Ann Yeager

There are 59 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Jul 11, 2009, titled Ann Yeager. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

To the Editor: "All you have to fear - is - fear itself." F.D.R. This is a direct response to Mr.

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Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#43 Mar 31, 2010
So, to FEDUP’(FEB 25)—Don’t be bullied—into what these people want—to drive away Constitutional rights. Always examine motive.

I speak what I mean—why I put my name on it. In respect to the Mayor’s position—it was genuine as well. Monetarily—it only pays $7,000 annually—before taxation. The petitions did not survive—as Council—wanted it that way. They effaced the Ohio Constitution—1. By deliberately not passing an emergency ordinance for said petition, mandated by the wording “forthwith”; 2. Nor placed the petition on the General Ballot, as directed by the wording “…if received before 60 days from the General Election…”(they received all three 72 days from said election; I spoke with those I deemed not in conflict with the Mayoral petition—84 days from said election—as any sense of impropriety in the breach of the fiduciary (One was the Mayor (decision would determine future post-holder); One was a Candidate for Mayor (ran unopposed); One was my uncle (in name only; as there are 37 grandchildren on that side of the family, of which I am number 36). Council placed the charter question on the following Special Election ballot—the next spring; 3. From what I can discern from said empty ballot—with respect to candidates’ names for writing charter, it appears Council did not pass any ordinance ascribing a candidate method for said ballot—other than write-in. I cannot fathom that from 150 people, including two former Council members—there would not be one—person—who wanted—to be a writer of their own charter.

On the end note to this affront to their own citizens’ rights: Council members who sat during the remission of the petition—would one day be citizens again. I’m sure they probably held disgruntlement over former Council members decisions, as they may have towards the predecessors. Why, then, as a citizen of the town—would they not have wanted—to provide a means—of redressing said grievances. A charter can specifically outline steps to redress said grievances. At the current turn, citizens must pre-register to speak at a Council meeting; and then are allowed only five minutes to clearly and firmly establish the grievance—and any remedy. This is somewhat of an improvement. When I spoke, regarding the petitions—it was only three. Council would not speak to me on the record. And I found it appalling—regarding the nature of the petition of charter—my knowledge in canvassing citizen’s concerns—they had little inclination—to discuss the subject at hand.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#45 Mar 31, 2010
2. NEXT, This group—picks up on yet—a second, supposedly, out-of-towner: POOP (from Pittsburgh), who incites:‘This is an exercise in crazy.’ A barrage of personal attacks—with no relation to the subject—(expressed in said letter to the editor), and then—attempts to persuade the public at large (beyond the village of Carrollton)—that the writer is “mentally ill.”:
However—‘POOP’—doesn’t state—what—is crazy. Is it the way the posters are responding to said letter? Or—is it the writer? The posters—choose—to make an attempt to display—with actual malice—the writer of the letter-to-the-editor—is crazy; not happy with the way the outer world—beyond their clique, club, family, church, whatever it is that bans them together. Every posting—attempts to push one step further; or with one-upmanship:

1.‘CARROLLTON NATIVE’(Feb 26):“…This woman is CRAZY, she needs help…”
2.‘JEFF KISHMAN’(Feb 26):‘…madwoman’s letters…crackpot…”
3.‘CARROLL COUNTY SUBSCRIBER (Feb 27):‘This woman should be banned…This woman is not all there…”
4.‘FELLOW CITIZEN’(Feb 28):‘I have known of situations involving this woman…believe me…Insane doesn’t touch what she is…”
5.‘ONE OF MANY’(Feb 28):‘This woman lacks all ability to function with any kind of order…this woman’s mindset is completely warped….makes a crazy person look normal…empty head…GET SOME HELP…see that she is put on something…”
6.‘HARLEM_MALVERN’(Mar 1):“…this woman is an absolute lunatic…She keeps her parents captive…I know all her siblings…mental nutcase like she is!!!(Explanation points original to post.) I think she should be banned….loony letters…”
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#46 Mar 31, 2010
3. Not satisfied with merely calling the writer “insane”—they prod, incite—in group concert—that—without rational showing or justification—she be harassed, stalked, or watched—by “OFFICIALS.”:
1.‘NUTS’(Mar 1):‘…How can someone have this much of a mental disorder—and still be on the street.’
2.‘AIC’(Mar 2)”:‘…please investigate this woman…and I want to see something done.

4. In conjunction, amid the latter comments—they decide—that merely the name of the writer of the letter-to-the-editor isn’t enough to satisfy their motive.[Given the amount of publicity—by selecting and singling out—repetitively—a single writer of letters-to-the-editor. All said writer’s letters were submitted for print—to the newspaper edition of the Free Press Standard—not for the publication on the world wide web. This—raises another point: There are two other letters-to-the-editor, concerning the same subject, that are not placed on this forum.(A common man—would find that relevant—if—the desire of this forum—was truly: to comment on subject, in this case: a metal detector, whether to continue to pay for its lease—given the extreme amount of budget reduction in the County taxation coffers.) The two missing letters-to-the-editor (one from Maryland, and one from a retired police officer) would be important—as the writer’s letter-to-the-editor, in the subject of this thread—is a direct rebuttal to another letter-to-the-editor published in the same newspaper.
Point three: I, as the poster, herein, can effectively lessen the word count—in making the same point (whether in this post, or in the newspaper)—without having to redundantly express a verb-noun-subject connection—for readers—who attempt to persuade—that the writer “makes no sense.”
Word count is important to submission for a letter-to-the-editor. Said editor of said paper—has relaxed the rules—for a lengthy duration of time—allowing people—more than one—to exceed the word count originally established.
The point of this group—(acting in concert)—in expressing disgruntlement (by the repetitious posting of the phrase:“makes no sense”)—is to eliminate space—specifically allotted to THIS—writer (as underlined above, the same phrase, pointing out the same group mindset “this woman” is posted within the, supposed, sphere of different people.(I have no way of knowing, yet, it is not the same writer; or if—they truly are a group connected—by any other means—than disgruntlement—antagonism—cybe rbullying—of the same writer.)
I read—no other thread—connected with said newspaper—asking for censorship, banning any writer, attempting to influence the public with the amount of deliberate hatred, and genuine contempt for this individual writer—and with contempt for certain United States Constitutional rights: freedom—of speech; freedom—of press; Equal treatment, etc
Elifino Man

New Philadelphia, OH

#47 Mar 31, 2010
As a person who is currently learning the law, you clearly have no concrete understanding as to its meaning or to its relevant application. If I wanted to read incoherent babbling and poorly phrased thoughts I would read a third grader's essay written entirely in crayon. However, now saying that I feel a third grader would make more sense than anything that you have posted or plan to post in response to this comment. A word of advice, if you plan on addressing the masses from the podium in which you preach make sure that the masses can actually understand what it is you're trying to say.
Therese Avery

Clinton, PA

#48 Jul 21, 2010
Todd Died several years ago and was a long time friend....Just wondering you chose to include this one in your letter as there aare hundreds of others...just wondered

United States

#49 Jul 28, 2010
Its time for people to stop paying any attention to this woman!! As long as we giver her time she will continue her rant! Leave her alone and she will go away!

Millersburg, OH

#50 Sep 18, 2010
Alrighty then. What were we talking about........She sure put an end to this thread.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#51 Sep 22, 2010
Some of your insults are about as biting as a gnat with dentures. Amazing what you choose to post on , or pick up from the Free Press Standard. It appears, my letter was accurate. The FPS September 16, 2010 article, "Deput Injured in crash...": "Upon his arrival at the accident Ptl. Long said he observed the sheriff's cruiser in a ditch and damage to the drivers side front vehicle (responding to domestic violence)...He decided to stay with Deptuty Yost for safety reasons....In the meantime, Long said a male subject came running down the road with bloody hands and arms...."
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#52 Sep 22, 2010
Some of your insults are about as biting as a gnat with dentures. Amazing what you choose to comment on and pick up from the Free Press Standard. Looks like I was right. FPS article, "Deputy injured in crash, other driver faces charges": "...Upon his arrival at the accienet, Plt Long said he observed the sheriff's cruiser (responding to a domestic violence incident, involving a gun) in a ditch and damage to the drivers side front...Long observed Deputy Yost was injured and lying on the seat of the cruiser....He decided to stay with Yost for saftey reasons...In the meantime, Long said a male subject (the person fleeing the domestic violence scene) came running down the road with bloody hands and arms. Long then ordered Everly to put his hands up and get on his patrol car where he held Everley until back-up arrived."

United States

#53 Sep 26, 2010
For someone who says she doesnt have a computer or access to one she sure has had time to keep 'rambling on'!!!

United States

#54 Apr 7, 2011
She's suing you all!! Check out the Franklin County Clerk of courts website. Que Dr. Evil voice....."For 1 BILLION dollars!" Hopefully the judge orders a Psyc evaluation.

United States

#55 Apr 7, 2011
This is the link to her case info.
An American

Uhrichsville, OH

#56 Apr 11, 2011
1 Billion dollars, that's rediculous. Who died?

United States

#57 Apr 12, 2011
Not who died, what died. That what being her sanity. I have a feeling that its been dead since the Reagan Administration.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#58 May 12, 2011
If it was not posted by the Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas in Franklin County, Ohio, you are hereby notified that some of you have been named in a Petition before said Court--named Yeager v Topix et al. You are named thereupon by your chosen pseudonyms. You are directed to review this Petition, which includes a citation of the Ohio Constitution regarding Free Speech. Further, herein note, that any and all motions regarding said case, in which you may be an interested Party should be reviewed upon any submission by any Party. Since you are currently without address to notify you directly, this post is to notify you of all future motions, etc. which concern you.

“"You're Ok to me"”

Since: Jan 08

Location hidden

#59 May 13, 2011
::mutters:: she cant be SERIOUS!?!?!
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#60 Jul 26, 2012
In defense of my reputation:

Increduously--this malicious & false personal attack--has been tolerated by the Free Press Standard & ; Hence, I find myself in need of posting such--to any & all persons who would attempt to so believe the false light, libel, slander & defamation.

The only person who has identified himself on this post--is Jeff Kishman.

Who is Jeff Kishman?

Mr. Kishman is a Democratic Political Party supporter: 3/30/10:$300 to Fisher for Ohio; 10/07/08 $472 to Ohio Democratic Party; 5/03/07:$1,000 to Ohio Democratic Party.

Mr. Kishman describes himself as "Self/Free Lance, Independent Educator."

Mr. Kishman has simularly attacked Mr. Johnson of Summitvill Tiles, who served as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention, with the same attack: "...self-indulgent, boring article the News Leader has published in a long time. WHO CARES?"

Hence, it is politically motivated by some,if not all.(See definition of "sock-puppet"; questioning whether this is one person, or the same group to achieve the same term's goal.)
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#61 Jul 26, 2012
In defense of my reputation:

On August, 20th (2007? 2008?) The Free Press Standard published a letter, written by me, on the topic of Representation.

The idea centered on an absent Representative--who was called into service.

The letter indicated--our area Representative--was the sole Representative for Carroll County--while all surrounding Counties in said District--were only partially drawn in.

In the second paragraph I wrote, "It's so nice of the Editor (referencing the Canton Repository Editorial) to assume--the full mental deductive competence--on behalf of John Boccieri."

Mr. Boccieri--had missed several important votes--and kept himself apprised of Legislative Issues--while mentally engaged in the graphic surroundings of the Iraq/Afghanistan theater.

In what context--could he have fully given such comprehension--to any vote--dediced--amid blood, horror, bombings, dust, tension that gives rise to Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Mr. Boccieri--is a Democrat.

My first letter to the editor of the Free Press Standard--appeared in 1994. It argued against the moral wrongs of Bill Clinton in his affair with Monica Lewinsky.\

Over the years--I have debated several political issues. I have always debated--and argued--against the idea--not the person bringing it.

Observing the political attacks on others--since I was made aware of this forum--such as Sarah Palin--etc--I am forced to make you aware--that some in the political party system--in order to win the vote for their party--will say anything--against their fellow American.

The level of this political attack--merely makes the World perceive--that we hold our very system--in contempt--with exceptional hate.

Consider HOW you decide to make your point.

This attack--is personal--& devastated my business-as the attack--began in my telecommunications--intercepti ng all business calls from 2004 onward & invaded my emails--by remitting fraudulent emails in my name--around the world.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#62 Jul 26, 2012
Correction to the above post:(omittance)

I cite said letter regarding Mr. Boccieri & "full mental deductive competenence"--as these vicious attacks--have seized on such word--twisting its inference upon me: "I'm a madwoman, etc."

"Stop publishing me."

Mr. Kishman made the same comment in response to "Becky & Chuck" in another forum--stating "This Palin person is safely away from the press."

Is this attack on me--any different: Stop publishing?


Are my arguments too truthful to argue against? What is it that we as society are to peform in debate--but truth.

Truth is above a mere viewpoint.

A viewpoint--is merely where one person stands (or several in the same class.) It is proper to argue for said class--but in our Government--we must comprehend the impact of an object--upon all.

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