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Foxboro ma

Foxboro, MA

#438 Aug 3, 2013
My rep was nice but somewhat pushy. She is due to bring our books tomorrow. Our balance is 387.00 after already giving her 387.00. Is the price of the high school books only negotiable?
Kim Voland

Dayton, OH

#439 Aug 6, 2013
I bought books but didn't put any money down. I didn't forget about them but we just simply don't have the $ for them. Just received a card in the mail reminding me and it said they would be here Friday and to have payment! What can I do to cancel bc we just don't have the $?

Washougal, WA

#440 Aug 7, 2013
just got finished with the college woman who came a knockin', despite the no soliciting sign.(yes i'm a sucker once i've opened the door.) her pricing was $440 for the books and $20/month for the website access so i'm shocked at some of the cheaper prices other people are getting. they definitely must adjust it by area.

she was really nice but was also doing a lot of name throwing of local kids and parents who supposedly signed up (i'm going to email to see if they really did).

the books seem good in theory but i feel like we can do just as well with the internet and i don't think my daughter would be inclined to use them much.

United States

#441 Aug 9, 2013
I saw a Facebook post that says they're a child kidnapping ring. All European, fit, militant and asking for the names and ages AND schools our children attend.

Belle Fourche, SD

#443 Aug 12, 2013
Why are people buying anything from these people? why are they perpetuating it? That is part of the problem. They are going door to door asking personal questions, lying about who they are, being pushy and always ask for food and to use the bathroom. Why are they asking for food? I have six friends whose houses have been hit and every single one has been asked for food and to use their restroom. They are scaring people, thinking that they are child predators. The way they are going about this is criminal in my eyes. Go to to get books. Why spend money on people like that when you can go to amazon and get fine deals without being harassed?

Guntersville, AL

#444 Aug 12, 2013
I had seen on Facebook where several people in our neighborhood had complained about these people coming by. I looked online and found out they had been doing this everywhere from here in Alabama to California. I checked on Snopes and found out they are actually a legit company. They even have an A+ rating with the BBB. Still, the way they go about trying to sell things is very suspicious. The police in other states have said they were not trying to kidnap children like some of the rumors said. They're just very pushy salesmen and door to door salesmen are usually pushy. I asked some of my Facebook friends who live near me and they all pretty much said the same thing. Hard to get rid of, asking a lot of questions about their kids and the names of other kids on that road. They don't need kids names to sell books to them. One woman even told me that after several minutes of trying to get rid of them, they asked if they had any fruit to eat because they were hungry. That's not a normal thing for a door to door salesman to be asking for. They're gonna keep going door to door bothering people trying to get in their house and asking too many suspicious questions about their kids until they go to the wrong house and get shot at.

Woodstock, GA

#445 Aug 13, 2013
We had a Southwestern Advantage Books salesman come to our door last week. He was courteous and kind and was trying to sell some books.
My husband sold books in college and learned so much about business and about how to work hard.
These kids have spent a lot of time being trained and are working very hard.
Please give these hardworking youth of today encouragement.
If you don't want solicitors---than post a sign at your residence. Please don't take the opportunity away from me and others who have been blessed by this company. We bought math books for our teen children. Excellent Books!!!
michelle spartanburg sc

Columbus, NC

#446 Aug 13, 2013
Just bought from a young boy who came and explained the books to my entire family. We paid $249 for two math books. Seemed very high but thought they looked as if they could help our kids in the future. Teachers in our area had give great reviews and we heard it was a summer job for the guy from Europe. I guess you never know about people, but we did buy the books and few days later people were saying they were kidnapers. Not real sure about that, but I sure hope not and he didn't give us any problems. He said he had to visit 30 houses a day to meet his quote. I figure it is really a summer job and helps with their scholarships.

Houston, TX

#447 Aug 14, 2013
My own experience in summer of 2013 documented on my site. This company needs a whipping on sound business practices. What a scam, seems by look of this thread they have been sending people out knocking on doors in middle of night after dark asking for money for awhile.

Colorado Springs, CO

#448 Aug 16, 2013
The young lady that came to my door was quite nice. She did show me a sheet of parents who purchased the books. I knew several of them and recognized one of the parents handwriting. I do like the way the program is set up...but so far what I don't appreciate is the when the kids are done with the modules and print the test, the multiple questions are posted several times on the test. No how are kids to learn if they are only give 12 questions and it is the same 4 questions over and over. So far this has happened in the Math and Science/Ecology modules. The return policy is not good....3 days really! My kids where out of town and I didn't get a chance to go through the modules to find the errors. I didn't pay all this money to learn the same 3 or 4 things. I have sent customer service an email, can't wait to see what they say. The young lady did want me to give her names and locations to other homes. I am sure glad I didn't...I wish now I went with my gut and didn't answer the door.

Billings, MT

#449 Aug 17, 2013
I saw something on face book about child trafficking and them wanting your kids info, like names, address, school, even where there bedrooms are.

Port Clinton, OH

#450 Aug 17, 2013
I was at my mom's late one night. A girl from Southern Advantage knocked on the door. I let her onto the closed in porch, listened to what she had to say and bought a set. I've read a lot of reviews on this company and it seems like the company is a very true to their name "advantage." They take advantage of these kids promising them money for hard labor and unsafe situations and then taking advantage of the customers by scamming them with different scenarios.
I can't say I have had any real issues with them. I paid the girl half of it in cash and when the books were delivered I paid the other half. The girl didn't really press for information. She didn't ask to come into the house further such as to use the bathroom or anything. The only shady things I've seen was late night intrusion and she seemed to show the same example all the other kids were using which was the definition of cow.
The situation wasn't the most comfortable but its worked out for me so far.
rude sales customers

Levelland, TX

#451 Aug 19, 2013
sales rep are very rude. I was asking questions and she was like if the education is not as important as your kid playting I don't care. She lost a sale.

United States

#453 Aug 20, 2013
We recently had a salesperson come to our door, he was absolutely delightful to spend the time with while showing us the books. He did not pressure us at all to buy but we did. Today the books were delivered, we paid half when we ordered and half when they Arrived. I'm very pleased with the books and the kids love them! The dry erase posters and sticker books with reusable stickers that only stick to the book is amazing! They will stay with the kids for years to come and was definitely worth the price! Glad I bought them.

United States

#454 Aug 20, 2013
This is big children trafficking thing going on right now those people are scouting children.

El Paso, TX

#456 Aug 21, 2013
Hello I'm from texas and I am freakin out. I had a nice lady from Estonia . She too asked tons of personal questions and also used my bathroom. I unfortunately did answer some of them. she also had testimonials from neighbors and teachers. Is this really a kidnappjng ring . Im terrified for my childrens safety
Small Town KS Girl

Johnson, KS

#457 Aug 22, 2013
Ok so I've heard several different opinions on these college kids and others selling these overpriced books for kids and teens... Both negative and positive... I'm starting to wonder if some are legit and some are not? My mom just bought some books off this girl here in our small town and I found newspaper articles and posts on fb about a human trafficking company called Southwestern Advantage... I immediately told my mom and she called the police just to make sure.. They informed her that all the information this girl had given is legit bu they would keep watch for suspicious activity.. My mom said this girl was nice and polite... But asked my mom to sign into her fb so that she(salesperson) could like her page on my moms fb and befriend some of my moms friends to see if any of them were interested in buying books.. She did ask for names of the Grandkids.. And my mom gave 2..(She has 8) I'm wondering if we should be more concerned about this... Being a small town.. We take a whole lot of things lightly and believe everyone is trustworthy since everyone knows everyone here...

Fortuna, CA

#460 Aug 22, 2013
rRyanDavis wrote:
@cbt: Our customer contact center has already begun the process of resolving your issue. They are definitely able to take care of the situation you've explained. You're welcome to follow up with them at 888-551-5901. Thank you
kind of creepy you guys are stalking around the forums, seemed like i couldnt find any information that wasnt from you guys

Buford, GA

#461 Aug 22, 2013
Does anybody know how the cancellation works? It says three days after they're purchased but I purchased the books back in June. I paid half the money then, and paid the other half yesterday when the books were delivered. Do I have three days from June when the salesman first came, or three days from yesterday when the books were actually delivered?

Alamogordo, NM

#462 Aug 23, 2013
Do not buy anything from these people! They are Russians they human traffic children/teens that is why they ask to see your children please I am warning you they tried takin my daughter!!!!!!! I had to move cities because of them. Please do not answer the door or anything!! They are abductin children and are in human trafficking they are now in Mew Mexico

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