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Dee Love

Germantown, TN

#515 Apr 9, 2014
Yes, some kids were selling the books in my neighborhood and I bought both math books. They have been invaluable in my daughter's understanding of math concepts. I could not have made a better investment. The BBB rating is an A plus. These are kids trying to make a decent living selling products that every child needs who struggles with any of the subjects offered. They may be expensive, but if they are instrumental in improving my child's educational experience, then I am on board. The young man was very professional and personable, no issues.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#516 May 11, 2014
Really amazing. The books they provided are clear and concise. Their website is actually very good. The sales person was very clear and allowed us to understand what is it about. I would recommend it very much.

Emmaus, PA

#517 May 20, 2014
A young girl knocked on our door before 8am this morning......perhaps etiquette should be taught on selling door to door? That's pretty early to be trying to sell something by randomly knocking on strangers doors!(Plus she was wearing very tight short shorts)

These students should be wearing business casual clothing and approaching teachers, young mom's groups etc. if the product is so good, that should be the way to go. Shame on this company for exploiting young adults!
Scotty Curry

Axtell, TX

#519 Jun 5, 2014
I did today when I told him I was a cop he hauled ass.

Buffalo, NY

#520 Jun 6, 2014
Was approached on the street at 8 am while waiting with my grandbaby at the bus stop by a very quite spoken young girl of Indian or Pakistani descent. She showed a formal ID badge and carried a duffle bag with the company name. Having been a teacher myself, my home is full of books of all sorts. I definitely was not in need of a book that answered the 500 most commonly questions asked by children. After she left my home she went to the driveway next store and proceeded to make notes. Then she proceed to ride her bike down the street. I began to wonder if she might be casing the neighborhood, because I saw her riding her bike down the street the evening before. This one claimed to have 35 customers waiting for her.

Omaha, NE

#521 Jun 6, 2014
I think after saying no and not interested they should leave. Don't want any books. Take the hint, please.

Alliance, OH

#522 Jun 6, 2014
Jenny wrote:
I just bought another set of books from them. They are quality books with great information. My 5 kids WILL be using them. That is the key. If they use them and take advantage of them as a resource, they are priceless. I figure 3 text books for 5 children for $350... less than $24/book/child. Our salesgal was sweet, professional and knowledgable. Only complaint, she came a bit late at night.
I know it has been awhile, but I got 20 books for less than that and they are awesome! My salesman was sweet and polite too.

La Grange, IL

#524 Jun 7, 2014
The bottom line here is no one should be going door to door selling anything anymore except scouts, there are just too many creeps out there and usually these sales people are scammers. A guy pulled up in front of my house yesterday with all of his literature and a back pack. My 8 year old grandson was outside playing with his friend and I heard him yell "grandma someone is here!" I quickly ran out to my front porch and told the boys to go in the backyard because I didn't know what this guy had up his sleeve. I just don't trust strangers hoofing it from door to door. I told him I wasn't interested and he knew I wasn't going to mess around listening to his script. I'm a friendly person so I don't like being on the defensive like that but in this day and age you just can't be too careful. Anyway, who has hundreds of dollars to blow on educational books. Kids learn just fine with less expensive teaching materials, it's the teacher that makes the difference.

Apopka, FL

#525 Jun 10, 2014
I'm the boyfriend of one of the college students, I can tell you for experience that this is the real deal. My girlfriend has spent months training and studying these books to sell to you. My girlfriend is also the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and has called me crying over reviews and people calling the cops on her. Plz for gods sake don't take it out on the students because they are trying to use this money to pay for college as this is what the company markets to them. If you're in Indiana and reading this plz be kind to the brown curly haired sweet girl she means the world to me and I can't handle anymore tears over the phone. Plz see better business bureau if you don't believe its a real company

Apopka, FL

#526 Jun 10, 2014
Ticked off home maker wrote:
That's bull crap! Tell me, Did you mention one time that buy signing the paper I would be charged 20$ a month??? That's malicious, dishonest, and steeling.
<quoted text>

"Stealing" looks to me you need the educational books more than the children

Apopka, FL

#527 Jun 10, 2014
Diane wrote:
A young girl knocked on our door before 8am this morning......perhaps etiquette should be taught on selling door to door? That's pretty early to be trying to sell something by randomly knocking on strangers doors!(Plus she was wearing very tight short shorts)
These students should be wearing business casual clothing and approaching teachers, young mom's groups etc. if the product is so good, that should be the way to go. Shame on this company for exploiting young adults!
they are not JW's they are college students of diverse backgrounds and it gets hot walking to sell you books.PS some people are awake that early

Apopka, FL

#528 Jun 10, 2014
Scotty Curry wrote:
I did today when I told him I was a cop he hauled ass.
you were probably a dick

El Paso, TX

#529 Jun 10, 2014
Very sweet girl from Estonia just came to the door. She's coming back tomorrow. They want $150 for 5 project books. Each is only about 1/4 inch thick so there can' be much in them. They seem to be interesting but quite pricey. Sam's sells the same kind of educational books for 1/4 the price. Think I'll go there instead.

Abilene, TX

#530 Jun 16, 2014
The kids selling the books ARE from all over the world and they come from different colleges and ARE working with the schools, not the local independent schools but the college that they attend. These kids are learning life long skills and are new at selling and new to door to door sales. The books are great for all ages and help older ones study for the SAT. I am an older parent with elementary aged children and they have helped me help my children study and helped me understand how their teacher is teaching them in school. It isn't a scam and the kids are perfectly safe.
Mother of 5

Saint Albans, WV

#531 Jun 17, 2014
I don't normally open the door for anyone that I don't know when my husband is at work. I have 5 small children and if someone where there to do damage I would be unable to protect my kids alone. That being said when a nice little guy came driving up in his ity bity smart car I did not come to do the door. He came back that evening when my husband was home. We are in the process of building a new house behind the trailer we are living in which sets infront of the house. I was upstairs painting when my husband brought the kid up to talk to me. At first he didn't offer his name just where he was from (if I where being honest I wouldn't have been able to say it anyways) He didn't tell me what he was doing even though I did ask a few times. He ask me about my children's educations and what kind of books we had in the house. He was very nice and not pushy at all. Finally he pulled his books out of his bag and started explaining them to me one at a time. Several times I asked about a price in which I was told we would get to that. Personally I think the kids was a nice well mannered kid. I don't believe he was there to scam me or my family. The issues I have fall on the company not on the kids selling them. So people prefer early morning visits some prefer later visits it is not these kids fault that they may hit you at a time that maybe inconvenient for you. "Don't shoot the messenger" I do agree on the other hand that I don't think these kids should be going door to door. For our safety we don't normally let people in. For the safety of these college students going into strangers home with so many freaks it is not a good idea. A better place to sell this stuff is at Homeschooling fairs, educational fairs, or local school events that allow venders. The company shouldn't be putting the kids at risk to sell their over priced books(my option). The books look nice but the price it pretty extreme when claiming that they are cheaper than other books.

Calgary, Canada

#533 Jun 24, 2014
I just had a sales rep who was friendly and not too pushy. Thought about buying despite being overpriced. But then saw a section on Noah's Arc in a science book. It was presented as fact. That concerned me about what I could expect from the dinosaurs books, human body, etc. Didn't buy.
not scam

Glasgow, KY

#534 Jun 24, 2014
We have bought almost every book they make over the years. They are quality books and you are helping out college students. You don't have to pay in full up front and can use a credit card if you are concerned about not getting your books

Deckerville, MI

#535 Jun 25, 2014
2 young men came to my house at 9 am they were very nice and courteous. They showed me the books and explained the Web site that went with each book set told me individual set price and over all for all I choose to buy one set and see how they are with my 2 kids (my oldest is going in kindergarten) before I bought more I gave him half down today 35 and owe 34 when he comes back in August. I'm not gonna worry to much because I already have a set of books from this company that a friend bought from a door to door sales man and my kids love them

United States

#536 Jun 25, 2014
Creepy guy in Idaho... Forcing his way in homes to sell kids books... Goes by the name Maddi... Beware! He had household information how many kids you have...

Washington, PA

#537 Jun 26, 2014
I ordered the math books. Thought about it and decided to cancel my purchase. I contacted the seller through Facebook and she told me to contact her home office. I called them and they told me that it was not legal for them to cancel my order and that I needed to talk to my local rep. I tried to get a hold of her is morning on Facebook and she still hasn't replied. How is it not legal for them to no cancel my order? I was telling them that I didn't want them charging my card. That is theft. So I cancelled my card. Sad I had to do this, but it was the only way. And she never told me that I only had three days to cancel. Terrible.

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