why employers willnot hire a convicte...

why employers willnot hire a convicted felon

Created by a convicted sons mother on Mar 28, 2008

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is it the law?

we should allow them a chance


Lake Charles, LA

#169 Oct 3, 2011
The number of felons in this country is an astronomically high number. If someone has committed a felony, then they are a felon. Somehow, people seem to think that a person is only a felon if they are convicted. People are punished for taking responsibility for their mistakes, and judged by those who have committed felonies and haven't been caught. The truth is the truth regardless of what others believe. A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it to be the truth. It's unfortunate that it takes falling to believe in gravity, but even more unfortunate that people still haven't realized that falling is the only way human beings learn. Somehow, people are still under the impression that what they have or have not done in their lives defines who they are and the level of superiority or inferiority that separates them from those they judge. Putting people's opinions aside, consequences are still consequences, and I cannot chose them, and nobody else can choose theirs either. People seem to become sympathetic or even empathetic when a felony conviction hits them or close to home. Suddenly the humanity of the situation becomes real, and the stereotype that the judgmental cling to as truth has to change. Karma, the golden rule, just desserts, what goes around comes around, etc. It doesn't matter what you call it. I've learned that the laws of the universe can work in my favor. Though I'm a convicted felon, if I continue doing the next right thing, it is amazing how things have a way of working themselves out.
joe from ohio

Lorain, OH

#170 Nov 6, 2011
we should all get together and petition congress to pass a law that state after 7 years a convicted felony can be hired.like the man said you can,t change your past,some law a made to give people felones for a charge that is a misderminor.

Virginia Beach, VA

#171 Nov 7, 2011

Burnsville, MN

#172 Dec 1, 2011
I am a landord I own a small apartment building in St. Paul Minnesota. When I first bought the building I was naive and rented out to people with felonies . I gave them a chance. Here is my experience. the 2 renters that had felonies were absolutely the worst people to work with. They broke the windows in my property, threatened to kill me and never paid rent on time. Here is the funny thing.... the people that dont have anything on their record ALL have been good renters. DONT work with felons and dont rent to them either. NOW I NEVER rent to felons no matter how many apartment units are empty. I would rather foreclose on my property than deal with felon scum. I also own a small remodeling company. I was very young when I started it 21 and also naive . I was trying to save money on subcontractors and employees. So what did I do... I thought to myself why dont I give people with misdemeanors and felonies a chance they will WORK for anything.....well wrong again WORST EXPERIENCE of my life. the problem with hiring people with felonies or misdemeanors is being guilty by association. If your company hires a felon and he does something wrong YOU ARE SCREWED AND THE PIGS and LAWYERS will come after you and your business.
Deligently Seeking

Pacifica, CA

#173 Dec 2, 2011
I think the legal ystem is all WRONG! Yes, committing a crime is immoral but who are we to judge. Trust me, the legal system(prison) is NOT a place of reformation. One can, will, and does learn criminal behavior! You're surrounded by it daily with no helpful programs that actually benefit you and help give more structure needed to be a "productive citizen". How can one be productive in a society that refuses to give them a chance???? They(the law, critics) say, "Get a job!" but who is actually willing to give a convicted felon a chance? What if God looked upon allof our sins, great and small, and turned His back on us?
Deligently Seeking

Pacifica, CA

#174 Dec 2, 2011
Also, I have known supposedly "upstanding" citizens who were hired over felons and THEY were the ones who stole,lied, and cheated from the company. My point is; having a conviction or a past doesn't mean that you are untrustworthy or that it defines the PRESENT or FUTURE. There are people with no records who are lying, stealing, deceiving their employers and others.
James Higgs

United States

#175 Dec 3, 2011
you can ask look up employers that hire felons, and possibly get help from others in the community at xamire.com .

It's true that getting a job with a felony is an uphill battle, but free organizations like this do help quite a bit.

United States

#176 Dec 5, 2011
I dont believe anymore wrote:
i am a twenty four year old female from texas who was raised in church i was convicted of 2 assaults that i didnt committ when i was 19 i accepted 5 yrs probation because i was very poor and could get an attorney to help me fight my case i have cried everyday for four years and that has gotten me no where i often ask god why me i often ask my mother am i crazy and didnt know i did she just cries and says no baby so what am i to do? i sometimes believe i have no reason to live if i cant get a job to support myself and my children
First time offender ... Get your record expunged and sealed and it will be like it never happened.
Background check by employer won't show a thing.
It's cheap and easy..
ulysses k

United States

#177 Jan 5, 2012
Frustrated wrote:
You want to know what is even more of a crying shame?
Being that I am unable to secure employment due to my conviction I fikgured instead of sitting around the house feeling frustrated and bored, I decided that I would do some volunteer work around the community in order to give back. Would you believe that the vey spiritual guidance that we depend on in order to keep our sanity, even they discriminate against us. When I told them on the application that they ask you to fill out in order to volunteer that I was a convicted felon, I didnt hear from them anymore.
Now that is sad!!!!
I feel u surprisingly a lot of volunteer companies wont let felons volunteer sad
mike R

Chicago, IL

#178 Jan 15, 2012
hello, I too am a convicted felon (drug crime). i was caught with an ounce of marijuana, and now i have a felony because of it. People like "the real truth" are the ones who hold us back, even after we have changed our lives for the better. Hey "the real truth", i hope you're not catholic... I can't even count the number of PRIESTS who were chosen by GOD and given ONE chance to reach others with the word of god. Instead, they spent most of their time [email protected] altar boys in the back of the church, and now they're in prison. My point is, it doesn't matter if you are given one chance, or two, or five. YOU CAN STILL [email protected] UP BIGTIME, even if you were chosen by GOD himself. It's not my fault that other people can't let go of my past, I did a long time ago. it's been over three years since i was released from prison, and i haven't got so much as a traffic ticket... I've served my time, paid my fines, done my probation, and now i'm a "free" man... or so they say. Except for that little "F" word on my record. We're not asking you for a second chance at life, we've already been blessed with that. All we're asking for is to not be discriminated against, and a chance to WORK. i'm very sorry for those of you who can't look past the "F" word on my record, it's your narrow minded loss.


#179 Feb 15, 2012
Nikki wrote:
My husband raped me so i stabbed him in the arm, he recieved four stitches and i was charged with malicious wounding (which some say is basically attempted murder...completely wroungful charge) he got off because he is military and "fights" for his country even though he is non-deployable. I've been looking for work and can't find anying because I am a felon (took a plea deal of unlawful wounding) and people don't want to take a chance. that "answering yes to this question will not automatically disclude you from employment" for the felony is complete crap... it really is. just gotta keep trying...
How can it be rape? He is your husband
Loved a Felon

Scottsdale, AZ

#181 May 30, 2012
I married a fellow who was a fellon in a life previous to knowing me- though he never disclosed this before we married. He was charming and courted me. Told me he loved me. For some reason after we got married he couldn't keep a job so I paid to help him start a business and build a foundation. Low and behold he stole hundreds of thousands from me - yeah stupid me - love is blind. I divorced him 2 yrs ago and have moved on. But he is out in the world getting good paying jobs on a fabricated resume. Just like me, a good trusting loving person won't know what hit them until he takes them too.

What's the right thing to do?

Franklin, TN

#183 Sep 19, 2012
Just a though.. if people say such as from a business prospective and such.. think of this, felons are beneficial form a business prospective felons have what is called a federal bonding default
Federal Bonding Program, ETA/DOL
1725 De Sales Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
1 (800) 233-2258

Federal Bonding Program
P.O. Box 293535
Lewisville, TX 750229
1 (888) 266-3562

if you are a employer and you hire a person with a felony you are automatically covered for a bond. If he or she causes your biz harm or loss. Plus you get a 5 thousand dollar tax credit for hiring a felon. This is a fairly new program that will help people. Humanity is going in the wrong direction. It is societies fault that the person has committed that crime. If you were in the same shoes as that person and were offered the same impulses from life you would have no choice but the make the same decisions as they made. Hiring persons with felonies is also beneficial in the Spence that if the character of the person shows sincere caring for the act, he or she will be a better worker and try harder to prove them self loyal. so think twice before you cast the first stone in the momentum of karma. That guy or girl you failed to give a job is forced to rob a store coincidentally he, she robs your store.. you have set that into motion with your actions..
Marked 4 Life

Owasso, OK

#185 Sep 30, 2012
I accidentally found this thread and I can identify with a lot of what I'm reading, but what nobody seems to be talking about here is the Patriot Act. I got a felony conviction in 1994, and even THAT did not do the damage to my life that the Patriot Act has done since then.

("Diligently Seeking," I was raised in PBA... Zebras, IP paper mill, Cotton Belt, KOTN, KCAT "catbox" radio, dioxins... small world.)

In the late 80s and early 90s I had a drug problem. In the 70's I was an honor roll student, I'd graduated HS with honors in 1980, got a great scholarship at a big name Ivy League school, but by year 2 of college, my GPA was going down and I lost the scholarship. I moved back to AR, living in Little Rock, and lost a lot of my self esteem.(Still I managed to finish my bachelor's degree by 1990; political science and criminal justice... irony.) As for the drug problem, I had started as a pothead, but in the last year or so before the crime, my grandmother passed away and I was drinking heavily and even using crack, anything to detach from reality.

During a time when I was unemployed, a friend talked me into helping him rob a pot dealer we both knew; for driving him I would get 3 oz of pot. I agreed to drive him, but stayed in the car. He came out of the house with a backpack. In the backpack was a huge bag of weed, and some electronics he had taken. Eventually he took the electronics to a pawn shop. The serial numbers were traced as stolen, and we both got burglary charges.

Never in my life had I sunk so low and done anything like this, and I resolved that I never would again, all from drug-induced desperation. I spent 3 months in county jail, got several years of probation, fines, and 30 days in a drug treatment facility.

And I never went back. As long as I stayed away from drugs, payed my debt to society, and was honest about my criminal charges, I was able to find work. Employers were willing to hear my story and let me prove myself.(And never in my life was I more DRIVEN to prove myself.) I got a maintenance job in a hotel but soon I was offered a chance to train as night auditor. For the next six years I balanced hotel revenue and dealt with credit card information on a daily basis, proving that I would not be defined by a label on a rap-sheet. This was my goal.

When this hotel was closed for renovation, I lost my job, and expected to be able to find an auditor job at another hotel. But it was a new post-911 world by then. I had successfully finished my probation, I was "off paper" as they say. Even in the court room, the judge had told me in 94 that if I stayed out of trouble for ten years, it would disappear from record. The Patriot Act changed all of that. And for all the lives of citizens that it has ruined, it has not done anything to deter terrorism, the excuse for which it was created.

Suddenly despite six years of proving myself trustworthy and responsible, NOBODY would hire me to work a job involving credit card information. I worked temp jobs, ranging from banquet server to dishwasher, to custodial and setup/cleanup crew.

Almost miraculously, about six and a half years ago I found a full time job working for a small growing business that needed help, assisting in the front office, processing credit card payments; they even got me some Adobe training in web design and graphics so I could help expand their websites.

I worked for them for over six years. Then they went out of business this summer. I've sent hundreds of resumes, done hundreds of applications, and everyone has replaced "felonies in the last ten years" with "felonies ever in your life." Nobody will hire me.

I started my life over, eighteen years ago, and it has not been easy. I have a family now, kids in high school, a house we may lose. But eighteen years of proving myself doesn't seem to outweigh the F-WORD today, and it's all due to the Patriot Act.
old timer

United States

#186 Oct 1, 2012
It depends on who is the victum of the circumstances.
Billy Ingram

Dallas, TX

#187 Oct 8, 2012
The REAL Truth wrote:
well i guess its just more punishment. Ppl dont like to have others work for them if they have already proven in their life that they cannot do right. I myself own a business, and i do not hire anyone for any reason that has a felony on their record. Im sorry but that is and will be the way employers do things. Ppl want trustworthy, honorable, hardworking ppl to work for them. Everyone gets a chance to prove themselves in life. No matter what situation u are in from birth, everyone gets a chance to prove themselves. Your son has proven himself to be a felon. From a mothers stand point, you see your son and a changed man, but from the community and the employers standpoint, we see a person who has already screwed up. I live my life by an old saying that my father told me and i do this still to this day, "Give them a second chance, but not a third". But in the business world, ppl with records, dont get a second.
and that my friend is a very very good chance of getting karma to kick u in the butt. Lets look at this shall we. A young man gets behind on his bills has 2 kids to feed is working a dead end job trying his best to make a decent honest living then come homes one day to find some stranger is in his house with his wife guy loses it and kicks the guy and the girl out of his house. then that same night the guy who was sleeping with his wife comes back and threatens to burn the guys house down so out of fight or flight the guy assualts the man threating his life. now in court it seems open and shut case the guy felt threatened but it comes to be that he gets charged for felony assault. Now your telling me you wouldnt hire this guy cause he made a "bad judgement" by not calling the cops instead of defending himself. you sir are then a pos and not worth the air you breath its very easy to throw stones when u live in a glass house!

South Jordan, UT

#188 Oct 21, 2012
It all depends on the individual. I spent a decade behind bars when I was younger. I thought I would never have a chance at life again, and honestly, didn't know if I deserved it. However as the years have passed I have continually worked to improve my situation. I have graduated from a major university and have maintained meaningful employment in the software industry. I've never committed another crime and I feel that I have become an honest and trustworthy individual, though as a result of the terrible choices I made when younger I will have to live under the shadow of my criminal record for the rest of my life. With that said, while incarcerated I met many people that I would never in a thousand years hire if I were an employeer, but I also met several people that would make great employees. It just depends on the person. I think most convicted felons, if they have become respnsible for their actions, will understand that others are going to be a little less trusting of them. I cringe every time I hear of someone having a bad experience with a felon because it makes life for me that much more difficult, rhat just means that I have to work that much harder to prove myself. I don't see this as a bad thing, though sometimes it tiring. I've been exceptionally blessed that people have given me a chance and I hope others are given one too, so long as they don't blow it and wreck things for those of us that are truly trying to move our lives forward.

South Jordan, UT

#189 Oct 21, 2012
Sorry for the misspellings :). I didn't poof-read my last post. Huked on foniks wurkd fur me.

Tucson, AZ

#190 Nov 3, 2012
i was convicted of a non violent crime and because no one claimed some weed in the vicinity, everyone was charged and i didnt even know it was present. i went through interview after interview this year and they told me i couldnt work because of my felonies.???. why are these people calling me back if it says i have felonies right on the application? i got a call today and i told the lady "sure, but i have felonies". HER- "oh, i just found it right here as you were telling me. ummmm. i dont think the company will hire you. you can still come in if you want. see if you can pass the background check." ???...i dont consider myself an american. i have no rights to protect myself, eat or feed my kids(food stamps) or work to provide for myself or children. im nobody to this country called america so i wouldnt think twice about fighting for it. if im not aloud to have a job, can i make my own way of getting money? i havent gave up on life, just this country. i'll make my own money, get others to give me foodstamp cards for free or half price, and live with section 8 tenants that have 4 bedroom homes. fuck this country. im still breathing and still pushing forward. good day to you all.

Salisbury, NC

#191 Feb 14, 2013
Acerdic wrote:
"well i guess its just more punishment. Ppl dont like to have others work for them if they have already proven in their life that they cannot do right. I myself own a business, and i do not hire anyone for any reason that has a felony on their record. Im sorry but that is and will be the way employers do things. Ppl want trustworthy, honorable, hardworking ppl to work for them. Everyone gets a chance to prove themselves in life. No matter what situation u are in from birth, everyone gets a chance to prove themselves. Your son has proven himself to be a felon. From a mothers stand point, you see your son and a changed man, but from the community and the employers standpoint, we see a person who has already screwed up. I live my life by an old saying that my father told me and i do this still to this day, "Give them a second chance, but not a third". But in the business world, ppl with records, dont get a second.
I live my life by an old saying that my father told me and i do this still to this day, "Give them a second chance, but not a third". But in the business world, ppl with records, dont get a second."
You admit that you do not live by what your "dear daddy" says then do not bother to mention it. You are obviously nothing more than a superficial nincompoop guilty of the most horrid of offenses; improper grammar. Spell check does offer second chances to check your work and those who do not bother to better themselves when given the opportunity are the... you.
then what is the purpose of locking people up.I know felons who own their own business now.Do you people think.Obviously not,if a person can't find a job what is the next step to survival?By any means necessary.I have seen good people lose jobs and do bad things to support their family.

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