Ann Yeager

There are 59 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Jul 11, 2009, titled Ann Yeager. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

To the Editor: "All you have to fear - is - fear itself." F.D.R. This is a direct response to Mr.

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old harlem native

Carrollton, OH

#23 Mar 2, 2010
trust me, ALOT of loonies live in harlem. the trustees and treasurer are corrupt. for being such a small town it really has its issues. the store there doesn't even have a septic. it runs into a ditch!!

Carrollton, OH

#24 Mar 2, 2010
It's a shame that the FPS keeps publishing this garbage when they know Ms. Yeager is known for being mentally ill. They must be really needing filler.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#25 Mar 2, 2010
I'm just confused as to what her point is... Should I have been wearing a tinfoil hat when reading this?
Harlem Springs

Millsboro, DE

#26 Mar 2, 2010
For the one you wants something done with the living conditions you need to call the Carroll County Health Department. As for the ones talking about gold fish swimming and corrupt trustees and the clerk, there is no corruption in Lee Township Goverment. This is all about Ann Yeager and how she was ran everyone into the ground in her never ending off the wall nonsense. I am suprised the FPS has not pulled this letter from the website. This should be the last thing we see in the paper printed with her name.

New Philadelphia, OH

#27 Mar 2, 2010
Please someone do something, this woman needs evaluated, and no one is doing anything. Do we have to wait until she does something really crazy. The people suffering from her craziness the most are her parents, whom she has mad prisoners in their own home. She has taken over their finances and refuses to let them have contact with their own families. She says she is a writer but no one understands her ramblings. When will it end.

Massillon, OH

#28 Mar 3, 2010
Old Harlem Native, Harlem has ALOT of good people living there. It has no more looney people than Carrollton, Dellroy, Minerva, Malvern or any other towns near and far. The town has led to its demise with the several closings and re-openings of the Dairy Dream and not keeping up with the park and the water system. Ann is entitled to her opinion, whether she's off her rocker or not.... and as far as her parents go, that is between her and her family. Her family should be the one to call the health department, human services or any other department they see fit to be involved.
Time for County Change

New York, NY

#29 Mar 5, 2010
If this paper insists in printing this space filler down graded trash, then I am not going to read it anymore and stop buying it. I will save $52.00 a year now that I will not buy this paper.
family member

Hinckley, OH

#30 Mar 5, 2010
We can no longer claim her as a family member, she needs to get some professional help. Family members cannot contact her parents by phone or in person,(now what is wrong with that?) As a fifty one year subcriber to the Free Press Standard if you print one more letter from Ann Yeager, we are cancelling out subcription. She is obviously a very sick person, and you should let her rest!!!

Ellicott City, MD

#31 Mar 6, 2010
what a bunch of disgusting people!!!!this woman was just making a point, i feel she had no illintent or hatred directed at anyone. I'm not sure where all you self rightious, ignorant, people who wrote replys think you are so high and mighty..your hatefull letters were DISGUSTING you sound like spoiled brat 3rd graders. To attack this woman like this is beyond the pale. If the free press should pull anthing its your pitifull pathetic hatefull childish responses, you people are just rude ignorant illinformed unhappy people.. you should be ashamed to show your face in public..what a bunch of hypocrites.
the haps

New Philadelphia, OH

#32 Mar 7, 2010
saywhat, do you know Ann? If not shut the &%*# up.

Marshall, VA

#33 Mar 8, 2010
You say Ann was just making a point. If you kno what the point was about bringing up past tragedies in the community in relation to Courthouse security, please explain it to the rest of us. We sure didn't see the point in harming other people. Freedom of speech is not freedom to hurt others.
bitter bill


#34 Mar 10, 2010
I can't believe that the FPS hasn't deleted this trash, must be a free speech thing
Terri Heflin Gosling

Miami, FL

#35 Mar 12, 2010
Dear Editor,
First, I am not sure why you would allow this type of letter in your paper. It is painful and hurtful to those who were affected by these tragedies (opening up old wounds). Tim Smiley was my brother-in-law.
I can see that not much has changed in Carrollton over the last 26 years (I moved in 1986). The mentality of some people will never change.
Thank you.
Terri (Heflin) Gosling
Ann Yeager

Lakemore, OH

#36 Mar 30, 2010
Before I post a response to this, I'm quite curious:
Please explain how "you have ALLOWED me--to publish?"
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#37 Mar 31, 2010

TO WIT: As is pointed out by “GONE TOO FAR”‘…certain—prominent—figure s…”: I reprinted nothing—that the Free Press Standard—did not already, or first, print. Were you slanderous then—of said publication?

The point of reintroduction—is in direct relation to Mr. Mutagli’s letter-to-the-editor–who paints a hypothetical: possibility of a gunmen entering the building—after the metal detector is removed.
1. GONE TOO FAR knows this:“…CERTAIN (meaning: aware—the persons, cited at the beginning of the letter—had relation, or relevance, to the subject at hand, and were not—mere random people in random deaths)…PROMINENT FIGURES….(acknowledges that these are people would have entered buildings—now—with metal detectors.[Whether Carrollton High School actually has one or not, is moot. High schools across the country have installed them.]…

2. What happens—when one is outside the scope of this building? How is one protected? Should the taxpayers pay for your security 9-5?—and they have you die—outside the building? Should we pay for your—round the clock protection? How is one working in that building—more important—than any other. Such—affronts equality.

3. Specifically in relation to Mr. McConnaughy, former sheriff deputy: Mr. Mutagli’s letter (which was the subject of my letter, expressly stating “…a direct rebuttal to…”)—paints a hypothetical death—whereby the deputy dies—quickly and—seemingly—pain free: he merely closes his eyes. In direct relation—Mr. McConnaughy—died—over many hours—and without saying—apparent pain.

Case in point of said letter: These are facts—versus—hypothesis. The fact is—outside this building—no one is protected—at all times. Therefore, what is the point of spending taxation—one does not have?($300,000 short in 2010 budget—HUGE—for Carroll County.)
THESE POINTS—SHOULD HAVE BEEN SELF-EVIDENT—TO THOSE WHO ARE LITERATE—AND READ NEWSPAPERS (: TO APPRISE ONE’S SELF TO EVENTS—AND THEIR RELATED CONNECTIONS).(Did any of the following posters actually read Mr. Mutagli’s letter-to-the-editor? Where are your comments, then?)
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#38 Mar 31, 2010
Paint the writer of the letter to the editor, the subject of this thread--With false light; Contain libelous and slanderous comments; Attempts to paint the person in front of the world—with bias.
Here is an examination of the thread, which unfortunately—is becoming a more poplar way of putting personal motive and its justification of hatred, contempt, vengeance, etc.—in place of treating people civilly and with civility.
1. First—there is a person who thanks the writer—and more importantly—invokes the word ‘sane.’ One the same day as this posting, an immediate barrage of insults and attacks ensue—to influence the writer—to the groups’ malice:
1. SICK’(Feb 25):“…loved ones names and deaths BROUGHT UP in the LOCAL paper…What you have written here—is WORSE THAN—anything—they could do—in our little courthouse.”
2.‘YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR”(Feb 25):“…would SO GRAPHICALLY—REMIND—US—of the sad deaths—of CERTAIN PROMINENT FIGURES—in the community…”
3.‘OFFENDED’(Feb 25):“…LACK of COMPASSION…I can only HOPE…they didn’t READ THE REST of the letter…”:
4.‘CARROLL COUNTIAN’(Feb 25):“…You cannot carry (a) thought process through…tragedies…are in NO WAY CONNECTED to the metal detector…before you push that send button—or post—your letters-to-the-editor.”:
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#39 Mar 31, 2010
NO 2. NEXT, This group—picks up on yet—a second, supposedly, out-of-towner: POOP (from Pittsburgh), who incites:‘This is an exercise in crazy.’ A barrage of personal attacks—with no relation to the subject—(expressed in said letter to the editor), and then—attempts to persuade the public at large (beyond the village of Carrollton)—that the writer is “mentally ill.”:
However—‘POOP’—doesn’t state—what—is crazy. Is it the way the posters are responding to said letter? Or—is it the writer? The posters—choose—to make an attempt to display—with actual malice—the writer of the letter-to-the-editor—is crazy; not happy with the way the outer world—beyond their clique, club, family, church, whatever it is that bans them together. Every posting—attempts to push one step further; or with one-upmanship:
1.‘CARROLLTON NATIVE’(Feb 26):“…This woman is CRAZY, she needs help…”
2.‘JEFF KISHMAN’(Feb 26):‘…madwoman’s letters…crackpot…”
3.‘CARROLL COUNTY SUBSCRIBER (Feb 27):‘This woman should be banned…This woman is not all there…”
4.‘FELLOW CITIZEN’(Feb 28):‘I have known of situations involving this woman…believe me…Insane doesn’t touch what she is…”
5.‘ONE OF MANY’(Feb 28):‘This woman lacks all ability to function with any kind of order…this woman’s mindset is completely warped….makes a crazy person look normal…empty head…GET SOME HELP…see that she is put on something…”
6.‘HARLEM_MALVERN’(Mar 1):“…this woman is an absolute lunatic…She keeps her parents captive…I know all her siblings…mental nutcase like she is!!!(Explanation points original to post.) I think she should be banned….loony letters…”
3. Not satisfied with merely calling the writer “insane”—they prod, incite—in group concert—that—without rational showing or justification—she be harassed, stalked, or watched—by “OFFICIALS.”:
1.‘NUTS’(Mar 1):‘…How can someone have this much of a mental disorder—and still be on the street.’
2.‘AIC’(Mar 2)”:‘…please investigate this woman…and I want to see something done.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#40 Mar 31, 2010
NO A4. In conjunction, amid the latter comments—they decide—that merely the name of the writer of the letter-to-the-editor isn’t enough to satisfy their motive.[Given the amount of publicity—by selecting and singling out—repetitively—a single writer of letters-to-the-editor. All said writer’s letters were submitted for print—to the newspaper edition of the Free Press Standard—not for the publication on the world wide web. This—raises another point: There are two other letters-to-the-editor, concerning the same subject, that are not placed on this forum.(A common man—would find that relevant—if—the desire of this forum—was truly: to comment on subject, in this case: a metal detector, whether to continue to pay for its lease—given the extreme amount of budget reduction in the County taxation coffers.) The two missing letters-to-the-editor (one from Maryland, and one from a retired police officer) would be important—as the writer’s letter-to-the-editor, in the subject of this thread—is a direct rebuttal to another letter-to-the-editor published in the same newspaper.
Point three: I, as the poster, herein, can effectively lessen the word count—in making the same point (whether in this post, or in the newspaper)—without having to redundantly express a verb-noun-subject connection—for readers—who attempt to persuade—that the writer “makes no sense.”
Word count is important to submission for a letter-to-the-editor. Said editor of said paper—has relaxed the rules—for a lengthy duration of time—allowing people—more than one—to exceed the word count originally established.
The point of this group—(acting in concert)—in expressing disgruntlement (by the repetitious posting of the phrase:“makes no sense”)—is to eliminate space—specifically allotted to THIS—writer (as underlined above, the same phrase, pointing out the same group mindset “this woman” is posted within the, supposed, sphere of different people.(I have no way of knowing, yet, it is not the same writer; or if—they truly are a group connected—by any other means—than disgruntlement—antagonism—cybe rbullying—of the same writer.)
I read—no other thread—connected with said newspaper—asking for censorship, banning any writer, attempting to influence the public with the amount of deliberate hatred, and genuine contempt for this individual writer—and with contempt for certain United States Constitutional rights: freedom—of speech; freedom—of press; Equal treatment, etc.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#41 Mar 31, 2010
5. WHO ARE THESE POSTERS—WHO SO BRAVELY TAKE THE PODIUM—IN PUBLIC DEBATE—WITH SUNGLASSES AND A HOOD—EVEN IN THE BRAVADO OF WEARING ‘FAKE’ MUSTACHES? So brave, so strong are they—they have no desire to place their own name—to show the community they live with— who you are? That itself—should be a concern for those reading this thread. What possible motive—is hidden—behind masks?

They have no qualm over attempting to assert their influence—in anonymity. Beneath masks, might they be small business owners, who feel threatened by the writer—having run as an elected official—to attempt to bring more jobs—than just the local market holds? Or, persons holding influential, even elected positions? In the same publication, the December 10, 2009 edition, p A3:“GOP BOOSTERS RE-ELECT SECRETARY AND TREASURER.” This is pertinent here (as many of you attempt to fraction your country and your government by promoting political party—over equality—and equal representation):“’We want people—to represent our beliefs and conservative values,’ Strickler told the group.”

These “Posters” know—they would be treated—if they placed their name on what they wrote. Instead, I’m sure I pass them on the street—smiling at people, whom they despise—in public. On this forum—they feel compelled, if not liberated by toleration—to ban together—to erode your town; your own county; your own country.(Consider how much taxation is spent attempting to influence the outside world—with travel and tourism. Pretty much, you shoot yourself in the foot.)

Considering said paper circulates to Carroll County (supposed population: 30,000), with mailings to out-of-towners (people who grew up here, and wish to ‘stay in touch’ with events and news of relevance). It is more than likely, this is a group—within the county, or probably the village of Carrollton, given the latter posting of “mayor” comments. Since I have attempted a few posts on a few threads, and found—that my name appeared with cities that I was in no one present in—or even near—I discount the accuracy of the “town and state” associated with the person posting.
I raised the point of small business owners. Walmart—attempted to build in Carrollton. Many citizens wanted to see it made available—to their means.
Ann Yeager

Carrollton, OH

#42 Mar 31, 2010
I did in fact, petition to become Mayor, even though I live 6.7 miles away, in nearby Harlem Springs.
(Note: There were three petitions, all being signed with more than 10% of the number of voters who voted in the last Governor’s race, within said village; which contained signatures of former Council members, as well. Further note, I petitioned all over, as a same poll, not any one neighborhood. Said petitions were: 1. To become a charter village (Citizens write a constitution to direct their own government, much like the State and US constitutions do). 2. To widen the residency requirement for the office of Mayor, within a specified geographic area.(Carrollton is centrally located within the county, and many, within a geographic sphere—automatically gravitate to support is economic interests. Therefore, there is a genuine, common interest. It also benefits to have one who may not be immersed in neighborhood dispute: point of certain ordinances, in keeping the peace. It does not escape me, that as a statutory village (ruled by the will of 87 other counties), said village has an administrator, who was hired from outside the village; as well as the Solicitor (who has an office in a charter city, not too much bigger than Carrollton. State law creates a city boundary at a population of 5,000+; and village at a population under 5,000.) 3. To place my name on the ballot as a candidate for the office of Mayor, in the General Election.)
During petitioning, I met one man, who was a former business owner. His son currently owns and operates the shop he founded and labored to continue building. We discussed the concern of Walmart at some length. Some of the products a big chain may carry, compete with local business’ economic and their personnels’ personal survival. My retort to said former business owner, at the time: 1. One cannot direct—how any other—may deem to spend—their hard earned money. You have no right to direct such. 2. How many people end their college degrees at age 22 or 25? As a business owner, are you keeping up with new innovating ways to compete and be competent? I cited a book I had read a few months prior: Blue Ocean Strategies, which was published by Harvard Business Press, and had been one of the top five New York Times bestsellers on the business genre. He eventually signed the petition.
I have talked with this man’s son, without ever mentioning the aforementioned conversation. He points out a few things worth note: 1. In a small town, you piss people off, you lose customers. One person can equal 50 people.(At a local chain—I noted the personnel are all from out of town. They are not concerned, nor invested in petty neighborhood squabbles, or have knowledge of the influence of groups, churches, etc. I cite church—because it seems that some gain—when people are poor—are in fear—as that is the place many turn to for solace—aggrieved at a greater understanding—that much of its stems from their own doing.) 2. His products are priced the same as many big chains—however—people assume—as they do not advertise as much—of this fact. In doing so, he assumes his loyal customers know said fact. But doesn’t divest energy attempting to attract new. Perhaps EXACTLY BECAUSE of the economic nature of this community. There are little new customers: People have moved here, then moved out. They find they have to drive back to the city—to gain goods needed and wanted. It becomes a bill (gasoline and wear and tear on the vehicle)—on top a bill (loan, mortgage, local taxation).

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