles from where she was abducted. Also remember Allison Craven also 13 was found mutilated and her body parts found in different places 15 to 20 miles from Laura was abducted and found. Allison Craven 1971 Laura Smither 1997 both girls the same age and both girls mutilated and from the same geographical area. Is this the same killer who mutillated Allison 26 years earlier. We know Allison was abducted close to home and so was Laura Smither. We know both girls were sexually assaulted and mutilated. I have shown you how I have linked these crimes from 1971 to 1991 with Janet Doe found in calder road field so we KNOW our killer has been killing for 30 years. He likes his victims young, he has different modes of death and all these cases are sex crimes and all the victims are low risk victims in other words there not prostitutes or run aways living a dangerouse life style.
A Lt with League City police dept stated he knew a man who had killed before and who knew some of the victims who was injured in a car accident. I sure would like to know who this person is and does he fit the physicle description of the man who attempted to abduct the 13 year old who was driving a green ford pick up.
Kandy Supporter

Angleton, TX

#195 Jul 8, 2007
honkey hater wrote:
I hope it was one of those rape calling snow bunny bitches they found, BURN WHITEY BURN
Man, you sre an ill defective blob of human matter who has no privelege to even exist. You inconsiderate blob, some of these girls were white, some were black and some were Hispanic. Should we, you think, eliminate the young white girls and just consider the others? Ah, but we know your degenerate answer.

When these things happen there is no color, there is no race, there are dead girls whose families are suffering. The LAW says nothing about race.

Do you have the guts to tell us who you are? Or are you too ashamed? Too cowardly. If you feel that way you should clue us in on why only the killings of girls of a certain color should be considered, maybe something might accidentally be spoken by you that will cause food for thought.I doubt that as you are geared only one way, to hate color no matter the circumstance.

Are you one who would keep secret the identity of a killer because of the race of the killers victim? You are not an American if so.You aint even human.

You shoudlnt have the right to even be heard.

Tell us who you are so we will know who it is to avoid.

Oh, by the way, the moderator on this talk is black, but I guess you would have something to say about that wouldnt you.

I ask the folks who moderate this site to remove your post and ban your IP.

“Look me in the eye when talkin”

Since: Jul 07

Katy, Texas

#196 Jul 8, 2007
honkey hater wrote:
I hope it was one of those rape calling snow bunny bitches they found, BURN WHITEY BURN
folks, this dumb ass is on several forums and responds with similar idiotic posts.. Please just ignore him and maybe he will crawl back under his rock and disappear.

Ravenna, OH

#197 Jul 8, 2007
Well, I'm not so sure he should be ignored. The letter from the professed "killer" hand delivered to Texas Equasearch stated that the authour of that letter only killed the white girls. He said no blacks... etc...

Just pointing that out.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#198 Jul 9, 2007
Thanks Matt or Reporter I didn't know Galveston had it's own ME.
Most Counties in Texas with a population of less than 500,000 do not have a ME.
Remember I'm not from the area.
How many girls in Brazoria County have been murdered that is unsolved and the MO is the same?
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#199 Jul 9, 2007
Matt how many jane doe's found in Brazoria County?
How many unsolved homicides of young white females in Brazoria County?
How many of these cases have the same mo?
What's your take on all these unsolved homicides since you worked some of the cases?
Do we have a couple of serial killers responsible for the bulk of these murders are not?
I know we had one in the seventies what about the eighties?
What about the note to Tim Miller?
Is the Phantom for real or just another NUT case?
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#200 Jul 10, 2007

I find your post very interesting!!!!!!!!!!
What makes you think it's some public person in the Galveston area that is very well known????
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#201 Jul 10, 2007
It appears one person is useing many different hats on this forum.
Nemesis, reporter, which is it and others.
Why don't you use one hat were not that stupid.
Had the same thing happen on another serial case some guy kept useing different hats trying to confuse people.

Kandy I'm not familiar with Margaret Chauncey's case but when i have time I'll look into it.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#202 Jul 10, 2007

No record of a Margaret Chauncey missing in Texarkana Texas.
This could be a Texarkana Arkansas case???
A source of mine advised she was last seen with a doctor but the doctor is not a suspect.
Margaret may have been seeing another man who was not questioned according to my source.
Last record of Margaret is 1992 when she received a speeding ticket.
My source advised Margaret and her car has been missing for years.
Where did you read about Margaret?
Can you post the article and I'll continue to look into her case when I have time.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#203 Jul 10, 2007
Kandy I have your information on Margaret.
Bowie County Texas case still missing.
They don't know what happened to her.
I suspect foul play because her car is also missing.
I have a private investigators name who has been working on the case.
I'll e-mail you this weekend and give you more information.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#204 Jul 10, 2007
Correction on speeding ticket date June 1987.
No record of Margaret missing Texarkana Tx or Bowie County.

Ravenna, OH

#205 Jul 12, 2007
She is still missing. She is listed on Doe Network, Charley Project, etc...

Angleton, TX

#206 Jul 12, 2007
Name: Margaret Jane Chauncy
AKA: Margaret Latimer
Case Number: M9010003
Case Type: Endangered - Foul Play Possible
Last Seen in: Texarkana (Bowie County)
Last Seen on: 10/20/1987
Height: 5' 6 "
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age Missing: 24
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Date of Birth: 7/2/1963
Race: White
Sex: Female
State Missing From: Texas
Country Missing From: USA
Circumstances: Ms. Chauncy's four upper front teeth are capped with bridge work. She was last seen wearing a blue and white striped blouse and a matching shirt or pants, a long gold chain with two small children's gold band rings on it and a gold watch with the name Carolyn Sewell engraved on the back. Ms. Chauncy's red 1983 Pontiac Fiero with Arkansas license plate MXB670 has never been located.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#207 Jul 13, 2007
I never stated she wasn't missing.
Yes, she is missing and has been missing since 1987.
But their is NO missing person report that can found.
Obviously it was misplaced or something?
She was last seen leaving work, she was a nurse.
She dated a doctor and authorities have NO ideal what happened to her.
Her car has never been found.

Ravenna, OH

#208 Jul 13, 2007
Sounds like a real interesting story Sam, for sure. If I was there, I'd dig into archives on that one.
Sam the super cop

College Station, TX

#209 Jul 14, 2007
I found a PI familiar with her case.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#210 Jul 16, 2007
Kristi O'Pry Missing Shreveport La.
Kristi was last seen with Eric Mickelson 11 years ago.
Mickelson told police he dropped Kristi off at a mall around 8:30pm the last night she went missing.
Mickelson was arrested a few days ago for murdering a 84 year old man then cutting him up.
He confessed to police he killed Kristi and 4 other people.
Police are now searching for Kristi's remains.


#211 Jul 26, 2007
[quote]Could the killer be a voluntier with Equuasearch?[/quote] good question
Sam the super cop

College Station, TX

#212 Jul 28, 2007
I can't thank of any better place to be.
Obviously he has a connection with Tim Miller.
I mean he did send the letter to Tim.

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